6 Best Ways To Make Money In Stardew Valley [2023]

Money can be pretty hard to make sometimes in Stardew Valley, and when that happens, most of us are left clueless, not knowing what to do. Some players spend their time waiting for the next crop to grow and do nothing else. You can’t blame them since making money can be a pretty tough job in this farming simulator. Fortunately, we at eXputer have gathered the best ways to make money in Stardew Valley.

Key Highlights
  • In Stardew Valley, players can make money in 6 different ways.
  • Making money is really important as it can help players grow in the game.
  • These 5 major money-making ways include:
    • Foraging.
    • Farming.
    • Mining.
    • Animal Care.
    • Fishing Activities.
  • Apart from these players can also adopt Miscellaneous Ways to make money: such as selling random items which can be acquired by roaming around, watching TV, and talking to people.

Best Ways to Make Money in Stardew Valley

Gone are the days when making money was hard in Stardew Valley. Whenever you’re in a pickle and are scratching your head wondering ways to make money, you can come here and collect all the info you need.


Foraging is one of the first things you’ll learn in the game. It is one the most basic and best way to make money in Stardew Valley. Foraging is the gathering of resources, and the more you do it, the more your skill increases. This unlocks more crafting recipes that help you make more money. Foraging is one of the few things that you can do all seasons.

It is recommended that new players use their time and energy to start foraging and increase their skills. When it comes to winters, many players ignore foraging and indulge in other activities. We recommend that you forage in winter to get the Winter Foraging Bundle at the community center. To complete the bundle, you need to find Crystal Fruit, Crocus, Snow Yam, and Winter Root.

Use Preserve Jars

Forage goods don’t sell for much, but you must put them in the Preserve Jars to get the maximum profit out of them. After placing them in the jars, fruits will turn to Jelly while vegetables will turn into pickles.

Save Food using Kegs and Preserve Jars
Kegs and Preserve Jars

Use Kegs

Every fruit can be converted into wine that sells three times more. Vegetables can be made into juices, while the honey produced can be turned into mead. Other things that can be produced using Kegs are beer, pale ale, green tea, and coffee. They are extremely profitable and don’t even require crops. That’s the reason why players give them so much importance. The recipe for Kegs unlocks at Farming Level 8. 

Search For Wild Goods

Foraging wild goods may seem energy-consuming and time-wasting, but sometimes you can get your hands on some valuable stuff. You can collect those goods to make something greater that can earn you good money.


If you are looking for the best ways to make money in Stardew Valley, then never ignore farming. Stardew Valley’s main focus is farming, so understandably that should be your main focus as well. Learn to farm, buy crops at the start of each season, and do many other things. Farming can be complex sometimes, but you will realize that it’s the best way to make money early as you play more. Here are some of them to make your farming easy and better.

Buy The Right Crops At The Right Time

Every seed except strawberries and rare seeds can be bought at Pierre’s general store. Strawberries and Rare seeds can be purchased from the Egg festival in Spring and Gypsy wagon. Some crops give more products per harvest. We have covered an in-depth Stardew Valley best crops guide for every season, so don’t forget to check it.

best ways to make money in Stardew Valley
Best crops according to each season

Hops, blueberries, starfruit, and melon are the most profitable harvests in summer. Other crops include Hot peppers, wheat, radishes, corn, and tomatoes. Check out our Stardew Valley Summer crops guide and how to get maximum profit. Our take on profits in the Summer crop entails everything in detail, so don’t miss the chance if you want to grasp the idea regarding the Summer crops in the game.


Autumn is our favorite pick in the best ways to make money in Stardew Valley guide because you get lots of profitable harvests in autumn/fall such as Ancient fruits, Cranberries, and Pumpkin. Other crops include grape, eggplant, yam, bok choy, artichokes, and amaranth. Check out our Stardew Valley Fall crops guide and learn how to maximize the profits; we have covered everything in detail, so don’t miss the chance if you want to know every single detail about fall crops.


Potatoes, strawberries, and cauliflowers are the most profitable harvests in spring. Other crops include kale, green beans, and parsnips. Read our Stardew Valley best Spring crop guide if you want to know full details of Spring crops and the profits you can get.


You can’t grow any crop during winter unless you have a greenhouse where you can grow any crop regardless of the season. So, it is imperative that you know how to unlock Stardew Valley greenhouse so that you don’t starve and get every chance of growing crops in the Winter season. 


Beehives will be available to build at farming level 3. Depending on the flower, their worth increases. It can be sold anywhere from 140g to 680g. They produce honey in every season except winter.

Craft Sprinklers

Set up a sprinkler to water your crops. There are three types of sprinklers. These are basic sprinklers that water four adjacent tiles. Then there is a quality sprinkler that waters eight tiles, and the last and the most premium sprinkler is the iridium sprinkler that waters 24 adjacent tiles. You get its recipe at farming levels two, six, and nine, respectively.

Sprinklers types for crafting
Sprinklers save your time and energy

Upgrade Your Farming Tools

Farming tools take two days to upgrade. This isn’t good because you will miss two straight days. The best timing to upgrade them is either during winter when you don’t have any crops to grow or at the end of the season when the crops are going to die anyway, more specifically on the 27th day so you can get them back on the first day of the new season. (Note: A season does not last 30 days. It lasts for 28 days)

Clear Space

After starting the game, there are many unwanted things that are already present on your farm. You will need to remove them and make some space to do whatever you want. Another time when you’re going to have to clean your farm is after winter when it snows. Get rid of it, and you may find something sellable and get ready for the next season.


The best ways to make money in Stardew Valley guide will remain incomplete if you neglected mining in the first place. Mining contains valuable rocks so, you gotta look for it Artifacts and gemstones can be found deep underground. The best way to increase the worth of gems is to have the profession of geologist and gemologist. Both these professions can be picked after you reach levels five and ten, respectively. Conserve energy and take enough food with you to keep your energy levels high.

Take a ladder with you to help you reach as low in the ground as possible. The lower you go, the greater rewards you get. The greater the rewards, the greater they sell for. Check your TV where the fortune teller tells you how much lucky you’ll be. After checking it consistently, you’ll realize how much luck is normal and how much luck is high enough for you to venture underground and get some valuable materials.

best ways to make money in Stardew Valley
The importance of mining and the profit you make is impeccable

You can always avoid creatures and monsters if you’re out solely for the purpose of mining, but if you’re looking to let your hands go, then you can always fight creatures that lurk underground. It is a high-risk, high-reward situation, the more dangerous the creature, the greater loot they’ll drop.

Keep your energy in check as well before you head to battle. Another thing to do before heading in is to eat the best food. If you want your luck to get better, then try pumpkin soup. Mining skills can be increased if you eat Parmesan before going out. If you want your attack to get better, then eat a roots platter. If you want your defense to get better, then try consuming parmesan and pumpkin soup.

Animal Care

Animals are another great source of income, and to ensure they make you a profit, you’ll need to take care of them, especially in winters. If you’re new to the game, then don’t waste your money on them. As long as you have enough gold to keep you going, only then should you buy them.

Animal Care
Take care of your animals, ESPECIALLY in Winters

Fill Up Your Silo

Besides winters, there’s not going to be any need for you to fill your silo. If you don’t know, the grass is hard to find in winters, and to keep the animals happy and to produce excellent goods, and you’ll need to give them fresh grass. A silo can store 240 hay. If you have multiple hays, then you’re set for the season. Store and feed the animals regularly to get the best out of them.

Turn Them Into Artisan Goods

Animal products don’t sell for much, and it is a waste of time if you sell the raw product without turning them into artisan goods. The profit from animal products can be increased significantly if you do this method. Eggs can be turned into mayonnaise, milk into cheese, wool into cloth, and truffle into truffle oil. Other things included void mayonnaise, duck mayonnaise, dinosaur mayonnaise, and goat cheese. It is highly recommended that you start doing this if you still don’t do this to make a large sum of money.

Heaters For Warmth

Winters really are tough for you and your animals. in order to be fully productive, they need to be warm. Install a heater in the building you’ve kept them. If you have multiple buildings, then you need to have multiple heaters. This is exactly the reason why you don’t need to rush with buying animals as they are expensive and need to be well kept with. If lacking money, then it could cause huge problems.

Fishing Activities

Fishing is one of the best ways to make money in Stardew Valley early and in winter as well. You can always go fishing and get great profit from it. At the start of the game, you can receive a fishing rod from Willy’s and start from there. You can buy more things from him that may be helpful while fishing.

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Although fishing seems hard at first, it gets easier as you do it more. Make fishing a hobby, and you’ll see how much you’re improving each time. At the start, fishing doesn’t give good profit; this shouldn’t be enough for you to get upset and give up. Keep on the grind and master your skill to get a large amount of money. Read our how to use bait in Stardew Valley if you want to learn to catch fish faster. 

best ways to make money in Stardew Valley
Fishing in rain, winter is more profitable than in sunny days

Fishing In rain

When the rain is pouring down, you will be relieved from your duty of watering the crops. You can always use this opportunity to go out fishing. You will get fishes that are worth more than what you get on a normal bright day. Catfish is another great catch that many fail to get. For more on this subject, read our Stardew Valley Catfish location guide.

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Sell Scrap Items

While fishing you’re going to find some scrap items as well. Most of them don’t sell for much but on rare occasions, you might even get your hands on something rather precious. So, keep on the lookout for them as well.

Fish Pond

A fish pond is another great way to earn some cash. You can keep any fish to get yourself some roe. You can then put that roe in the preserve jar and acquire aged roe. Aged roe sells for a good amount varying from fish to fish. If you can afford more than one pond, then don’t hesitate to spend your money on that; you most definitely won’t regret that.

Crafting Sashimi

Crafting your fish into sashimi is only profitable when it costs less than 75g. They make you a decent amount of money and are a good source of money if you were unable to catch any valuable fish.

Miscellaneous Ways To Make Money

Besides the tricks we mentioned above, there are a few more tips that can get you more money. We have listed them all here for you so that you can make use of them in your playthrough.


Tappers are small things that can be put on trees to produce many different products. Its recipe is unlocked at Foraging level 3. If you put it on an oak tree, it will produce oak resin, and the same goes for many other trees. These include Maple tree, Pine tree, Mushroom, and Mahogany tree, and they produce Maple syrup, Pine tar, Common Mushroom, Red Mushroom, Purple Mushroom, and Sap.

Start early in the game as they take their sweet time before giving out anything. Maple syrup takes nine nights, and Oak resin takes seven, Pine tar takes five, Sap takes one night, while the three mushrooms vary depending on the conditions. So keep this going as it consumes very little time and energy and can help you in desperate situations.

Note: Mushroom trees don’t produce anything in winters, while the others continue to do so.

best ways to make money in Stardew Valley
saves your energy and time while producing quality stuff

Wood Saving Or Selling

Now, this is up to you and what situation you’re in right now. Saving up wood is extremely beneficial as you can build so much from them without needing to head out to search them. They are useful and help us with little things that we don’t even have an account for.

Meanwhile, if you’re desperate for money and need it ASAP, then go out and find wood and sell it. Either way, saving up wood is more beneficial as even if you are in dire need of money, you can always rely on the wood you’ve been saving up all this time.

Wood is becoming important day by day, and the new players don’t think much of it. Read our Stardew Valley Hardwood and learn about its locations and other useful things. 


There are uncountable things in Stardew Valley that have little to no use. They may be required later but are easily found. Use this as an opportunity and sell anything that you come across.

Roam around

If you have enough energy to go out and explore, then do so. You’re going to be surprised at how much stuff is just waiting to be sold. You can get those resources and sell them as well.

Shipping Box?

This shipping box is right around the corner and is for those who don’t want to waste their time and energy selling their things in the town. Anything you get and deem as useless and unusable as of now, place it in the shipping box. Someone buys your stuff without you ever knowing who bought it. You will get the same amount of gold as you would’ve selling in the town. It should be noted that not all items can be sold at the shipping box; the rest can be sold at the shipping bin.

Watch TV

Now doctors may not advise watching TV before sleeping in real life, but we are advising you to watch it in Stardew Valley. Make this your habit that you check what’s happening and what’s predicted to happen tomorrow. You will learn many things and can plan ahead. The things you can learn watching TV are weather, fortune, recipes, and farming or foraging tips.

If a storm is coming, you can upgrade your tools as you wouldn’t have to water the crops the next day. You can go out fishing and do many other things that were impossible before. The Fortune teller, Welwick, tells what your luck will be like tomorrow.

Talk To People

Easily forgotten by players, conversing with your neighbors, making new friends, and meeting new people is important. Although it’s not something that’ll directly give you money, it can help you in meeting your other half who will help you in chores, increasing productivity.

Bag Upgrade

Twelve slots are pretty easy to fill up. Although this isn’t much of a problem, these small things are what make us more money. Upgrade your bag, and you’ll get 24 slots to fill. Now you can fill up many things at once without worrying about discarding any other thing that might’ve been of use to you.

Beach Bridge

Rebuild beach bridge
Repair the beach bridge to get more profit

Save 300 Wood and build the broken bridge on the left side of the beach. This opens doors for things that you may have never gotten a chance to get your hands on. These include shells, corals, and sea urchins that reappear every day. You can sell them in the town or just place them in the shipping box. 


To sum it all up, farming, foraging, tapping, conversing, watching TV, fishing, mining, cleaning your farm, and learning about crops are some of the best ways to make money in Stardew Valley. For Winters, fishing, cleaning up the farm, foraging, upgrading tools, filling up your silo, buying heaters, and preparing for the next season are the things that’ll you need to do to make this tough season a profitable one.

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