The Best Crops To Grow In Stardew Valley

Turn Your Farm Into A Lucrative Business.

Stardew Valley presents players with an overwhelming amount of choice in terms of what crops they can plant on their farms. There are dozens of different fruit and vegetable seeds you can buy, and each of them have their own unique requirements in terms of how much they cost and how long they take to actually produce food.

The fact is that you can actually run your farm however you like and plant whichever crops you want, but there are clearly some seeds that are more suited to generating money than others. The game doesn’t lay any of this information out in front of you and there are no clear instructions given as to which crops will be the most profitable investment in a given season.

So this guide is meant to tell players about the best crops to plant in order to maximize their profits.

Crops In Spring:

Green Beans

stardew valley best crops
Green Beans.
  • Seed Cost: 60g.
  • Growth Time: 10 Days.

Green Beans are the perfect investment during the beginning of the game, purely because of how much yield you actually get out of a single crop. After the initial 60g investment, each grown Green Bean can be sold for a base price of 40g.

This might not seem like a lot at first glance, but these plants produce more than a single yield. A Green Bean crop will sprout more vegetables every three days after the initial harvest, and it will continue to do this throughout the Spring season.

So if you plant a bunch of these crops in your farm on the first day of the season, you can guarantee yourself seven full harvests per Green Bean plant.


stardew valley best crops
  • Seed Cost: 100g.
  • Growth Time: 8 Days.

Strawberry Seeds can only be purchased during the Egg Festival on the 13th of every Spring, but they are an incredible investment regardless.

Strawberry crops take eight days to fully grow, but after that they produce fruit every four days. Each of these can then be sold for 120g each. These are hands down the best crops to plant in Spring, if you can get your hands on them.

To maximize your profits with this plant, consider purchasing as many Strawberry Seeds as you can during the first year, then only plant them during the beginning of Spring of the next year. This way you don’t lose out on half a season’s worth of profit.

Best Crops In Summer:


stardew valley best crops
  • Seed Cost: 80g.
  • Growth Time: 13 Days.

These are a great source of income in the Summer due to the high amount of output per crop.

Each Blueberry seed costs 80g to start with, but then each plant yields a minimum of three blueberries per harvest. Each of these can then be sold for a base price of 50g, bringing the total up to 150g.

Once fully grown, this plant also produces three more fruit every four days, ensuring that you have a steady supply throughout the Summer season.


stardew valley best crops
  • Seed Cost: 400g.
  • Growth Time: 13 Days.

Getting your hands on some Starfruit Seeds should be the goal of all Stardew Valley players. These can only be bought from the Oasis for an astounding 400g per seed, but they will essentially end all of your money troubles in the game.

A Starfruit plant takes 13 days to grow, after which it only yields one fruit that can be sold for 750g. This doesn’t seem like a good turnout at first glance, but the magic of this crop is that it can then be converted into one of the most valuable artisan items in the game.

Like all fruits in Stardew Valley, you can put Starfruit into Kegs and turn them into wine over the course of a week and increase their value by 300%. So if you’re willing to wait seven extra days after harvest, you can get a 2250g return on a 400g investment.


stardew valley best crops
  • Seed Cost: 150g.
  • Growth Time: 14 Days.

The long-term benefits of planting Corn might not be apparent at first glance due to the vegetable’s long growth period and relatively mediocre selling price of 50g per unit.

But Corn is one of the few crops in the game that can grow in more than one season. So if you plant some during the Summer, you can expect it to keep producing until the end of Fall.

For the maximum amount of profit, plant a bunch of seeds at the start of the Summer season. These will take fourteen days to fully grow, after which they will sprout new Corn every four days, for a total of eleven harvests all through the Fall.



stardew valley best crops
  • Seed Cost: 60g.
  • Growth Time: 10 Days.

Grapes are a fantastic source of money in the Fall due to their low cost and fast rate of regrowth.

After the initial 60g investment, a Grape vine only takes ten days to fully grow and produce fruit. Then after the first harvest, new grapes are available after every three days.

So save up money over Spring and Summer, then invest it all in Grape Seeds in the Fall. Plant them all on the first day of the season, then watch as you squeeze seven harvests out of each plant.


stardew valley best crops
  • Seed Cost: 240g.
  • Growth Time: 7 Days.

Cranberry plants are another great Fall crop that make a lot of profit, even if the initial investment is a bit high. Each Cranberry Seed costs an incredible 240g, but that cost is offset due to the short growth time and multiple fruits generated by each plant.

After the first seven days, each plant yields a minimum of two fruits every five days. Each of these can be sold for 75g.

Additionally, each plant has a 10% chance that it will produce one or more extra Cranberries when harvested.


stardew valley best crops

Due to the cold weather, there are not any crops that the player can grow during the Winter season. Everything already planted at the end of Fall will die out as soon as Winter starts and things will stay this way for 28 in-game days. But that doesn’t mean you have to waste all this time.

As mentioned above, any of the fruits in the game can be turned into wine by putting them into Kegs for a period of seven days. You can then place these bottles of wine into Casks to age them anywhere from 14 to 56 days in order to greatly increase their value even more.

stardew valley best crops
Wine Casks.

So in preparation for the Winter, save a bunch of the fruit you grow in the other three seasons and turn them into wine.

Then craft some Casks during your downtime, and then use them to age your wine over the Winter season into artisan products that can earn you thousands of gold per unit.

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