Best Stardew Valley Crops: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Here are the Best Stardew Valley Crops, featuring Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, alongside guide on locations and what to expect.

Stardew Valley presents players with an overwhelming amount of choice in terms of what crops they can plant on their farms. There are dozens of different fruit and vegetable seeds you can buy, and each of them has its own unique requirements in terms of how much they cost and how long they take to actually produce food.

The fact is that you can actually run your farm however you like and plant whichever crops you want, but there are clearly some seeds that are more suited to generating money than others. There are plenty of valuable season crops in the game. As you are going to start farming, we would like to give you advice that will be helpful in all seasons.

  1. Secure your farm with the help of scarecrows, or crows will ruin your crop.
  2. Invest in fertilizer.
Key Highlights
  • In Stardew Valley, you can harvest and farm any type of crop you want; however, each crop is only available during a specific season.
  • It is important to know which crops tend to be more profitable than others during a particular season.
  • Here are some of the Best Crops for every Season:
    • The 6 Best Spring Crops are Green Beans, Strawberries, Cauliflower, Rhubarb, Potato, and Parsnips.
    • The 6 Best Summer Crops are Blueberries, Starfruit, Coffee, Melon, Red Cabbage, and Corn.
    • The 4 Best Fall Crops are Sweet Gem berries, Grapes, Cranberries, and Pumpkin. 
    • Winter is a no-crop season but you are able to perform other tasks such as. However, you can take part in things such as Foraging, Festivals, and Birthdays.
  • Last but not least, make sure to invest in Fertilizers and use scarecrows to secure your farm during seasons like Spring, Summer, and Fall.

Stardew Valley Best Crops

Here are the Best Crops; all compared to each other with Seed Cost, Growth Time, and Basic Selling Time:

CropSeasonSeed CostGrowth TimeBase Selling Price
Green BeansSpring60g10 Days40g
StrawberriesSpring100g8 Days120g
CauliflowerSpring80g12 Days175g
RhubarbSpring100g13 Days220g
PotatoSpring50g6 Days80g
ParsnipsSpring20g4 Days35g
BlueberriesSummer80g13 Days50g
StarfruitSummer400g13 Days750g
CoffeeSummer1500g10 DaysN/A
MelonSummer80g12 Days250g
Red CabbageSummer100g9 Days260g
CornSummer150g14 Days50g
Sweet Gem BerryFall1000g24 Days3000g
GrapesFall60g10 Days80g
CranberriesFall240g7 Days75g
PumpkinFall100g13 Days440g
Winter RootWinter100-1,000g7 days70g - 140g
Crystal FruitWinter150gN/A150g - 300g
Snow YamWinter100gN/A100g - 200g
CrocusWinterN/AN/A60g - 120g

Best Spring Crops In Stardew Valley

There are three crop seasons in Stardew, i.e., spring, Fall, and summer. Winter is not an outdoor crop season but offers some indoor seeds and alternatives.

When you start your game, you begin with spring which is pretty logical. In your house, you find a box with 15 parsnip seeds packed in it that is, by the way, the worst crop in Stardew. Now, you have two good options:

Green Beans

Green Beans harvest
Green Beans.
  • Seed Cost: 60g.
  • Growth Time: 10 Days.

Green Beans are the perfect investment during the beginning of the game, purely because of how much yield you actually get out of a single crop. After the initial 60g investment, each grown Green Bean can be sold for a base price of 40g.


Strawberries harvest
  • Seed Cost: 100g.
  • Growth Time: 8 Days.

Strawberry Seeds can only be purchased during the Egg Festival on the 13th of every Spring, but they are an incredible investment regardless.

Strawberry crops take eight days to fully grow, but after that, they produce fruit every four days. Each of these can then be sold for 120g each. These are hands down the best crops to plant in Spring if you can get your hands on them.


Cauliflower is one of Stardew Valley’s best crops. You can buy cauliflower seeds from the general store anytime for just 80g. After 12 days, you can harvest grown cauliflower, sell it for 175g, and make a 95g profit.

Cauliflower farm with two giant cauliflowers ready to harvest
Cauliflower farm.


Stardew Valley Best Crops
Rhubarb – Stardew Valley

Here comes our most profitable crop of spring. You can buy Rhubarb from the Oasis shop for 100g, and after 13 days, you can get 120g profit after selling it at 220g. It would take some hard work in the early game as you need to gain access to the desert to reach the Merchant to buy a Rhubarb seed.

This work will prove worthy for its high profitability. If you are a little business-minded, you can prepare a Rhubarb Pie recipe and sell it for 400g. Moreover, Rhubarb pie can help you come close to Marnie as it’s her favorite recipe.


Who does not like potatoes? It’s a staple crop, and players can farm it with little investment in the early game. 50g is all you need to get potato seed from the general store, and your harvest will be ready in six days.


Parsnip is a good crop to start as a newbie in Stardew. You can buy it for 20g and sell it after just four days for 35g making 15g as profit. You will be able to collect a good amount of gold by the end of the spring season if you work hard.

parsnip farm harvest
Parsnip farm

Best Summer Crops

For high profits, Summer is the king when it comes to the question of the best crops. After successfully passing the Spring Season, you will enter in lush greens of the Summer Season in Stardew. Hopefully, you will be now fully aware of all the basics of this game, particularly the farming thing.

Stardew Valley Best Crops
Best Summer Crops – Stardew Valley


  • Seed Cost: 80g.
  • Growth Time: 13 Days.

These are a great source of income in the Summer due to the high amount of output per crop. The availability and other features make the blueberry Best Crop compared to coffee and Starfruit for the summer season.

Each Blueberry seed costs 80g to start with, but then each plant yields a minimum of three blueberries per harvest. Each of these can then be sold for a base price of 50g, bringing the total up to 150g.


stardew valley best crops
  • Seed Cost: 400g.
  • Growth Time: 13 Days.

Getting your hands on some Starfruit Seeds should be the goal of all Stardew Valley players. These can only be bought from the Oasis for an astounding 400g per seed, but they will essentially end all of your money troubles in the game.

That’s not all; you can use your business wit to make sky-high profits. Artisan products like starfruit jelly and starfruit wine can be made from it. Starfruit Jelly sells for 1550g. Starfruit Wine is the most profitable; you can sell it for 2250g or 6300g.


Coffee seeds
Coffee seeds – Stardew Valley

Who does not like coffee? Man, coffee is life. In Stardew Valley, coffee is the most profitable crop. There are only two ways to buy coffee seeds. You can buy it from a Travelling Merchant if you are lucky enough to find him. The price for seeds is 1500g, which is very high for beginners. There is another way to get coffee seeds. You can get them by killing dust spirits found in certain places in-game.


Stardew valley best crops
Melon fields – Stardew Valley

Melons are our favorite fruit for the Summer Season in real life and are also one of Stardew Valley’s best crops. You can buy it from the general store for a small amount of 80g.

The Melon crop will take 12 days to mature and give its first Melon Harvest. Melons are among the three crops in Stardew Valley to grow the big crop. It sells for 250g giving a handsome profit of 170g on each harvest.

Red Cabbage

You can buy red cabbage seeds from the general store for 100g, but the problem is that they do not sell them in the first year of the game. To get these seeds during the first year in the game, one has to be lucky enough to find Travelling Merchant.


stardew valley best crops
  • Seed Cost: 150g.
  • Growth Time: 14 Days.

The long-term benefits of planting Corn might not be apparent at first glance due to the vegetable’s long growth period and relatively mediocre selling price of 50g per unit.

But Corn is one of the few crops in the game that can grow in more than one season. So if you plant some during the Summer, you can expect it to keep producing until the end of Fall.

For the maximum amount of profit, plant a bunch of seeds at the start of the Summer season. These will take fourteen days to fully grow, after which they will sprout new Corn every four days, for a total of eleven harvests all through the Fall.

Best Fall Crops In Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley fun coaster gives you a trip around three seasons; Spring, Summer, and Fall season. At this point in the game, you would be fully aware of all the minute details of the game. You would have many saved, relations made, and ranking achieved in the last two seasons.

We will guide you for Stardew Valley’s best fall Season Crops, and our goal is to make you profitable this season. While compiling a guide for you, we mind profit, community crop bundles, and favorite gifts for Stardew Valley characters. Let’s start!

Sweet Gem Berry

Sweet Gem Berry fields
Stardew valley – Sweet Gem Berry Fields

It’s on top of our list because it is the most profitable. It can be sold for a high price, like 3000g. One has to plan for sweet gem berry farming during summer or spring as seeds are available during these two seasons. You can buy these rare seeds from the Travelling cart. One has to reach early as the Merchant possesses limited stock. Seed price is 1000g and this way you can make a profit of 2000g on each sale.


stardew valley best crops
  • Seed Cost: 60g.
  • Growth Time: 10 Days.

Grapes are a fantastic source of money in the Fall due to their low cost and fast rate of regrowth. After the initial 60g investment, a Grapevine only takes ten days to fully grow and produce fruit. Then after the first harvest, new grapes are available every three days.

So save up money over Spring and Summer, then invest it all in Grape Seeds in the Fall. Plant them all on the first day of the season, then watch as you squeeze seven harvests out of each plant.


stardew valley best crops
  • Seed Cost: 240g.
  • Growth Time: 7 Days.

Cranberry plants are another great Fall crop that makes a lot of profit, even if the initial investment is a bit high. Each Cranberry Seed costs an incredible 240g, but that cost is offset due to the short growth time and multiple fruits generated by each plant.

After the first seven days, each plant yields a minimum of two fruits every five days. Each of these can be sold for 75g. Additionally, each plant has a 10% chance that it will produce one or more extra Cranberries when harvested.


Stardew valley best crops
Pumpkin Crops

Pumpkins are one of the crops that need to be re-seeded every time. Its seed costs just 100g, but it’s still costly because one has to buy it after harvest for sowing again. One pumpkin sells for 440g, and there is a 10% probability of getting a giant pumpkin and making more profit. This is why Pumpkin is one of the Stardew Valley’s best crops.

Best Winter Crops Alternatives In Stardew Valley

The Winter season is the fourth one in Stardew Valley. It is not an outdoor crop season. Winter proceeds by the Fall and is followed by the Spring season. All the grass and weeds will be removed by this season except Winter Weeds. If we apply Tree Fertilizers, all the standard trees will grow in winter. T

stardew valley best crops


Stardew Valley offers a similar fun activity for farming which is foraging. You can move around the map and explore valuable seeds, roots, crystals, and flowers and sell them for a good amount of gold. These useful items can be used in bundles and recipes.

Winter Root

It is a starchy tuber found through the Stardew Valley by Tilling Soil. Depending on the quality, it can be sold between 70g to 140g. It is also used in the Winter Foraging Bundle, Winter Seeds, and Roots Platter. 

Crystal Fruit

It is a soft fruit that pops up from the snow. It can be found at six different places in Stardew Valley during The Winter Season. There is a 50% chance of finding it at Railroads, a 39% chance of getting it from Cindersap Forest, a 38% chance for Mountains, and a 23% and 22% chance to find it in Backwoods and Bus Stop, respectively.

The selling price for crystal fruit varies between 150g to 300g, depending on the quality. Besides its use in the Winter Foraging Bundle and Winter Seed, it is also used to prepare Jelly and Wine.

Snow Yam

This little Yam hides beneath the snow and can forage by tilling the soil throughout the Stardew Valley in winter. It sells for 100g to 200g, and rates depend on quality. Snow Yam is part of the Winter Foraging Bundle and Winter Seeds.


It is a valuable flower that blooms in the Winter season and can be found in the Pelican town with a 54% probability, the Railroad with a 50% chance, the Bus stop with a 42% chance, and the Cindersap forest. We can sell them for 60g to 120g depending on the quality. It is also part of the Winter Foraging Bundle and Winter Seeds. Additionally, you can gift it to Sandy as she loves it.


It is a bright red berry with green leaves used in decoration. It sells for 80g to 160g. You can always find it at Secret Woods with 100% probability. Other popular Foraging places have 30-40% chances also.

Mining and Fishing are profitable activities in the game. You can attend some festivals in the Winter season. Some game characters will be celebrating their birthdays these days.


Several festivals take place in Stardew Valley during The Winter Season. One can attend them to enjoy the replica of snow festivals in our world. 

Festival of Ice

This festival takes place on the 8th day of the winter season every season. One can attend this festival by reaching Cindersap Forest between 2 AM and 9 PM. You can attend an ice fishing festival along with Willy, Pam, and Elliot there. Players can win 2000g by winning this competition.

One has to catch at least five fish, and the Winners will also be rewarded with a Barbed Hook, a Dressed Spinner, a Sailor’s Cap, and a Magnet. The Festival automatically ends with the judgment of the Ice Fishing Contest by Mayor Lewis. Players will return by 10 p.m. to their farms.

Night Market

This festival is celebrated between the 15th and 17th day of the Winter Season. You will see a lot of Merchants and boats appearing at The beach. You can buy Goods from their stalls and take rides in their boats.

The Night Market will stay open between 5 PM and 2 AM, but the submarine ride will be available before 11 PM, and the Mermaid ride will be closed by 12:30 PM. During the Night Market Festival, shops and homes will stay open, and the animals need to be fed as time passes. This is contrary to other festivals.

Feast of the Winter

On the 25th of every winter, they celebrate the Feast of The Winter Star. To attend the event, one has to enter The Pelican Town between 9 am to 2 pm. A villager is assigned to give us a gift, and the mayor invites us to the festival one week before the 18th of the Winter Season. Once the players leave Pelican Town, they enter their farm at 10 p.m.

All of the crops mentioned above are beneficial one way or the other, and gamers have to decide best suited for them based on the following conditions:

  1. Amount of gold you have to buy seed.
  2. Availability of seeds.
  3. In which year in the Stardew Valley are you?
  4. Based on need, prioritize; either you need more returns in the short term or gift a particular dish to a specific character in the game.

After all, the purpose of this game is to have fun and spend quality time. We hope this guide will help you with all the possible farming and crop selection challenges in all seasons.

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