Guide: How To Get Clay In Stardew Valley

Ultimate and Perfect Guide For Clay in Stardew Valley

Players can craft a few different items for their farm with Stardew Valley Clay, but the game doesn’t mainly guide you on how to get this raw material.

If you’ve been playing the game for a while, then the chances are that you’ll probably have a few pieces of this in your inventory but no idea how it got there. Discovering the solution to this small puzzle is part of the fun, but sometimes you require a helping hand.

So with this Stardew Valley Clay guide, we’ll try and outline a reliable method of getting this material.

Key Takeaways
  • Clay can be used to craft different items that can be useful to your farm in Stardew Valley
  • There is no guaranteed way to obtain Clay, however, there are a few things that you can try out:
    • Digging Dirt: Whenever you dig up dirt you have a chance of getting your hands on Clay.
    • Opening Geodes: Small Mineral Deposits that can be cracked open from the Blacksmiths Shop in order to receive different items. One of the items is Clay.
    • Artifact Spots: These are the spots from which worms are coming out make sure to dig those spots up. By doing so you can sometimes find Clay.
  • Players can craft different types of items using Clay, these include:
    • Bone Mill.
    • Brick Floor.
    • Deluxe Retaining Soil.
    • Fiber Seeds.
    • Garden Pot.
    • Quality Retaining Soil.
    • Silo.

Stardew Valley Clay Guide

Stardew Valley Clay

Most of the items that can be crafted with Stardew Valley Clay are simple and require few other components to make. The catch here is that you’ll probably have to make them in large numbers.

No one is going to craft a single batch of Brick Floors. They’ll probably require dozens of different batches if they intend to decorate their farm.

The following is a list of all items that can be made with Clay, as well as their full ingredients:

  1. Bone Mill: 3x Clay, 10x Bone Fragment and 20x Stone.
  2. Brick Floor (5): 2x Clay and 5x Stone.
  3. Deluxe Retaining Soil: 1x Clay, 5x Stone and 3x Fiber.
  4. Fiber Seeds: 1x Clay, 1x Mixed Seeds and 5x Sap.
  5. Garden Pot: 1x Clay, 10x Stone and 1x Refined Quartz.
  6. Quality Retaining Soil (2): 1x Clay and 3x Stone.
  7. Silo: 10x Clay, 100x Stone and 5x Copper Bar.

With the Stardew Valley Clay recipes out of the way, let’s take a look at how to find the resource.

Each of the following sources has a chance to yield Clay potentially.

Digging Dirt

Stardew Valley Clay
Digging On The Farm.

While working on your farm with the Hoe or trying to find the staircase to the next floor in the Mines, there is a small chance that you will find Clay. In fact, whenever you dig up any dirt in this game, you have a chance to find the material.

You’re likely to find Clay via this method a whole lot, but mostly by accident. And while there is no truly guaranteed source for this material in the entire game, digging up dirt is by far the most reliable. So make sure not to carelessly toss any Stardew Valley Clay from your inventory after a Mine adventure.

Opening Geodes

Stardew Valley Clay
Opening Geodes At The Blacksmith.

Geodes are small mineral deposits that players will find quite often when breaking rocks in the Mines. They have no inherent value by themselves, but they can be cracked open at the Blacksmith shop for 25g. From here it’s a game of chance.

These Geodes can yield a number of different useful resources, but thankfully Stardew Valley Clay is fairly common. The chances are that you’ll be hoping for something a bit more valuable than this simple resource, but Clay is always good to have regardless.

Artifact Spots

Stardew Valley Clay
An Artifact Spot.

While exploring the map of Pelican Town, players will sometimes encounter a few worms wriggling out of the ground. These are called Artifact Spots, and striking them with your hoe has a chance to yield some Artifacts or Lost Books.

There is also a good chance that you’ll get Clay instead. So whenever you come across Artifact Spots in the wild, take the time to dig them up for a reward.

This has been eXputer’s Stardew Valley Clay guide. We hope that it gives you a better idea on how to farm Clay.

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