Stardew Valley Best Spring Crops [Top 6]

Hit the ground running this spring by planting the best crops after reading eXputer's guide to Stardew Valley's best spring crops.

I will guide you on Stardew Valley’s best spring crops to keep your garden fresh. Spring is the first season you begin the game, and building a strong foundation of wealth can set you up for the future. However, there are many crops to choose from, and planting the best crops with what little gold you have at the start of the game can be very daunting.

Best Spring Crops In Stardew Valley

Here’s a quick comparison between the Best Spring Crops in Stardew Valley; you can check their costs, growth time, and selling prices:

No.Best ForCropsCost (gold)Days to growSold (gold)Speciality
1Most Versatile And Profitable Spring Crop.Strawberry1008120Multi-harvest crop
2Best Spring Crop With One Of The Highest Profits.Cauliflower8012175Lucrative crop
3Most Versatile Spring Crop For Speed Boosts.Rhubarb10013200Lucrative crop
4Best Spring Crops For Building Relationships With Characters.Potato504280Staple crop
5Most Exceptionally Fast Growing Spring Crop.Parsnips20435Friendly crop
6Best Spring Crop For Quick Investment Returns.Kale70 or 87 6220Excellent crop

6. Kale

Most Easily Accessible Spring Crop.
How to grow Kale in stardew valley
Kale in Stardew Valley
  • Why I Chose This: The ability of this crop to grow in any type of soil on top of the easy accessibility factor.

You can gain many benefits by growing kale on your farm; most notably, if the quality is good, it can sell for 220 gold. Furthermore, you can get kale from JojaMart or Pierre’s Store. You can also sell it back here if you want. Pierre’s will buy it for 70 gold while JojaMart will pay 87 for it. You can use it to replenish your health or energy. Additionally, you can use it with salmon for an even better result.

  • Yields great profit, selling for up to 220 Gold.
  • Decently fast growth cycle of 6 days.
  • Can grow in almost all soil types, easy to cultivate.
  • Easily obtainable from JojaMart or Pierre’s Store.
  • Not the best option for quick leveling up.

5. Parsnips

Best Spring Crops For Beginners.
Stardew Valley best spring crop
Harvesting Parsnip
  • Why I Chose This: The versatility this spring crop has with the simplicity it provides in production.

Parsnips are a friendly crop for the early game. They only cost 20 gold per seed and give you a nice selling price of 35 gold per harvest. Also, they only need 4 days to grow fully, so you can spend your first spring making quite the sum if you work hard.

Parsnips are part of the spring crops bundle and the quality crops bundle. They are also the best gift for Pam. Moreover, parsnips are used in 2 great cooking recipes, the Farmer’s Lunch and the Parsnip Soup.

  • Quick harvest in just 4 days.
  • Incredibly low cost, great for beginners.
  • Simple to grow.
  • Versatile usage in cooking and gifting.
  • Not ideal for advanced or veteran players.
  • Lower yield compared to other crops.

4. Potato

Most Lowest Costing Spring Crop.

This is a very staple crop and good for the early game. Potato takes 6 weeks to grow fully so that you can have 5 complete cycles in the season. It costs 50 gold for a potato seed, and harvested potatoes can be sold for 80 gold. While this may not seem much, multiple cycles can earn you a good profit.

The low cost is also appealing for the early game, starting with 500 gold. There is even a random chance of harvesting extra potatoes based on daily luck. So, if you’re luck is high on harvesting day, you could earn extra. Potato is useful because it is part of the spring crops bundle. It also is used in the recipe for making hashbrowns.

  • Great for early season profit.
  • Low cost for Potato Seeds.
  • Potential for greater profit through proper harvesting.
  • May require additional resources for optimal growth.
  • Why I Chose This: The great early season profits it provides and the low cost.

3. Rhubarb

Best Spring Crop For Experience Points.
Stardew Valley best spring crop
Buying Rhubarb seeds
  • Why I Chose This: The multi-functionality that this crop is able to provide with the high-end experience points you can gain from it.

Rhubarb is a spring fruit crop. It grows from Rhubarb seeds and takes 13 days to fully mature and be harvest-ready. Rhubarb is a very lucrative crop. Its seeds can be bought at a cost of 100 gold and rhubarb can be sold for 220 gold making you a great profit.

However, Rhubarb can only be purchased from the merchant in the desert. You’ll have to work to access the desert, which won’t be accessible in the early game. However, the plant is lucrative and can also help in later seasons.

Rhubarb is not used in any bundles. However, rhubarb is used in the Rhubarb Pie Recipe. Rhubarb pie can be sold for 400 gold but has much better uses. Rhubarb Pie is a favorite food of Marnie and can help you rock her favorability quickly.

  • Multi-functional crop.
  • Yields up to 26 farming experience points.
  • Great pie recipe selling for 400 gold.
  • Decent profit selling base Rhubarb for up to 220 gold.
  • Slow growth time.

2. Cauliflower

Most Affordable Spring Crop For High Profit Margins.
Stardew Valley best Spring crops
Giant Cauliflower
  • Why I Chose This: The affordability, utility, and the ability it has for building relationships due to how loved it is by the villagers.

Due to its profitability, cauliflower ranks high among Stardew Valley’s best spring crops. The seeds mature in 12 days, are available at Pierre’s shop for 80 gold, and can be sold for 175 gold. Cauliflower is one of three crops with the potential to become giant crops, offering multiple harvests regardless of the season. However, this occurrence depends on luck.

Additionally, cauliflowers make an excellent gift for Maru, boosting her favorability, and they are part of the spring crops bundle. They’re also used in the well-liked Cheese Cauliflower recipe by Pam.

  • Affordable cauliflower seeds at Pierre’s shop.
  • Suitable for beginners and advanced players.
  • High-profit margin.
  • Loved by many villagers, especially Maru.
  • Can grow into giant crops, offering extra harvests.
  • Used in quests for potential rewards.
  • Longer growth time.

1. Strawberry

Best Spring Crop For Low Maintenance.
Stardew Valley best spring crop
Field of Strawberry
  • Why I Chose This: The multi-harvest capability it has allows for a good profit and cost savings.

Strawberries offer incredible value as the top Spring crop. Each seed costs 100 gold, grows in 8 days, and yields strawberries worth 120 gold. What makes them exceptional is their multi-harvest nature. You can harvest every 4 days without replanting, saving costs and ensuring a good profit, especially with luck. Gift Demetrius and Maru, as they love strawberries.

  • Low maintenance, watering every 4 days.
  • Chance of harvesting more strawberries than planted.
  • Multi-harvest capability.
  • Strawberry seeds are expensive.

So, there you have it. After evaluating the profit potential, ease of availability used in cooking recipes and bundles, and villager preferences, we’ve compiled Stardew Valley’s best spring crop. If you want to make nice profits in the upcoming spring, plant strawberries and cauliflowers, and you won’t go wrong.

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