Sniper Elite 5 Workbench Rubble And Ruin Collectibles

This guide explains how you can complete mission 8 of Workbench Rubble and Ruin in Sniper Elite 5 to collect all hidden items and more.v

Workbenches in Sniper Elite 5

In Sniper Elite 5, you will have countless options while customizing your loadout. Every mission calls for a different loadout; for example, some missions may require dead silence, so it is recommended to use muzzles.

However, you will not do not have complete loadouts from the campaign’s inception. You will have to work your way through, meaning you will need to use workbenches so you can have vast customization options.

The guide talks about workbench Mission #8: Rubble and Ruin in Sniper Elite 5. It is the last mission of the workbench. However, if you want to read about all the missions, check out Sniper Elite 5 Workbench Locations guide for an overview.

Key Highlights
  • Mission 8 collectibles include 5 Classified Documents, 5 Personal Letters, 3 Stone Eagles, 3 Hidden Items, and Workbenches for Pistols, SMGs, and Rifles.
  • Classified Document 1 is next to a lantern near the statue, where you’ll find 4 Nazis.
  • Classified Document 2 is in a crate between two soldiers, whom you’ll see after going through the ruins to a barricade.
  • Personal Letter 1 is in a locked white building. You can enter the building using a ladder around it.
  • For Classified Document 3, go north from the house near the fueling area, past the barricade, and down the tall grass. The document will be inside a basement cell.
  • To find Classified Document 4, go upstairs to a desk inside the Metro Du Café near the MG42 emplacement.
  • You can get to the SMG Workbench by using the generator inside the Town Hall and going up the ramp to the top of the hanging floor section.
  • Stone Eagle 1 is above the central eave window of the Town Hall.
  • Personal Letter 2 is in a crate beside the MG42 emplacement inside the Theatre
  • You can find the Pistol Workbench inside the Crypt at the northwest corner of the Church’s Main Hall.
  • You can find Hidden Item 1, a painting, by climbing the first ladder inside the hole in the wall, on top of the scaffolding in the church.
  • Northeast of the church, inside Hotel Sue La Mer, you’ll find Personal Letter 3 downstairs and Classified Document 5 upstairs.
  • Personal Letter 4 is inside a red brick building with green shutters west of the Hotel. Enter through a hole in the wall of the building, left of the entrance.
  • You can find Stone Eagle 2 within the same red brick building. Look through the right window inside the Armory/Communications room.
  • To find Stone Eagle 3, look past the second tower left of a checkpoint, northeast of the sewer entrance.
  • Personal Letter 5 is inside the crates found on the left upon entering the sewers. Hidden Item 2 is also inside the room right next to it.
  • The Rifle Workbench is inside the armory, past the generator and the green door. One of the nearby soldiers has the key.
  • Enter the classified U-Boat Pen, turn left on the catwalk, enter Funkraum 84 room, then Kontrollraum 78. Here, you’ll find Hidden Item 3.

Workbench: Ruble and Ruin in Sniper Elite 5 Mission

This one is the last mission in the campaign for you to have collectibles. You will come across stone eagles, personal letters, workbenches, and classified documents. The guide will explain in-depth how you can start off the mission and end up with ease and joy.

However, you will need to travel a lot around the map. Rubble and Ruin is not exactly a free movement type like north to south or east to west. As the name suggests, you will find a lot of rubbles along the way along with ruins. That is the reason why the mission may seem like a corridor-like labyrinth.

Starting location of Rubble and Ruin

Rubble and Ruin Sniper Elite 5 workbench Locations
Locations throughout Rubble and Ruin

The map shows all the collectibles that you can acquire along with the objectives. We will take you on a journey where you will find all the collectibles available in the Rubble and Ruin workbench in Sniper Elite 5. If you don’t want to collect any of the items listed below, you can just jump on to the next.

Classified Document 1: Secure Radio Lines

Rubble and Ruin Sniper Elite 5 workbench Classified Document 1
Classified Document 1

You can start the level off by going to a statue in a small square where there are four Nazis. On the other side of the statue will be a lantern next to the stack of crates. You will find the classified document next to that lantern. While you are at it, consider reading Sniper Elite 5 Rat Bomb guide.

Classified Document 2: Broken Resistance

Rubble and Ruin Classified Document 2
Classified Document 2

After getting secure radio lines, continue your journey through the ruined building with the resistance fighter. When you pass through a room, you will see a barricade, and when you look below, you will see two soldiers standing next to a bar. You will be able to see a crate between them that contains the classified document 2.

Personal Letter 1: Your Man Talked

Rubble and Ruin Personal Letter 1
Personal Letter 1

Once you get the intel from above, go back and follow the street going to the left. Since the path is full of rubble, you will have to crawl your way through the rubble all around the white-shelled building. The reason for going all around the building is that the front door is locked and will not open.

When you are there, climb up the ladder so you can get into the building. Once you are inside, you will see a key on the wall. When you get the key, go upstairs to open the door, which is locked. After opening the door, you will see a generator, and across that will be a desk on which you will find this personal letter.

Classified document 3: Resistance Report

Rubble and Ruin Resistance Report
Classified Document 3

Now continue going northwest. You will have a marker for an interrogation in a bookstore. All you have to do is go inside the basement, and the classified document will be behind a locked door. You can open the door using a satchel charge or by picking a key from an officer.

If you don’t see any marker, don’t worry; continue north up the street in front of the house, which comes after a fueling area. You will also see a spotlight and truck there; when you see a barricade go past it till you reach tall grass down.

There will be red and blue buildings on your right, go between them, and you will find a basement, drop down with the cell behind you.

Classified Document 4: Café Starting Location and Priority Pick Up

Rubble and Ruin Classified Document 4

Now you will have to return to MG42 emplacement. Once you reach there, go inside Metro Du Café and then climb up after taking the stairs. Open a door in your path for a secure starting location. Once you climb up to the desk, this classified document will be on the floor.

SMG Workbench in Rubble and Ruin

Rubble and Ruin SMG Workbench

After getting the document, head northeast towards the town hall where you have to kill Yoshikawa. You can read Sniper Elite 5 Kill Challenge List guide to learn all about assassinating targets. You might wonder what the blue icon is on your map, and it is a resistance cache on the corner of the building and south of the town hall.

Use the generator which you will find inside, and a ramp that will take you upstairs. Once you climb the hanging floor section, you will see the workbench at the top.

Stone Eagle 1

Rubble and Ruin Stone Eagle 1
Stone Eagle 1

This one is the easiest to find; just look above the main entrance of the town hall on top of the central eave window.

Personal Letter 2: He’s Not the Sharpest  

Rubble and Ruin Personal Letter 2
Personal Letter 2

Your next location is the bombed-out theatre which is in the north direction of the church. You will see it right in the middle of the building block with a glider crashing into it. You will have to go from behind, and once you go upstairs, you will see a locked crate near MG42’s emplacement. Use a crowbar to open the locked crate and get the personal letter.

Pistol Workbench in Rubble and Ruin

Rubble and Ruin Pistol Workbench
Pistol Workbench

You will find this workbench in the church crypt. Go to the northwestern corner of the main hall to enter the crypt. The door is locked there as well, and you can unlock it by satchel, which is on scaffolding nearby. If you don’t want a satchel, there is a crate on top of the tower, which has the crypt key in it. Then go through the door underneath the main steps on the northern side.

Hidden Item 1: An “Original” Adolf

Rubble and Ruin Hidden Item 1
Hidden Item 1

Now that you are done with the crypt climb up the scaffolding which is next to its door up to the wall’s hole. Jump after climbing the ladder on one floor. You will find the painting leaning against the wall near sleeping bags.

Personal Letter 3: It’s Not Over Yet and Classified Document 5: Flagship Fuel Risk

Rubble and Ruin Personal Letter 3 and Classified Document 5
Personal Letter 3 and Classified Document 5

Now you have to go east two blocks to Hotel Sue La Mer. You will see a blue marker, and this time, it will be for Moller’s Safe in the hotel. If you skipped some parts from this guide on Rubble and Ruin workbench in Sniper Elite 5, then you probably don’t have the blue marker.

Go across the sewer entrance, and you will find an octagonal building. You will see “Hotel” written on it facing sewers with red letters. You will find the personal letter from the downstairs office. Then go upstairs to open the safe next to the Rising Sun flag.

Personal Letter 4: Seaview Offices Starting Location and Moller is Moving

Rubble and Ruin Personal Letter 4
Personal Letter 4

After getting out of the octagonal building, take the west road and head south. You will reach a white and red brick building with green shutters along with a sandbag barricade. Go from the left side of the entrance, followed by a hole in a wall.

You will see a typewriter on a desk, and next to it will be the letter. Go upstairs to secure the starting location by simply opening the door.

Stone Eagle 2

Rubble and Ruin Sniper Elite 5 Workbench Stone Eagle 2
Stone Eagle 2

After opening the door, go through the next one, which is next to the resistance flag. You will find arsenal and communication devices in the room. Go to the first window on your right and look carefully; the Stone Eagle will be resting on its roof.

Stone Eagle 3

Rubble and Ruin Sniper Elite 5 Workbench Stone Eagle 3
Stone Eagle 3

After getting out, head to the northeast road of the sewer entrance. You will see a checkpoint and two towers on its left. A refinery building will be visible if you look past the second tower for the stone eagle to the left of two tanks.

Personal Letter 5: Clean Out the Sewer

Rubble and Ruin Sniper Elite 5 workbench Personal Letter 5
Personal Letter 5

Once you enter the sewer, look behind the crates on the left side, and you will be able to acquire it.

Hidden Item 2: Stolen Tonto

Rubble and Ruin Sniper Elite 5 workbench Hidden Item 2
Hidden Item 2

If you still have a satchel charge, you can simply open the door using it. There will be a crate on your left which can be opened by a crowbar to get the hidden item. If you don’t have a satchel or want to save it for later, then you can go around the room through a safe on the left side. You will get Sewer Pump’s room key by opening the safe.

Rifle Workbench in Rubble and Ruin 

Rubble and Ruin Sniper Elite 5 workbench Rifle Workbench
Rifle Workbench

After opening the safe, keep the leys and follow the corridor around. Go upstairs and walk past a green door where you will see a generator in front of you. Then keep going on the passage on the left until you see a small armory. The key required to unlock it will be with one of the soldiers nearby.

Hidden Item 3: I-400 V2 Hangar

Hidden Item 3 in Rubble and Ruin
Hidden Item 3

You will have to destroy U-boats here and input a classified U-boat pen on the way to the second-story catwalk. Turn left to go inside the pen into room Funkraum 84, which will be at the very end. However, you will find a smaller room there called Kontrollraum 78. Once you push all four desks to the center of the room, you will find the hidden item.

It will be your last collectible in this last journey, Rubble and Ruin Workbench of Sniper Elite 5. However, you still have one thing left, and that is to take out Moller. Moreover, if you have purchased the Kill Hunter DLC or season pass, there is still a lot to discover.

That is it from the Rubble and Ruin workbench in Sniper Elite 5 guide. We hope you will be able to complete this last mission with ease and joy.

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