Stardew Valley: Best Professions For Profits

Whether you've picked your professions or you're looking to pick them, Take a look at the best Stardew Valley Professions based on each skill

Choosing professions after reaching level five can become quite a headache. Of course, you’re deciding what you’ll do in the foreseeable future. If chosen wisely, picking a Stardew Valley profession shouldn’t be taken lightly as they play a massive role in your Stardew Valley career.

After reaching levels 5 and 10, you get to decide your profession. Essentially, professions are based on your own like and dislike. If you don’t like a specific profession, then there’s no good in choosing that, even if it’s the better choice.

Key Highlights

Players must choose a Profession, with five options: Farming, Foraging, Mining, Fishing, and Combat. Each offers specializations at Levels 5 and 10.

  • Farming:

    • Rancher (Level 10) -> Coopmaster or Shepherd
    • Tiller (Level 10) -> Artisan or Agriculturist
  • Foraging:

    • Forester (Level 10) -> Lumberjack or Tapper
    • Gatherer (Level 10) -> Botanist or Tracker
  • Mining:

    • Miner (Level 10) -> Blacksmith or Prospector
    • Geologist (Level 10) -> Excavator or Gemologist
  • Fishing:

    • Fisher (Level 10) -> Angler or Pirate
    • Trapper (Level 10) -> Mariner or Luremaster
  • Combat:

    • Fighter (Level 10) -> Brute or Defender
    • Scout (Level 10) -> Acrobat or Desperado


Farming is one of the first things you’ll learn when stepping into the world of Stardew Valley Professions. So, get a hold of it as fast as possible to level up as soon as possible. Here are the two options you get when you reach level five and then level 10. But before we get into more details, make sure you read our Stardew Valley Hardwood farming locations guide.

Have a look at Farming professions
Rancher or Tiller, which one is the best stardew Valley profession


Rancher is the first of the two professions you can choose from in Stardew Valley. In Rancher, you can sell Animal Products for 20 percent of their original price. The downside to this is that raw animal products don’t sell for much, hence doesn’t make you much money.


You can choose the Coopmaster profession after reaching level 10. Coopmaster helps you befriend coop animals two times faster.


Shephard is the second choice you get when you reach level 10. In this, your sheep produces wool at a faster rate increasing productivity.


Tiller is the second profession you can choose after reaching level 10. Tiller profession boosts crops’ prices by 10 percent, including all vegetables, flowers, and fruits (those who have not been foraged). It is highly recommended that you choose Tiller as it will be a wise choice financially.


Artisan is an excellent profession in Stardew Valley that gives more profit than most professions in the game. It makes artisan goods 40 percent more valuable. Selling raw goods would be foolish, so make sure you turn them into Artisan goods to make a decent amount of money. These include wine, cheese, mayonnaise, oil, and many more. Artisan is the best profession to choose if you’ve chosen Tiller on level five.


When you choose the agriculturist Profession, your crops grow ten times faster than normal. Naturally, the Agriculturist profession suits those players in Stardew Valley who prefer to grow more agriculture-related things. On the subject of growing crops, read our Stardew Valley fall crops guide to learn about the best crops for this season in the game. 

Moving on to the Agriculturist profession, you should prioritize picking up this profession if you are inclined to make a profit from all things related to agriculture. On the subject of profit, here are the best summer crops to maximize your profits in Stardew Valley. 

The winner– When you start your Stardew Valley journey, remember that even if you manage to make a large animal farm, it will be more profitable if you turn products into artisan goods. It’s also because they are more available and easier to get a hold of.


Foraging is another thing you’ll learn pretty early on. It is easier to get used to it, so don’t waste time figuring out what to do, instead start leveling up and unlock new recipes. Forester or Gatherer, which profession should you choose in Stardew Valley? Well, we have listed some benefits of Forester and Gatherer, which will help you decide which professions are a better fit for you in the game.


Chop trees, logs, and stumps to get 25 percent more wood. This is the bonus you get if you opt for Forester as your profession. Stardew Valley has wood everywhere, so you won’t have to worry about running out of them. Forester is the better choice and should be opted by players.

Choose your professions in Stardew Valley in Foraging
Forage and find the best profession

Every tree you chop down may drop hardwood when you choose Lumberjack as your profession. Hardwood sells for 15 gold. On the note of selling things and making a profit, here is the list of best spring crops in Stardew Valley to make the most out of season.


Tapper makes every syrup 25 percent more expensive.


As for Gatherer, this isn’t a wrong choice at all. The only thing is that Forester provides you with constant income, while the Gatherer profession takes time but is more profitable than the Forester in the long run.


A botanist may arguably be the most picked profession in the Foraging profession. It is because it makes all foraged items of the highest quality. Imagine how cool it would be if every item became iridium quality after foraging.


Tracker is another useful profession but is overshadowed by Botanist. When you choose this profession, it allows you to find the location of every foraged item.

The Winner– Choosing the winner is tough, but if we were to call one of them superior to the rest, then it would be Botanist. But there is nothing to worry about if you’ve chosen Forester as your profession on level five. Lumberjack is a great profession and something that makes you decent money. Although, if you own a maple syrup operation, then Tapper is the right way to go.


The next skill that we’re going to discuss is the Mining profession, which is one of the most rewarding skilled professions in Stardew Valley. Break rocks and level up: the more you do it, the faster you’ll be presented with the options of choosing between Geologist and Miner as a profession. Make sure to conserve your energy when you’re going for the mining. It takes time, patience, energy and needs dedication from the player. Let’s discuss these professions and what they offer when we reach level 10.

what is the best profession in mining
Best Stardew Valley profession in Mining


The bonus in the Miner profession is that you get +1 ore in every vein. If you’re new to the game, then choosing miner as your profession wouldn’t particularly be a bad idea. At the start, it is understandable that you won’t have much money to work with. The solution to this problem may very well be the miner profession. It doesn’t make you much money, but it makes you quick money. If you’re well-stable and aren’t desperate for money, then it’s all good; otherwise, you can always change your profession as you progress.


Blacksmith allows your metal bars to be sold at a staggering 50 percent more price. The metals include copper, iron, gold, iridium, and radioactive bars.


Prospector is another excellent profession for starters. Choose this and double your chances of finding coal.


Gems sell for an outstanding amount but finding them could become a pain. Opting for a geologist makes it a notch easier for you. Whenever you find a gem, you’ll get it with a pair.


Reaching level 10 presents you with Excavator. If you choose this profession, your chances of finding geodes are doubled.


As for gemologist, every mineral and gem are worth 30 percent more than its original price.

The Winner– The winner for mining is Geologist at level five and a Gemologist at level 10. Gemologists may be a better choice if you’re far in the game. After all, it all depends on your preference and what you enjoy. Choosing a profession that you don’t enjoy is pointless. Excavator and Gemologist are both good, but it depends on what situation you’re in. if you’re looking to complete your museum collection, then excavator is the way to go. If you want to make more money, then Gemologist wins by a mile.


Fishing is one of the skills that come in handy every season. Learning Fishing skills may take some of your time and energy, but the reward is fruitful. Many other skills such as foraging and farming are jeopardized by weather, but fishing continues all year. The more you do it, the better reward you’ll start to get. Make sure to keep your energy levels sufficient.

Fishing shouldn’t be occasional; in fact, every weather brings a new type of fish that may or may not sell for more. Especially when it rains, head out to fish, and you may as well get a fish worth much more than you’ve ever got. You are offered two professions in Stardew Valley when you reach level five. These are fisher and trapper. 

These are the best Stardew Valley professions
Best profession in Stardew Valley in fishing?


The function of a fisher is to catch fish and sell it. The good part is that your fish sell for 25 percent more than a normal civilian.


When you reach level 10, the angler is an upgrade as now, and your fish will sell for 50 percent of its original rate. It is a great profession if you’re particularly skilled at fishing and know its basics.


Whenever you’re out to catch fish such as catfish, Walleye, and more, it doesn’t come as a surprise when a treasure chest spawns near you. Some sell for so much more than you’ve ever anticipated, while the others are dull and aren’t worth much. However, when you choose this profession, your chance of finding a treasure chest doubles in Stardew Valley.


Trapper is the second option you can choose from when you reach level five. In this vocation, the resources required to make a crab pot reduces.


In Mariner, crab pots no longer produce junk. This is a nice thing to have, but there are better choices.


As for luremaster, it is the better choice if you’ve opted for trapper as a profession at level five in Stardew Valley. This saves your bait from being used.

The winner– If we look at all these professions, fisher at level five and pirate at level 10 would definitely be the smarter choice. If you have chosen Trapper, then luremaster should be chosen. Saving your bait could prove to be very beneficial.


Combat is arguably the most ‘Fun’ skill the game has to offer. This is because Stardew Valley and its professions are peaceful and don’t raise your heartbeat. Sometimes, a little bit of combat won’t hurt in all that peace. In order to increase your levels, you’ll need to fight monsters and defeat them. The more you fight and the higher your level increases.

Combat, just like any other profession in Stardew Valley, has two professions to offer at level five. These two are fighter and scout. If you don’t know where to find the monsters, skull caverns and mines are the places to go.

slay monsters and get your favorite profession
Fight monsters and level up


The fighter is a great boost when fighting monsters. It’s because you get +15 HP and all your attacks deal 10 percent more damage.


The first profession you can choose from when you reach level 10 is Brute. Your attacks upgrade, and your attacks deal 15 percent more damage, although HP doesn’t increase.


The second option you’re presented with is the defender. Unlike Brute, this profession does increase your HP by 25. And same goes for dealing with attacks, and they do not get any better in this occupation.


Scout is the second profession that pops on your screen when you reach level five in combat skills. This profession increases critical strike chance by 50 percent.


If you’ve chosen scout, you’ll have to choose between acrobat and desperado, but first, let’s talk about acrobat. Acrobat cuts down the cooldown time of your special moves by half. 


Desperado and acrobat are the same when it comes to increasing HP. Yes, neither of them increases your HP. But what separates desperado from acrobat is that critical strikes are far more dangerous and deadly than acrobat can ever be.

The Winner– The winner by a distance is the fighter at level five and the defender at level 10. This is because HP’s are hard to get, and choosing fighter and defender, you’re getting a 10 and 25 increase in HP, respectively. Your attacks are enough to take down the monster, but it is health that you really need to look after.



Level 5 choice

Level 10 choice

















These are all the best Stardew Valley Professions you can choose from each skill. The list isn’t obsolete, and any changes wouldn’t make a massive difference. Although, starting right would make your Stardew Valley journey very enjoyable. You can always change your profession, so experimenting is also good for experience. If you’ve got a couple of sources of income, then you are welcome to try new things and explore what more the game has to offer.

Updates come every now and then, which sometimes changes the gameplay. So, don’t fret if you’ve chosen the wrong profession. Be patient for now, and try to make as much out of it as possible. After all, professions are based on your preference and can be changed at any time.

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