Stardew Valley Item Codes [2024]

Uncover rare items including unlimited wealth in this ultimate Stardew Valley Item codes guide.

If you’re looking to simplify farm management in Stardew Valley and gain access to unlimited wealth and free items, our Stardew Valley item codes guide has you covered. Stick around till the end to discover how to redeem these codes and elevate your virtual farming adventure to new heights!

Key Takeaways
  • Using Stardew Valley Item codes, you can unlock a world of fabulous freebies!
  • These codes help you gain access to unlimited wealth and free items,
  • A few current active codes are [0] Weeds, [2] Stone, and [16] Wild Horseradish.
  • By using numerical codes within square brackets as your character’s name, you can redeem any item in Stardew Valley directly into your inventory.
  • If your codes aren’t cooperating or you are facing any code-related glitches, dive into our Ultimate Code Guide for all the necessary solutions!

All Item Codes

Following is the comprehensive list of all the active item codes.

Item Spawn CodeItem
[16]Wild Horseradish
[71]Trimmed Lucky Purple Shorts
[74]Prismatic Shard
[78]Cave Carrot
[79]Secret Note
[82]Fire Quartz
[84]Frozen Tear
[86]Earth Crystal
[90]Cactus Fruit
[94]Spirit Torch
[96]Dwarf Scroll I
[97]Dwarf Scroll II
[98]Dwarf Scroll III
[99]Dwarf Scroll IV
[100]Chipped Amphora
[102]Lost Book
[103]Ancient Doll
[104]Elvish Jewelry
[105]Chewing Stick
[106]Ornamental Fan
[107]Dinosaur Egg
[108]Rare Disc
[109]Ancient Sword
[110]Rusty Spoon
[111]Rusty Spur
[112]Rusty Cog
[113]Chicken Statue
[114]Ancient Seed
[115]Prehistoric Tool
[116]Dried Starfish
[118]Glass Shards
[119]Bone Flute
[120]Prehistoric Handaxe
[121]Dwarvish Helm
[122]Dwarf Gadget
[123]Ancient Drum
[124]Golden Mask
[125]Golden Relic
[126]Strange Doll
127Strange Doll
[136]Largemouth Bass
[137]Smallmouth Bass
[138]Rainbow Trout
[146]Red Mullet
[150]Red Snapper
[153]Green Algae
[154]Sea Cucumber
[155]Super Cucumber
[157]White Algae
[161]Ice Pip
[162]Lava Eel
[165]Scorpion Carp
[166]Treasure Chest
[167]Joja Cola
[170]Broken Glasses
[171]Broken CD
[172]Soggy Newspaper
[174]Large Egg
[182]Large Egg
[186]Large Milk
[188]Green Bean
[191]Ornate Necklace
[194]Fried Egg
[197]Cheese Cauliflower
[198]Baked Fish
[199]Parsnip Soup
[200]Vegetable Medley
[201]Complete Breakfast
[202]Fried Calamari
[203]Strange Bun
[204]Lucky Lunch
[205]Fried Mushroom
[207]Bean Hotpot
[208]Glazed Yams
[209]Carp Surprise
[212]Salmon Dinner
[213]Fish Taco
[214]Crispy Bass
[215]Pepper Poppers
[218]Tom Kha Soup
[219]Trout Soup
[220]Chocolate Cake
[221]Pink Cake
[222]Rhubarb Pie
[225]Fried Eel
[226]Spicy Eel
[228]Maki Roll
[230]Red Plate
[231]Eggplant Parmesan
[232]Rice Pudding
[233]Ice Cream
[234]Blueberry Tart
[235]Autumn's Bounty
[236]Pumpkin Soup
[237]Super Meal
[238]Cranberry Sauce
[240]Farmer's Lunch
[241]Survival Burger
[242]Dish O' The Sea
[243]Miner's Treat
[244]Roots Platter
[246]Wheat Flour
[251]Tea Sapling
[253]Triple Shot Espresso
[259]Fiddlehead Fern
[260]Hot Pepper
[261]Warp Totem: Desert
[266]Red Cabbage
[271]Unmilled Rice
[273]Rice Shoot
[275]Artifact Trove
[277]Wilted Bouquet
[278]Bok Choy
[279]Magic Rock Candy
[286]Cherry Bomb
[288]Mega Bomb
[293]Brick Floor
[297]Grass Starter
[298]Hardwood Fence
[299]Amaranth Seeds
[301]Grape Starter
[302]Hops Starter
[303]Pale Ale
[305]Void Egg
[307]Duck Mayonnaise
[308]Void Mayonnaise
[310]Maple Seed
[311]Pine Cone
Wood Fence
[323]Stone Fence
[324]Iron Fence
[326]Dwarvish Translation Guide
[328]Wood Floor
[329]Stone Floor
[331]Weathered Floor
[333]Crystal Floor
[334]Copper Bar
[335]Iron Bar
[336]Gold Bar
[337]Iridium Bar
[338]Refined Quartz
[341]Tea Set
[347]Rare Seed
[349]Energy Tonic
[351]Muscle Remedy
[368]Basic Fertilizer
[369]Quality Fertilizer
[370]Basic Retaining Soil
[371]Quality Retaining Soil
[373]Golden Pumpkin
[378]Copper Ore
[380]Iron Ore
[384]Gold Ore
[386]Iridium Ore
[392]Nautilus Shell
[394]Rainbow Shell
[396]Spice Berry
[397]Sea Urchin
[399]Spring Onion
[401]Straw Floor
[402]Sweet Pea
[403]Field Snack
[404]Common Mushroom
[405]Wood Path
[406]Wild Plum
[407]Gravel Path
[409]Crystal Path
[411]Cobblestone Path
[412]Winter Root
[413]Blue Slime Egg
[414]Crystal Fruit
[415]Stepping Stone Path
[416]Snow Yam
[417]Sweet Gem Berry
[420]Red Mushroom
[422]Purple Mushroom
[426]Goat Cheese
[432]Truffle Oil
[433]Coffee Bean
[436]Goat Milk
[437]Red Slime Egg
[438]L. Goat Milk
[439]Purple Slime Egg
[441]Explosive Ammo
[442]Duck Egg
[444]Duck Feather
[446]Aged Roe
[447]Rabbit's Foot
[449]Stone Base
[454]Ancient Fruit
[456]Algae Soup
[457]Pale Broth
[460]Mermaid's Pendant
[461]Decorative Pot
[462]Glass Pane
[463]Drum Block
[464]Flute Block
[466]Deluxe Speed-Gro
[472]Parsnip Seeds
[473]Bean Starter
[474]Cauliflower Seeds
[475]Potato Seeds
[476]Garlic Seeds
[477]Kale Seeds
[478]Rhubarb Seeds
[479]Melon Seeds
[480]Tomato Seeds
[481]Blueberry Seeds
[482]Pepper Seeds
[483]Wheat Seeds
[484]Radish Seeds
[485]Red Cabbage Seeds
[486]Starfruit Seeds
[487]Corn Seeds
[488]Eggplant Seeds
[489]Artichoke Seeds
[490]Pumpkin Seeds
[491]Bok Choy Seeds
[492]Yam Seeds
[493]Cranberry Seeds
[494]Beet Seeds
[495]Spring Seeds
[496]Summer Seeds
[497]Fall Seeds
[498]Winter Seeds
[499]Ancient Seeds
[427]Tulip Bulb
[429]Jazz Seeds
[453]Poppy Seeds
[455]Spangle Seeds
[431]Sunflower Seeds
[425]Fairy Seeds
[516]Small Glow Ring
[517]Glow Ring
[518]Small Magnet Ring
[519]Magnet Ring
[520]Slime Charmer Ring
[521]Warrior Ring
[522]Vampire Ring
[523]Savage Ring
[524]Ring of Yoba
[525]Sturdy Ring
[526]Burglar's Ring
[527]Iridium Band
[528]Jukebox Ring
[529]Amethyst Ring
[530]Topaz Ring
[531]Aquamarine Ring
[532]Jade Ring
[533]Emerald Ring
[534]Ruby Ring
[536]Frozen Geode
[537]Magma Geode
[554]Lemon Stone
[557]Petrified Slime
[558]Thunder Egg
[560]Ocean Stone
[561]Ghost Crystal
[565]Fire Opal
[577]Fairy Stone
[578]Star Shards
[579]Prehistoric Scapula
[580]Prehistoric Tibia
[581]Prehistoric Skull
[582]Skeletal Hand
[583]Prehistoric Rib
[584]Prehistoric Vertebra
[585]Skeletal Tail
[586]Nautilus Fossil
[587]Amphibian Fossil
[588]Palm Fossil
[590]Artifact Spot
[593]Summer Spangle
[595]Fairy Rose
[597]Blue Jazz
[604]Plum Pudding
[605]Artichoke Dip
[606]Stir Fry
[607]Roasted Hazelnuts
[608]Pumpkin Pie
[609]Radish Salad
[610]Fruit Salad
[611]Blackberry Cobbler
[612]Cranberry Candy
[614]Tea Leaves
[621]Quality Sprinkler
[645]Iridium Sprinkler
[649]Fiddlehead Risotto
[651]Poppyseed Muffin
[628]Cherry Sapling
[629]Apricot Sapling
[630]Orange Sapling
[631]Peach Sapling
[632]Pomegranate Sapling
[633]Apple Sapling
[680]Green Slime Egg
[681]Rain Totem
[682]Mutant Carp
[684]Bug Meat
[687]Dressed Spinner
[688]Warp Totem: Farm
[689]Warp Totem: Mountains
[690]Warp Totem: Beach
[691]Barbed Hook
[692]Lead Bobber
[693]Treasure Hunter
[694]Trap Bobber
[695]Cork Bobber
[699]Tiger Trout
[710]Crab Pot
[724]Maple Syrup
[725]Oak Resin
[726]Pine Tar
[730]Lobster Bisque
[728]Fish Stew
[731]Maple Bar
[732]Crab Cakes
[733]Shrimp Cocktail
[745]Strawberry Seeds
[747]Rotten Plant
[748]Rotten Plant
[749]Omni Geode
[767]Bat Wing
768Solar Essence
[769]Void Essence
[770]Mixed Seeds
[772]Oil of Garlic
[773]Life Elixir
[774]Wild Bait
[787]Battery Pack
[788]Lost Axe
[789]Lucky Purple Shorts
[790]Berry Basket
[795]Void Salmon
[798]Midnight Squid
[799]Spook Fish
[801]Wedding Ring
[802]Cactus Seeds
[803]Iridium Milk
[805]Tree Fertilizer
[807]Dinosaur Mayonnaise
[808]Void Ghost Pendant
[809]Movie Ticket
[810]Crabshell Ring
[814]Squid Ink
[815]Tea Leaves
[265]Seafoam Pudding
[269]Midnight Carp
[292]Mahogany Seed
[289]Ostrich Egg
[820]Fossilized Skull
[821]Fossilized Spine
[822]Fossilized Spine
[823]Fossilized Leg
[824]Fossilized Ribs
[825]Snake Skull
[826]Snake Vertebrae
[827]Mummified Bat
[828]Mummified Frog
[830]Taro Root
[831]Taro Tuber
[833]Pineapple Seeds
[835]Mango Sapling
[838]Blue Discus
[839]Thorns Ring
[840]Rustic Plank Floor
[841]Stone Walkway Floor
[842]Journal Scrap
[848]Cinder Shard
[851]Magma Cap
[852]Dragon Tooth
[856]Curiosity Lure
[857]Tiger Slime Egg
[858]Qi Gem
[859]Lucky Ring
[860]Hot Java Ring
[861]Protection Ring
[862]Soul Sapper Ring
[863]Phoenix Ring
[864]War Memento
[865]Gourmet Tomato Salt
[866]Stardew Valley Rose
[867]Advanced TV Remote
[868]Arctic Shard
[869]Wriggling Worm
[870]Pirate's Locket
[872]Fairy Dust
[873]Piña Colada
[874]Bug Steak
[876]Prismatic Jelly
[877]Quality Bobber
[879]Monster Musk
[880]Combined Ring
[881]Bone Fragment
[885]Fiber Seeds
[886]Warp Totem: Island
[887]Immunity Band
[888]Glowstone Ring
[889]Qi Fruit
[890]Qi Bean
[891]Mushroom Tree Seed
[892]Warp Totem: Qi's Arena
[893]Fireworks (Red)
[894]Fireworks (Purple)
[895]Fireworks (Green)
[896]Galaxy Soul
[897]Pierre's Missing Stocklist
[898]Son of Crimsonfish
[899]Ms. Angler
[900]Legend II
[901]Radioactive Carp
[902]Glacierfish Jr.
[903]Ginger Ale
[904]Banana Pudding
[905]Mango Sticky Rice
[907]Tropical Curry
[908]Magic Bait
[909]Radioactive Ore
[910]Radioactive Bar
[911]Horse Flute
[915]Pressure Nozzle
[917]Qi Seasoning
[918]Hyper Speed-Gro
[919]Deluxe Fertilizer
[920]Deluxe Retaining Soil
[921]Squid Ink Ravioli
[925]Slime Crate
[926]Cookout Kit
[927]Camping Stove
[928]Golden Egg

How To Use Item Codes?

How to use item codes
How to use item codes
  1. Every item in Stardew Valley has a numerical code.
  2. By setting up to three of these codes as your character’s name within square brackets, you can add these items to your inventory.
  3. Incorporate up to three numerical codes within square brackets as your character’s name.
  4. The corresponding items magically appear in your inventory whenever your character’s name is mentioned in a dialogue box.

For example, setting your name to [16][107][154] will grant you a Wild Horseradish, Dinosaur Egg, and Sea Cucumber.

With these codes in your arsenal, you can unlock endless possibilities, streamline your farm management, and enhance your gaming experience in the enchanting world of Pelican Town. Happy farming!

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