Stardew Valley: All Hardwood Farming Locations

Bring A Steel Axe.

First of all, it should be noted that Hardwood drops from three main sources in the game. These are Large Logs, Large Stumps and Mahogany Trees. Out of the three of these, Large Logs are the only ones that are limited in number, while the other two can be farmed infinitely.

Secondly, only Mahogany Trees can be chopped down with your basic axe. Large Stumps require the Copper Axe, while Large Logs require the Steel Axe. So before you start farming, we recommend that you at least have the Steel Axe available, which requires a total investment of 7000g, 5 Copper Bars, and 5 Iron Bars.

With that out of the way, let’s look at all of the farming spots available to the players.

All you need to know about Hardwood Farming: 

Farming SpotsDescription
The Farm (Standard Map)Large Stumps and Large Logs scattered among trees and weeds.
Limited in number and do not respawn.
Forest Farm MapTwo clearings in the westernmost
part of the farm contain 8 respawning Large Stumps.
Secret Woods (Cindersap Forest)Accessible after chopping down the Large Log blocking the path (requires Steel Axe).
Contains 6 respawning Large Stumps.
Mahogany TreesIntroduced in Stardew Valley version 1.5.0.
Can be grown using Mahogany Seeds.
Key Takeaways

In Stardew Valley Hardwood is one of the most important things that you can acquire. 

  • It can be used in upgrading your house, building a stable, and much more.
  • There are 3 Main sources from which you can acquire Hardwood which are:
    • Large Logs.
    • Large Stumps.
    • Mahogany Trees.
  • Each of these sources requires different axes in order to cut them. 
  • It’s best to have the Steel Axe before farming hardwood which can be crafted using 7000 Gold, 5 Copper Bars, and 5 Iron Bars.

The Farm

Stardew Valley Hardwood
Large Stumps On The Farm.

When you start a brand new game of Stardew Valley, your farm is in a state of utter disrepair. The Greenhouse is in ruins, there are stones and branches scattered all about, and the area is generally in pretty bad shape. One of your very first tasks will likely include cleaning up some land to plant some crops.

And while you’re cleaning up, you’ll probably notice a bunch of Large Stumps and Large Logs hidden among all of the trees and weeds. These are a good early source of Hardwood, but they do not respond with the Seasons’ change like other debris. Once these are gone, they stay gone.

It should also be mentioned that depending on the type of farm you choose when starting the game, the amount of these will vary slightly. The Riverlands Farm map will not have as many Large Stumps and Large Logs as the Stadard Farm map due to the limited amount of land available.

Forest Farm Map

Stardew Valley Hardwood
Forest Farm Clearings.

Players who choose the Forest Farm map when starting up their game will have a significantly easier time accumulating Hardwood then those who don’t since this map is focused around trees and foliage.

In the westernmost part of this farm, there are two separated clearings containing 8 Large Stumps. The best thing about these is that while all of the other stumps and logs on the farm will never respawn, these will. If you chop them down, they will be back the next morning.

This gives players a really accessible source that generates 16 pieces of Hardwood every single day. So if you’re going to be doing a lot of constructing, chose the Forest Farm map.

Secret Woods

Stardew Valley Hardwood
Secret Woods.

To the south of your farm is a large forest known as Cindersap Forest. And in the most northwestern corner of this region, is a small hidden path blocked by a Large Log. Once you obtain a Steel Axe, you can chop this log down to gain access to the Secret Woods.

Inside you’ll find some Slime monsters, as well as 6 Large Stumps. These stumps respawn every single day, and they are the go-to source for players who are not playing on the Forest Farm map.

This is obviously not as convenient as having stumps growing on your farm every day, but the walk to the Secret Woods is relatively short and manageable.

Mahogany Trees

Stardew Valley Hardwood
Fully Grown Mahogany Tree.

These are new types of trees that were first introduced into the game with Stardew Valley version 1.5.0, but they do not grow on your farm by default. They can only be grown by the player using a Mahogany Seed.

There are a few different sources through which you can get Mahogany Seeds for yourself:

  • Kill Slime monsters in the Secret Woods.
  • Crack open Golden Coconuts.
  • Chop down a Large Stump.
  • Chop down a Large Log.
  • Chop down a fully grown Mahogany tree.
  • Purchase from the Island Trader for 1 Stingray.

All of these methods have a slight chance of dropping a Mahogany Seed; it simply depends on your luck. But once you do have one in your hand, you can plant and replant it’s offsprings to your heart’s content.

This has been our Stardew Valley Hardwood farming guide, showing you all of the best sources of Hardwood in the game.

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