All Sniper Elite 5 Spy Academy Workbench Locations

This guide entails all you need to know about the locations and rewards of workbenches in Spy Academy mission of Sniper Elite 5.

During your missions in Sniper Elite 5, one of the most important tools you will come across are Workbenches. So, before moving on to the locations of workbenches of Spy Academy in Sniper Elite 5 let’s discuss briefly what workbenches are.

Key Takeaways
  • You can find a Pistol, SMG, and Rifle Workbench in the Spy Academy Mission, which let you modify your weapons and unlock new attachments.
  • Besides upgrades, You’ll unlock SMG Suppressor Pack at the SMG Workbench and the Pistol Contraband Crate attachment bundle at the Pistol Workbench.
  • You’ll find the SMG Workbench inside an open door within a tunnel that you reach by climbing the white paint-covered walls next to a red car at the main avenue after clearing the fort.
  • You’ll have to use Satchel Charges or get the key from the officer in a room near the eastern entrance to open the Pistol Workbench in a Nazi Armory northwest of the SMG Workbench.
  • The Rifle Workbench is at the top of a vine-covered wall in the far north, where soldiers are training for Operation Kraken.
  • You can reach the Rifle Workbench by either using the western cathedral entrance or heading east from the fortress walls when going to the escape boat.

What Are Workbenches in Sniper Elite 5

Workbenches are incredibly useful secrets that you can find throughout every map of Sniper Elite 5. Not only do they let you attach additional attachments to your weapons, but also expand your repertoire.

Attaching a silencer to your pistol or better scope on your sniper can make a huge difference in your missions and for that locating workbenches is a necessity.

Locating Workbenches isn’t as simple as marking their location on the map and simply traveling. Before you reach a workbench, there are a lot of obstructions and barriers you have to go through.

Depending on the map or mission, workbenches are can be found in different resistance safehouses marked with a white flag or Nazi logo.

Workbenches can be troublesome to find, but we are here to save you from that hassle. We will guide you on how to find all the workbenches in the Spy Academy mission of Sniper Elite 5, which will further allow you to upgrade and enhance your SMGs, Pistols, and Rifles.

Before reading further, why not go through our guide on the Sniper Elite 5’s Rat bomb and learn about its uses.

Location SMG Workbench in Spy Academy

Location of SMG Workshop
The Location of SMG Workbench on the map
Workbench TypeLocation
SMGSpy Academy - Beaumont Marshland
PistolSpy Academy - Upper Part of the Town
RifleSpy Academy - Far-North of the Island

You will arrive at Beaumont Marshland’s once you start Mission 3 Spy academy in Sniper Elite 5. After arriving at the Beaumont Marshland, head to the start of the bridge and sneak around the soldiers or take them out who can be found standing near the truck.

Now, before you head into the fortress, take out all the soldiers you can by using snipers and binoculars so that your infiltration into the fortress is less difficult and time-consuming.

After you are done taking out the soldiers, head into the fort and keep moving along the right flank of the bridge until you reach an entrance with motorcycles in front of it.

Sneak around the soldiers and make your way along the main avenue until you see a red car. To the left of the red car, you’ll see walls covered with white paint.

Red car in the main avenue
Karl Fairburn approaches the red vehicle

Climb the wall and head into the doorway and follow the tunnel until you spot an open door. Head inside the open door and look for the Resistance flag and just beneath it, you’ll find the SMG Workbench of Spy Academy in Sniper Elite 5.

Climbing the Ledges
Karl Fairburn climbing the white ledges beside the red car to reach SMG Workbench
Doorway to SMG Workshop
Protagonist Karl Fairburn heading inside the doorway to the SMG Workbench
Resistance flag above the SMG Workshop
Karl Fairburn standing beside the SMG Workbench

Finding the SMG workbench in Spy Academy also unlocks an SMG Suppressor Pack. In addition to that, pick up all the supplies you can, especially the Satchel Charge on the right of the Workbench.

Utility window for SMG Workshop
Menu of SMG Workbench

Location of Pistol Workbench in Spy Academy

The workbench we’ll be locating next is the Pistol workbench. The pistol workshop looks relatively close, but it is actually situated in the upper part of the town.

Getting to the Pistol Workbench is not only very tricky but there are some requirements for gaining access to this workbench.

Pistol Workbench can be found on the uppermost level of the island, northwest of the SMG Workbench.

After reaching there, you will find a Steel door or the Nazi armory that cannot be opened by normal means. There are two ways to open this giant metal door, and we will be discussing both of them.

Location of Pistol Workshop
The location of Pistol Workbench on the map.

The first method is by using Armory Key. To get the Armory Key, you’ll have to take down Officer Josef Lowenstam. You can him strolling around near the east entrance to the main compound in the room next to the large set of stairs. 

location of Officer Josef Lowenstam.
The giant stairway near the location of Officer Josef Lowenstam.
Sniper Elite 5 Spy Academy Workbench
we  Karl Fairburn is about to takedown Officer Josef Lowenstam.
Dead Josef Lowenstam
Looting Officer Josef Lowenstam

The second method is very simple and straightforward. Plant the Satchel Charge on the Blue Steel Door and blow it up.

After opening the door through any of the aforementioned means, just head inside the Nazi Armory, and you’ll find the Pistol workbench beneath the Nazi flag.

Sniper Elite 5 Spy Academy Workbench
Karl Fairburn standing beside the Pistol Workbench

Finding the Pistol Workbench in Spy Academy will not only unlock pistol upgrades but will also unlock the Pistol Contraband Crate attachment bundle in Sniper Elite 5.

Utility window of Pistol Workshop
Menu of Pistol Workbench

Location of Rifle Workbench In Spy Academy

The Rifle Workbench is the easiest to miss unless you are exploring every nook and cranny of Spy Academy. For this Workbench, we’ll recommend leaving it as it is until you complete the mission, or if you want to get to the Rifle Workbench from the Pistol workshop we will guide you through that too.

Sniper Elite 5 Spy Academy Workbench
The location of Rifle Workbench on the map.

This workbench location can be tricky to find in Sniper Elite 5. It is located in the Far-North of the island. You can identify the site easily by eavesdropping on the Nazi Soldiers training for “Operation Kraken”. 

Walkthrough From Pistol Workshop 

From the location where you found the Pistol Workbench, head to the west and get inside the cathedral via the west gate. Move towards the statue in the cathedral and turn left.

After turning left, cross the miniature bridge until you see some cardboard struts.

From there, turn left again and take the stairs down to reach the lowest level and head outside into the courtyard and follow the path across the bridge, and turn right. After reaching the area between the two pillars, look to your right, and you will see a giant wall with vines on it. Climb the vines, and you’ll reach the Rifle Workbench.

approaching the vine wall
Karl Fairburn on his way to climb the vine wall

Walkthrough From the Escape Boat

If you are someone who has already completed the mission and is on his way to the exit but wants to get rifle upgrades before leaving, worry not, we have got you covered as well.

Obviously, backtracking all the way to the Pistol Workshop and getting to the Rifle Workbench from there is quite a hassle. Luckily you don’t have to do that because you’ll find the vine wall on your way to the extraction point.

The direction of boat for exfiltration
Karl Fairburn at a short distance from the boat

Before you make your way out of the cathedral and head towards the escape boat, look back at the fortress walls. Head towards the East from there and you’ll reach the wall with vines.

Climb the wall with vines and continue your way up to the hidden Rifle Workbench.

Sniper Elite 5 Spy Academy Workbench
Protagonist Karl Fairburn making his way to the Rifle workshop through the vine wall
Doorway to Rifle Workshop
Karl Fairburn heading inside the doorway to the Rifle Workbench
Sniper Elite 5 Spy Academy Workbench
Menu of Rifle Workbench

This wraps up our guide on all the workbenches located in Spy Academy’s mission of Sniper Elite 5. Let us know what other discoveries you made in the mission in the comments below.

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