Sniper Elite 5 Kill Challenge List: How To Complete All

The game, just like the prequel, revolves around Karl Fairburne, the main protagonist. In the year 1944, during World War 2, he sets off to France to destroy a secret nazi project called “Project Kraken”. Sniper Elite 5 kill challenges are added to test your prowess in the game and also give you rewards. Also, consider reading Sniper Elite 5 best sniper rifles guide.

What are Sniper Elite 5 Kill Challenges?

Kill challenges are side objectives that are given to us on missions. In Sniper Elite 5, kill challenges mean assassinating targets. This game allows us to think of clever and creative ways to take care of the enemies.

In the campaign of Sniper Elite 5, the first eight missions consist of kill challenges that you have to go through, which reward you with new weaponry. Also, consider reading Sniper Elite 5 Antiques Location guide.

You can view these kill missions in the info panel that is found in the mission select screen. Or you can also check them out in the objective options given on the map. 


List of Sniper Elite 5 Kill Challenges

There are a total of 8 kill challenges throughout the game. The names of it are given below:

  1. Kill Steffen Beckendorf with an explosive: The Atlantic Wall.
  2. Kill Friedrich Kummler by using Chateau’s Chandelier: Occupied Residence.
  3. Assassinate Fabian Richter using a stealth Takedown: Spy academy
  4. Assassinate Matthaus Elrich Using a Rat Bomb: War Factory.
  5. Bury Baumann in Concrete: Festung Guernsey.
  6. Kill Jaan Trautmaan with Poison: Liberation.
  7. Kill Dr. Christain Jungers with a V2:  secret weapons.
  8. Kill Shinji Yoshikawa with a Japanese Weapon: rubble and Ruin

Kill Challegens Rewards

After the completion of all the Sniper Elite 5 kill challenges, the game rewards the player. You unlock unique weapons that are available after the challenge that the player can use. 

The guns that can be unlocked through completing kill challenges are listed below:

  1. MP40
  2. Kar98K
  3. Pistole 08
  4. MP44 (STG44)
  5. Type 100 SMG
  6. Model D Pistol
  7. RCS 1918

How to Complete Sniper Elite 5 Kill Challenges


These guns are unlocked in that respective order throughout the game. All the guns in the games can be customized in ways that suit your style. 

Mission 1

In the first mission, you are required to kill Steffan Beckendorf in the area of the Atlantic Wall. He does not have a specific location on the map, which makes him a difficult target to get a hold of. Steffan Beckendorf drives around the whole town in a circle. And only stops at three specific locations on the map, which are:

  1. Market square beside the southern coast.
  2. Moller’s office building. It has a Nazi banner on it. And it is located on the west side of the church.
  3. A church, that is located on the eastern side of the map.

You can use these locations to plant a bomb in his car to assassinate him. You can also camp and ambush him while he stops there momentarily. 

Mission 2

In the Occupied Residence map, the closest point to start the mission would be Chateau Stable. This is most suitable for completing the kill challenge. Friedrich Kummler can be found in the ballroom at the east ground floor wing.

Once you have made your way into the ballroom, you can see Friedrich Kummler from the balcony. He will be wearing a Gold Sash with pants that have Red-stripes on them.

This mission requires you to kill Friedrich Kummler by having the chandelier fall on him. If you use any other methods, this kill challenge will not be completed. 

You have to wait for Friedrich Kummler to move underneath the chandelier or have him move there with the sound of a bottle. Once he reaches underneath the chandelier, you have to shoot the chains. That should make it fall on him and complete the objective.

Another way to complete this is to kill everyone around the ballroom and knock Friedrich Kummler out. After he is unconscious, you can drag him under the chandelier and do the rest. As long as the chandelier falls on him and he dies, the kill challenge will be completed. 

Mission 3

At the Kraken meeting taking place above the church in the Spy Academy, Fabian Richter is one of the Nazis that is attending. This kill Challenge is also a part of the primary objective of the mission, which makes finding him easy. While you’re at it, consider reading our Sniper Elite 5 Spy Academy Workbench Locations guide.

Making your way up to the church, you can find an officer that holds a key that can open all three doors leading inside. You can find Fabian Richter wearing a grey uniform and get behind him using the sounds of doors and stealth kill him.


Mission 4

The 4th kill challenge is to eliminate Matthaus Elrich by specifically using a rat bomb. This rat bomb will be at the starting point of the Resistance Safehouse in War Factory. 

After reaching the room near Matthaus Elrich, inside the room, you can spot a white silhouette of the rat. Plant the rat bomb there. It will take a few minutes for Matthaus Elrich to finish talking to other soldiers, and when he is done, he will come out and spot the rat. He will shoot it and blow himself up along with it.

Mission 5

This kill challenge requires assassinating by burying Lanzo Baumann into cement. Otherwise, the kill challenge would not be considered complete. He is located in the Mirus Construction Site on the northeastern side. 

Once you reach there, you have to sabotage the wooden railing along with the concrete machine and perfectly time them so that when he is under, he gets buried in the concrete.

Or you can once again sneak and get close to him to knock him out. Afterward, you can drag his body and throw it into the cement. As long as he dies being buried in the cement, the kill challenge should be completed.

Mission 6

This kill challenge also has a specific condition to assassinate Jaan Trautmann. You have to kill him with poison; only then the kill challenge can be considered complete. 

Once you are on the mission, you have to enter the mansion he is in and look for the poison. When you find it, you need to head upstairs and poison the glass that is near the door.

After the poisoned glass is ready, all you need to do is ring the doorbell and hide. It takes a few mins, but Jaan Trautmann will come out and drink the poisoned drink. This will lead to his death, and your challenge will be completed.

Mission 7

Dr. Christian Jungers will always be found near the V2 in the Secret Weapon’s Lab. To complete the kill challenge, Dr. Christian Jungers must be killed with the V2.

This can be done by waiting, and when he comes under the rocket to work on the pad, shoot the chain of the rocket to make it fall on him. 

Or, just like some of the other challenges, you can knock out the Nazi Doctor. Dragging Dr. Christian Jungers after knocking him out and shooting the chains afterward to make the rocket fall on him will also be considered as completing the challenge.

Mission 8


Once you’ve finished the Kill Challenge 5, you will have acquired TYPE 100 SMG, which is one of the Japanese weapons in the game. 

You can go to the workbenches in Sniper Elite 5 and select the weapon after you have acquired it. Just head to the location where Shinji Yoshikawa is; you can move towards this objective as you want. Once you spot him, just use your Japanese-type weapon to eliminate him, and the kill challenge will be completed.


Sniper Elite 5 lets you play multiplayer and Co-Op modes in the game. The best feature of the franchise has been the experience of bullet trajectory, which is based on real-life physics.

Not to mention our protagonist has nimble movement and flexibility, which is even better than the prequels. This makes the overall playing experience of the game more fun comparatively than the past titles.

Sniper Elite 5 is the sequel to the Sniper Elite franchise. It is a stealth-type, third-person shooter, not dissimilar to famous names like the Hitman series of games. Sniper Elite 5 can be played across many platforms and consoles such as PlayStation, Xbox, and Microsoft Windows.

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