Sniper Elite 5 Interactive Map

Sniper Elite 5 is a game that features many expansive maps filled with collectibles, the interactive map helps you in locating all of these.

Sniper Elite 5 is a tactical third-person stealth sniping game. As suggested by the title, it is the fifth entry in the Sniper Elite franchise. This time around, it is set in France and is filled with unique and picturesque locations. The franchise has always been known for its massive maps where the player can approach a target as they see fit, and because of this, an interactive map can be one of your most helpful tools.

Usage of an Interactive Map in Sniper Elite 5

An interactive map can be a huge help, and it can assist you in locating anything you want in a mission in Sniper Elite 5. It can help you locate that last collectible you might be missing for an achievement. In our guide, we will show you what an interactive map can help you find in every level of the game that has been released so far.

The Number of Collectibles in Each Mission

Each map in the game has nineteen collectibles, and the interactive map can prove to be extremely helpful in locating all of these.

The Atlantic Wall

The first mission map Sniper Elite 5
The Atlantic Wall Map

The Atlantic Wall is the first mission in Sniper Elite 5, and it has nineteen collectibles to locate. These include Six Letters, three workbenches, three deadeye targets, four classified documents, and three hidden items.

Furthermore, this level has three starting locations to unlock, and these are similar to the infiltration zones that are found in the Hitman games.

Occupied Residence 

Occupied Residence
Occupied Residence Map

Occupied Residence is the second mission in Sniper Elite 5, and it has Karl infiltrate a traditional French fortress to locate classified intel in Abelard Moller’s office. Below are the nineteen collectibles you can find in this mission. 

You can find four letters, three workbenches, three deadeye targets, three hidden items, and six classified documents. 

Spy Academy

The Spy Academy in Sniper Elite 5
Spy Academy Map

Spy Academy is the third mission in Sniper Elite 5, and it is perhaps the most confusing and complex level in Sniping Elite 5; because of this finding, all the collectibles on this map can require a lot of patience. The interactive map can prove to be extra helpful in maps like these. There are five letters, five classified documents, three hidden items, three deadeye targets, and three workbenches in this mission.

War Factory

War Factory Map in Sniper Elite 5
War Factory Map

War Factory is the fourth mission in Sniper Elite 5, and as suggested by its name in it, Karl must destroy a factory that is producing material for the Nazi war machine. Similar to all the previous missions, War Factory has nineteen collectibles. There are six letters, four classified documents, three personal items, three deadeye targets, and three workbenches.

Festung Guernsey 

Sniper Elite 5 Mission 5 Map
Festung Guernsey Map

Festung Guernsey is the fifth mission of Sniper Elite 5. In this mission, Karl must locate an Operation Kraken prototype. Festung Guernsey has nineteen collectibles. This mission has five letters, five classified documents, three personal items, three deadeye targets, and three workbenches.


Sniper Elite 5 Liberation Mission Map
Liberation Map

Liberation is the sixth mission in Sniper Elite 5. In this mission, Karl must help his allies against Nazi advances. There are nineteen collectibles in this mission. You can find five letters, five classified documents, three personal items, three deadeye targets, and three workbenches in this mission.

Secret Weapons

Secret Weapons Map Sniper Elite 5 Game
Secret Weapons Map

Secret weapons is the name of the seventh mission in Sniper Elite 5. In this mission, Karl infiltrates a secret base to bring an end to Operation Kraken. Like before, there are nineteen collectibles. These include five letters, five classified documents, three personal items, three deadeye targets, and three workbenches. 

Rubble and Ruin 

Sniper Elite 5 Rubble and Ruin Map
Rubble and Ruin Map

Rubble and Ruin is the eighth and final mission of Sniper Elite 5’s base game. In this mission, Karl infiltrates a U-boat in order to stop Operation Kraken once and for all. Like the rest of the game, this level also has nineteen collectibles. 

These include five letters, five classified documents, three personal items, three deadeye targets, and three workbenches.

Wolf Mountain DLC 

The Hitler Mission Map Sniper Elite 5
Wolf Mountain Map

Wolf Moutain is the first DLC mission released for Sniper Elite 5. This mission is pretty much fanservice and allows the player to Kill Adolf Hitler to end the war once and for all. This mission, like every mission in the base game, includes nineteen collectibles. 

This mission is DLC, and so, of course, this isn’t included with the base game, but its collectibles do contribute to the achievements, which means that if you skip this, you won’t be able to get the achievements. 

There are five letters, five classified documents, three workbenches, three deadeye targets, and three personal items. So as you can see, the interactive map is a huge help while locating collectibles and planning your assassination route.

Furthermore, the game has kill challenges. These kill challenges are pretty much side objectives that are given to you during a mission, and doing these nets you new weaponry. For more on these check out our Sniper Elite 5 Kill Challenge List.

Advantages of Interactive Map

Nowadays, almost every open-world game or even semi-open-world game comes with an interactive map that assists you in accessing all the content that the game has to offer. Or it can simply help you get some special weapon you are looking for or some collectible that you might be missing for your completionist trophy.

All video game maps are designed differently based on how the game is. Sniper Elite 5 is a sniping stealth game, so the map lets you plan your approach carefully and shows you the target’s location alongside other good stuff like loot, weapons, etc. Good maps are always very careful in how they allow the player to move through the level.

Sniper Elite 5’s Map keeps track of multiple elements, and these include the position of the enemy, the noise that is made, points of interest, and of course, the area of enemy alertness influence.

Disadvantages of Interactive Map

The only disadvantage about maps in gaming that comes to mind is that they obviously can be immersion-breaking for people. Some people love their open-world games without any handholding or sense of direction, and they just want to get lost and find their own way through it.

This is the reason why Souls games are so appealing to people. Immersion is very important to some people, and it’s annoying for them to know where they can find every material on the map.

Immersion is undoubtedly considered by many to be one of the coolest aspects of video games. So it is understandable why some people might want to ignore the interactive map. 

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