Best Sniper Elite 5 Survival Mode Strategies

Our Sniper Elite 5 Best Survival mode Strategies guide is about how to pull through the survival mode and get most kills.

Key Highlights

Survival Mode aims to defend a command from enemies, with higher scores achieved by booby trapping corpses, using mines, hitting headshots, and playing on higher difficulties.

  • Utilize Snipers for long-range headshots and SMGs or Pistol for close combat.
  • Panzerfaust is effective for eliminating multiple enemies grouped up, given its single-shot nature.
  • Use prep time to set up traps and mines before enemy waves.
  • Prioritize quick elimination of enemies rather than waiting for close proximity.
  • Secure advantageous vantage points like cliffs, higher floors, or drain pipes for faster enemy spotting and elimination.
  • Employ stealth attacks from cover when necessary instead of rushing in.

Strategies for Survival Mode in Sniper Elite 5

In Sniper Elite 5 Survival mode, you are assigned the task of protecting the command post, and enemies are always on alert and coming towards the command post to capture. While the game’s Survival mode is sometimes hard to play, with correct strategies, you will be on your way to the victory. We have sorted out the best strategies for you to exert in your gameplay to win.

  1. Know the Technicalities: Understand the mechanics of Survival mode, where you must defend command posts against relentless enemy attacks. Stealth is not effective here, so prepare for direct confrontations.
  2. Utilize Weapons Wisely: Make efficient use of your arsenal, such as sniper rifles for long-range engagements and pistols for close encounters. Save heavy weapons like the Panzerfaust for situations where multiple enemies are grouped together.
    Survival Mode of Sniper Elite 5
    Shooting at the enemies in Sniper Elite 5 Survival mode.
  3. Utilize Mines and Traps: Take advantage of the prep time before enemy waves to set up mines and TNT at entry points. Booby-trap corpses and use traps strategically to thin out enemy numbers.
  4. Play Aggressively: Adopt an aggressive playstyle to swiftly eliminate enemies and prevent them from overwhelming you. Focus on taking out individual enemies quickly before they can regroup.
  5. Attack from High Ground: Position yourself on elevated terrain to gain a tactical advantage and have a clear view of enemy movements. Snipe enemies from above and utilize the environment to your advantage.
  6. Stay Calm and Focus: Remain composed during intense firefights and prioritize targets based on threat level. Take cover behind objects and use melee weapons for surprise attacks when enemies get too close.


This wraps up our guide about Sniper Elite 5 Survival mode. While Survival mode is sometimes difficult to handle, with proper strategies, you can adapt to defeat your enemies and be victorious!  

The game offers you a Sniper Elite 5 Best Sniper rifle, which has special features like a cam X-ray, which will follow from where the bullet has fired to the point when it hits the enemy, and you will see the splashing of the head and internal organs.

Also, complete Sniper Elite 5 Kill Challenge to have ultimate fun. Moreover, you can kill your enemies, which are Nazis, through a headshot by a sniper, and that is so fun.

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