Smash Ultimate Tier List: Best Characters [Compared & Ranked]

Read our SSBU tier list as it entails which are the best and most balanced characters in the game. Our Smash Bros Ultimate tier list answers your questions.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate features a growing roster of more than 80 fighters in the game. The DLCs are expanding the character roster; as a result, new fighters have been added every year since 2018. The growing library of characters is the reason for diversity in playstyle. We have curated a Smash Bros Ultimate tier list to categorize the fighters based on their performance in the game.

Our Tier list is designed to help you understand which Characters are the best after the latest Update 13.0.0.

Key Takeaways
  • For an added punch of playstyle versatility and fantastic gameplay value, Smash Ultimate packs you more than 80 unlockable units
  • The ranking of all Smash Ultimate heroes closely depends upon all-around strength and balance showcased at different instances in the competition. 

  • Peach (Daisy), Zero Suit Samus, Palutenia, Pikachu, Joker, Pokémon Trainer, and Pyra & Mythra are currently the best Smash Ultimate you can use. 

  • In comparison, Ganondorf, Incineroar, Isabelle, King Dedede, Lucario, Little Mac, and Dr. Mario are characters that are very hard to get the hang of. 

Our Complete Tier List Picks

Smash Bros Ultimate tier list:

Smash Ultimate Tier List Fighters Ranking Table 
Tiers Fighters 
S-Tier  Peach (Daisy), Zero Suit Samus, Palutenia, Pikachu, Joker, Pokémon Trainer, Pyra & Mythra, Snake, Mario, Wolf, Wario, Shulk, R.O.B, Lucina, Mr. Game & Watch, Pac-Man, Roy, Sephiroth, Min Min
A-Tier  Young Link, Inkling, Chrom, Fox, Sonic, Olimar, Greninja, Ness, Cloud, Diddy Kong, Captain Falcon, Yoshi, Mega Man, Steve, Terry, Link, Ken, Pichu, Sora
B-Tier  Ike, Falco, Bowser, Samus (Dark Samus), Sheik, Wii Fit Trainer, Ryu, Hero, Kazuya, Luigi, Byleth, Marth, Toon Link, Mii Brawler, Rosalina & Luma, Duck Hunt, Bayonetta, Banjo & Kazooie, Corrin, Lucas, Zelda, Villager, Robin, Mewtwo, Meta Knight, Ice Climbers, Mii Gunner
C-Tier  Piranha Plant, Mii Swordfighter, Ridley, Simon (Richter), Bowser Jr, Jigglypuff, Kirby, Donkey Kong, King K. Rool
D-Tier  Ganondorf, Incineroar, Isabelle, King Dedede, Lucario, Little Mac, Dr. Mario

All Smash Ultimate Characters Comparison

Check out the stats below for this tier list: 

CharacterNeutral AttackNeutral SpecialFinal SmashForward SmashForward Throw
Peach (Daisy)2% (Royal Slap), 3% (Trip Slap)3.5% (Per Hit)30% (Close), 20% (Mid), 10% (Far)18% (Frying Pan)2% (Hit 1), 8% (Throw)
Zero Suit Samus1.5% (Level Chop), 1.5% (Gun Hook),
3% (Back Knuckle)
4 - 6%1.2/1.6% (Laser Loop), 20/25%
(Final Burst)
5% (hit 1), 11% (hit 2)5% (hit), 4% (throw)
Palutena3% (Radiance), 0.6% (Glimmer), 3.5%
(Glimmer Finish)
3.5% (per shot)2.4% (hits 1-12), 12% (final)16% (base)9%
Pikachu1.4% (Near), 1.2% (Mid), 1% (Far)6% (clean), 5% (mid),
4% (late), 4.8% (aerial)
0.3% (First 6 hits), 1% (Initial hit),
1.5% (loop), 20% (launch)
15% (Early), 18% (Clea
n), 12% (late)
2% (hits 1-5), 8%
Joker2%/0.7%, 1.5%/0.7%, 4%/3%Gun: (5%-3%-1%), Gun Special:
(6%-3%-1%), (2%-1.5%-1%),
3% (Trapping Hit), 33.6% (Cinemat
ic), 13% (Ending Screen)
14%, 8%8%
Pyra & Mythra3%, 2%, 5%, 0.6% (loop), 5% (last)Uncharged: 3% (hits 1 and 2), 7%
(hit 3) Charged: 4% (hits 1-3)
12% (hit 1), 0.4% (hits 2-21), 14%
(hit 2)
20%3.5% (hit 1), 5.5%
Snake2.5% (Jab), 2.5% (Straight), 6%
(Rolling Sobat)
0.9 - 4.25% (Grenade), 8.6 -
10.75% (Explosion)
15% (Each Missile)22%9%
Mario2.2% (Jab), 1.7% (Straight), 4%
(Kick up)
5% (Early), 4% (Late)2% (Early), 2.5%
(Clean), 3% (Late)
17.8% (Fire), 14.7%
Wolf2% (Snap Claw), 2% (Follow Claw),
4% (Wild scratch)
7% (bayonet), 6%/8%/7%
(blast close-far)
3% (reticle), 35% (las
ers), 10% (ending)
15%5% (hit 1), 4% (throw)
Wario5% (Fist), 7% (Jaw Smash)2.4% (each bite), 5% (throw),0.6% (se
lf-heal), 13% (eating explosive)
10% (tackle), 20.8%(successive
hits; 1.3% each)
20%8% (throw), 4%
Shulk2% (Straight), 1.5% (Side Kick),
Upper Swing: 5% (Clean), 4.2% (Late)
Jump: 6s duration, 18s cooldown
Speed: 8s duration, 16s cooldown
Smash: 8s duration, 16s cooldown
3% (hit 1), 2% (hits 2-12),
12% (hit 13 front oppone
5.5% (hit 1), 13%/11.5%
(hit 2)
3% (hit 1), 5% (throw)
R.O.B3%7% (Uncharged Robo Beam) ,
11.5% (Point-blank Robo Beam)
1.2% (Homing lasers) ,
1% (Laser loop) , 3%
(Enlarged laser loop)
15% (base) , 11.5% (m
iddle) , 6% (tip)
Lucina3.325% (Slash)8.575% (uncharged) , 23% (fully
Mr. Game & Watch3% (Greenhouse/Greenhouse
5% (food) , 8% (frying pan)4.9% (grabbed) , 15%
(body) , 30% (slam)
14% (handle) , 18% (fla
Pac-Man2% (Pac Hook) 2% (Pac-Counter
Hook) 4% (Pac Upper Bite)
4.3% (cherry) , 6% (strawberry) ,
7.5% (orange) , 9.5% (apple) , 12%
20% (yellow) , 28% (red)15% (sourspot) , 16%
Roy7.5% (Slash)6%-35% (uncharged) , 36%-50%
(fully charged)
1% (hits 1-10) , 35% (hit
20% (close) , 17% (mid) ,
12% (far)
Sephiroth2.50%Flare: 3% (hit 1) , 10.5% (hit 2) ,
Megaflare: 3.5% (hit 1) , 3.7% (hits
2-5) , 9%
7% (slash) , 10% (Supern
ova) , 15% (ending)
13.5%/20%/15%3% (hit 1) , 3% (throw)
Min Min2.50%8% (Dragon) , 9.2% (Dragon Plus)
, 11% (Megawatt) , 5%, 2.5%
(Ring) (Ramram)
10% (punch) , 0.8% (hits
1-18) , 15% (ending)
Dragon: 12% (close) ,
16% (mid) , 13% (far)
5% (hit 1)
Young Link2% (Slash/Counter) 1.5% (Slash/Stab)
3.5% (Ilusion Slash)
4% - 12%1% (trapping) , 3% (hits
1-14) , 2% (hit 15)
6% (Sword Slice) , 12%
(base), 10% (tip)
3% (hit 1) , 3% (throw)
Inkling2% (Chop/Combo Kick) 2% (Side Kick)
3.5% (Burst Shot) 0.4% (loop)
0.3% (above ink tank line) , 0.2%
(below ink tank line)
1% (hits 1-32) , 8% (hit 33)16% (ink, bristles) , 14%
(ink, handle) , 12% (no ink)
5% (hit 1, ink) , 3%
(hit 2)
Chrom6.5% (Slash)8% (uncharged),50% (fully charged)
,10% recoil
1% (dash),10% (hit 1),36
% (hit 2)
Fox1.7% (Jab/Straight), 1% (Rapid Kick)3% (point-blank range),2% (mid-
range),1.3% (long-range)
3% (trapping hit),30%
(lasers),10% (end)
14% (clean),11% (late)4% (hit),3% (throw)
Sonic2%7% - 20%12% (Chaos Emeralds)
,6% (ram),10% (launch)
14%1% (hit 1),6% (throw)
Olimar3% (arm), 4% (fist)10% (launch),10% (asce
nt),0.1875% (Red Bulbor
Red: 20.3% (clean),14%
(mid),8.4% (late),Yellow:
Red: 5.6%,Yellow: 7%,
Blue: 11.9%,White: 7%,
Purple: 7%
Greninja2% (Palm Strike), 2% (Water Palm
Heel), 3% (Water Cutter), 0.5% (loop)
, 2% (last)
3%-10.8% (uncharged),1.0%
(fully charged looping hits),9%
(fully charged final hit)
6% (the mat),50% (Total
in the attack after mat)
14%3.5% (hit 1),4.5%
Ness2% (Jab), 1.5% (Straight), 4% (Middle
11% - 27%8% (per hit)18% (low),20% (mid),22%
(tip),2× damage (reflected
Cloud2.5% (Kick), 2% (Combination Kick),
3.5% (Side Swing)
8% (grounded clean),6% (grounded
late),6.4% (aerial clean),
Omnislash: 1% (hit 1),3%
(hit 2) 2.2% (hits 3-16),5%
(hit 17),4%
3% (hit 1),2% (hit 2 center),
3% (hit 2 hilt),4% (hit 2 tip),
4% (hit 1),3% (throw)
Diddy Kong2% (Right Flap), 1.5% (Left Flap), 4%
(Foot Push)
4.8%-13.8% (peanuts),3% (close
range),23% (explosion)
1% (startup loop),2% (per collisio
n),20% (final hit),15% (collateral
final hit)
5% (hit 1),11%/9% (hit 2)9%
Captain Falcon1.5% (Jab/Straight), 1.5% (Kneebutt),
5% (Mach Punch), 0.6% (loop)
25% (grounded),28% (grounded
reverse),22% (aerial)
10% (hit 1),20% (hit 2),10% (thro
20%3.5% (hit 1),4% (throw)
Yoshi3% (Kick), 4% (Kick)7%1% (dash),4% (headbutt),30.428
571% (cutscene),13% (last hit)
15.5% (sweetspot),14%
Mega Man2% (shot),1% (buster) (Mega Buster)5% (spawn),3% (item throw)3% (init),41.2% (attack)11.5% - 14.95%8%
SteveNone: 2.72%15% (trapping hit),45% (cutsce
None: 12%3% (hit 1),6% (throw)
Terry3% (Jab), 7% (High Kick)8% (tapped),9% (held),10% (aerial
tapped),11% (aerial held)
6% (Power Geysers 1 & 2),18%
(Power Geyser 3),6% (Power D
Link3% (Morning Slash),3% (Counter
Slash),4% (Slash Up)
4% (uncharged),12% (fully charged)
,6% (uncharged, two arrows)
35%7% (blade),14% (tip),5%-
13% (Sword Beam)
3% (hit 1),2.5% (throw)
Ken1.5% (Jab),5% (Body Blow)4.5%, 5%, 5.5% (Standard),5.625%,
6.25%, 6.875% (Input)
1.2% (hits 1 - 13),13% (hit 14),1%
(initial hit),3.2% (hits 1 - 4)
16% (foot),12% (leg)9%
Pichu1.2% (Headbutt)7% (short distance),6% (medium
distance),5% (long distance),10%
(air),0.7% recoil
0.3% (6 hits during startup),1%
(initial hit),1.6% (loop),21% (la
2% (hits 1-5),8% (hit 6),
2% recoil
1.5% (hits 1-4),6%
(throw), 0.8% recoil
Sora2.8%,2.6%,4.2%Firaga: 5.6% (clean),5.2% (mid),4.
8% (late),Thundaga: 5.2% (each
Firaga: 5.6% (clean),5.2% (mid),
4.8% (late),Thundaga: 5.2% (each
15.4% (clean),13.8%
5% (hit),3% (throw)
Ike2.5% (Bash),2.5% (Thrust Kick),
7% (Swing Down)
10% (uncharged),35%/28%/26%
(fully charged, first pillar)
5% (hit 1),3% (hit 2),2% (hits 3-1
5),5% (hit 16),4% (hit 17),10%
(hit 18)
19% (early, clean tip),22
% (clean blade)
3.5% (hit 1),4% (throw)
Falco1.5% (Wing Chop/Reverse Chop),
1.5% (Gyro Cutter),0.3% (loop), 3%
(last) (Finish Kick)
3%3% (trapping hit),30% (Arwings),
10% (end)
16% (clean),12% (late)4% (hit),3% (throw)
Bowser4% (Koopa Palm Strike),7% (Koopa
Pursuit Attack)
1.8% (loop)40%23% (clean feet),20%
(clean body)
Samus (Dark Samus)3% (Straight),8% (Cannon Hammer)5% (uncharged),28% (fully charged)1% (charge loop),0.5% (fringe
loop),1.5% (thruster, main loop)
13% (Arm Cannon),15%
Sheik2% (Kodachi/Reverse Kodachi),1.6%
(Piercing Strikes),0.3% (loop), 2%
(last) (Piercing Strikes Finish)
1.5% (per needle, close),0.8% (per
needle, far)
1% (dashing hit),2% (first hit),3%
(hits 1, 2, 4-6, 8-10, 12, 13),2%
(hits 3, 7, 11, 14),12% (final)
5% (hit 1),8% (hit 2)5% (hit),2% (throw)
Wii Fit Trainer2% (Sideways Leg Lift),2% (Single
Leg Twist),3% (Lunge)
5% (uncharged),21% (fully charged)2%/2.2%/2.5%/3% (medium
silhouettes; based on position),
12% (large silhouette)
15.5% (arms),14% (body)3% (hit 1),7% (throw)
Ryu1.5% (Jab/Body Blow),1.5% (Body
Blow),5% (Hook Mawashi Geri),10%
(held-far), 12% (held-close)
Standard: 9%, 9.5%, 10%,Input:
10.8%, 11.4%, 12%,Shakunetsu
Hadoken: 1.1% (hits 1-4), 9.3% (hit 5)
Shin Shoryuken: 1% (initial hit),
10% (hits 1 and 2), 20% (last hit)
16% (leg),17.5% (foot)9%
Hero3%,3%,4%Frizz: 9%, 6% (late),Frizzle: 9%
(hits 1-2),Kafrizz: 19% (hit 1)
7% (trapping hit),33% (cinematic)18% (blade), 16% (body), 36% (Critical Hit blade), 32% (Critical Hit body)7%
Kazuya(Flash Punch Combo/10 Hit Combo),
3%, 3%, 2%, 9%, 3%, 3%, 4%, 1.5%,
11% (ground),12% (ground upward
s),10% (ground downwards),10%
(air),11% (air upwards),9% (air
8% (init),2% (center first hit),0.8%
(fanning loop hit),1.2%/1%/0.8%/0
26% (fist),23% (arm)5% (hits 1-2),2% (throw)
Luigi2% (Jab),2% (Straight),4% (Rump T
6% (clean),5% (late)30.1% (maximum captured),10%
Byleth1.5%, 2%, 4.5%, 0.4% (loop), 3.5%
12% (normal),29% (fully charged)10% (lash),20% (shockwave),15%
19.5% (tip),13% (shaft)3% (hit),3% (throw)
Marth3%/5% (Slash),4%/6% (Combination
8%/9% (uncharged),22%/24%
(fully charged)
Toon Link2% (Slash),2% (Counter Slash),4%
4% (uncharged),12% (fully charged)1% (trapping),2.8% (hits 1-14),2%
(hit 15),14% (final)
Mii Brawler1.8% (Feint Hook, Feint Combo),1%
(Hundred Rending Punch)
Shot Put:,15% (no bounce), 11.25%
(first bounce), 8.4% (second bounce)
Rosalina & Luma(Flash 1),Rosalina: 2%,Luma: 1%,(Flash
2),Rosalina: 2%,Luma: 1%,(Flash 3)
5% (uncharged),16% (fully charged)1% (loop),12% (explosion)9%Rosalina: 12%,Luma:
7% (fist),5% (body)
Duck Hunt1.5% (Scratch/Headbutt),1.5% (Double-
Footed Kick),5% (Woodpecker Rush)
10% (explosion), 1.8% (shots), 1.8%-4.4%
5% (flock of ducks), 10% (gunmen's
initial shots), 24% (gunmen's final
shots), 6% (ending)
9%4% (hits 1 and 2),9%
(hit 3)
Bayonetta1.4% (Bullet Punch/Combo Sweep),1.4%
(Swing Up),2.2% (Phantom Rush)
1.35% (uncharged),2.7% (charged)28% (Gomorrah), 13% (bonus
spell),10% (end)
9%14% (wrist),16% (fist)
Banjo & Kazooie2.2% (Claw Swipe),2.2% (Claw Punch),
3.7% (Rat-a-Tat Rap)
5.4%-3.8% (egg), 2.4% (Breegull Blaster
hits 1-6), 1.6% (Breegull Blaster hits 7-12),
0.8% (Breegull Blaster hits 13+)
10% (initial hit),54.3% (total)10%16%
Corrin(Pierce Thrust),2% (base), 2.5% (tip),
(Hoshidan Scoop),2%,(Dragon Fang Storm)
4% (shot, uncharged),11% (shot, fully
charged),10% (bite, uncharged)
7% (light pillars, base),2% (light
pillars, tips),34% (whirlpool)
9%0.5% (charging loop),
11% (spear base)
Lucas2.5% (Short Kick),1.5% (Reverse Kick),
3.5% (Turning Kick)
10% - 23%6.5%(Per Hit)9%14% (base),15% (tip),
1.5× (reflected projectiles)
Zelda(Short Flash/Rapid Flash),2.5% (hits 1-2)
,(Flash Finish),0.4% (loop), 3% (end)
2% (hits 1-3),5% (hit 4, close),4% (hit 4,
tip) 1.25× (reflected projectiles)
7% (initial vacuum),3% (subsequent
vacuum),60% (main)
9%1% (hits 1-4),13% (hit 5)
Villager(Left Punch/Right Punch/Finish Punch):,
1% (loop), 2% (final hit)
1.9× pocketed projectile45.5% (entire),10% (collateral loop),
15% (collateral explosion)
9%15% (early),17% (clean)
Robin2% (Right Chop),1.5% (Combination
Chop),5% (Fire/Wind),0.9% (Elwind loop),
2% (Elwind final hit) (Wind Finish)
5.5% (Thunder), 11% (Elthunder), 6%
(Arcthunder, hit 1), 2.4% (Arcthunder,
looping hits)
2% (trapping hit),3% (initial hit),1.3%
(hits 2-21),18% (final hit)
9%Bronze: 9.6%,Levin:
16% (clean),10% (late)
Mewtwo3% (Dark Flash/Dark Flame),0.8% (loop),
2.5% (last) (Dark Finish)
4% (uncharged),25% (fully charged)40%9%20% (blast),16% (arms)
Meta Knight1% (loop), 2% (last)12% (clean), 8% (late)3% (trapping hit), 27.6% (flurry attac
k), 10% (launch)
16%6% (hit), 3% (throw)
Ice ClimbersRight Sweep: 2%3.5-2.2% (ice chunks), 3.5% (hammers)13% (peak, rising), 11%/9%/7% (ice
Leader: 12%, Partner:
3% (hit), 5% (throw)
Mii Gunner1.7% (Jab), 1.7% (Spin Kick), 1% (cannon)
, 4.5% (explosion) (Short fire)
Charge Blast: 4% (uncharged), 26% (fully
1.3% (mini laser loop), 1.8% (big la
ser loop)
1.7% (hits 1 - 6), 7.5%
(hit 7)
4% (punch), 3% (throw)
Piranha Plant2.4%, 2.2%, 4.4%, 0.6% (loop), 3.4% (end)14% (held), 18% (thrown, early), 13%
(thrown, late)
4% (cage), 5% (high jump landing),
5% (fire, caged)
19% (head), 15% (stem)3% (hit), 8% (throw)
Mii Swordfighter3% (Front Slash), 3% (Counter Slash),
5% (Slash Up)
Gale Strike: 13% (clean), 11% (mid), 10%
1.8% (shockwave, close), 2.4% (shoc
kwave, mid)
14% (hilt), 15% (blade),
16% (tip)
3% (kick), 3% (throw)
Ridley2% (Scratch/Counter Scratch), 1.5% (Bite
off), 5% (Thousand Needle)
4.5%-5.6682692% (clean), 3.5%-4.40865
42% (late)
15% (dash), 40% (cutscene), 15%
Simon (Richter)2% (Short bash), 2% (Second Bash), 1.5%
(spiked ball), 1% (chain) (Whip Rush)
15%3% (trapping hit), 10% (final hit)18% (spiked ball), 16%
(chain), 14% (chain, close)
Bowser Jr2% (Clown Jab/Clown Hook), 2% (Clown
Hundred Rending Punch
10% (uncharged), 7% (uncharged late),
20% (fully charged), 14% (fully charged late)
3% (paint), 5% (explosion)1% (hits 1-5), 11% (hit 6)3% (hit 1), 7% (throw)
Jigglypuff3% (Jab), 3% (Continuous Jab)10% (minimally charged), 20% (fully charged)10% (hit 1), 25% (hit 2)16% (clean), 14% (late)5% (hit 1), 5% (throw)
Kirby1.8% (Punch), 1.6% (Vulcan Jab), 0.2%
(Loop), 3% (Last)
10% (swallow), 6% (spit)3% (stun), 5% (hit 1), 2.5% (hits 2-9)
, 16% (hit 10)
15% (clean), 11% (late)5%
Donkey Kong4% (Jab), 6% (Upper)10% (uncharged), 28% (tenth wind-up/fully
charged grounded), 25% (tenth wind-up/fully
charged aerial)
12% (initial hit), 1.2% (rapid hits),
14% (final hit), 61.9% (maximum)
22% (hands), 21% (arms)12% (forward, up), 13%
(back), 11% (down)
King K. Rool2.5% (Palm Slap), 2.5% (Snatch Claw),
7% (Sole Kick)
13% (Kannonball), 12% (throw), 17% (relaun
ched Kannonball)
3% (stomp), 10% (tackle), 25%
(energy beam), 10% (ending)
19.95% (sweetspot), 17.
325% (close) 19% (sweet
10% (throw), 7%
Ganondorf11%30% (ground), 37% (ground reverse), 38%
(aerial), 40% (aerial reverse)
10% (greatswords), 45%/35%
24%5% (hit 1), 8% (throw)
Incineroar2.5% (Wide Chop), 2.8% (Kneebutt), 6.7%
(Elbow Smash)
17%/13% (clean hit 1), 12%/10% (late hit 1,
hit 2), 11%/9% (hits 3-4), 10%/8% (hits 5-6)
3% (start-up), 2% (initial grab),
7% (hit 1-4)
16% (leg), 20% (foot)12% (throw), 4% (early),
6% (mid), 8% (late)
Isabelle2% (Toy Hammer)1.9x Multiplier10% (collateral loop), 15% (collateral
explosion), 50.5% (entirety)
17% (clean), 8% (late)9%
King Dedede2.5% (Quick Swing), 2.2% (Spinning
Hammerhead), 0.5% (loop), 3% (last)
(Battering Strike)
12% (spit), 1.5× damage (reflected projectiles)8% (hit 1), 1.8% (missiles), 20%
(hammer hit), 10% (last hit)
16% (early hammerhead)
, 25% (late hammerhead
4% (hit 1), 6% (throw)
Lucario2.5% (Sweep), 2% (Thrust), 3% (Kick Up)6.9%~17.2% (move), 0.6% (charge loop)0.8% (loop), 11.5% (final hit)16% (Clean), 13% (Late)5% (hit), 3% (throw)
Little Mac1.5% (Left Jab), 1.5% (Right Hook), 5%
(Rush), 0.5% (Loop), 3% (Last)
12%/10%/8% (uncharged), 10%/8% (uncharg
ed reversed), 30% (fully charged)
3% (beginning), 2% (late beginning),
59% (entirety)
20% (fist), 18% (arm)4% (hit), 4% (throw)
Dr. Mario2.94% (Jab), 1.76% (Straight), 4.74%
(Kick Up)
5.88% (Early), 4.704% (Late)3.528%/3.7632%/3.9984%/4.2336%
17.2872% (electricity),
20.9328% (arm)


All the fighters belonging to the S-ranking SSBU tier list are the absolute best in the game. Their learning curve is not difficult and is easy to master as well. Winning matches online and offline is not challenging while playing with these fighters in Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

Smash Ultimate Tier List
Super Smash Bros Ultimate S-Tier List
Joker Best character in the game with versatile combos and mobility, especially with Arsene.
Pikachu Small hitbox makes it difficult to hit, strong mobility and combo potential.
Palutena Excellent for zoning playstyle with fast air and dash speed, powerful ranged attacks.
Zero Suit Samus Great mobility, both on ground and in the air, with multiple KO setups.
Peach (Daisy) Strong combo potential and recovery options, despite slow fall and airspeed.
Wolf Powerful blasters and excellent air game, overall strong aerial attacks.
Mario Well-balanced fighter with fast frame data, suitable for beginners and professionals.
Snake Suited for zoning and camping playstyle, powerful knockback and KO options.
Pyra & Mythra Two-in-one fighters with different playstyles, Pyra being a heavy hitter and Mythra an agile fighter.
Pokémon Trainer Highly unpredictable with the ability to switch Pokémon on the fly, confusing opponents.
Mr. Game & Watch Low crouch allows dodging many attacks, powerful smash attacks and KO options.
Lucina Incredible mobility and disjointed reach, good pressure on opponents with fast attacks.
R.O.B Best at horizontal and vertical recovery, high weight and projectile-based attacks.
Shulk Attacks from a distance with Monado’s energy blade, high weight and Monado Arts amplify performance.
Wario Heavy-weight fighter with good survivability, excellent air acceleration and KO potential with Wario Waft.
Min Min Ranged attacks with ARM attacks, decent fighter in the current meta with good zoning potential.
Sephiroth Longest blade in the game, gains super armor and third mid-air jump during winged form.
Roy Strong close combat game with powerful combos, counterattack and meteor smash potential.
Pac-Man Mixes rushdown and zoning playstyle, multiple recovery methods and agile movement.


The A-tier fighters are very close to the S-tier ones in our smash bros ultimate tier list. However, they have at least one or two flaws, so they are not the absolute best in the game. Regardless of it, dominating fights online and offline is relatively easy with A-tier fighters.

Smash Ultimate Tier List
Super Smash Bros Ultimate A-Tier List
Sonic Fastest dash speed, versatile combo game, good tilt attacks and aerials, meteor smash attack.
Fox Amazing combo versatility, rapid-firing blaster, excellent recovery, potent Up Smash attacks.
Chrom Good combo game, high agility, powerful aerial attacks, strong basic and advanced attacks.
Inkling Buffs damage with ink, slows opponent’s movement, good ranged and combo attacks, ink regeneration takes time.
Young Link Smaller hitboxes, great tether, fire damage arrows, automatic bomb detonation, struggles with knockback range.
Diddy Kong Decent attack range, good aerial combos, rocketbarrel boost recovery, suitable for aerial fighter playstyle.
Cloud Double jump for greater height, powerful special and smash attacks, Buster Sword for ranged attack, bad recovery without limit.
Ness Consistent pressure with combo and ranged attacks, small hitbox, strong aerial game.
Greninja Excellent agility, confusing movement speed, best recovery, great edge-guarding abilities.
Olimar Utilizes Pikmin for mix-ups, good grab range, builds percentage quickly, ranged damage options, decent recovery.
Terry Heavyweight with good survivability, powerful projectiles, over 100% requirement for Super Specials.
Steve Close-combat fighter with limited ranged damage, can craft and gather materials, resource availability dependent on stage.
Mega Man Relies on projectile-based attacks for zoning, small hitbox, mixes multi and single-hit attacks.
Yoshi Agile fighter with combo attacks, strong in air and on ground, meteor smash on forward aerial, weak vertical recovery.
Captain Falcon Excellent running speed for confusion tactics, minimal lag on aerial attacks, versatile KO moves.
Sora Floaty playstyle with swift aerial movements, potent anti-air capabilities, versatile zoning with spells, susceptible to early death due to light weight.
Pichu Small size for quick evasion, small hitbox, easy to KO and low endurance.
Ken Excellent in close combat, above-average agility, predictable recovery.
Link Versatile with close combat to range-based attacks, heavy-weight for increased survivability, balanced moveset.


All the fighters that come in the B-tier category perform more or less close to A-tier characters. However, they have two or more flaws attached to their playstyle, which weighs down the overall potential and performance of the fighters.

Smash Ultimate Tier List
Super Smash Bros Ultimate B-Tier List
Sheik Versatile combos, good agility, minimal lag, excellent jump height, lacks kill options other than smash attacks.
Samus (Dark Samus) Great recovery with tether, heavy fighter with longest grab, Bombs for aerial hovering, struggles with close-range combat.
Bowser Heaviest fighter, immensely powerful attacks, strong Smash attack for KOs, decent grab range, susceptible to being launched.
Falco Agile with combos and movement speed, good close-combat fighter, lightweight and easily launched in the air.
Ike High-damage heavyweight with decent combos, good survivability, poor recovery.
Luigi Slow fall speed for aerial combos, variety of ground and aerial combos, equipment usage, tether grab with ledge issues.
Kazuya Extensive combo tree, good combat power, limited range, weak aerial capabilities, grounded playstyle.
Hero Shield for projectile defense, good close combat combos, situational attacks, excellent vertical recovery when fully charged.
Ryu Mix-up combo moves, decent agility, minimal ending lag on attacks, good for chaining combos.
Wii Fit Trainer Decent agility and minimal lag, lightweight with poor grab range, relies on zoning playstyle.
Rosalina & Luma Large, lightweight, agile with decent zoning capability, requires skill to manage both fighters effectively.
Mii Brawler Better than other Mii fighters, suited for close-combat, lacks ranged attacks.
Toon Link Sword wielder with disjointed hitboxes, strong melee encounters, meteor smash on down aerial, powerful throw.
Marth Sword attacks with high knockback and combo damage, disjointed hitboxes, versatile combo attacks.
Byleth Strong offensive and defensive game, shield damage with aerials, short grab range, poor horizontal recovery.
Lucas Agile with heavy damage, above-average zoning playstyle, good combos and powerful smash attacks.
Corrin Sword fighter with disjointed hitboxes, good combo opportunities, launches opponents into the air, strong aerial game.
Banjo & Kazooie Banjo-centric hitboxes, three jumps for recovery, good for attacking without retaliation, lightweight and easily launched.
Bayonetta Excellent close and ranged combat, high-range grab attack, versatile ground and aerial game, connects throws to smash attacks.
Duck Hunt Tricky with trick shot attack for traps, lightweight and easily launched, struggles against mid-to-heavy fighters.
Meta Knight Multiple jumps with limited height, sword wielder with good range, excellent combos and multi-hit attacks.
Mewtwo Above-average agility with incredible dash speed and air dodging, good recovery with teleport and Shadow Ball, difficult to counter.
Robin Ranged damage dealer with good grab range, effective zoning playstyle, limited combos against mid to high-weight opponents.
Villager Above-average knockback attack, decent recovery, effective against mid to high-weight opponents.
Zelda Limited combos against mid to high-weight opponents, decent overall fighter, reliable.
Mii Gunner Ranged fighter with pressure tactics, weak close combat, suited for keeping enemies at a distance.
Ice Climbers Offensive and recovery options with equipment, decent jump height, lack good horizontal air movement, vulnerable if Nana dies.


All the fighters coming under the C-tier are below-average performers in the game. They have complex combo mechanics, and most, if not all, attacks are not effective as well.

Smash Ultimate Tier List
Super Smash Bros Ultimate C-Tier List
Bowser Jr Strong zoning playstyle, good combo variety, low range on some attacks, predictable due to variety of weapons.
Simon (Richter) Whip-based attacks for distance, tether recovery, limited recovery setups, axe for aerial attacks, struggles with recovery.
Ridley Large lightweight fighter with decent height coverage, tail-based attacks for ranged setups, susceptible to being launched due to size and weight.
Mii Swordfighter Average fighter with close combat focus, few projectile attacks, lightweight and easily launched, especially at mid-to-high percentages.
Piranha Plant Decent attacks and recovery, slow agility and attacks, stalls recovery using specials, struggles in melee and projectile exchanges.
Pit (Dark Pit) Arrow differences between Pit and Dark Pit, effective off-stage and edge-guarding, versatile recovery, Pit lacks power and speed.
King K. Rool Highest weight, challenging to launch, meteor smash attacks, slow projectile speed, belly armor ineffective against grabs.
Donkey Kong Powerful close combat and knockback attacks, long range due to long arms, large hitbox, lacks projectile-based attacks.
Kirby Small size, six jumps, low crouch, lightweight and easy to KO, limited overall jump height, lacks decent attack range.
Jigglypuff Lightweight with high air speed, six jumps, Sing and Rest for KOs, slow ground speed, limited attack range, easy to KO.


All the fighters belonging to the D-rank tier list are difficult to learn. They also do not offer much to the table, and mastering their moveset and setups to beat the fighters of higher tiers is a challenge.

Smash Ultimate Tier List
Super Smash Bros Ultimate D-Tier List
Lucario Relies on Aura mechanic for damage output and knockback, weak without Aura, high survivability with high percentage buildup, bad recovery at low percentages.
King Dedede Powerful smash attacks, high weight for survivability, large hitbox makes him vulnerable to attacks, low agility, not agile in ground and aerial combat.
Isabelle Functional zoning abilities with Balloon Trip and Lloid Trap, lightweight and easily knocked back, lacks projectiles, heavily reliant on close combat.
Incineroar Low mobility compensated by frame advantage, high weight for survivability, lacks projectiles, relies on close combat, vulnerable to ranged attacks.
Ganondorf High damage output but suffers from poor recovery, slow movement speed on ground and air, heavily reliant on close combat, vulnerable to ranged attacks.
Dr. Mario Limited combo variety compared to Mario, suffers from poor recovery, vulnerable to edge-guarding, slow speed, small hitbox, struggles against faster opponents.
Little Mac Heavy hitter with poor aerial approach, low weight makes him susceptible to being knocked back, poor recovery, K.O. punches bypass shields, super armor on smash attacks.

That is pretty much everything you need to know about the Super Smash Bros Ultimate tier list. We will update the SSBU tier list as soon as new fighters join the roster and we get hands-on experience. Till then, this tier ranking will do.

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