Stardew Valley Best Summer Crops to Maximize Profit

Ranking all Stardew Valley Summer Crops, and the best ones to grow!

Once you pass through your first season in Stardew Valley, you will be greeted by the summer season. Here the grass is green, and butterflies can be seen flying across the screen. By this point, most players will be familiar with the ins and outs of the game, especially the farming system. Hopefully, you’ve upgraded your tools and still have money left over to spend on buying seeds to farm and earn big in summer.

Your spring crops have probably died by now, but don’t fret. New summer crops can now be planted, and our guide to Stardew Valley best summer crops lays it out all for you as simply as possible.

This guide will help you identify summer crops In Stardew Valley, and you’ll surely have a lot of gold saved up by now. Pretty soon, you’ll be raking in profit every day this summer season too.

Key Highlights
  • Before the Summer season begins in Stardew Valley, players should familiarize themselves with what Crops are worth going for.
  • There are a total of 6 Best Summer Crops that can provide you with the best profit.
    • Blueberries: This Crop can be bought from Pierre for an amount of 80 Gold and each blueberry can be sold for 50 Gold. Each harvest returns 3 Blueberries. On top of that it can be Harvested Multiple Times.
    • Starfruit: Can be bought from a Merchant in the Desert, costing 400 Gold which can, later on, be sold for 750 Gold.
    • Hops: They are used in the Wild Medicine Bundle. Can be grown from Hop Starters which costs 60 Gold and sold for 25 Gold but can be Harvested Multiple Times.
    • Apart from the above-mentioned crops Red Cabbage, Melon, and Coffee are the rest of the Summer Crops that players can go for.

Stardew Valley Best Summer Crops

Stardew Valley best summer crop
Summer Season

Most of these can be bought from Pierre’s shop. Other can be found at the travelling merchant or various other places you’ll come across as you play through the game. Most of the best crops are easily accessible and can earn you big profit over the season.

It would be best to complete community bundles and increase favorability sooner rather than later. We’ve also taken into account community bundles and the favorite crops of various villagers to give you a comprehensive guide.

6. Hops

This is a vegetable crop that grows from a Hops starter which can be bought for 60 gold. It takes 11 days to fully grow which might seem like a long time. However, Hops can be harvested every day after that. This makes Hops a great multi harvest crop. Hops themselves can’t be sold for a lot, only earning 25 gold.

Hops are used in a recipe to make Pale Ale, which is loved by Pam. Otherwise, Pale ale can be sold for 420 gold which is a decent amount of money too. Hops are used in the Wild Medicine Bundle.

5. Red Cabbage

Red cabbage is a vegetable crop that takes 9 days to fully grow. It can be bought from Pierre’s store for 100 gold and can be sold for the great price of 260 gold, earning you really good profit. The crop can be harvested 3 times during the summer and can help deepen your pockets.

Unfortunately, Pierre does not sell red cabbage seeds before the second year. Your only hope is that the wandering merchant (travelling cart) sells one during your first year in the game and you have enough gold to afford the seeds at that time. This crop is used to complete the dye bundle which makes it a really important crop.

The vegetable crop is also an ingredient needed in many recipes to make food, including the Coleslaw, Fish taco which is loved by both Caroline and Gus, and the Red Plate which is loved by Emily.

4. Melon

Stardew Valley best summer crop
Melon Seeds

A fruit crop, Melon can be easily bought from Pierre’s shop. It can be bought for 80 gold and takes 12 days to fully grow. After being harvested it can be sold for 250 gold each. What makes melon special is that it is one of only 3 crops that has the potential of producing a giant crop.

Melon is the favorite gift of gift of Penny and is loved by her. Furthermore, Melon is used in two recipes. It can be used to make Fruit Salad, which is loved by Haley. It can also be used to make Pink Cake which is loved by a multitude of characters including Haley, Vincent, Jas and Marnie. Melons are also part of the summer crops bundle. These many uses of melon have landed it on our list of Stardew Valley best summer crops.

3. Coffee

Coffee beans are a wonderous crop and rank highly as summer crops. What makes them great is that they can be planted and grown in both spring and summer.  Coffee beans grow and mature ten days after being planted.

Coffee beans are incredible since they give at least 4 beans of harvest every 2 days and there is chance of obtaining more too. Planting these through spring and summer can give you continuous harvests through both seasons. If planted early, they have even better profit value than starfruit in the long run.

Stardew Valley best summer crop
Coffee Bean

Unfortunately, there are only two ways to get the crop. You can buy it from the travelling merchant depending on your luck. However, they are sold for an astronomical value of 1500 gold. A normal player probably won’t be able to afford it at the beginning.

The other way you can get coffee beans is by killing Dust Sprites, which can be found at specific regions. The drop rates for coffee beans are low. However, when you harvest 4 seeds each time, you can quickly plant an entire field of coffee.

You can put coffee beans in a keg to get coffee, which increases movement speed for a while. Otherwise, coffee beans can be sold for a neat profit too.

2. Starfruit

Stardew Valley best summer crop
Starfruit Seeds

This crop is probably the most profitable that you can plant in the summer. It is one of the most profitable crops in the game. Starfruit takes a really long time of 13 days to fully grow. However, this turns out to be worth the wait since it easily sells for 750 gold at its base selling price.

However, the crop can only be bought from the merchant in the desert, and it will take a normal player a fair amount of time to earn access to the desert. Also, Starfruit seeds have a really high cost of 400 gold. If you don’t have a lot of money, you won’t be able to maximize your gains. All of these reasons don’t make the crop really beginner friendly, which bumps down the crop’s ranking somewhat.

However, starfruit also has other characteristics. Starfruit is required to build the Junimo Hut, something that you’d like to build later on.  You can also turn the Starfruit into jelly or wine. Doing this will more than double the value of the crop and you’ll have an extreme return on your investment.

1. Blueberries

Stardew Valley best summer crop
Blueberry Crops

Blueberry is the best all-rounder crop for the summer season and top our list of summer crops In Stardew Valley. They are better than coffee beans and starfruit in terms of ease of availability. Blueberry can be easily bought from Pierre. It can be bought for the low price of 80 gold and a single blueberry can be sold for 50 gold.

Considering that each harvest of a blueberry crop yields at least 3 blueberries, you can earn 150 gold from every harvest. Blueberries take 13 days to mature and become harvest ready, the same as starfruit. However, the best thing about blueberry crops is that this fruit crop is a multiple harvest crop. This means that it does not have to be replanted after each harvest.

Additionally, blueberry jelly or blueberry wine can be made if you have the right tools available, both of which can be sold for even more. Additionally, blueberry is required for the summer crops bundle and can be used as an option for a few other bundles too.

Blueberry is also needed to make blueberry tarts, which are one of Linus’s favorite gifts. Otherwise, they can be sued to make fruit salad which is loved by Haley. This was our Summer Crop guide, for more check out our Stardew Valley Guide section.

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