Tekken 8: Feng Wei Combos [Samples & Personal Favorites]

Feng Wei is a difficult to learn character and his high damage dealing combos also require perfect execution.

Feng Wei can be easily considered one of the best characters in Tekken 8 but he’s definitely not beginner-friendly as his combos can only be executed with precision. However, he boasts a strong set of attacks and excels in all types of attacks including highs, mids, and lows.

Key Takeaways
  • Feng Wei is a returning character in Tekken 8 and was quite strong in Tekken 7.
  • He is a hard character to learn but veteran Tekken 7 players will have an easier time with him.
  • In addition to being hard, his combos are really rewarding, especially the ones that utilize counter hits.
  • According to the current meta, Feng is one of the strongest characters to main in Tekken 8.
  • Author’s Note: I have around 20 hours in Tekken 8 currently with a lot of experience with most of the roster, so you can put your faith in my information.

All Sample Combos For Feng

tekken 8 feng combos
The List of Sample Combos For Feng Wei In Tekken 8 (Image Captured by Us)

Here is a list of all the sample combos that are available for Feng and their inputs;

Heatdf 2> Activate Heat> 2+3401/5
On Hituf 4> f 3,4> f 212421/5
On Hituf 4> f 4,2> 3,1+2532/5
On Hitdf 3> f 3,4> b 1+2471/5
On Hitdf 3> b 3> 2> df 4,2,1+2532/5
On Hit (While Rising)While Rising 3> f 3,4> df 4,2,1+2431/5
On Hit (While Rising)While Rising 3> df 4,3 3,1+2623/5
Combo On Hit (During SidestepDuring Sidestep ( u or b + neutral) 4> b 3> 2> df 4,2,1+2522/5
Combo On Hit (During SidestepDuring Sidestep ( u or b + neutral) 4> ff 4,3> 1> b 3> b 1+2573/5
Combos That Use Heat DashDuring Heat ff 2> f 3,4> 3,1+2432/5
Combos That Use Heat Dashuf 4> 3,3> during Heat b 1+2 f> df 4,2,1+2> 3,1+2604/5
Important: In the table above, u,d,f, and b translate to up, down, forward, and back respectively. Additionally, 1,2,3, and 4 translate to square, triangle, cross, and circle on the PlayStation controller.

My Personal Favorite Combos

tekken 8 feng combos
Feng Wei On The Character Select Screen of Tekken 8 (Image Captured by eXputer)
  • My favorite High Damage Combo: (On Counter Hit) qcf 1> b 3> df 4,2,1+2> ff> df 4,2,1+2> ff> 3,3,Delay,4

This combo deals extremely high damage, around 90+, but it is extremely hard to pull off in battle unless you learn every input precisely. The combo works on counter-hit only and does not utilize heat or rage to deal high damage. Personally, it is only the first quarter circle input that you’ll need to perfect as everything after that is quite simple.

Tekken 8 has one of the biggest base rosters of this generation compared to fighting games. There are new and returning characters like Yoshimitsu and King. There are a plethora of modes to play as well, which are distributed among the online and offline modes. 

This concludes my guide on the sample combos available for Feng Wei in Tekken 8. I have listed all of the sample combos with their inputs and have also included my favorite combo that I like to use with the character. Let me know if you’re enjoying playing Tekken 8 as a Feng main in the comments below!


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