Sniper Elite 5: All 5 Raid Weapons Lab Locations

Our guide on Sniper Elite 5 Raid Weapons Lab Locations entails all the steps you need to follow to reach intel exact locations.

During the secret weapons mission, you will be given an option to investigate or raid the weapons lab. The following guide will cover in detail how to raid the weapons lab in Sniper Elite 5. The players need something to stop the growing Allied forces in Normandy. The completion of this mission will reveal what the Nazi war machine has prepared to stop these forces.

Key Highlights
  • The optional objective of the Secret Weapons mission is to collect five intel pieces in the Weapons Lab. It doesn’t affect the main story but rewards extra experience points.
  • The 1st intel piece is on a counter in the first room on your left when you enter the dome building.
  • The 2nd intel piece is on a notice board in a room on the ground floor. The room has an image of a tank next to it.
  • The 3rd intel piece is on a table with a microscope on the second floor. You can also see a “Rauchen Verboten” sign nearby.
  • The 4th intel piece is in a large hall with planes, where you need to take a picture of the two industrial fans and the missile from an elevated level.
  • The 5th intel piece is on a large table in a room with numerous boards, which you’ll reach by using the scaffolding in the large hall.

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Raid And Investigate 5 Weapons Lab in Sniper Elite 5

Players need to collect five different pieces of intel from the weapons lab. These five different pieces of information will be located in five different locations in the weapons lab. You need to travel to all these locations to collect them by moving to the northeastern side of the map. 

Collecting these from different locations is not part of the main storyline. Your main storyline will not be affected if you do not do this. However, you will get additional experience points by completing it. Additional experience points are important to help players level up in the game. 

All Raid Weapons Lab Locations in Sniper Elite 5

We have discussed the locations of all these weapons in the lab below. Follow the steps in the guide, and you will complete the mission easily.

Raid Weapons Lab 1/5

When you enter the dome for the first time, you will see different rooms. You need to enter the first room on your left, so head to this room. After that, you will notice a few items here that are placed on the top of the shelf or counter. This counter will be visible when you enter the room.

There will be a big anti-tank gun, and the first weapon lab intel will be found right next to it. The exact location of this intel has been marked in the image below. 

 Lab 1
Raid Weapons Lab 1/5

Raid Weapons Lab 2/5

To find the next intel, you will enter a room on the ground floor. This room contains a lot of items, and you need to find your intel. A tip for finding the intel in this room is to go through the right side of the room. You have to find a notice board on this side of the room.

More specifically, this notice board is located right next to the picture of a tank. Just follow the steps mentioned above, and you will find the item yourself. The location of the second intel is also shown in the image below.

Sniper Elite 5 Lab 2
Raid Weapons Lab 2/5

Raid Weapons Lab 3/5

Once you are done finding the second intel on the ground floor, you will head to the first floor. The third intel is found on the second floor, so use the staircase to reach here. The item you are looking for is placed on the table here. 

In case you are finding it difficult to find the item, try looking for a microscope. There is a microscope placed near the table and a sign in the German Language too. The sign says “Rauchen Verboten,” which translated in English means “No Smoking.” The image has also been attached to assist you in finding the exact location.

Sniper Elite 5 Lab 3
Raid Weapons Lab 3/5

Raid Weapons Lab 4/5

You will find the next item in a large hall, more specifically, a hall with planes in it. You will have to enter the hall to find your desired item. However, once you enter the hall, you will notice on your right that there are two big industrial fans. These industrial fans will be working on testing the Aerodynamics of a weapon.

You will be required to move to an elevated level here, and you will use the stairs to go up. All you need to do is to take a picture of this test as scientific proof. The image of the hall is given below to make it easier for you to find it.

Sniper Elite 5 Lab 4
Raid Weapons Lab 4/5

Raid Weapons Lab 5/5

There will be scaffolding to the right of where you took the photo. Follow this scaffolding to enter the room with several boards. The room will also have various drawings and schematics. The final weapons lab intel that you need to collect for this mission is the schematic.

This schematic will be placed on a large table that will be visible right after you enter the room, then collect this intel. As a result, you will complete this optional Sniper Elite 5 Raid Weapons Lab Mission. 

Lab 5
Raid Weapons Lab 5/5

Sniper Elite 5 has various missions that are not part of the main storyline, but players prefer completing them for additional experience points. Similarly, Raid Weapons Lab is one of those missions that players complete because they want to get extra points.

This is an easy mission, and you just need to follow the steps mentioned in the guide Sniper Elite 5 Raid Weapons Lab Locations above to complete it. 

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