6 Best Ways To Make Money In Stardew Valley

Making money in this game is getting harder and complex day by day. We have compiled the best ways to make money in Stardew Valley.

Money can be pretty hard to make sometimes in Stardew Valley, and when that happens, most of us are left clueless, not knowing what to do. Some players spend their time waiting for the next crop to grow and do nothing else. You can’t blame them since making money can be a pretty tough job in this farming simulator. Fortunately, we at eXputer have gathered the best ways to make money in Stardew Valley.

Key Highlights
  • In Stardew Valley, players can make money in 6 different ways.
  • Making money is really important as it can help players grow in the game.
  • These 5 major money-making ways include:
    • Foraging.
    • Farming.
    • Mining.
    • Animal Care.
    • Fishing Activities.
  • Apart from these, players can also adopt Miscellaneous Ways to make money, such as selling random items which can be acquired by roaming around, watching TV, and talking to people.

Best Ways To Make Money in Stardew Valley




Foraging is a profitable all-season skill with crafting options like Preserve Jars and Kegs for more income.


Maximize Stardew Valley earnings through strategic farming, greenhouse use, beehives for honey, efficient watering with sprinklers, tool upgrades, and a tidy farm.


Boost gem value by choosing Geologist and Gemologist professions at levels 5 and 10, and maintain high energy levels for efficient mining with food and energy conservation.

Animal Care

Profit from animals by providing care, stocking hay for winter, crafting artisan goods, using heaters, fishing (especially on rainy days), selling valuable scrap items, considering fish ponds, and making sashimi from inexpensive fish.

Gone are the days when making money was hard in Stardew Valley. Whenever you’re in a pickle and are scratching your head wondering ways to make money, you can come here and collect all the info you need.


Save Food using Kegs and Preserve Jars
Kegs and Preserve Jars

Foraging is one of the first things you’ll learn in the game. It is one of the most basic ways to acquire money. Foraging is the gathering of resources, and the more you do it, the more your skill increases. This unlocks more crafting recipes that help you make more money. Foraging is one of the few things that you can do all seasons.

  • Use Preserve Jars to increase the value of foraged fruits and vegetables by turning them into jelly and pickles.
  • Utilize Kegs to create valuable products like wine, juices, and mead, increasing your profit potential.
  • Search for wild goods, as they can be used to create valuable items and boost your earnings.


best ways to make money in Stardew Valley
Best crops according to each season

Stardew Valley’s main focus is farming, so understandably that should be your main focus as well. Learn to farm, buy crops at the start of each season, and do many other things. Farming can be complex sometimes, but you will realize that it’s the best way to make money early as you play more. Here are some of them to make your farming easy and better.

  • Smart Crop Purchases: Choose seeds wisely; exceptions are strawberries and rare seeds.
  • Summer Crops: Opt for Hops, blueberries, starfruit, melon, hot peppers, wheat, radishes, corn, and tomatoes.
  • Autumn/Fall Crops: Profitable options include Ancient fruits, cranberries, pumpkins, grapes, eggplants, yams, bok choy, artichokes, and amaranth.
  • Spring Crops: Focus on potatoes, strawberries, cauliflowers, kale, green beans, and parsnips.
  • Winter Farming Challenge: In winter, only a greenhouse allows crop growth.
  • Beehives for Honey: Build beehives at farming level 3; they produce honey in all seasons except winter.
  • Craft Sprinklers for Efficient Watering: Set up basic (4 tiles), quality (8 tiles), or iridium (24 tiles) sprinklers; recipes unlock at farming levels 2, 6, and 9.
  • Upgrade Your Farming Tools: Upgrade tools during winter or on the 27th day at the end of a season.
  • Clear Space: Remove unwanted items; after winter, clear snow for possible sellable items in the next season.

Read our Stardew Valley best Spring crop guide if you want to know full details of Spring crops and the profits you can get.


Mining contains valuable rocks so, you gotta look for it Artifacts and gemstones can be found deep underground.

The best way to increase the worth of gems is to have the profession of geologist and gemologist. Both these professions can be picked after you reach levels five and ten, respectively. Conserve energy and take enough food with you to keep your energy levels high.

best ways to make money in Stardew Valley
The importance of mining and the profit you make is impeccable

Animal Care

Animals are another great source of income, and to ensure they make you a profit, you’ll need to take care of them, especially in winters. If you’re new to the game, then don’t waste your money on them. As long as you have enough gold to keep you going, only then should you buy them.

Animal Care
Take care of your animals, ESPECIALLY in Winters
  • Fill Up Your Silo:Stock up the silo with hay before winter to keep animals fed.
  • Turn Them Into Artisan Goods: Enhance profits by turning raw animal products into artisan goods.
  • Heaters For Warmth: Install heaters in animal buildings to keep them productive in winter.
  • Fishing Activities: Fishing is a great early and winter income source. Get a fishing rod from Willy and improve over time.
  • Fishing In Rain: Fish on rainy days for more valuable catches like Catfish.
  • Sell Scrap Items: Occasionally, scrap items from fishing may be valuable, so keep an eye out.
  • Fish Pond: Fish ponds can generate income through roe and aged roe. Consider multiple ponds if affordable.
  • Crafting Sashimi: Craft sashimi if fish cost less than 75g, providing a decent income source.

Miscellaneous Ways To Make Money

best ways to make money in Stardew Valley
saves your energy and time while producing quality stuff




Tappers collect tree products for oak, maple, pine, mushroom, and mahogany trees, excluding mushroom trees in winter.

Wood Saving Or Selling

Save wood for crafting and construction, and sell the surplus for quick cash.

Roam Around

Explore and gather resources for profit; find valuable items in the wild.

Shipping Box

Use the shipping box to sell unwanted items for overnight profit.

Watch TV

Watch TV for weather, fortune, recipes, and tips to plan activities efficiently.

Talk To People

Talk to villagers to build relationships, which can lead to beneficial interactions, although it may not directly earn money.

Bag Upgrade

Upgrade your bag for more inventory space and higher income potential.

Beach Bridge Repair

Repair beach bridge with 300 wood to access shells, corals, and sea urchins for daily profit.

Besides the tricks we mentioned above, there are a few more tips that can get you more money. We have listed them all here for you so that you can make use of them in your playthrough.

1. Tappers

  • Tappers on trees produce various products like oak resin, maple syrup, and pine tar.
  • Useful for oak, maple, pine, mushroom, and mahogany trees. Mushroom trees don’t produce in winter.

2. Wood Saving Or Selling

  • Save wood for construction and crafting.
  • Consider selling excess wood, especially if you need quick money.

3. Roam Around

  • Explore and gather resources to sell.
  • Keep an eye out for valuable items in the wild.

4. Shipping Box

  • Place unwanted or unused items in the shipping box.
  • Items in the shipping box get sold overnight for profit.

5. Watch TV

  • Check the TV for weather, fortune, recipes, and tips.
  • Use the information to plan your activities efficiently.

6. Talk To People

  • Build relationships with villagers.
  • May not directly earn money but can lead to beneficial interactions.

7. Bag Upgrade

  • Upgrade your bag to have more inventory space.
  • Carry more items, increasing your potential income.

8. Beach Bridge Repair

  • Repair the beach bridge with 300 wood.
  • Gain access to shells, corals, and sea urchins for daily profit.


To sum it all up, farming, foraging, tapping, conversing, watching TV, fishing, mining, cleaning your farm, and learning about crops are some of the best ways to make money in Stardew Valley. For Winters, fishing, cleaning up the farm, foraging, upgrading tools, filling up your silo, buying heaters, and preparing for the next season are the things that’ll you need to do to make this tough season a profitable one.

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