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Decoding Anime Warriors Adventures Made Easier!

While you might still not be over the Blox Fruits tier list, eXputer is here for you with another Roblox goodness–the Anime Warriors tier list. It’s based on Anime Warriors’ gacha-filled realms where the only key to triumph is assembling the most solid squad ever.

Key Highlights
  • Out of a total Anime Warriors character roster of 34 unlockable units, you must choose up to three in your brawl team. 
  • Criteria followed before ranking the Anime Warriors units were simple–general effectiveness, synergizing capacity, and versatility remained our key raking elements. 
  • The most solid choices out of so many in Anime Warriors are the 4th, Mihoku, Uraha, and Broky. These elite warriors are more demanding to get, but the hard work truly pays off in the end. 
  • On the split hand, Anime Warriors characters that will give you a hard time adjusting include Kid Sassy, Yamucha, Hikuma, Bandits, Mizu, Marines, and Mist Shinobi. 
  • As with all gacha-filled games and especially fast-paced beat ’em-up Robloxs, Anime Warriors’ experience will become even better if you choose to stick with the best units. Know that the higher the rank, the smarter of an investment you make.
Anime Warriors Tier List Characters Ranking Table 
S-TierThe 4th, Mihoku, Uraha, and Broky
A-TierZabuso, Sanjuro, Bejita and Goora
B-TierNadda, Zorui, Kashidori, Pikkoro, and Ruyu
C-TierNaruto, Raditsu, Ichigan, Son, Ruffy, Kid Goran, Axe-Wielding Lunatic, Master, Usopie, Ched, Tion, and Kuririn
D-Tier Kid Sassy, Yamucha, Hikuma, Bandits, Mizu, Marines, and Mist Shinobi 

You’ll have to board up to three characters keeping in mind any detrimental factors, including how well they synergize, their potential to manifest versatility, and, of course, general effectiveness. Lucky you that our Anime Warriors tier list covers it all, and your only job remains to apply the provided knowledge correctly.

Check out these summarized stats for the best characters: 

CharactersTierStarsTypeWeaknessesPlaystyleSummon Chance
BrokyS6.0StrengthFull DefensiveAggressive and Zoning0.52%
UrahaS6.0StaminaArmor and AggressiveKeep away and Zoning0.52%
MihokuS6.0IntelligenceSemi AggressiveSemi Aggressive0.52%
The 4thS5.0StaminaSubstitutionZoner1.46%
BejitaA4.0StaminaAggressiveSemi Defensive13.59%
KashidoriB4.0StaminaSemi DefensiveAggressive13.59%
ZoruiB5.0StrengthSemi DefensiveAggressive1.46%
RuffyC3.0StrengthHyper DefensiveAggressive33.97%
SonC3.0StrengthDefensiveAll Rounder33.97%
IchiganC3.0StrengthHyper DefensiveDefensive33.97%
NarudoC3.0DefenseArmor and Semi DefensiveHyper Aggressive33.97%
Axe Wielding LunaticC2.0DefenseN/AN/A50.47%
Kid GoranC2.0PurpleN/AN/A50.47%


Anime warriors S
Anime Warriors S-Tier

This tier ranks all the elite characters of Anime Warriors, and not surprisingly, they all belong to the 5 or 6-Star rarity groups. And why would they not even amid how incredible higher Star characters usually are? 

They are extremely hard to get, but don’t let that demotivate you from finding one. Even one S-tier character from our Anime Warriors tier list can drag you to success, so don’t miss collaborating with one as soon as you get to.  


StarsTypeWeaknessesPlaystyleSummon Chance
6StrengthFull DefensiveAggressive and Zoning0.52%

Broky’s worthy skills include the Trapshooter. It’s an awesome ability that will put Broky in the air for about 3 seconds or more, giving him a chance to shower massive damage rendering orbs toward the enemies. 

The second one is Saiyan Rage, where Broky slowly starts to float in the air while releasing a gigantic area of effect around him. This ability enables you to buy some time till Broky cooldowns his other ability before becoming fully invulnerable.

Next comes the Omega Blaster ability, which allows Broky to stack all of his damage-rendering energy into one single orb that can later explode to dish out massive effects. 

Last but not least is the Revenge Cannon. This ability also stacks up energy like the one before. The only difference this time will be Broky shooting the concentrated pressure forward towards one target only. 


StarsTypeWeaknessesPlaystyleSummon Chance
6StaminaArmor and AggressiveKeep away and Zoning0.52%

Uraha, again, is a worthy Anime Warriors tier list character who puts forth incredibly powerful skills at his employers’ disposal. Each one deals pretty hard damage to the team’s foes and also offers awakened versions. That said, the list of skills starts with Haien. 

This is a fire-type frontal cone move that shoots massive damage dealing darts to enemies in the front. Senju Koten Taiho is the second skill. It is a potent AoE-type skill that renders a barrage of hits within an extremely wide radius. 

Next is the Awaken Benihime. The skill helps trigger the Shikai sword making it glow like never before while also enabling its crazy damage-dealing potential. Last but not least comes the Rikkujokoro skill. The skill dishes out yellow-colored rays of effecting energy that bumps into enemies to stop them from moving for a short while. These rays also deal some amount of damage to influence the enemy’s HP. 


StarsTypeWeaknessesPlaystyleSummon Chance
6IntelligenceSemi AggressiveSemi Aggressive0.52%

This character is a pure damage dealer. Mihoku has Blade Barrage skill for a start that he uses as his primary tool to render substantial AoE damage. Hawk Hunt, on the other hand, is equally impactful, just slightly better, thanks to some touch of mobility. 

As the name suggests, Hawk Hunt will enable players to deal damage as well as take the enemy by surprise via charging toward them. Eviscerate is a similar ability offered by Mihoku except for the huge extra AoE potential onboard.

The 4th

StarsTypeWeaknessesPlaystyleSummon Chance

Though not all the skills of this character are as potent in terms of dealing high damage as the rest of the S-tier units, the 4th offers incredible mobility to fill that gap. You will also be getting two solid damage-dealing skills, if not all, strong enough to handle a full-fledged crowd of enemies. 

Above everything is the 4th’s flash teleporting move that will allow the hero to kite enemies smoothly. He finishes that with two AoE charging moves while also coupling a secondary teleporting skill to deal extra damage. 


Anime warriors A
Anime Warriors A-Tier

The second-best heroes of our Anime Warriors tier list reside here. Yes, these buddies aren’t as incredible as the ones you just came to know about, but they are definitely worthwhile choices. Plus, given that S-tier characters are super difficult to lay your hands on, A-tier ones should be on your utmost priority list. 


StarsTypeWeaknessesPlaystyleSummon Chance

Also known as Gaara amongst the fans of Naruto, Goora is a sand ninja on our Anime Warriors tier list. The character is very well recognized for his cruelty (something everyone would want from a high-ranked unit). Most of his attacks are solid damage dealers and hence will quickly land the enemies where they ought to be—grave. 


StarsTypeWeaknessesPlaystyleSummon Chance
4StaminaAggressiveSemi Defensive13.59%

This is Anime Warriors’ last Saiyans to exist (along with Nadda and Raditsu). Given his sturdy character arc, Bejita’s skills are fit enough to render great damage, similar to what one expects from an ideal companion. 

Though it’s recommended to prioritize picking heroes from the S-tier, Bejita can be a potent choice if you have to resort to a tier below.


StarsTypeWeaknessesPlaystyleSummon Chance

The fierce Diable Jambe attack is probably one of the most famous Anime Warriors Roblox attacks, and guess what? Sanjuro is exactly the founder of that masterpiece who could offer you that. Apart from Diable Jambe, Sanjuro also houses a variety of other attacks for which he mostly employs his legs (a peculiar yet awesome way to produce incredible damage!). 


StarsTypeWeaknessesPlaystyleSummon Chance

This character on our Anime Warriors tier list is a rogue ninja who’s very much known for his water-based moves. Though, of course, not as viable as fire-type hits usually are, Zabuso’s water attacks are really worth using hence making his spot in one of the highest tiers in most hierarchies. 

Never mind, Zabuso also wields a huge sword that’s yet another source of attraction for players who look forward to employing more than a few nifty skills and mechanics. The sword can cut down most of your foes in Anime Warriors, clearing the ally team’s way in seconds. 


Anime warriors B
Anime Warriors B-Tier

These are average heroes of our Anime Warriors tier. B-tier dwellers don’t really have the spark needed to take players towards the endgame smoothly; however, that doesn’t mean they are utterly unfit to do so. 

One can still reap S-quality performance from the characters ranked here only if he knows how. This means experts won’t have a hard time playing with the B-tier characters, but beginners should really stay away unless they have no choice left. 


StarsTypeWeaknessesPlaystyleSummon Chance

Roblox’s Quincy’s race hasn’t gone extinct. At Least not until Ruyu’s here! Just as Quincys were back then, this character of our Anime Warriors tier list is an equally powerful hero one would want in his team.

As a starter, Ruyu offers a Hail of Arrows move, which, as the name suggests, showers arrows, dealing decent damage. Also, to mention that the move comes with a pretty brief cooldown making it one of the most useful arrow attacks of Anime Warriors. 

However, expect to make a few compromises in terms of damage which is exactly why Ruyu is ranking here instead of the S or A tier. Ruyu can still wipe out a group of opponents if handled in an expert style. 


StarsTypeWeaknessesPlaystyleSummon Chance

This character didn’t get ranked as high as he is used to getting now. Pikkoro is a decent fighter on our Anime Warriors tier list who has undergone a surprising surge of advancement after he set foot in Dragon Ball. Nevertheless, there are still a few shortcomings that ultimately pull Pikkoro down to the B-tier. 

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StarsTypeWeaknessesPlaystyleSummon Chance
4StaminaSemi DefensiveAggressive13.59%

His Sharingan eye earns him the attribute “Copycat Ninja.” Nevertheless, as far as performance is concerned, Kashidori performs just like a usual B-tier Anime Warriors tier list character. 

His damage is cool but just not enough. Keep him paired with S and A-tier heroes to keep your team ready for all types of situations. 


StarsTypeWeaknessesPlaystyleSummon Chance
5StrengthSemi DefensiveAggressive1.46%

A decent damage dealer but fails miserably in terms of aiming. All in all, Zorui can become a good companion for direction experts but is certainly a NO for rookies.


StarsTypeWeaknessesPlaystyleSummon Chance

Nadda is the last existing Saiyans of the Anime Warriors. He can be fierce at times but mostly fails due to his overconfidence. Hence it’s recommended to keep Nadda controlled if you are looking forward to making the most of him. 


Anime warriors C
Anime Warriors C-Tier

Definitely not the tier for rookies, but who knows when someone shows spectacular expert-style performance? At last, that’s what the gaming community is all about–total madness! Nevertheless, the C-tier characters are slightly below-average mates to have by your side. 

Though Roblox experts don’t have to worry a lot, they shouldn’t get overconfident, either. At last, C-tier characters aren’t the best or even near to being the best on our Anime Warriors tier list and will give everyone a hard time no matter how experienced or new you are. 


StarsTypeWeaknessesPlaystyleSummon Chance
3StrengthHyper DefensiveAggressive33.97%

The hero manifests a chaotic dealing of damage that only a few opponents of yours will be able to fend off. However, that’s really the only powerful attack Ruffy has on offer. Consequently, the lack of versatility is what lands him here.  

But that’s ok for most expert Anime Warriors players who crave nothing more than a series of boring but impactful hits. If you are also a similar player, we’ll recommend coupling Ruffy with characters from the S or A tier, and he will definitely shine more than your expectations. 


StarsTypeWeaknessesPlaystyleSummon Chance
3StrengthDefensiveAll Rounder33.97%

Well, this is for sure a surprising ranking for most Dragon Ball fans, but this is what it is as per popular opinion for now. Nevertheless, Son Goku isn’t as disappointing as one might imagine after this shocking reveal. 

Thanks to Son Goku’s Spirit Bomb move, he can render a bit of damage if handled strategically. Not to forget that players will still have to compromise with a very slow cooldown. Plus, the other moves in his arsenal are barely of any use, too, ultimately making up for the C-tier rank. 


StarsTypeWeaknessesPlaystyleSummon Chance
3StrengthHyper DefensiveDefensive33.97%

Though ranking in a lower tier of our Anime Warriors tier list, Ichigan or Ichigara comes with a bunch of surprise skills up his sleeves. For a start, most of Ichigan’s skills possess the power to decimate the enemies. However, expect to compromise on overall damage. 


StarsTypeWeaknessesPlaystyleSummon Chance

After Bejita and Nadda, this is yet another last living Saiyan on our Anime Warriors tier list. Though his movepool onboard doesn’t deserve to be underestimated, Raditsu’s kin is far too amazing to overpower him. 


StarsTypeWeaknessesPlaystyleSummon Chance
3DefenseArmor and Semi DefensiveHyper Aggressive33.97%

Narudo just gets too excited on the field. This may help give the overall aggro produced, but the situation often becomes complete havoc. Use this overactive ninja only if you can afford the drama. 


StarsTypeWeaknessesPlaystyleSummon Chance

Ferocious by looks but really timid when it comes to performing. Yes, Ched won’t do as much as he may seem to do. This Anime Warriors tier list character is a bit restricted when it comes to targeting opponents hence dwelling in a lower tier. The damage, though selective, is quite powerful. 


StarsTypeWeaknessesPlaystyleSummon Chance

This character does not have a lot to offer, but his slingshot hits are simply amazing (only if you are courageous enough to give them a try). Take Usopie onboard only when the team’s already loaded with top-tier characters. 


StarsTypeWeaknessesPlaystyleSummon Chance

An average character who can be used as a filler for the team. Master has a few decent attacks up his sleeve with just ok damage potential.

Axe Wielding Lunatic

StarsTypeWeaknessesPlaystyleSummon Chance

This character on our Anime Warriors tier list is like its C-tier sibling Ched. His name and outlook may look intimidating, but the character can’t do much to help the team. Board the Axe Wielding Lunatic as a filler if you want but don’t rely too much on just the fierce impression of him. 

Kid Goran

StarsTypeWeaknessesPlaystyleSummon Chance

This character looks pretty solid in terms of damage potential but still doesn’t seem to open up in the field.


StarsTypeWeaknessesPlaystyleSummon Chance

Carries a bunch of surprises up his sleeve, but they aren’t too easy to unleash hence pushing Tion to the C-tier. Don’t underestimate him, however, as you might be the lucky one revealing Tion’s awesome damage rendering perks. 


StarsTypeWeaknessesPlaystyleSummon Chance

We’ll say Kuririn is a bit too specific in terms of viability. Against some foes, you won’t find a better force than him, whereas, against the rest, he falls dramatically low. The unreliability, just like Tion’s, costs Kuririn a C-tier rank in our Anime Warriors tier list. 


Anime warriors D
Anime Warriors D-Tier

Keep as much distance from these characters as possible unless you are really up for challenging yourself. In fact, these characters can literally frustrate you at times, so use them at your own risk. Nevertheless, these fodder characters can be employed for leveling up the better choices on our Anime Warriors tier list with Yen. That’s perhaps the only perk offered by the D-tier units; therefore, we won’t be discussing more them. 

  • Kid Sassy
  • Yamucha
  • Hikuma
  • Bandits
  • Mizu
  • Marines
  • Mist Shinobi

That’s all for our Anime Warriors tier list. The game is a quick beat ’em up type Roblox and so should be your team of three. Keeping that in mind, we tried highlighting every worthy option along with the pieces of information you’d need the most.

With the hope that you liked what we put forth, the comment sections provided below our posts are open 24/7. Discuss your concerns whenever you feel like and we will be more than happy to help. 

Anime Warriors Tier List Criteria 

For our Anime Warriors tier list, we followed the same pattern as we do while curating the rest of the eXputer hierarchies. That said, most of our above rankings rely on Roblox’s vast community feedback, but there were some exceptions too.

In that case, our team thoroughly tested Anime Warriors’ heroes to induce a similar degree of reliability as the populace’s opinion. This way, our readers know they are provided with a ranking as definitive and up-to-date as possible. 

Though we have tried our best to highlight the most viable characters for players of all domains, still it’s ok if you still differ with the tier list. Whatever is your choice, just know this as a rule of thumb that anything under 3-Stars is not a good investment. 

Sticking with heroes who are above the 3-Stars benchmark is always recommended. This way, you will be able to earn solid companions, or else you’ll have to prepare for a hectic journey ahead. 

Nevertheless, before we conclude, you need to know that since our tier list is coming pretty early, expect to welcome a couple of changes with time. That said, you are encouraged to check back often so you can stay updated. 

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