Stardew Valley: Mushrooms Or Bats? Finding Your Perfect Fit

Discover the impact of Mushrooms and Bats on your farm, and make an informative decision on which one best suits your agricultural needs.

Every player in Stardew Valley can unlock Mushrooms or Bats on their farm in Stardew Valley. However, this cave is only unlocked after they earn 25,000gin total earnings, prompting Demetrius to visit your farm and give you a choice between Mushrooms or Bats.

Key Takeaways
  • The Cave can only be unlocked after earning 25,000 Gold in Stardew Valley.
  • Mushroom Cave provides different mushrooms to brew elixirs.
  • Bat Cave, or The Fruit Bat Cave, has a chance to drop fruits daily.
  • The Cave is located near the northern edge of The Farm.

How To Access The Cave

Mushrooms or Bats Stardew Valley
Mushrooms or Bats [image by eXputer]
  1. Collecting Gold: First, you have to earn 25,000 gold in-game.
  2. Demetrius Visit: Then Demetrius will visit your farm the next day and ask you to choose between the Fruit Bat Cave or Mushroom Cave.
  3. Access: After selecting between the two, you can access the cave at your farm’s northern edge.
Stardew Valley Location of Cave
Location of Cave [image by eXputer]

Mushroom Cave

Stardew Valley Mushroom Cave
Mushroom Cave [image by eXputer]
Mushroom Cave produces six mushrooms daily, some selling for a really high value, such as red mushrooms in the early game or purple mushrooms in general. In comparison to Bats, Mushrooms are better moneymakers and bereft of the need to fulfill community center bundles in Stardew Valley.

  • Mushrooms are a good source of income, especially high-quality ones.
  • Certain mushrooms, particularly iridium-quality, help restore health.
  • Mushrooms are the main ingredient for crafting life elixirs.
  • Different mushrooms have different drop rates.
  • Mushroom Cave does not give you foraging exp.
  • Botanist Profession has no effect on the quality of Mushrooms.

Below is a table for each mushroom, based on its chance of appearing.

Common Mushroom69.8 %
Red Mushroom12.3 %
Purple Mushroom2.5 %

Fruit Bat Cave

Stardew Valley Fruit Bat Cave
Fruit Bat Cave [Image by me
The Fruit Bat Cave, while unreliable, is one of the most effective and fastest ways on average to complete the difficult Community Center Bundles such as the Artisan Bundle if on standard community center bundles. The fruit generated there isn’t very useful for making money on its own.

  • It’s really useful for doing the Artisan Bundle early.
  • The Botanist Profession affects the quality of Fruits.
  • Fruit Bat Cave gives foraging exp.
  • Fruits make an excellent gift for villagers.
  • You usually get one or two fruit drops per day.
  • Luck has an effect on Fruit Bat Cave.

Below is a table for each fruit with their chance of appearing.

Apple 2%
Orange 3.6%
Spice Berry20%
Wild Plum20%

This will end my guide on Mushrooms or Bats in Stardew Valley. While Fruit Bat Cave can be useful for completing the Community Center Bundles, the Mushroom Cave is useful in the long run. You would need those mushrooms or elixirs for the mines or Lava Caverns.

Lastly, if you’re curious about Stardew Valley, I recommend checking out our Stardrew Valley review by our expert Moiz. Finally, if you have any questions about the game, please let me know in the comments below!

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