Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Complete Trophy Guide (2023)

There Are A Total Of 28 Trophies In The Game.

Looking to earn the Platinum trophy in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, but don’t know where to look? Well, worry no more, because this article will show you how to get all of the trophies this game has to offer. This is Exputer’s Modern Warfare trophy guide.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has a total of 28 trophies and what’s most surprising is that apart from one, all of these are tied to the single-player mode.

Some of these trophies can be unlocked simply by completing the campaign, but others require a bit more effort.

Single Player Trophies:

Highway of Death.

Press (BOOM) to Defuse (Bronze): 

To unlock this trophy, players have to blow up three tripwires with explosives in the mission ‘Hunting Party.’ You can throw your frag grenades at them to accomplish this. You also only have six chances to do this in the mission.

Ashes to Ashes (Silver): 

Kill four different enemies with a single molotov cocktail in the mission ‘Proxy War’ to get this trophy.

Hang Time (Bronze): 

Eliminate three different enemies while climbing a ladder during ‘The Wolf’s Den’ mission.

Modern Warfare trophy guide
The Wolf’s Den.

Long Way Down (Silver):

Crash a helicopter by shooting the pilot in the mission ‘Proxy War.’

Wild Fire (Gold): 

Takedown a flying helicopter by attacking it with Molotov cocktails in ‘Proxy War.’

Good Effect on Target (Silver): 

In the mission ‘Hunting Party,’ kill an enemy by throwing a smoke grenade at them.

Out of the Fire (Gold): 

Complete all fourteen-story missions in the game on either the Veteran or Realistic difficulty to unlock this trophy.

Tea Time (Silver): 

Finish all fourteen-story missions in the game on any difficulty to unlock this trophy.

Into the Furnace.

Nothing but Net (Bronze):

Eliminate the machine gunner in the mission ‘Fog of War’ with a frag grenade.

Trigger Discipline (Silver):

To unlock this trophy, make sure not to harm any civilian NPCs in Piccadilly’s mission.

Play Dead (Silver): 

During the mission ‘Embedded,’ there is a section where the player and their companion Farah have to lay down on the ground in order to avoid being spotted by a group of enemies. To get this trophy, you have to eliminate these enemies instead of avoiding them as instructed.

Companion Block (Silver): 

Once again, during the mission ‘Embedded,’ there is a point where the player has to pick up a cinder block for a specific purpose. To unlock the trophy, carry this same cinder block with you to the end of the level. You can put it down if needed; you have to make sure it reaches the end with you.

Wall Hax (Bronze): 

In the mission ‘Clean House,’ prevent your teammate Sgt. Madden from being shot on the second floor. Shoot through the door on the left before Sgt. Madden walks past it and gets attacked by the enemies hiding within.

Modern Warfare trophy guide
Clean House.

Golden Path (Gold): 

Complete ‘Clean House’ without taking any damage and only using one bullet per enemy.

Circus Tour (Bronze): 

Kill at least one enemy while inside The Reading Place, Aural Chic, and Subway locations during the mission “Piccadilly.”

Love from Above (Silver): 

Destroy four trucks with four drone strikes in the Embassy’s mission.

Pit Stop (Silver): 

Stop three APCs with Hadir’s sniper rifle in the mission ‘Highway of Death.’

Driver’s Ed (Silver):

Once again, during ‘Highway of Death,’ shoot the driver of the suicide truck to stop it.

Two Birds (Silver): 

While playing as Farah in the mission ‘Hometown,’ kill both Russian soldiers with a single shot.

Modern Warfare trophy guide

Tunnel Rat (Silver): 

Complete the tunnel section of the mission ‘The Wolf’s Den’ using only the 1911 semi-automatic pistol.

Dodged a Bullet (Silver): 

During the campaign mission “Captive,” never get shot by the sniper while escaping from captivity.

Got Something On Your Face (Silver): 

Spit on Barkov’s face while being interrogated in ‘Captive.’

Hot-Swap (Silver):

Get at least one kill with eight different weapons when playing through the ‘Old Comrades’ mission.

Lights Out (Bronze): 

In the mission ‘Going Dark,’ shut off the power to four different buildings.

We Own the Night (Gold): 

Kill all enemies in the church, clock tower, and swimming pool before anyone calls for backup in ‘Going Dark.’


Warheads on Foreheads (Silver): 

When playing through the mission ‘Into the Furnace,’ reach Barkov’s lab only using drone strikes.

Tier 1 (Platinum): 

Unlock all Single player trophies in the game.

Multiplayer Trophy:

Going Dark.

Liberation (Bronze): 

Complete all four operations in Special Operations mode at least once.

This was our Modern Warfare trophy guide. Hopefully, it shouldn’t take you long now to Platinum this game.

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