Stardew Valley: Explosion Was Heard In The Night

Learn about the ominous notification in Stardew Valley that informs the player about a certain explosion at night

“An explosion was heard in the night” is one of the rarest events in Stardew Valley. There are all sorts of random events that can occur on your farm, and depending on the rarity, the events can range from wild animal attacks to even the Crop Fairy popping up. 

If you get such a notification, that means that a meteorite is about to land on your farm. The meteorite will look for a suitable area to crash land in and will occupy a 2×2 space. Because it can land almost anywhere, it might put some of your crops at risk. And once it does land, you can make quite a use of its resources!

Before You Start: Ensure that you have at least a Gold Pickaxe so that you can mine the Meteorite and get its resources.
Important: You might not find a meteorite on your farm if there is no free 3×3 area, even if you get the event notification. 
Key Takeaways
  • The “An explosion was heard in the night Stardew” event is a rare occurrence in Stardew Valley, indicating a meteorite crash-landing on your farm.
  • The meteorite can potentially destroy crops, but the event is so rare that the benefits often outweigh the risks.
  • To locate the meteorite, explore your farm or take a full-view screenshot of your farm.
  • A Gold Pickaxe or higher is required to mine the meteorite, which can be obtained by upgrading your tools at Clint’s Smithy.
  • Mining the meteorite rewards you with valuable resources like Iridium Ore, Geodes, and Stone, which can be used for crafting and upgrading tools in the game.

Meaning Of “An Explosion Was Heard In The Night”

an explosion was heard at night stardew
Explosion message is highlighted at the bottom

If you get a notification that says, “An explosion was heard in the night,” then that means that the very next day, a meteorite will be crash landing on your farm. This is a rare random event that can sometimes even destroy certain things on your farm.

Location Of Meteorite

Meteorite on the edge of the farm

The meteorite will land on your farm, but it will try to meet certain specifications for where it can land. The first thing that the game will do is try to look for a 3×3 area on your farm. Within that 3×3 area, the meteorite will land in a 2×2 area as long as it doesn’t contain the following:

  • Placed Objects (such as sprinklers, scarecrows, or anything that blocks the pathways)
  • Water
  • Farm animals
  • Buildings
  • Resource Clumps such as stone, bits of wood, or grass

It is worth noting that the meteorite will not avoid any crops. Meaning if you have some rare crops growing, such as Ancient Plants, high-value fencing, or just generally rare plants, then they have a risk of being destroyed by the meteorite.

Rarity Of Event

Although the meteorite can destroy some of your valuable crops, the event is so rare that it might be worth the little damage. There is a 1% chance of a meteorite landing on your farm. In fact, it is one of the main ways that one can get access to a meteorite and its resources. So, if you get a meteorite on your farm, you’d be quite lucky!

  • However, it is worth mentioning that even if you are chosen for the meteorite event, there is a chance that it might not occur at all.
  • For example, if the meteorite can’t find any 3×3 area to land in because all of the areas contain the things that were specified above, the event will simply get skipped altogether.

Dealing With The Meteorite

Once you’ve got the warning of a meteorite approaching your farm, you’ll need to know how to deal with it. Firstly, you’ll need to locate it, and then you’ll need the appropriate resources to mine the meteorite.

Locating The Meteorite

If you walk out and explore your farm, you should easily be able to spot the meteorite on your land. It will be a purple rock with pinkish crystals extruding out of it. You might be able to narrow down its location by looking for nearby items that got destroyed due to its collision.

Considering that the meteorite won’t be going anywhere anytime soon as it cannot despawn, you’ll have plenty of time to look for the meteorite. But if you want a quick and easy way to locate where the meteorite is, you can use a shortcut method.

  • The shortcut method is to take a screenshot of your farm and get a full view of it to locate the meteorite.
  • To take a screenshot, go into options and click on the camera icon all the way at the bottom.
  • You can find the screenshot by clicking the open destination folder option.
  • Then, look through the screenshot to locate your meteorite.

How To Mine The Meteorite

an explosion was heard in the night stardew valley meteorite
Mining the meteorite

Unfortunately, you cannot just use any tool to mine the meteorite. Like every other big item in Stardew Valley, you’ll need a strong enough tool. Specifically, you’ll need a Gold Pickaxe or above to mine the meteorite.

  • Therefore, if you still need to get the required pickaxe, you should visit Clint’s Smithy to upgrade your pickaxe.
  • To get a Gold Pickaxe, you’ll need to upgrade to a regular Steel Pickaxe.
  • Using five gold bars and 10,000g, you can upgrade the Steel Pickaxe to a Gold Pickaxe.


Once you’ve crafted a Gold Pickaxe or something higher (Iridium Pickaxe), you can finally mine the meteorite. After mining the meteorite, you can expect to acquire the following resources:

Iridium Ore x6Iridium Ore can be used to create Iridium Bars, upgrade your tools, or craft rare items.

Iridium Ore has a 100g value, and the bars are worth 1000g.

Geodes x2Geodes can be used to spawn gemstones according to a lucky value.
Stone x6A common material you might’ve already come across and used for building and crafting.



The “an explosion was heard in the night Stardew” event signifies a meteorite crash-landing on your farm the next day. The meteorite occupies a 2×2 space and can potentially destroy crops, but its arrival is so rare that the benefits may outweigh the risks. To mine the meteorite, you’ll need a Gold Pickaxe or higher, which can be obtained by upgrading your tools at Clint’s Smithy. Mining the meteorite yields valuable resources like Iridium Ore, Geodes, and Stone, which can be used for crafting and upgrading tools in the game.

Although the meteorite is a great way to get resources, there are other options, such as going to the adequate copper level and mining it. In case you’re trying to capture a Walleye or Sturgeon, you’ll find our Stardew Valley Guides quite useful. 

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