Best Sniper Elite 5 Survival Mode Strategies

Our Sniper Elite 5 Best Survival mode Strategies guide is about how to pull through the survival mode and get most kills.

Sniper Elite 5 is a third-person tactical shooting game that you can also play with your friends with the option of Co-Op. This is the fifth edition of the Sniper Elite franchise, and with some major improvements, also Sniper Elite 5 Survival mode is fascinating. The game is adventurous, too; you can roam around different areas and look for Sniper Elite 5 Antiques too.

Key Highlights
  • The goal of Survival Mode is to protect a command from enemies. For the best scores, booby trap corpses, use mine, hit headshots, and play on higher difficulties.
  • Use Snipers for headshots at long range and SMGs or Pistol up close. Use the Panzerfaust to eliminate multiple enemies grouped up, as you only have one shot.
  • Use the prep time before enemy waves to set up traps and mines.
  • Eliminate enemies quickly instead of waiting for them to get closer.
  • Take better vantage points like cliffs, higher floors, or drain pipes to spot and kill enemies faster.
  • Sometimes you’ll have to stay behind cover and stealth attack enemies instead of rushing in.

Aside from that, the game is heavily influenced by the Hitman franchise and Metal gear solid. Sniper Elite is a stealth game where you have to use smart tactics to overcome your enemies. And good weapon skills to eliminate and conquer the opponents. 

Sniper Elite 5 Game Modes

Sniper Elite 5 poster
Poster of Sniper Elite 5.

Sniper Elite 5 has several interesting modes, all of them having unique concepts and value-added to them. There are five modes in total, which are: Campaign, Axis invasion, Co-op, Multiplayer, and survival mode. However, today we will show you how to have fun playing Sniper Elite 5 survival mode.

Additionally, the best strategies are to last for a longer period and kill the maximum number of opponents. While you are at it, make sure to read our guide about Sniper Elite 5 Rat Bomb.

The game offers you a Sniper Elite 5 Best Sniper rifle, which has special features like a cam X-ray, which will follow from where the bullet has fired to the point when it hits the enemy, and you will see the splashing of the head and internal organs.

Also, complete Sniper Elite 5 Kill Challenge to have ultimate fun. Moreover, you can kill your enemies, which are Nazis, through a headshot by a sniper, and that is so fun. Here in this guide, you will learn more about Sniper Elite 5 Survival mode.

Strategies for Survival Mode in Sniper Elite 5

In Sniper Elite 5 Survival mode, you are assigned the task of protecting the command post, and enemies are always on alert and coming towards the command post to capture. While the game’s Survival mode is sometimes hard to play, with correct strategies, you will be on your way to the victory. We have sorted out the best strategies for you to exert in your gameplay to win.

Survival Mode of Sniper Elite 5
Shooting at the enemies in Sniper Elite 5 Survival mode.

Know Technicalities of Survival Mode

If you have played campaign mode before, you would have taken advantage of stealth. However, in Survival, stealth is of no use because your enemies are always aware of your presence. Sniper Elite 5 Survival mode has different command posts available on the map, and the enemies are protecting It to death.

In survival mode, you will need to hold the command posts against the horde of enemies that will attack you from all sides. If they reach inside the area (Which you can see will be covered in blue light), they will start capturing it, and you will die and lose the fight.

To defeat your enemies and stay alive, you have to use various ways. Also, you can place mines or go in the distance and kill them from there. On the screen, you can see the number of remaining enemies and your score too.

Note: To score the maximum points in Survival Mode, try playing on the highest difficulty. The more difficulty, the more points. Also, try to use all the mines and look for corpses. Booby Trap them whenever you can and try to secure as many headshots as possible.

Best Usage of Weapons

Fortunately, you will be given deadly weapons like Panzerfaust, sniper rifle, and others too, but you have to be smart to use them. A Sniper rifle should specifically be used from a distance to eliminate the enemy or do the headshots, and the pistol should be used when the enemies are very near to you.

While using the Panzerfaust, be careful, as you will only have one shot. Should use it when enemies are at a distance, and they are near to each other, so you will be to annihilate several Nazis in a single shot.

The most enjoyable part about killing your enemies is when you headshot them. And through the slow cam feature, you see their skulls breaking that part is creepy and fascinating too.

Panzerfaust and Sniper rifles are deadly weapons, there is no doubt about that, but when you are in close contact with the enemy, they might not be so useful. In circumstances when you are close to the enemy, use SMGs instead; SMGs are far deadlier weapons than pistols in a close contact situation. But keep in mind that if you are good at doing headshots, then use pistols.


Utilization of Mines & Other Traps

Furthermore, in Sniper Elite 5 Survival mode before the enemy wave comes, you will have prep time. Use this prep time to place the mines and other TNT at the entry. Therefore enemies will be blasted before reaching near you. Also, You need to be ready because after you eliminate all the remaining enemies, there will be another wave of enemies waiting to kill you.

Know that there are certain entry points from where enemies are always coming to you. Make sure to use traps and mines at these places, and wait for enemies to reach there, then blast them out.

Play Aggressive

In survival mode horde of enemies is always coming to attack you, sometimes alone or in groups. While you need to take aggressive steps to eliminate them quickly, or they will get stronger.

Most of the time, we wait too much for enemies to come around and waste our chances of taking them out. Focus on one enemy and kill them and then get back to the safe place, this way you will keep on obliterating the enemy forces.  

Attack From High ground

Look around and try to find the places that are in high places, it could be cliffs, drain pipes, or even multistory buildings. It is a good way of destroying the enemies, and not just that, you will know from where most enemies are coming towards you. Aside from that, you could have the ultimate fun sniping people from the top.  

Remember if you are hiding behind doors or windows, switch to the shoulder view features. In this way, you could see enemies, that you weren’t able to see before, just because of the angle view.

Stay Calm And Focus on Targets

Sometimes it is not a good idea to rush toward enemy lines, and being aggressive is not the answer. Approaching the enemy boldly might make you look cool, but that will also get you killed quickly. You will only be leading yourself into the trap.  

Every so often, you need to be calm and focus on where the enemies are reaching for you. And it is perhaps even better to obliterate them from distance, this way they won’t be able to shoot at you.

Also, when enemies are rushing toward you, so hide behind smaller objects. Like barrel or even crates, and when the enemy is reaching near you, surprise attack them with melee weapons.

This wraps up our guide about Sniper Elite 5 Survival mode. While Survival mode is sometimes difficult to handle, with proper strategies, you can adapt to defeat your enemies and be victorious!  

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