Sniper Elite 5 Antiques Location: Occupied Residence

Finding stolen antiques is an optional objective in the second mission of Sniper Elite 5 & our guide entails all of the locations.

Sniper Elite 5. has collectibles hidden across the map of each mission, such as Stone Eagles and Workbenches in Sniper Elite 5. For this guide, our focus is on Stolen Antiques from the second mission of Sniper Elite 5, named the Occupied Residence.

Key Highlights
  • Mission 2: Occupied Residence has 3 antique collectibles: statuettes of a Soldier, a Group, and an Old Man.
  • The Soldier Statuette is within a northeastern tower of the main building. Eliminate the sniper inside the tower and climb using the vines.
  • The Group Statuette is inside a locked green chest within the room with some papers and a grenade on the third floor.
  • The Old Man Statuette is inside Abelard Moller’s office, in the north, within a safe behind a painting. The safe’s code is on a desk in Friedrich Kummler’s office.

Sniper Elite 5 Occupied Residence Mission Antiques 

The Occupied Residence mission features an optional objective in which players are tasked to find the stolen antiques. The antiques are well hidden therefore we have prepared this guide to inform you of their precise location.

Before we continue, why not read our Sniper Elite 5 Best Sniper Rifles guide. Having the best guns is somewhat necessary for games like Sniper Elite, making them a necessity now because of the new Invasion feature.

Thankfully there are not a lot of antiques so players should be able to find every antique and be done with the optional objective relatively quickly.

There are 3 antiques that you have to find in the Occupied Residence mission of Sniper Elite 5. It is expected that you may find some of these antiques while exploring the map of mission 2: Occupied Residence.

But it is also expected that you may miss some of them. The precise location for all these artifacts is given below. Before reading further, consider going through our Sniper Elite 5 Rat Bomb guide.

Soldier Statuette

The Soldier Statuette is located in one of the smaller buildings northeast of the map of Sniper Elite 5, outside the main building. The building also has a small eagle statue on it, so keep an eye out. There is also a German soldier with a sniper in the tower so proceed with caution. 

Stolen Antiques location
The tower

After you have dealt with the soldier then proceed to climb the tower with the help of the tree veins. The antique is located inside this Cylindrical tower.

Group Statuette

Once you have obtained the Soldier Statuette then it is time for you to enter the main building. Use the main entrance, and enter the building through the door located on the west of the courtyard. Follow along the hallway until you have found the stairs leading to the second floor. 

Now move to the south of the hallway on the second floor. You should see stairs leading to the third floor. Go through the doorway after reaching the third floor.

The stolen antique is located in the first room to the right. We would recommend first clearing the map of mission 2: Occupied Residence in Sniper Elite 5 by killing every enemy so getting to these antiques is a lot more convenient.  

You should see some papers, a grenade and a huge green chest in the room. The Group Statuette is in this chest so you would need to lockpick the chest to obtain the antique.

Stolen Antiques location
The green chest

Old Man Statuette

After obtaining the Group Statuette, players would need to do some backtracking. Players need to go back to the stairs that lead them to the second floor because that route is the fastest to get to the third antique in Sniper Elite 5

Then players need to enter Friedrich Kummler’s office. In the office, there should be some notes on the desk. Collect the notes to obtain the code for the secret safe that contains the Old Man Statuette.

After obtaining the code, you now need to locate the safe itself. Thankfully, the safe is not that far away from your location.

Exit Friedrich’s office and go toward Abelard Moller’s office. Now players need to head north and take the first door on the left. After following the path, the players will find themselves in a bedroom.

On the left side of the bed, there will be a painting of a woman with white hair. 

Stolen Antiques location
The painting of a woman with white hair

The safe is hidden behind the painting. Interacting with the painting will reveal the safe that contains the Old Man Statuette. And with this, your optional objective is now complete.

That concludes our guide for Stolen Antiques in Sniper Elite 5. The game is available now on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Series S/X, and PC. If there is anything worth mentioning then do let us know in the comment section below.

Sniper Elite 5 allows you to play the entire campaign with a friend, thanks to the 2 players’ cooperative multiplayer option. Aside from all the returning features. Sniper Elite 5 also introduces a new mechanic in the series to keep things fresh.

Aside from being able to play the entire campaign with a friend, you can now get invaded by other players too. Some players might be familiar with this mechanic since it is quite similar to Dark Souls invasion.

Nonetheless, with this new mechanic, players are now encouraged to plan ahead and design their loadout accordingly in order to survive. 

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