Sniper Elite 5: All Flare Gun Locations

A comprehensive guide detailing all you need to know about the uses and locations of Flare Gun in Sniper Elite 5.

Sniper Elite 5 has a robust collection of weapons, ranging from long-ranged snipers to pistols for short-ranged shooting. Today in our guide, we’ll cover one of the rarest weapons of Sniper Elite 5 called Flare Gun.

Key Highlights
  • Mission 5: Festun Guernsey – Find Flare Gun and Personal Letter in abandoned houses east of St. Hamilton’s Church, near Rifle Workbench.
  • Mission 6: Liberation – Flare Gun, Panzerfaust, and Rifle Workbench inside house with resistance markings north, accessible via vines.
  • Mission 7: Secret Weapons – Two Flare Guns northeast of patrolling tanks and in control room near V2 launchpad, with Personal Letter.
  • Mission 8: Rubble and Ruin – Flare Gun in locked room in southeast octagonal building, alongside Classified Document

All Flare Gun Locations in Sniper Elite 5

LiberationNorthernmost partLook for a house with Resistance markings. Climb the vines on the side of the house to enter.
Festung GuernseyAbandoned houseFrom St. Hamilton's Church, head east until you find a couple of abandoned houses.
Secret WeaponsTank areaFollow the main path until you see a shack on a hill. Head east until you reach the crossroads.
Secret WeaponsV2 Assembly areaAfter completing the objective, move southwards, climb the ladder, and open the control room.
Rubble and RuinOctagonal buildingEnter the building and head upstairs. Unlock the locked door using the hotel key or a satchel charge.

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Flare Gun Location in Liberation

Location of Flare Gun in Liberation
Flare Gun’s Location marked on Liberation’s map

The Flare Gun in Sniper Elite 5’s Mission#6 “Liberation” can be found in the northernmost part of the mission’s map. Before you cross the barricaded bridge, you’ll see a house with Resistance marking on it. After looking around for a while, you’ll notice there is no normal way to get into the house.

To get into the house, you have to climb the vines located on the side of the house. Once you are inside the house, you find the Flare Gun there.

Apart from that, Rifle Workbench can also be found in the same house, so get your rifle upgrades from there. While discussing workbenches, why not go through our guide on the Spy Academy Workbench locations in Sniper Elite 5 guide.

Liberation's Flare Gun
Karl Fairburne picking up the Flare Gun in Liberation

Additionally, pick up the Panzerfaust as well to blow up the Tiger Tank that will appear as soon you blow up the barricaded bridge. This will save you some Flare Gun’s ammo as well. Panzerfaust can be found just near the location where you picked up the Flare Gun.

Location of Flare Gun In Festung Guernsey

Location of Flare Gun in Festung Guernsey
Flare Gun’s Location marked on Festung Guernsey’s map

As soon as you start Mission#5 “Festung Guernsey” head north until you reach Fort Hommet. From Fort Hommet continue through the road to the eastern path until you reach the cross roads. After getting there turn left and continue your path along the road until you reach St. Hamilton’s Church.

In St. Hamilton’s Church you’ll find the first Festung Guernsey Workbench and the location of Flare Gun is very near to the location. From St. Hamilton’s Church, move eastwards until you find a couple of abandoned houses.

In one of them you’ll find a Personal Letter and Crystal Radio, and the house opposite to this one will have the Flare Gun.

Flare Guns Location In Secret WeaponsLocation of First Flare Gun in Secret Weapons

In Sniper Elite 5’s Mission#7 “Secret Weapons” you’ll be able to find two Flare Guns. Follow the main path from your starting location until you see a shack up on the hill. From there, head east until you reach crossroads.

After you’ve reached the crossroads, head north until you see two tanks making rounds on the roads. This is where you have to be extra careful because once they detect you it’s game over.

Carefully approach the tank on the right in the north-east direction. The first Flare Gun of Secret Weapons is just near that tank.

Location of Second Flare Gun in Secret Weapons
Second Flare Gun’s Location marked on Secret Weapons’ map

The second Flare Gun can be found while you are completing the main objective of Mission 7 in Sniper Elite 5. After you’ve completed the objective in V2 Assembly and Refueling area, move southwards towards the end of the area after leaving the control room.

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Secret Weapon's Flare Gun
Karl Fairburne picking up the Second Flare Gun in Secret Weapons

Climb the letter near the alarm and horizontal V2 and go to the end of the catwalk. After reaching the end, move left and keep following the path until you see a door. Exit the door and move left after seeing V2 launchpad and climb the ladder.

Upon climbing the ladder, you’ll reach another control room. Open the control room, and you’ll find the Flare Gun near the personal letter named “The V2’s are obsolete”.

Location of Flare Gun In Rubble & Ruin

Location of First Flare Gun in Rubble and Ruin
Flare Gun’s Location marked on Rubble & Ruin’s map

The Flare Gun In Sniper Elite 5’s Mission 8 “Rubble and Ruin” can be found in the south-east area of the map. In that area of the map, you’ll see an octagonal building with blue eye marker on it.

Enter the building and head upstairs and to the right end of the catwalk you’ll find a locked door.

Now this door can be unlocked by two ways. One is through the hotel key and other is by satchel charge. The hotel key can be found in the chest that you might’ve seen on your way to the room on the same floor. The chest can be opened through a crowbar.

Hotel Key
Karl Fairburne, picking up the Hotel Key from the Chest

After opening the door, enter the room, and you’ll see a safe. Open the safe, and you’ll find two items inside it. One is the Flare Gun and the other is a classified document named “Flagship Fuel Risks”.

Rubble and Ruin's Flare Gun
Karl Fariburne, picking up the Flare Gun in Rubble and Ruin

This wraps up our guide on the location and use of Flare Gun in Sniper Elite 5. Let us know what you think about our guide in the comments below.


Sniper Elite 5 is the latest entry in the third-person tactical shooting franchise. Taking inspiration from stealth games like Hitman, Sniper Elite 5 features the biggest maps the series has to offer, filled with a wide variety of content. While you are at it, why not go through our guide on how to use Rat Bombs in Sniper Elite 5?

Apart from the best snipers in Sniper Elite 5, the series had to offer, the game now features workbenches as well, which you can use to obtain new or upgrade equipped weapons. In addition to that, you can now engage in finding raid weapons lab locations, complete optional kill challenges, and test your skills in the newly added survival mode of Sniper Elite 5.

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I accidentally found another flare gun on Rubble and Ruin just three nights ago. Can\'t remember the exact location, but I found it on the other side of the church. I know this, because I used it on the church to speed my way across the map to the flare gun you indicated. A couple other levels I have also found additional flare guns, such as the 2nd flare gun on Festung Guernsey, located in the tower of the farmhouse where the Japanese officers bed down (downhill from the church, to the right-side of the checkpoint, as viewed from your map. In short, you missed at least 2, possibly more.

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