Stardew Valley Best Spring Crops [Top 10]

Hit the ground running this spring by planting the best crops after reading eXputer's guide to Stardew Valley's best spring crops.

When you first begin your journey in Stardew valley, you’ll be greeted by the sight of lush green grass. Pink petals float in the air on some days, indicating the prevalence of spring. A strong start in the game can help one save time and resources, which will help you get through the following seasons better.  To keep your garden fresh, we bring you a guide on Stardew Valley‘s best spring crop.

Spring is the first season you begin the game in and building a strong foundation of wealth at the start can get you set for the future. However, there is a multitude of crops to choose from and planting the best crops with what little gold you have at the start of the game can be very daunting. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of Stardew Valleys best fall crops to help you maximize profit and make every day count.

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Stardew Valley Best Spring Crops

Most normal crops can be easily bought from Pierre’s shop or from the merchant. This makes the crops easily accessible and readily available whenever you have enough gold to spend. You’ll also be looking to complete community bundles as soon as possible, so understanding Stardew Valley’s spring crops can help you too. You’ll start the game with 500 gold, and it would be best to use it wisely and set yourself for success early.

10. Coffee Bean

how to grow coffee beans in stardew valley
Coffee Beans

Last on our guide are Coffee Beans. They are a very popular crop that also has a visually appealing sprite work. We would love to rate this higher on the list but can’t due to its extremely low selling price. You should still plant it if you have extra space left as it can prove useful in other ways. 

Moreover, As we already know that while Stardew Valley is an incredible farming game, it has more to it. There is so much other stuff to do and dungeons are one of the main activities. Growing Coffee beans can assist you in completing these dungeons.

If you grow Coffee Beans on your farm you will be able to able to make coffee and later on, triple-shot espresso. The drink gives the player a speed boost which can be useful in dungeons, especially in Skull Cavern or Volcano. You can buy these from the Traveling Cart. 

9. Tulip Bulb

how to grow tulips in stardew valley
Tulip Bulbs in Stardew Valley

Everybody loves decorating their farms with beautiful plants. It feels extra satisfying harvesting and growing again and again when it also looks beautiful when it has bloomed. The Tulip Bulbs are just one of the many beautiful flowers you can grow in Stardew Valley.

Like the Coffee Beans Tulips won’t be very if you want to make a buck. Their use also lies in one of the other aspects of Stardew Valley. You can best utilize these by giving them to villagers as gifts to increase their bonds with your character. 

Furthermore, Tulip Bulbs also grow really fast. You can get them for 20 or 25 gold and they will fully bloom in 6 days. If you want to sell them you can get about 30 to 60 gold. We recommend that you prominently grow these for gifting. 

You can gift these to anybody who you want but Evelyn especially loves them. Also, keep in mind that there are some villages that outright hate these flowers. These are Sebastian, Clint, and George. 

8. Garlic

How to grow Garlic in stardew valley

We all know what garlic is, it is a staple addition to a lot of delicious dishes out there. It should be a part of every respectable farmer’s land in Stardew Valley. You can buy it for 40 gold and it only takes 4 days for it to grow which is some of the fastest growth times in the game.

If you are looking to make a good amount of cash then garlic can be useful there too. It can be sold for 60 or 120 gold depending on its quality. What’s more, is that you can use garlic to make some garlic oil which can be sold for 1000 gold. That is a lot of money that you can make if you have garlic on your hands.

Moreover, garlic oil, which is called “oil of garlic” in Stardew Valley, can also be useful while exploring mines. It will keep the annoying insects away from you so you can explore and dig in peace. As you can see it is a very useful crop so we highly recommend you grow it. 

7. Green Beans

How to grow green beans in Stardew Valley
Green Beans in Stardew Valley

These are easily among some of the greatest Stardew Valley spring crops. Green Beans can be sold for 40 to 80 gold. The price is decent but what makes this all great is how fast the crop grows. You can literally harvest Green Beans after three days. 

What makes Green Beans even more essential is that you can harvest them multiple times. Unlike most crops, once you harvest them after three days you don’t have to replant. They will just grow back in three days. So buying and growing these one time, can be a great investment for your farm. 

6. Kale

How to grow Kale in stardew valley
Kale in Stardew Valley

Next up we have kale. Kale is one of the reasons why a lot of people hate vegetables growing up. While it isn’t a delicacy or something that everybody enjoys, it is an excellent crop. You can gain a lot of benefits by growing kale on your farm, most notably if the quality is good it can sell for 220 gold. 

Furthermore, you can get kale from JojaMart or Pierre’s Store. You can also sell it back here if you want. Pierre’s will buy it for 70 gold while JojaMart will pay 87 gold for it. 

Just like in real life kale is a very healthy crop. You can use it to replenish your health or energy. Additionally, you can use it with salmon for an even better result. So, even if you hated kale growing up, you will love it in Stardew Valley. 

5. Parsnips

Parsnips are a friendly crop for the early game. They only cost 20 gold per seed and give you a nice selling price of 35 gold per harvest. Also, they only need 4 days to fully grow, so you can spend your first spring making quite the sum if you work hard.

Stardew Valley best spring crop
Harvesting Parsnip


Parsnips are part of the spring crops bundle and the quality crops bundle. They are also the favorite gift of Pam. Moreover, parsnips are used in 2 great cooking recipes, the Farmer’s Lunch recipe, and the Parsnip Soup recipe.

4. Potato

This is a very staple crop and good for the early game. Potato takes 6 weeks to fully grow, so you can have 5 complete cycles in the season. It costs 50 gold for a potato seed and harvested potatoes can be sold for 80 gold. While this may not seem much, multiple cycles can earn you a good profit. The low cost is also appealing for the early game starting 500 gold. There is even a random chance of harvesting extra potatoes based on daily luck. So, if you’re luck is high on harvesting day, you could earn extra.

Potato is useful due to it being a part of the spring crops bundle. It also is used in the recipe for making hashbrowns.

3. Rhubarb

Rhubarb is a spring fruit crop. It grows from Rhubarb seeds and takes 13 days to fully mature and be harvest ready. Rhubarb is a very lucrative crop. Its seeds can be bought at a cost of 100 gold and rhubarb can be sold for 220 gold making you a great profit. However, Rhubarb can only be purchased from the merchant in the desert. You’ll have to work to gain access to the desert which won’t be accessible in the early game. However, the plant is lucrative and can help a lot in later seasons too.

Stardew Valley best spring crop
Buying Rhubarb seeds

Rhubarb is not used in any bundles. However, rhubarb is used in the Rhubarb Pie Recipe. Rhubarb pie can be sold for 400 gold however it has much better uses. Rhubarb Pie is a favorite food of Marnie and can help you rocket her favorability quick.

2. Cauliflower

This is another great vegetable crop that easily places very high on our list of Stardew Valley’s best spring crops. Cauliflower is a useful and lucrative crop and can potentially be the best spring crop. Cauliflower seeds mature after 12 days. The crop can be purchased from Pierre’s shop during spring and cauliflower seeds can be purchased at a cost of 80 gold. Harvested cauliflower can then be sold for a hefty amount of 175 gold.

Stardew Valley best Spring crops
Giant Cauliflower

Also, cauliflower is one of three crops in the game that has the potential of growing a giant crop. Giant crops can drop a lot of harvests and don’t die when the season changes. This can greatly aid you when you sell the additional items for a good profit. However, giant crop rates are dependent on luck.

Additionally, cauliflowers are the favorite gift of Maru and can help you quickly increase her favorability. Cauliflowers are a part of the spring crops bundle. They are also used in the Cheese Cauliflower recipe which is well liked by Pam when gifted.

1. Strawberry

Strawberry has incredible value and is arguably the best crop that you can plant in the Spring season. Strawberries can be bought at a cost of 100 gold per seed. It takes 8 days to grow, and each strawberry can then be sold for 120 gold. While the profit may not seem much, what makes strawberry special is that it’s a multi harvest crop. Without the need to replant, strawberry shrubs can be harvested again every 4 days. This can help you save major costs, and easily earn back your investments over the season while making a good profit. Especially if luck is on your side and you harvest extra.

Stardew Valley best spring crop
Strawberry fields

Also, two villagers love being gifted strawberries. They are Demetrius and Maru, and you can easily harvest multiple strawberries in a matter of days to sate them.

So, there you have it. After evaluating the profit potential, ease of availability, uses in cooking recipes and bundles, and villager preferences, we’ve compiled Stardew Valley’s best spring crop. If you’re looking to make nice profits in the upcoming spring, plant strawberries and cauliflowers, and you won’t go wrong.

Did you know that Stardew Valley was inspired by Harvest Moon?

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