Stardew Valley: How To Hatch An Ostrich Egg [Easy Steps]

Find out everything there is to know about Ostrich Egg and how to hatch it.

Ostrich Egg was added in Stardew Valley in the 1.5 update, along with many other stuff, such as new enemies, a new dungeon, and more. Ostrich eggs can only be found on Ginger Island, and to hatch them, you require an Ostrich Incubator, which can only be placed in the Deluxe Barn.

Key Takeaways
  • Ostrich Egg can only be found after finding Journal Scrap #10.
  • Ostrich Egg can also be used to create the Warrior Helmet.
  • You also get a Golden Walnut when you acquire the Ostrich Egg.
  • An Ostrich Egg can produce 10 Mayonnaise when put into a Mayonnaise Machine.

How To Get An Ostrich Egg

There are two main ways to obtain the Ostrich egg. The first involves going through the Volcano Mines, where the Ostrich egg is a random drop in the chests. This method can be somewhat unreliable. I will use the second one to obtain the egg, which is much easier.

  1. Ginger Island: Firstly, you need to get Journal Scrap#10, which can be found by digging artifacts spots around the Island or as a random drop by breaking the Mussel Node on the Ginger Island beach.
    Jounal Scrap#10 Stardew Valley
    Jounal Scrap#10 [image by eXputer]
  2. Obtaining the Egg: After obtaining and using Journal Scrap#10, just go to this location and use a Hoe to obtain an Ostrich Egg and a Golden Walnut.
    Ostrich Egg Location Stardew Valley
    Ostrich Egg Location [image by eXputer]

How To Hatch The Ostrich Egg

After obtaining the ostrich egg, the hatching process requires you to obtain the crafting recipe for the Ostrich Incubator.

To get the crafting recipe, complete the fossil collection and surveys at the Ginger Island Field Office. Fossils can be obtained from fishing, panning, killing monsters, breaking fossil nodes, cutting weed, or in artifact spots on Ginger Island.

Once the crafting recipe is obtained, you just need 50 Bone Fragments, 50 Hardwood, and 20 Cinder Shards. With the required material needed to craft the Incubator, place it in your Deluxe Barn and incubate your Ostrich egg. It will take around 9 days and 10 hours for the egg to hatch.

Important: Ostrich Incubator cannot be placed in your Coop; it can only be placed inside a Barn.
Stardew Valley Incubator
Incubator [image by eXputer]
That was my guide on Ostrich eggs in Stardew Valley, and if you’re curious about Stardew Valley, I recommend checking out our review by our expert Moiz.


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