Stardew Valley Best Levels For Copper [Farming, Usage]

There are a total of 120 levels in the mines, and you have to find copper ore. How hard could that be? Well, if you were to ask a beginner what they think about this, they’ll tell you how frustrating finding copper really is. Stardew Valley is an easy world to get lost in. So, it’s fair if your brain starts getting it all mixed up. For someone who’s recently got into the game, finding out that there is more to the already tiring 120 levels in the mines is obscure. These things include constantly looking after energy levels, eating right before heading into the mines, and, most importantly, monsters. Terrifying as monsters may sound, they’re pretty easy to kill and are a great source of income.

Key Highlights
  • In Stardew Valley there are a total of 120 levels in the mines
  • The Best Levels to get your hands on Copper Ore are from 2 to 39 levels.
  • Level 2-39: You are able to come across 3 Copper Rocks every 10 Floors.
  • Level 30-39: These are also known as the "Dark Floors" because of the high danger and risk, you will come across 8 Copper Rocks after every 8 Floors. 
  • Copper can be used for things such as Smelting, Crafting, and Tailoring. 
  • Many Quests also require the use of Copper.

Best Levels for Copper

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Introduction to Stardew Valley

As we were talking about the various problems beginners face due to the complexity of the game above, we didn't mention one thing. Sooner or later, players find how they can obtain copper, but things start getting more intricate when they realize that they’re supposed to figure out the best levels for copper. Yes, that’s tough, but we’ve gathered the best levels for copper in Stardew Valley and everything related to copper. So you won’t have to worry about anything related to copper.

The best levels for copper in Stardew Valley are between levels 2-39. Here you will find three copper rocks every ten floors. You can slim it down further by heading to levels 30-39, where you will find eight copper rocks clumped together every eight floors. Floors 30 to 39 are also known as dark floors as the danger level increases and the risk gets higher. 

Activities To Do Using Copper in Stardew Valley

There are a good amount of activities players can indulge themselves in after acquiring Copper. As they say, Higher Risk-Higher Reward, the more dangerous the situation gets, the more your chances of getting out with better rewards increase. So, if you’re up to the challenge and can afford to be in sticky situations, then levels 30-39 are the levels you should aim for.


A Copper Bar can be created by smelting Copper ore in a Furnace. Five copper and one coal are required to complete this process.

Find out what you can do with copper in Stardew Valley
Smelting, crafting, and many other things to do with copper


Crafting is profitable if done right. Cherry bombs, Furnace, Flute, and Drum can be crafted with Copper.


Use Copper in the spool of the sewing machine to create a dye-able turtleneck sweater. 


Quest such as Forging ahead comes up every now and then that requires copper.

Mistakes To Avoid After Acquiring Copper in Stardew Valley


Copper, at its lowest, is bought for 75g, and the prices only increase from thereon. The problem comes when you find out that if you want to sell copper, it'll only sell for 5g. Nonetheless, you've got to work with it, and the best course of action is to store the copper. The only reason you should sell copper is when you're desperate for money and don't see any other way around it.


Giving back to the people in the community is great and all, but it all comes falling down when you realize that they themselves don't want it. Yes, Copper is one of the only things that NPCs hate. So, it's better to avoid giving them the present they hate.

Tips To Get More Copper in Stardew Valley

We have mentioned pretty much everything that you'll need in your conquest to obtain Copper in Stardew Valley, but some things only come with experience. Players learn these tips as they play the game, but this is an excellent opportunity for newcomers to learn early and start better than others. 


learn your fortune by turning on the TV
Turn on the TV to see what lies ahead.

Luck is an important factor in the game, so keeping an eye on it is important as well. Check your television every night and assess how much luck you normally have and when the right opportunity arrives, go mining. You may find more than what you normally get. Not only for just copper, but luck should be kept in check for other reasons as well. 

Getting Ready

Getting ready before heading out to mine for some copper is absolutely essential. You need to eat the right food, take the right things with you before departing, conserve energy, and check for your luck (as mentioned above). This is significant if you want more success in finding copper and any other thing in the mines.


When you reach level five in your mining skill, you're presented with two professions; Miner and Geologist. We have talked about Best Stardew Valley Professions before, but for this specific instance, Miner is the right profession. Not only do you get double the amount of copper ore when you break the copper node, but you also save plenty of your time that would have been wasted searching for copper.


Now that you've learned everything there is to learn about Copper and its best levels in Stardew Valley, and we would like you to check out some of our other guides related to Stardew Valley. Let us know if we have missed anything above. We would like to know if this guide helped you and, if not, then what we could've done to make it better. Let us know if you want us to write about anything else related to Stardew Valley.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Copper Ore Obtained?

Copper Ore can be obtained by using a Pickaxe on a Copper Node.

Are Mines the only source of Copper in Stardew Valley?

No, Mines are not the only place where you can obtain Copper.

Where can you obtain copper from aside from mines?

You can buy Copper from the traveling cart and the Blacksmith and look for Barrels in the mines for Copper.

What are some of the uses of Copper Ore in Stardew Valley

You can craft Cherry bomb, Furnace, Flute, and Drum with Copper.

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