Sniper Elite 5 Locomotion Commotion Achievement/Trophy Unlock

Our Locomotion Commotion guide entails what this achievement is about and what preparations you need to make to get it.

What is Locomotion Commotion?

Sniper Elite 5 Locomotion Commotion
locomotion commotion achievement unlock

Locomotion Commotion is a rare achievement and is also considerably hard to complete. The game itself doesn’t provide enough for the players to complete the achievement on their own. The in-game achievement’s description is very vague, and it says, “In Martressac, create an accident that destroys the train in the storage area.”

Key Highlights

Use the zipline to access the playable area and eliminate two enemies with grenades. Use the x12 scope to kill the crane enemy from afar. If lacking the scope, eliminate the crane enemy from the storage area to unlock the achievement.

So basically, if you hadn’t been paying the uttermost attention, without a guide, you cant complete the achievement based on the in-game description alone.

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How To Get Locomotion Commotion Achievement

War Factory mission
war factory mission – locomotion commotion

To complete the Locomotion commotion, players need to complete a few things in an orderly manner if they hope to complete the achievement. First and foremost, they should head towards the collectibles section and select the “War Factory mission 4” map.

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Mission Preparation

There are a few things that the players would need to make the process of completing this achievement easier. To make things trouble-free, players would want to bring with them a grenade. This ensures that players would not have to worry about obtaining it during the mission.

Moreover, players would need any of the sniper rifles they can use but with a high-powered scope. You can equip the highest zoom scope you have, which makes things easier to do. We do recommend picking up the K98K or reading our Sniper Elite 5 best sniper rifle guide and then deciding which one best suits your playstyle.

k98k sniper rifle
K98K – locomotion commotion guide

Also, do not forget to turn off the axis invasion world mod because it can make things harder for you. Players can choose whatever difficulty they want; however, the easier, the better. Setting the difficulty to the lowest would only make things easier for players and save some time.

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Unlocking Locomotion Commotion Achievement or Trophy

Sniper Elite 5 Locomotion Commotion
enemy operating crane – locomotion commotion

Moving on to the achievement itself, once the map is loaded, players would need to take the first zip line into the main playable achievement area. There, they would notice two enemies that would need to be killed for the achievement to proceed. Here is the location that you need to be in order to kill the crane operator. 

killing crane operator war factory mission
war factory mission – sniper elite 5 locomotion commotion

There are many ways players can kill them, with throwing a grenade right under their noses being the easiest. After killing them, there are many ways you can proceed and unlock the achievement.

killing crane operator Sniper Elite 5 Locomotion Commotion
killing crane – locomotion commotion

If you have a high-powered scope, you can simply aim at the distant crane you can see, and you will notice an enemy in the crane. Simply kill him using your high-powered scope, and the achievement will be completed.

However, in the case you don’t have a high-powered scope, like an x12 scope, then players may simply head over to the storage area and kill the crane guy to complete the achievement.  

payload destroying towers – locomotion commotion

After you have killed the crane operator, he will accidentally strike the payload with volatile gas or fuel towers, causing them to explode. You will get the achievemnt or trophy unlock after this step is done.

Sniper Elite 5 Locomotion Commotion achievement trophy unlock
locomotion commotion achievement/trophy unlocked

So that pretty much sums up how players can unlock the locomotion commotion achievement in Sniper Elite 5. If you think we missed any important detail, then please do let us know in the comment section down below.

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