Stardew Valley: How To Unlock The Quarry

Ores Galore.

Mining plays a significant role in Stardew Valley, since it allows you to acquire a wide variety of different resources that are necessary for crafting. Not only are components like Copper and Iron required to improve your tools, they are also needed for constructing new buildings and machinery for your farm. And the only way to get these is through mining.

The vast majority of mining that players will do in the early game will take place in the Mines, but traversing the dozens upon dozens of underground floors isn’t always easy or economical. You sometimes simply require a convenient location where you can quickly mine a bunch of ore.

This is where the Stardew Valley Quarry comes into play, and this guide will show you how to actually unlock this area.

Stardew Valley Quarry Guide

Stardew Valley Quarry
Broken Quarry Bridge.

Located to the southeast of the Mines in Pelican town, is a small area that is known as the Quarry. But when you first start up the game, this is completely sealed off to you due to a broken bridge.

It’s not necessary to unlock this area as your first priority, but doing so does give you quick access to a variety of different resources. Because while the Mines limit what items you can encounter on specific floors, no such limitations are placed on the Quarry. Each and every gem and ore in the game can be found in this location.

And like the Stardew Valley Greenhouse, there are two distinct ways to unlock the Quarry for yourself:

Joja Community Development Form

Stardew Valley Quarry
Joja Mart.

If players opt to purchase a 5000g JojaMart membership from the NPC Morris, then they can convert the Community Center into a Joja Warehouse and gain access to the Joja Community Development Form.

From here, they can pay an additional 25,000g to repair the broken bridge to the Quarry, but they do so while forgoing the option to repair and restore the Community Centre themselves.

This path gets you multiple upgrades quickly, but it locks you off from the best multi-stage quest that this game has to offer.

So go with the Development Form at your own discretion.

Community Center Crafts Room Bundles

Stardew Valley Quarry
Crafts Room Bundles.

The more significant and rewarding way to unlock the Quarry is to gain access to the Community Centre for yourself, and then help restore it to its former glory by completing multiple different bundles for the Junimo spirits.

The bridge repair in particular requires players to complete each of the six different bundles that have to be turned in to restore the Crafts Room. We’ll go over each of them in detail below:

Spring Foraging Bundle

Crafts Room Bundles
Spring Foraging Bundle.

This bundle requires items that can only be foraged from the outdoors in the Spring Season.

  • 1 Daffodil.
  • 1 Dandelion.
  • 1 Leek.
  • 1 Wild Horseradish.

The reward for completing this is 30 Spring Seeds.

Summer Foraging Bundle

Stardew Valley Quarry
Summer Foraging Bundle.

Each of these items can only be foraged during the Summer Season.

  • 1 Grape.
  • 1 Spice Berry.
  • 1 Sweet Pea.

30 Summer Seeds are rewarded for competing this bundle.

Fall Foraging Bundle

Stardew Valley Quarry
Fall Foraging Bundle.

The following items are only seen during the Fall Season.

  • 1 Blackberry.
  • 1 Common Mushroom.
  • 1 Hazelnut.
  • 1 Wild Plum.

You receive 30 Fall Seeds upon completion of this bundle.

Winter Foraging Bundle

Stardew Valley Quarry
Winter Foraging Bundle.

Since no crops grow in the Winter Season, you can spend your time foraging for these items.

  • 1 Crocus.
  • 1 Crystal Fruit.
  • 1 Snow Yam.
  • 1 Winter Root.

Completing this bundle rewards you 30 Winters Seeds.

Exotic Foraging Bundle

Stardew Valley Quarry
Exotic Foraging Bundle.

Unlike the previous bundles, this one requires rare items from across all four Seasons. It also requires that you travel to locations other than Pelican Town, such as the Desert.

  • 1 Cactus Fruit.
  • 1 Cave Carrot.
  • 1 Coconut.
  • 1 Maple Syrup.
  • 1 Morel.
  • 1 Oak Resin.
  • 1 Pine Tar.
  • 1 Purple Mushroom.
  • 1 Red Mushroom.

5 Autumn’s Bounty dishes are given to the player as a reward for completing this bundle.

Construction Bundle

Stardew Valley Quarry
Construction Bundle.

All of the previous bundles revolve around foraging consumables, but this one focuses on construction materials.

The player is given a Charcoal Kiln when this bundle is turned in.

Once each of these six bundles are turned in, the player has to go back to their home and go to sleep. When they wake up the next morning, the bridge leading to the Quarry should be completely repaired.

This has been our Stardew Valley Quarry unlock guide. It will hopefully help you unlock this useful location as soon as possible.

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