The 20 BEST Weapons In Stardew Valley

Looking for the way to get the best weapons in Stardew Valley? Get to know all fo the best and all the steps to acquire it here.

Stardew Valley can seem like just a simple little farming simulator at first, but as you progress through the game, you’ll find there’s a lot more to it. One of the most important aspects among these is the battle system, starting from access to the mines. It is integral to learn if you intend to dive into the toughest areas of the game. With access to the best weapons in Stardew Valley, you’ll have little trouble with the many monsters of the game.

Key Highlights
  • Before players head to the mines, they should make sure that they are well-equipped with decent weapons.
  • It is important to know the Top 20 Best Weapons in Stardew Valley that are going to make facing monsters a lot easier. 
    • Master Slingshot: One of the Most Damaging weapons, found in the Chest at floor level 70 and afterward can be bought for 1000g from the Adventurer’s Guild.
    • Dragontooth Cutlus: A Level 13 Sword having a base damage of 75-90 and a boost of +50 in Crit Power. Make your way deep into the Volcanic Dungeon and acquire the Sword by opening Chests.
    • Dwarf Hammer: A Level 13 Hammer having damage of 75-85, you will come across this weapon as you explore the Volcanic Dungeon.
    • Obsidian Edge: It is a Level 6 Sword having damage of 30-45 with a boost of +10 in Crit Power. Can be obtained by opening a chest on Floor 90.
    • Lava Katana: A Level 10 Sword having damage of 55-64, can be bought for 25,000g after reaching the Bottom Mine Levels.
    • Crystal Dagger, The Slammer, Dark Sword, Broken Trident, Kudgel, Dragontooth Club, Wicked Kris, and Steel faction are some of the other great weapons to try in Stardew Valley.

Weapons Comparison Table

RankWeaponWeapon TypeDamageCritical Strike chancePurchase Price
20Master SlingshotSlingshot2.00.021000.0
19Dragontooth CutlassSword75.00.02N/A
18Dwarf HammerClub75.00.02Not sold
17Obsidiam EdgeSword30.00.02Not sold
16Lava KatanaSword55.00.01525000.0
15Crystal DaggerDagger4.00.03Not sold
14The SlammerClub40.00.02Not sold
13Dark SwordSword30.00.04Not sold
12Broken TridentDagger15.00.02Not sold
11KudgelClub27.00.02Not sold
10Dragontooth ClubClub80.00.02Not sold
9Wicked KrisDagger24.00.06Not sold
8Steel FalchionSpwrd28.00.029000.0
7Galaxy HammerClub70.00.0275000.0
6Galaxy SwordSword60.00.0250000.0
5Infinity GravelClub100.00.02N/A
4Dragontooth ShivDagger40.00.05Not sold
3Inifinty DaggerDagger50.00.06N/A
2Inifinty BladeSword80.00.02N/A
1Iridium NeedleDagger20.00.01Not sold

Stardew Valley Best Weapons

Here we’ll be listing out some of the absolute best weapon types and weapons in the game, including easy, concise ways through which you can acquire each and use them in your very own playthrough of the game.

Master Slingshot

TypeSourceDamageCritical Strike chancePurchase Price
SlingshotChest at level 70 of The MinesAmmo:

  • Fruits = 2-6
  • Iridium Ore = 50-202
  • Stone = 6-22

The Master Slingshot seems like a total dud at first glance. Using it along with basic ammunition, you’ll get some mildly decent damage, but with the aim requirement and how utterly outclassed it seems, you wouldn’t be amiss to think it’s just not worthwhile. That’s where you’d be incorrect. The real power of the Master Slingshot is not only quite strong, and it’s actually possibly the single highest damage you can do with any weapon in the game.

Yes, it’s that strong. With Iridium Ore, the Master Slingshot ensures a positively astonishing 50-202 damage per hit. The best part? There’s no convoluted method to getting this weapon. Obtain it through a chest on Floor 70 of the mines, and buy thereafter from the Adventurer’s Guild for a paltry 1000g. For possibly the strongest damage output in the game.

Stardew Valley Best Weapon Master Slingshot
The Master Slingshot

Dragontooth Cutlass

TypeSourceDamageCritical Strike chancePurchase PriceStats
SwordChest in Volcano Dungeon75-900.02N/ACrit. Power (50+)

The Dragontooth may seem like just another ordinary Sword. Still, at level 13 with an absolutely crazy Crit-Power bonus of +50 and incredibly high and consistent base damage of 75-90, it’s far from ordinary. While it has a slower swing speed than the renowned Galaxy Sword, what it doesn’t lack is pure unfiltered damage.

The high pure crit damage alone justifies it a strong spot on this list.  The method to acquiring the Dragontooth Cutlass is as simple as it gets. Once you’re in a deep enough part of the Volcano Dungeon, you’ll be able to acquire it through opening chests. No forging or long processes are required for this one.

Stardew Valley Best Weapon Dragontooth Cutlass
The Dagger weapon, the Dragontooth Cutlass

Dwarf Hammer

TypeSourceDamageCritical Strike chancePurchase PriceStats
ClubGinger Island75-850.02Not Sold
  • Defense (+2)
  • Weight (+5)

Dwarf Hammer has a highly tight damage range of 75-85 and is a level 13 Hammer, along with +2 Defense and +5 Weight bonuses. The Dwarf Hammer is an incredibly powerful weapon that’ll get your enemies blasted with its high Weight stat. Combined with its top-notch damage, it’ll ensure quick kills of strong enemies.

Just like the Dragontooth Cutlass, this is a weapon you don’t need any special requirements met or anything notable for, as it’ll simply come naturally as a result of exploring the Volcano dungeon. Thus being a highly enticing alternative to the far more expensive Galaxy Hammer.

Stardew Valley Best Weapon Dwarf Hammer
The Club weapon, the Dwarf Hammer

Obsidian Edge

TypeSourceDamageCritical Strike chancePurchase PriceStats
SwordChest at Level 90 of The Mines30-450.02Not Sold
  • Speed (-1)
  • Crit. Power (+10)

A level 6 Sword with a well-renowned reputation for being highly excellent earlier in the game. Boasting a solid 30-45 damage and a bonus on Crit-Power+10, it offers solid power for the early monster fighter, ensuring you can keep up with the damage as you start to go into new dungeons. A great boon is that it can be acquired for free simply by opening a chest on floor 90 in the mines.

Stardew Valley Best Weapon Obsidian Edge
The Sword weapon, the Obsidian Edge

Lava Katana

TypeSourceDamageCritical Strike chancePurchase PriceStats
SwordAdventurer’s Guild 55-640.01525,000g
  • Defense (+3)
  • Crit. Power (+25)
  • Weight (+3)

A level 10 Sword with all-around excellence, boasting a 55-64 damage range, and coming with a variety of boosts, including the Defense +3, Crit-Power+25, and Weight +3, giving you solid defenses, power, and knockback all in one package. It does, however, have Speed-1, which means it’ll swing slower, so be mindful of that. Lava Katanas can be bought after reaching the bottom levels of the mine for a sum of 25,000g. Lava Katana can prove to be the best weapon in Stardew Valley, for starters.

Stardew Valley Best Weapon Lava Katana
The Sword type weapon, the Lava Katana

Crystal Dagger

TypeSourceDamageCritical Strike chancePurchase PriceStats
DaggerChest at Level 60 in The Mines4-100.03Not Sold
  • Crit. Power (+50)
  • Weight (+5)

A level 4 Dagger that grants you some very serious firepower for its seemingly low level, giving you an edge in combat survivability. Boasting a Crit-Power +50 and Weight +5, it’ll be knocking away enemies and giving you some severe crit damage to utilize to annihilate any strays without much issue. The acquiring process for it is quite simple, as it can be gotten from a treasure at just level 60 in The Mines.

Stardew Valley Best Weapon Crystal Dagger
The Dagger type weapon Crystal Dagger

The Slammer

TypeSourceDamageCritical Strike chancePurchase PriceStats
ClubSkull Cavern40-550.02Not SoldSpeed (-2)

A level 7 Club that seems just alright on paper, boasting a decent 40-55 damage range but coming with a Speed-2 to its swing speed. However, the thing that makes the Slammer worthwhile is in its name; the slamming. It can be used to slam enemies and also knock them away to some pretty ridiculous degrees, to where this is one of the best weapons if you’re looking for pure knockback and damage. It can be acquired by breaking boxes and barrels and a special monster drop on Skull Cavern Floors 40+.

Stardew Valley Best Weapon The Slammer
The Club type weapon The Slammer

Dark Sword

TypeSourceDamageCritical Strike chancePurchase PriceStats
SwordHaunted Skull drop30-450.04Not Sold
  • Speed (-5)
  • Crit. Chance (+2)
  • Weight (+5)
  • Vampiric (9%)

As might be apparent by its description and ominous name, this is quite a unique Sword that comes with a surprising number of abilities that make it worth your time. It is a level 9 Sword with a solid base of 30-45 damage, but the real interesting part comes from its bonuses. Offering a nice Crit-Chance+2 for higher crit-rates, an excellent Weight+5 for big knockback swings, and most notably Vampyric 9%.

It can be incredibly helpful for your survivability, so it’s quite a boon. At this point, this weapon might already be sounding like it might be among the outright best, so what’s the catch? Speed-5. Every benefit has a dark side, and the Dark Sword’s bane is having the single slowest swing speed of any Sword in the game. It is, however, still very worthwhile. It can be acquired as a Monster drop from the Haunted Skulls.

Stardew Valley Best Weapon Dark Sword
The Sword type weapon Dark Sword

Broken Trident

TypeSourceDamageCritical Strike chancePurchase PriceStats
DaggerFishing Treasure Chest15-260.02Not SoldCrit. Chance (+1)

A gift from the sea, and quite a sharp one at that. At first glance, the Broken Trident may seem unimpressive compared to most of the list, and indeed it’s not one of the most powerful weapons. It is, however, possibly one of the easiest and earliest accesses you have a truly strong Dagger-type weapon. And that’s worthwhile all on its own. Boasting a decent 15-26 base damage and Crit-Chance+1, this is a very solid early-game weapon.

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The method of acquiring it is where its ease shines, as at just Fishing Skill Level 2+ you will start to find this in Fishing Treasure Chests. As fishing is such a significant part of the game, this ensures you’ll get this nice dagger quite early in your adventure when it benefits you most.

Stardew Valley Best Weapon Broken Trident
The Dagger type weapon Broken Trident


TypeSourceDamageCritical Strike chancePurchase PriceStats
ClubThe Mines27-400.02Not Sold
  • Speed (-1)
  • Crit. Power (+4)
  • Weight (+2)

Quite a unique shaped Club weapon, the Kudgel, or ‘Brute’s companion’ as it’s called, is a level 5 Club that boasts a solid power of 27-30. Its main draw comes from its relative ease of availability and its bonuses. Having a solid Crit-Power+4 boosts its crit damage, along with a decent Weight+2 adding to its ability to knock like most good clubs. It is available on level 80 of the Mines with remixed mine rewards and a reward for breaking crates at level 100 and lower.

Stardew Valley Best Weapon Kudgel
The Club type weapon Kudgel

Dragontooth Club

TypeSourceDamageCritical Strike chancePurchase PriceStats
ClubGinger Island80-1000.02Not Sold
  • Crit. Power (+50)
  • Weight (+3)

It’s a level 14 Club with some serious firepower behind it, like many of the Dragontooth variations. With a seriously heavy power of 80-100, a Weight of +3 for heavy knockback, and a crazy Crit-Power of +50, it’s got power in spades. If you want the best weapon in Stardew Valley that packs good firepower, then Dragontooth Club will not disappoint you. 

By far, its most notable attribute is how high its critical damage goes; as with its Crit Power, it gets a 4x multiplier on its damage, reaching an astounding 320-400 damage per critical for some massive damage. Similar to other Dragontooth weapons, it can be acquired in the Volcano Dungeon through Dungeon Chests and thus can be acquired at no cost.

Dragontooth Club
The Club type weapon Dragontooth Club

Wicked Kris

TypeSourceDamageCritical Strike chancePurchase PriceStats
  • Skull Cavern
  • Haunted Skull Drop
24-300.06Not SoldCrit. Chance (+4)

A level 8 Dagger that’s sure to be useful for those looking for a quick and fast damage-dealing weapon with the special qualities of the dagger earlier in the game. With a solid 24-30 damage and a significantly increased Crit-Chance at +4, the Wicked Kris is an excellent crit weapon, especially when upgraded further, and will last you for quite a while.

The method to acquire it is simple: breaking boxes and barrels, a special monster drop in the Mines, or on Floor 40+ of the Skull Caverns.

Wicked Kris
The Dagger type weapon Wicked Kris

Steel Falchion

TypeSourceDamageCritical Strike chancePurchase PriceStats
SwordAdventurer’s Guild28-460.029,000g
  • Speed (+4)
  • Crit. Power (+20)

Don’t let its description deceive you; it may seem simple with the notion of being ‘Light and Powerful,’ but it’s quite an impressive weapon for when you get it once you lay an eye on its stats and bonuses. It’s a level 8 Sword, but it has a very solid damage range of 28-46, but it has a more relevant speed of +4.

Steel Falchion is one of the top swing speeds in the game and single-handedly shifts this from a relatively ordinary sword into one that’s several leagues more valuable than its pay grade. Along with the additional Crit-Power+20, this Sword will last you longer than you’d think.

Steel Falchion
The Sword type weapon Steel Falchion

Galaxy Hammer

TypeSourceDamageCritical Strike chancePurchase PriceStats
ClubAdventurer’s Guild70-900.0275,000g
  • Speed (+2)
  • Weight (+5)

As you’d expect of the Galaxy variation weapons, the Galaxy Club provides something extraordinary to the Club weapon type. At level 12, it has a highly impressive and consistent damage range of 70-90, some of the highest of any weapon in the game, and an excellent knockback with Weight+5. What’s even more notable, though, and what makes this one of the kings among Club weapons, is the almost unheard-of Speed+2. When it comes to hammer category of best weapons in Stardew Valley, there is no parallel of Galaxy Hammer in the game. 

The Galaxy Hammer, along with only a couple of other weapons, thoroughly breaks this trend, instead offering a positive and significant swing speed that’s made all the sweeter with its high power and knockback. The only real draw against the Galaxy Hammer is, of course, its availability. After acquiring the Galaxy Sword, it’s only obtainable and needs an upfront payment of 75,000g. It is pretty worth its investment, though.

Stardew Valley Best Weapon Galaxy Hammer
The Club type weapon Galaxy Hammer

Galaxy Sword

TypeSourceDamageCritical Strike chancePurchase PriceStats
  • Adventurer’s Guild 
  • Three Pillars in the Calico Desert
60-800.0250,000gSpeed (+4)

As a level 13 Sword with a base damage of 60-80 and a stat boost of Speed+4, the Galaxy Sword is one weapon you just can’t go wrong with. For a time, it was by far the strongest weapon in the game. Excellent for killing monsters of all kinds, and in any dungeon, it’s a truly powerful weapon in the right hands. That’s also why its acquiring method is one of the most obtuse in the game, explained by no NPC.

However, if you do know how to get it, it’s a piece of cake. All you need to do is go to the Pillars in the Desert, hold the Prismatic Shard up in your hands, and head directly to the middle of the rocks where a small circle is formed. This will automatically begin a special ritual that’ll transform your Prismatic Shard right into your very own Galaxy Sword.

Stardew Valley Best Weapon Galaxy Sword
The Sword type weapon Galaxy Sword

Infinity Gavel

TypeSourceDamageCritical Strike chancePurchase PriceStats
ClubForge in Volcano Dungeon100-1200.02N/A
  • Speed (+2)
  • Defense (+1)
  • Weight (+5)

The name does it justice. The Infinity Gavel is one weapon that’ll punish your enemies like no other. As a level 17 Club, it offers an utterly extraordinary 100-120 base damage. That number should sound impressive, as along with the Master Slingshot, it’s the single highest base damage of any weapon in the game. Even better than Master Slingshot, though, this damage is highly consistent and will serve you well throughout the hardest parts of the game.

It additionally offers an excellent Defense+1, Weight+5, and most notably of all, yet again, Speed+2. Yes, along with all that extraordinary power and pushback, it’s even got a boosted swing speed to really lay in the hurt. Like any Infinity weapon, it is available only by forging its predecessor, the Galaxy Hammer with 3 Galaxy Souls and 60 Cinder Shards.

Stardew Valley Best Weapon Infinity Gavel
The Club type weapon Infinity Gavel

Dragontooth Shiv

TypeSourceDamageCritical Strike chancePurchase PriceStats
DaggerGinger Island40-500.05Not Sold
  • Crit, Chance (+3)
  • Crit. Power (+100)
  • Weight (+5)

Don’t be fooled by its small appearance, and the Dragontooth Shiv is easily one of the most deadly weapons in the game. Dealing just 40-50 damage per swing seems just alright when compared to some of the best weapons shown yet, that is until you look at its Crit-Power rating…of +100, the 2nd highest of any single weapon in the game.

That transforms into a very heavy 200-300 damage per critical, leaving all but the strongest sliced up by this tiny Shiv. It is found in chests in the Volcano dungeon at random, so simply explore there to your heart’s content, and you might just stumble on a deadly little Shiv in one of your chests.

Dragontooth Shiv
The Dagger type weapon Dragontooth Shiv

Infinity Dagger

TypeSourceDamageCritical Strike chancePurchase PriceStats
DaggerForge in Volcano Dungeon50-700.06N/A
  • Speed (+1)
  • Defense (+3)
  • Crit. Chance (+4)
  • Weight (+5)

And here arrives possibly the strongest Dagger in the game. Unsurprising from its ‘Infinity’ moniker, the Infinity Dagger is a level 16 Dagger type that comes with an incredibly impressive 50-70 base damage. That’s incredibly high for Daggers in particular which allows them to make use of their multiple attacks to maximum effect.

It additionally comes with a grand variety of highly useful bonuses, including Speed+1 for higher swing speed, Defense+3 for survivability, Crit-Chance+4, and even Weight+5 for some crazy knockback. You’ll be blowing through enemies and cutting your path with ease with this one. As with all Infinity weapons, the problem is how to get it. You need to have a Galaxy Dagger, 3 Galaxy Souls, and 60 Cinder Shards on hand before you intend to make this highly powerful weapon.

Infinity Dagger
The Dagger type weapon Infinity Dagger

Infinity Blade

TypeSourceDamageCritical Strike chancePurchase PriceStats
SwordForge in Volcano Dungeon80-1000.02N/A
  • Speed (+4)
  • Defense (+2)

A level 17 Sword boasting an absolutely crazy 80-100 damage on top of its bonus of +4 Speed and +2 Defense, it’s truly a worthy sword fit for any looking to defeat the toughest areas of the game with ease. It’s not acquired with ease at all, and however, as for materials to forge, it requires the prior mentioned Galaxy Sword on top of 3 Galaxy Souls and 60 Cinder Shards.

Each material is truly a major quest in itself, but the reward is oh so worth it.  You will first need to forge the Galaxy Sword twice with 20 Cinder Shards and a Galaxy Soul for each item, maxing out its Forged Soul at 3/3. Now, if you try it forge it one final time with the same method, you will finally gain the real form of the Galaxy Sword, the absurdly powerful and aptly named Infinity Blade.

Infinity Blade
The Sword type weapon Infinity Blade

Iridium Needle

TypeSourceDamageCritical Strike chancePurchase PriceStats
DaggerThe Mines20-350.01Not Sold
  • Crit. Chance (+6)
  • Crit. Power (+200)

Remember when we said the Dragontooth Shiv had the second-highest Crit-Power in the game? Well, say hello to first place. The Iridium Needle may seem thorough unimpressive at first glance at the damage, boasting only 20-35, a far cry from the best. But then you read further, and you see that Crit-Power.

With an utterly astonishing +200 Crit Power combined with an equally astounding +6 Crit Chance, the Iridium Needle is the weapon with the highest Critical Hit Chance and the highest Crit-Power in the game. It tops out at a mind-bending 42.84% Crit Chance and 14x damage multiplier with full critical investment.

Notably, this highly impressive weapon can only come from Special Slimes in The Mines during Qi’s Challenge “Danger In The Deep” so keep an eye out.

Stardew Valley Best Weapon Infinity Needle
The Dagger type weapon Infinity Needle

That’ll be all from us on how to acquire the best weapons in Stardew Valley. Are you already the proud owner of some of these weapons? Let us know in the comments.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the strongest weapon in Stardew Valley?

The Iridium Needle is the strongest Shiv in the game, boasting a +200 Crit-Chance.

What weapons should I buy in Stardew Valley?

The best buyable weapons are the Galaxy weapons, available for 75,000g each.

What is the best Sword in Stardew Valley?

The Infinity Blade is the strongest available sword in the game.

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