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While you might not be over the Blox Fruits tier list, eXputer is here with another Roblox goodness–the Anime Warriors tier list. It’s based on Anime Warriors’ gacha-filled realms where the only key to triumph is assembling the most solid squad ever.

Key Highlights
  • Choose up to three characters from Anime Warriors’ roster of 34.
  • Ranking criteria: general effectiveness, synergy, and versatility.
  • Top choices: The 4th, Mihoku, Uraha, and Broky.
  • These elite warriors are harder to unlock but worth the effort.
  • Characters that are challenging to adapt to: Kid Sassy, Yamucha, Hikuma, Bandits, Mizu, Marines, and Mist Shinobi.
  • Higher-ranked units are a smarter investment if you ask me.

Anime Warriors Tier List Characters Ranking Table 

Tiers Characters 
S-Tier The 4th, Mihoku, Uraha, and Broky
A-Tier Zabuso, Sanjuro, Bejita and Goora
B-Tier Nadda, Zorui, Kashidori, Pikkoro, and Ruyu
C-Tier Naruto, Raditsu, Ichigan, Son, Ruffy, Kid Goran, Axe-Wielding Lunatic, Master, Usopie, Ched, Tion, and Kuririn
D-Tier Kid Sassy, Yamucha, Hikuma, Bandits, Mizu, Marines, and Mist Shinobi 

You’ll have to board up to three characters, keeping in mind any detrimental factors, including how well they synergize, their potential to manifest versatility and general effectiveness. Luckily, our tier list covers it all, and your only job remains to apply the provided knowledge correctly.

All Characters Comparison

Check out these summarized stats for the best characters: 

CharactersTierStarsTypeWeaknessesPlaystyleSummon Chance
BrokyS6.0StrengthFull DefensiveAggressive and Zoning0.52%
UrahaS6.0StaminaArmor and AggressiveKeep away and Zoning0.52%
MihokuS6.0IntelligenceSemi AggressiveSemi Aggressive0.52%
The 4thS5.0StaminaSubstitutionZoner1.46%
BejitaA4.0StaminaAggressiveSemi Defensive13.59%
KashidoriB4.0StaminaSemi DefensiveAggressive13.59%
ZoruiB5.0StrengthSemi DefensiveAggressive1.46%
RuffyC3.0StrengthHyper DefensiveAggressive33.97%
SonC3.0StrengthDefensiveAll Rounder33.97%
IchiganC3.0StrengthHyper DefensiveDefensive33.97%
NarudoC3.0DefenseArmor and Semi DefensiveHyper Aggressive33.97%
Axe Wielding LunaticC2.0DefenseN/AN/A50.47%
Kid GoranC2.0PurpleN/AN/A50.47%


Anime warriors S
Anime Warriors S-Tier

This tier ranks all the elite characters of Anime Warriors, and not surprisingly, they all belong to the 5 or 6-star rarity groups. They are extremely hard to get, but don’t let that demotivate you from finding one. Even one S-tier character from our tier list can drag you to success.

S-Tier Anime Warriors Characters Description
Broky Boasts powerful skills like Trapshooter, Saiyan Rage, Omega Blaster, and Revenge Cannon, enabling him to deal massive damage and control the battlefield effectively.
Uraha Wields skills such as Haien, Senju Koten Taiho, Awaken Benihime, and Rikkujokoro, offering significant damage and crowd control capabilities to dominate enemies.
Mihoku Primarily a damage dealer with skills like Blade Barrage, Hawk Hunt, and Eviscerate, capable of dealing substantial AoE damage and surprising enemies with mobility-based attacks.
The 4th Offers incredible mobility along with two strong damage-dealing skills, making him effective in handling crowds of enemies. His flash teleporting move and AoE charging moves coupled with a secondary teleporting skill ensure smooth kiting and extra damage.


Anime warriors A
Anime Warriors A-Tier

The second-best heroes of our tier list reside here. Yes, these buddies aren’t as incredible as the ones you just learned about, but they are worthwhile choices. Plus, given that S-tier characters are difficult to lay your hands on, A-tier ones should be on your utmost priority list. 

A-Tier Anime Warriors Characters Description
Goora A sand ninja known as Gaara from Naruto, Goora excels in dealing solid damage with his attacks, quickly dispatching enemies with his powerful abilities.
Bejita Capable of rendering great damage with his skills, Bejita is a strong choice for players looking for effective companions, although S-tier characters are recommended as priority picks.
Sanjuro Known for his fierce Diable Jambe attack, Sanjuro primarily relies on powerful leg-based moves to defeat enemies, making him a formidable fighter in the Anime Warriors game.
Zabuso A rogue ninja with water-based moves, Zabuso’s attacks may not be as potent as fire-type hits, but they are still effective, earning him a spot in our highest tier of character rankings.


Anime warriors B
Anime Warriors B-Tier

These are average heroes of our Anime Warriors tier. B-tier dwellers don’t have the spark needed to take players towards the endgame smoothly; however, that doesn’t mean they are utterly unfit. 

One can still reap S-quality performance from the characters ranked here only if he knows how. This means experts won’t have difficulty playing with the B-tier characters, but beginners should stay away unless they have no choice. 

B-Tier Anime Warriors Characters Description
Ruyu Ruyu offers the “Hail of Arrows” move, which showers arrows and deals decent damage with a brief cooldown. While Ruyu may not excel in damage compared to higher tiers, skilled players can still effectively defeat groups of opponents with this character.
Pikkoro Despite undergoing advancements, Pikkoro ranks lower than expected. While decent in combat, Pikkoro still has shortcomings that place him in the B-tier. Players should pair him with stronger characters to maximize team performance.
Kashidori Kashidori performs similarly to other B-tier characters, offering decent damage output but lacking the strength of higher-tier heroes. Pairing Kashidori with S and A-tier characters can help balance the team for various situations.
Zorui Zorui is a decent damage dealer but struggles with aiming, making him more suitable for experienced players who can compensate for this weakness. Beginners may find Zorui challenging to use effectively.
Nadda The last existing Saiyan in Anime Warriors, Nadda can be fierce but often falls short due to overconfidence. Players should exercise control when using Nadda to maximize his potential in battles.


Anime warriors C
Anime Warriors C-Tier

The C-tier characters are slightly below-average mates to have by your side. Though Roblox experts don’t have to worry a lot, they shouldn’t get overconfident. At last, C-tier characters aren’t the best or even near to being the best on our Anime Warriors tier list and will give everyone a hard time, no matter how experienced or new you are. 

C-Tier Anime Warriors Characters Description
Ruffy Ruffy excels in dealing chaotic damage but lacks versatility, making him less effective in various situations. Pairing him with higher-tier characters can enhance his performance.
Son Son Goku’s Spirit Bomb move offers some damage potential, albeit with a slow cooldown. Other moves in his arsenal are less effective, contributing to his C-tier rank.
Ichigan Despite possessing powerful skills, Ichigan compromises on overall damage output, leading to his placement in the C-tier.
Raditsu While Raditsu’s movepool is formidable, his abilities are overshadowed by those of other Saiyan characters, resulting in his C-tier ranking.
Narudo Narudo’s excitement on the field can create chaos, making him challenging to control. He may provide aggro but can be difficult to manage effectively.
Ched Ched’s damage potential is restricted when targeting opponents, earning him a lower-tier ranking despite his powerful attacks.
Usopie Usopie’s slingshot hits are impressive, but he lacks overall impact compared to higher-tier characters. Best used as a filler alongside top-tier teammates.
Master An average character suitable as a team filler, offering decent attacks but with only moderate damage potential.
Axe Wielding Lunatic Despite an intimidating appearance, this character lacks significant impact on the field and is best utilized as a filler rather than a primary damage dealer.
Kid Goran While appearing solid in terms of damage potential, Kid Goran lacks the ability to shine on the battlefield, resulting in his placement in the C-tier.
Tion Tion holds potential surprises but requires effort to unleash them effectively, earning him a place in the C-tier due to his unreliability.
Kuririn Kuririn’s viability is specific to certain foes, making him less reliable overall and contributing to his placement in the C-tier.


Anime warriors D
Anime Warriors D-Tier

Keep as much distance from these characters as possible unless you are really up for challenging yourself. In fact, these characters can literally frustrate you at times, so use them at your own risk. Nevertheless, these fodder characters can be employed to level up the better choices on our tier list.

  • Kid Sassy
  • Yamucha
  • Hikuma
  • Bandits
  • Mizu
  • Marines
  • Mist Shinobi

Anime Warriors Tier List Criteria 

For our Anime Warriors tier list, we followed the same pattern as we do while curating the rest of the eXputer hierarchies. That said, most of our above rankings rely on Roblox’s vast community feedback, but there were some exceptions, too.

In that case, our team thoroughly tested Anime Warriors’ heroes to induce a similar degree of reliability as the populace’s opinion. This way, our readers know they are provided with a ranking as definitive and up-to-date as possible. Though we have tried our best to highlight the most viable characters for players of all domains, still it’s OK if you still differ with the tier list. Whatever you choose, just know this as a rule of thumb: anything under 3 Stars is not a good investment. 

Sticking with heroes who are above the 3-Stars benchmark is always recommended. This way, you can earn solid companions, or you’ll have to prepare for a hectic journey ahead. 

Nevertheless, before we conclude, you need to know that since our tier list is coming early, expect to welcome a couple of changes with time. That said, you are encouraged to check back often to stay updated. 

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