Stardew Valley Best Armors: Rings & Footwear

This Guide entails the Best Armors in Stardew Valley and how you can find them to make best combinations of defense and offense.

Choosing the best Armor in Stardew Valley is quite a task. Before wearing any protection, you should know the abilities and perks you are getting from it and whether this Armor is the right one to do a specific task or not. Some of these activities are simple, while others are a bit dangerous where you need more protection. For that purpose, Stardew Valley offers different types of armor to equip that save them from danger and increase their defense mechanism.

With so many variations and plenty of options in the armors of Stardew Valley, players often get confused to selecting the most suitable protection for them. So, stick with the article as you will get thorough knowledge of the best armor types in the game along with their stats and abilities that will help you select the most suitable armor fitting best for you.

Here’s a brief look at the comparison between the Best Footwear and Rings in Stardew Valley:

AromrTypeDefenseImmunitySelling Price (g)
Mermaid BootsFootwear5.08.0650.0
Cinderclown ShoesFootwear6.05.0550.0
Dark BootsFootwear4.02.0300.0
Dragon Scale BootsFootwear7.0-350.0
Space BootsFootwear4.04.0400.0
Emily's Magic BootsFootwear4.04.0400.0
Tundra BootsFootwear2.01.0150.0
Rubber BootsFootwear1.050.0
Leather BootsFootwear1.01.050.0
Iridium BandRings--1000.0
Crabshell RingRings5.0-1000.0
Vampire RingRings--750.0

Best Footwear Armors in Stardew Valley

Footwear is a clothing item in Stardew Valley that gives you Defense and Immunity. The game rewards with several footwear armor pieces as you progress through the game you build a collection of them but choosing the right ones is the primary purpose. You can change or equip your boots by opening the inventory and clicking the boots slot on the left side.

You can also sell extra or unnecessary footwear in the Adventurer’s Guild and get some gold in return. Here, we will tell you about the best footwear Armor in Stardew Valley to know which ones are helpful and which ones you should discard to get gold in exchange.

Mermaid Boots

Mermaid Boots is the most flawless footwear in Stardew Valley. They have the highest immunity with impressive defense capabilities among all boots. Mermaid Boots have a shiny touch and give a royal look when equipped. The game says that these boots are powered by Mermaids, which provides them a special aura and exceptional features. When equipped with Mermaid Boots, the damage received from enemies is significantly nerfed.

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Best Boots in Stardew Valley
Mermaid Boots Stats

Armor Stats:

  • Grants +5 Defense
  • Grants +8 Immunity

How to get the Mermaid Boots:

Mermaid Boots is a special item and is rare to find. You have to make some effort in order to get it, but the struggle is worth it. You can get these Boots by gaining access to Ginger Island, but the convenient way of finding Mermaid Boots is by breaking metal chests in the Volcano Dungeon and getting them as a reward.

Purchase/Sell Price of Mermaid Boots

  • Mermaid Boots are not available for purchase. You can get them through the mentioned steps only.
  • These Boots have a selling price of 650g.

Cinderclown Shoes

Cinderclown Shoes is a unique armor in Stardew Valley as you cannot buy them with regular in-game currency. These boots have unique stats and are only available in the Dwarf’s Shop located in Volcano Dungeon. These boots can only be purchased by Cindershards, obtained by mining in the dungeon.

Armor Stats:

  • Grants +6 Defence.
  • Grants +5 Immunity.

How to get the Cinderclown Boots:

Once you know the Dwarfish language by getting the Dwarven Translation Guide from Gunther, you can trade with this little guy to get the Cinderclown Shoes.

Purchase/Sell Price of Cinderclown Boots

  • Cinderclown Boots are available for purchase with 100 Cinder Shards.
  • They have a selling price of 550g.

Dark Boots

Dark Boots are built with thick black leather that makes them quite durable. They are a more agile and tougher version of Combat Boots and give you impressive defense points along with suitable immunity. Dark Boots significantly decrease the damaging effect of enemies and protect you from heavy attacks.

Best Boots in Stardew Valley
Dark Boots Stats

Armor Stats:

  • Grants +4 Defense 
  • Grants +2 Immunity

How to get the Dark Boots:

Dark Boots are a rare find in Stardew Valley. Once you cross level 80 in the mines, these boots are available for purchase in the Adventurer’s Guild. They can also be randomly found while fishing in Stardew Valley or by destroying boxes in the skull cavern.

Purchase/Sell Price of Dark Boots

  • Dark Boots have a purchase price of 2500g in the Adventurer’s Guild
  • They have a selling price of 300g 

Dragon Scale Boots


Defense Boots
Dragon Scale Boots Stats

Armor Stats:

  • Grants +7 defense

How to get the Dragon scale Boots:

Dragon Scale Boots are one of the armor types in Stardew Valley that are not available for purchase. You can find them in chests in the mines and dungeons. Another way of obtaining these boots is by using the resources to fix the boat and sail to Ginger Island.

Purchase/Sell Price of Dragon Scale Boots

  • Dragon Scale Boots are not available for purchase
  • They have a selling price of 350g

Space Boots

The most expensive footwear, aka Space Boots, is the favorite footwear Armor for many players in Stardew Valley. These Boots offer high defense and immunity attributes along with a pretty stylish appearance. Space Boots are expensive for a reason, as they provide overall balanced features in terms of Defence and Immunity, which makes them a perfect fit for many tasks. These Boots are great for mining as well as fighting off sturdy monsters because of their debuffing enemy attack ability.

Best Boots in Stardew Valley
Space Boots Stats

Armor Stats:

  • Grants +4 Defense 
  • Grants +4 Immunity 

How to get Space Boots:

Once you clear 110 levels of the Mines, Space Boots get unlocked and are available for purchase in the Adventurer’s Guild. You can also get a pair as a reward in the chests after clearing the 110th level of mines.

Purchase/Sell Price of Space Boots

  • Space Boots has a purchase price of 5000g, which is the highest among footwear armor of Stardew Valley.
  • They have a selling price of 400g

Emily’s Magic Boots

Emily’s Magic Boots are made out of love with the magic of sweet Emily. These boots offer the same stats as Space Boots, but the exciting thing about Emily’s Boots is that you don’t need to spend loads of gold in order to get them; rather, you receive them as an in-game reward.

Armor Stats:

  • Grants +4 Defense 
  • Grants +4 Immunity

How to get Emily’s Magic Boots: 

Emily’s Magic Boots are gifted out of affection once you marry Emily and attain 14 hearts with her. Along with the boots, you will also receive Emily’s Magic Shirt, Emily’s Magic Hat, and blue Genie Pants in the 14-heart event. All of these items make a great combination and an effective armor.

 Purchase/Sell Price of Emily’s Magic Boots

  • You cannot purchase this Armor from any shop in Stardew Valley but can only receive it as a present.
  • You can sell these Boots for 400g, but it is recommended to save up this precious item.

Tundra Boots

Tundra Boots is a balanced armor that offers adequate stats and is much cheaper in value. These boots are pretty effective in blocking enemy attacks and lowering the damage up to two points. Tundra Boots give your character a classy look and are pretty effective when exploring dangerous mines.

Best Boots in Stardew Valley
Tundra Boots Stats

Armor Stats:

  • Grants +2 Defense 
  • Grants +1 Immunity 

How to get Tundra Boots:  

You receive Tundra Boots from the chest once you reach the 50th level in the mines. If you are lucky, you can also get them from the fish treasure chests. Other than that, they are also available for purchase in the Adventurer’s Guild.

Purchase/Sell Price of Tundra Boots: 

  • You can buy Tundra Boots in the Adventurer’s Guild for 750g
  • They have a selling 150g


Sneakers are a common armor type in Stardew Valley. Aside from expensive armor, these boots are not so hard to get hands-on as they are available in the Mines of Pelican Town. Although Sneakers offer fewer perks, it is still better to wear something when exploring dangerous mine areas, they look good and match any outfit. When you are low on budget but still want some protection. Then Sneakers will help you in that situation. 

Common Boots
Sneakers Stats

Armor Stats :

  • Grants +1 Defence points

How to get Sneakers:

Sneakers are the most accessible Armor to achieve in Stardew Valley, as there are several ways to get them. 

  • You can receive Sneakers by killing the monsters of mine (level 1-40)
  • It is purchasable from the Adventurer’s guild for 500g
  • You can get them as a reward from treasure chests while fishing
  • There is a chance of getting Sneakers by breaking barrels and crates in mines

Sell/Purchase price of Sneakers:

  • Sneakers have a purchase price of 500g
  • They have a selling price of 50g

Rubber Boots

Rubber Boots is another affordable choice if you do not want to spend heavy gold on expensive footwear. They are just as protective as sneakers but look more stylish and grant Immunity instead of Defense. Finding Rubber Boots is pretty easy as well, and equipping them will increase your immunity. 

Armor Stats:

  • Grants+1 immunity to the player.

How to get Rubber Boots:

  • Rubber Boots can be found in the 1-40 mines where they are dropped from special green slime 
  • They can also be obtained by breaking boxes and crates in the mines
  • You can get them as a reward from fishing treasure chests as well

Sell/Purchase price of Rubber Boots:

  • Rubber Boots are not available for purchase in the shop.
  •  They have a selling price of 50g

Leather Boots

A better option than sneakers but at the same price! Leather boots are another affordable armor to wear when exploring the adventurous world of Stardew Valley. They give a boost to your immunity as well as your defense points.

Best Boots in Stardew Valley
Leather Boots Stats

 Armor Stats: 

  • Grants +1 Defense Points 
  • Grants+1 immunity

How to get Leather Boots: 

When you reach level 10 of the mines, you will receive a chest in which you can find Leather Boots. You can also purchase them from Adventurer’s Guild for 500g (after reaching level 10 in mines). Leather Boots be obtained through fishing treasure chests.

Purchase/Sell price of Leather Boots:

  • Leather Boots have a purchase price of 500g
  • They have a selling price of 50g 

Best Rings in Stardew Valley

Rings are unique Armor of Stardew Valley that comes with impressive abilities, and each one performs a different role. They are a bit more expensive than footwear, but the capabilities are way more. You can either use Rings to defend yourself against enemy attacks or use their abilities to cast some magic upon them.

Some rings have way more powers and can allow us to do specific tasks that can only be performed while they are equipped. So, let’s get to know about the best Rings in Stardew Valley that you must collect.

Iridium Band

Iridium Band is the favorite Armor for many players in Stardew Valley due to its impressive stats and abilities. This powerful Ring offers multiple features and makes a great combo with Space Boots. Iridium Band increases your attack damage by 10 percent. Other than that, it also has features of Glow Ring and Magnet Ring.

Best Rings in Stardew Valley
Iridium Band Stats

Armor Stats

  • Cast a glowing circle around player up to ten tiles radius
  • Attracts items up to two tiles radius
  • Increases attack power by ten percent

How to get Iridium Band

Iridium Band is a hybrid of three rings combined together. Once you reach Combat level 9, you can craft this Armor through 5 Iridium Bars, 50 Solar Essence, and 50 Void Essence.

Purchase/Sell price of Iridium Band

  • Iridium Band is an exclusive craftable armor of Stardew Valley and is not available for purchase.
  • You can sell this Ring in the Adventurer’s Guild for 1000g

CrabShell Ring

Crabshell Ring is a defensive ring with impressive abilities. This Ring is most beneficial when fighting off enemies and big monsters of Stardew Valley as it grants significant Defense points to debuff the enemy’s attacks. Along with its confident defense mechanism, CrabShell Ring can also be used for dyeing in Emily’s house as it serves as an orange dye as well.

Armor Stats

  • Grants +5 Defense

How to get CrabShell Ring

One way to achieve Crabshell Ring is to complete the Monster Eradication Goal by killing 60 Rock Crabs. Once you complete the task, this Ring is available to redeem as a reward in the Adventurer’s Guild. You can also purchase it with gold in the shop. 

Purchase/Sell price of CrabShell Ring:

  • Crabshell Ring is available for purchase for 15000g
  • You can sell this Ring for 1000g

Vampire Ring

A fabulous Ring that grants you power every time you eradicate a monster. This Ring has offensive abilities and gives you perks for killing your enemies as it increases your health by two points on killing a monster. Vampire Ring is a special armor that is not craftable, but you can either purchase it or receive it as a reward. 

Offensive Ring
Vampire Ring Stats

Armor Stats

  • Restores health by two points after eliminating a monster.

How to get Vampire Ring

A vampire ring can be obtained from the Adventurer’s Guild after successfully completing the task of killing 200 bats.

Purchase/Sell price of Vampire Ring

  • Vampire Ring is not available for purchase in the Adventurer’s Guild, but you can buy it from Marlon for 15000g.
  • This Ring has a selling price of 750g.

Warrior Ring

Warrior Ring is a monster slayer and makes a great combo when you go on offensive mode. This Ring grants the character an impressive warrior buff that increases the player’s attack by 10 percent. Make sure to use this Armor when you have to face serious monsters in Stardew Valley.

Best Rings in Stardew Valley
Warrior Ring Stats

Armor Stats

  • Grants rand Warrior Buff when slaying a monster

How to get Warrior Ring

Once you upgrade to Combat Level four, the recipe of Warrior Ring gets available from where you can craft it. The recipe for this Armor needs 10 Iron Bars, 25 Coal, and10 Frozen Tear. 

Purchase/Sell price of Warrior Ring

Warrior Ring is not available for purchase in the shop. You can only craft this Armor.

This Ring has a selling price of 750g.

Slime Charmer Ring

Slime Charmer Ring is a beast against tiny monsters located in the woods and mines. As the name suggests, this Ring prevents damage from slimes and debuff their attacks. Slime Charmer Ring can also be used for dyeing in Emily’s house as it gives a green dye when brewing in dyeing pots.

Armor Stats

  • Provides protection against slime attacks and debuff slime effects.

How to get the Slime Charmer Ring: 

Slime Charmer Ring is available for purchase in the Adventurer’s Guild. However, if you are low on gold, you can complete the task of killing 1000 slimes and get this Ring as a reward at Adventurer’s Guild.

Purchase/Sell price of Slime Charmer Ring:

  • Slime Charmer Ring has a purchase price of 2500g in the Adventurer’s Guild
  • This Ring has a selling price of 350g

Ring of Yoba

The Ring of Yoba has some fantastic stats among rings of Stardew Valley. It is a craftable armor that you can unlock once you reach combat level 7. This specialty of Yoba Ring is that it offers random buffs when the player’s health is low, proving quite valuable for life-threatening situations. The buff grants immunity to any damage for the next five seconds, and the chances of activation significantly increase when the player is in deficient health. 

Armor Stats

  • Provides random buff and shields from enemy attacks when player’s health is low

How to get the Ring of Yoba

 Ring of Yoba is a craftable armor. All you need is five gold bars, five iron bars, and one diamond to yield it.

Purchase/Sell price of Ring of Yoba:

  • Ring of Yoba is not available for purchase, and you can only craft this item.
  • It has a selling price of 750g

Topaz Ring

If we put the legendary Rings of Stardew Valley aside, we also get some rare and common Rings that have pretty decent stats with minimal cost. Topaz Ring is an excellent armor for increasing the accuracy of the weapon you are carrying. This Ring is cheaper than other heavy armors of Stardew Valley and is available in the Adventurer’s Guild.

Best Rings in Stardew Valley
Topaz Ring

Armor Stats

  • Increases Weapon Accuracy by 10 percent

How to get Topaz Ring

Topaz Ring is a great choice if you are low on gold as it is available in the Adventurer’s Guild once you complete the Initiation quest. You can also find this Ring Randomly in treasures while fishing.

Purchase/Sell Price of Topaz Ring

  • Topaz Ring can be purchased from the Adventurer’s guild for 1000g
  • It has a selling price of 100g

Sturdy Ring

Sturdy Ring is a basic armor that is available at Combat Level one. This Ring has pretty decent stats concerning its level, as it significantly reduces the duration of negative buffs such as Jinxed, Tipsy, and Slimed. Sturdy Rings also serves as a blue dye in the dye pots located in the house of Haley and Emily.

Defense Ring
Sturdy Ring Stats

Armor Stats

  • Reduces the negative buff duration by half.

How to get Sturdy Ring

You can easily craft the Sturdy Ring by combining two Copper Bars, two Bug Meat, and twenty-five Slimes.

Purchase/Sell price of Sturdy Ring

  • Sturdy Ring cannot be purchased in the Adventurer’s Guild and can only be crafted.
  • You can sell this Ring and get 750g in return.
  • Hot Java Ring

If you are saving up on Coffee or Triple Shot Espresso, then Hot Java Ring is the best item to equip as this Armor significantly increases the chances of obtaining Coffee Drinks every time you beat a monster. These drinks provide speed buff to the character and have a pretty reasonable sell price as well. 

How to get Hot Java Ring

Hot Java Ring cannot be crafted or purchased. You can only find this Ring in the deep mines of Stardew Valley, where it is placed randomly in treasure boxes.

Best Rings in Stardew Valley
Hot Java Ring Stats

Purchase/Sell price of Hot Java Ring

Hot Java Ring is not available for purchase

You can sell this Ring for 100g

Glow Ring

Glow Ring is an easy-to-get Armor with pretty decent stats. This Ring is quite useful when you are low on gold or don’t have any other armor in your inventory. Glow Ring and Small Glow Ring have almost the same features, and both can be found by eradicating tiny slimes in the mines or forests.

The small glow ring can cast a circle of light around the character, whereas Glow Ring doubles this radius. This Armor is useful when you are exploring the dark and shady areas in the mines.

Ring for the dark mines
Glow Ring Stats

Armor Stats

  • Emits a circle of light up to 10 tiles.

How to get Glow Ring

You can get the Glow Ring by killing the Slimes once you reach level 40. You can also receive it by randomly destroying the barrels and boxes lying in the mines.

Purchase/Sell price of Glow Ring

Glow Ring is neither crafted nor purchased, but it can only be found or received as a reward.

This Ring has a low sell value and can be sold for 100g. 

Final Verdict

That concludes about the best armors in Stardew Valley. You can try them out and make different Boots and Rings combinations to wield their abilities. Each Armor grants a specific perk that is beneficial in certain situations. So, make sure to collect them all and use them accordingly.


What type of armors do Stardew Valley have?

The Boots and Rings are not only for fashion, but they are considered as Armors in Stardew Valley that grant different perks to the player.

Which is the best Armor Stardew Valley?

Each Armor of Stardew Valley has different capabilities, so they are used according to the task you perform and the abilities you need the most.

Can you equip Boots and Ring simultaneously in Stardew Valley?

Yes, Boots and Rings are different armor types, and they can be equipped together. In fact, they are combined together to make a deadly combo of defense and offense.

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