Stardew Valley: Best Fall Crops [Ranked]

Here are all the crops you should grow during the Fall Season in Stardew Valley!

Fall is third in the seasonal cycle in Stardew Valley, and by this point, you will be eager to plant the best crops for the season so that you can maximize your profit each day and earn as much money as possible. This guide gives a ranking of  Stardew Valley’s best fall crops, after considering profit, Community Bundles, cooking recipes, and potential gifts for the Stardew Valley residents.

Best Fall Crops In Stardew Valley

Here’s a quick summary of all the Best Fall Crops you should aim to get in Stardew Valley:

RankCrop NameTypeGrowth TimeBuy PriceSell Price
8AmaranthVegetable Crop7 days70 gold150 gold
7YamVegetable Crop10 days60 gold160 gold
6BeetsVegetable Crop6 days20 gold 100 gold
5ArtichokeVegetable Crop8 days30 gold160 gold
4GrapesFruit Crop10 days60 gold80 gold
3PumpkinVegetable Crop13 days100 gold440 gold
2CranberriesFruit Crop7 days240 gold/seed75 gold
1Sweet Gem BerryRare Seed24 days1000 gold3000 gold

Moving on, we take a look at all normal crops that are harvestable during the fall season. These crops can be either bought from Pierres’s general store, or from the desert later on in the game. All these crops are easily available, and we’ll tell you about the highest and lowest-value fall crops you can plant to make big profits each day.

8. Amaranth

Stardew Valey best fall crop
Amaranth Fields

The Amaranth has almost no uses besides being a harvested vegetable crop. The Amaranth seeds cost 70 gold and take a full 7 days to grow. They have a relatively good selling base price of 150 gold and make a good choice if you’re looking to add some color to your fields.

7. Yam

Another vegetable crop, Yams rank fairly low on our list of Stardew Valley best fall crop. Yam seeds can be bought from Pierre for 60 gold. There is also a 3% chance of the seed being dropped by Duggies. Yam seeds take a full 10 days to grow which is a relatively long time.

However, Yam seeds can be sold for 160 gold. Additionally, Yam is a fairly useful crop since it is one of Linus’s favorite gifts. It can be used in the Fall crops bundle too making Yam a good choice for fall harvesting.

6. Beets

Stardew Valley best fall crop
Buying Beets

Beet seeds are not obtainable at first and you need to do a series of tasks to get to the Desert to buy the seeds. Beets are a vegetable crop, and they mature in 6 days. Beet seeds cost 20 gold and sell for the base price of 100 gold, helping you make a neat profit.

This vegetable crop is kind of useful for other things too. They are one of Evelyn’s favorite gifts and can help you boost her favorability. You will also need a large number of Beets to complete a series of events that will unlock an important building, the Casino. This makes planting a few Beets seeds a fairly good option either for gold or other uses.

5. Artichoke

Artichoke seeds take 8 days to become harvest-ready. The seeds cost 30 gold which isn’t very high. It is a single-harvest crop and has a base selling price of 160 gold. However, artichoke isn’t usable in any bundles.

Furthermore, artichoke isn’t a very remarkable fall crop compared to crops higher on the list. It isn’t anyone’s favorite gift and is only useable in 2 cooking recipes. 

4. Grapes 

Grapes best fall crop

The Grapes rank highly on our list of  Stardew Valley best fall crops. It is a fruit that is a standard crop in the fall and a forageable item in the summer. Grapes can be bought for a very low cost of 60 gold and have a selling base price of 80 gold. Overall, a single grape crop can earn you a hefty 420 gold when you sell it at its base value, without any added bonuses or fertilizers.

Grapes grow on racks, which obstruct movement. A grapevine rack takes 10 days to fully grow and can be harvested every 4 days. Make sure you remember to leave open tiles to move about when you plant your grape field.

Grapes can be gifted to Vincent and are one of his favorite gifts. Furthermore, grapes can be harvested multiple times. So save up your gold and invest it all in grapes for seven rounds worth of harvests, and you’ll definitely be rich in no time.

3. Pumpkin

stardew valley pumpkin

The Pumpkin seeds are a high-cost crop and can be bought for 100 gold. However, this is another crop with a very high yield making it one of Stardew Valley’s best fall crops. The single pumpkin crop can make you a profit of 440 gold. You also get a 10% chance of finding giant pumpkins too, adding to your profits.

Besides netting you a hefty sum, pumpkins have other uses too. they are used in the ‘fall crops bundle’, and the ‘quality crops bundle’ and have a use in three different cooking recipes.

Additionally, a pumpkin is also a quest item you might want to consider planting. Pumpkins are also the favorite gifts of Abigail, Krobus, and Willy, making it an incredibly useful crop to plant in the fall.

2. Cranberries

cranberries best fall crops stardew valley

These small, red berries are arguably Starfall Valley’s best fall crops. If lots of gold is what you’re into, this is the crop for you, especially if you’re not totally into farming and want a crop that’s low maintenance.

Unlike single-harvest crops like pumpkin, cranberries can be harvested multiple times which makes them well worth the price tag, not to mention super low maintenance since you don’t have to go through the process of re-seeding them every time.

Cranberry seeds cost 240 gold per seed and take 7 days to grow. They can give you 5 full harvests every season, making them an incredibly fruitful crop. 1 cranberry can be sold for 75 gold each and you can get 2 to 3 cranberries from each plant. Cranberries are really simple to grow and can be used in 4 cooking recipes, giving them a variety of uses.

1. Sweet Gem Berry

Stardew Valley best fall crop
Sweet Gem Berry

The Sweet Gem Berry is the most profitable crop to plant and harvest in the fall season. It takes 24 days to grow and each unit can be sold for 3000 gold.

Unfortunately, Sweet Gem Berry grows from Rare Seeds which can only be bought from the Travelling Cart during Spring and Summer, which only holds a limited amount. Each Rare Seed can be bought for 1000 gold, earning a profit of 2000 gold when sold.

While rare seeds are hard to come by, don’t worry. Rare seeds can also be produced using Sweet Gem Berry in the seed maker. Although Sweet Gem berry is not used in any recipes, it is an option in the Rare Crops Bundle.

By planting the right seeds during your next fall season, you can get rich fast. Pumpkins yield a great return on your investment and are worth the high price tag. But if you want something with multiple harvests and less hassle you can’t go wrong with grapes or cranberries. Both yield highly and you can even plant them both in your fields.

While it can prove hard to come by, Sweet Gem Berry can give you thousands of gold by itself. If you have those rare seeds lying around in inventory, be sure to save up and plant them next fall.


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