Sniper Elite 5 Mission 1 Workbench: SMG, Pistol & Rifle

The Sniper Elite 5 is a sequel to Sniper Elite 4, which offers a great weapons upgrade through its Sniper Elite 5 SMG Workbench Mission 1. These Workbench missions don’t help much with the game; rather, it helps upgrade your weapons. 

Key Highlights
  • The Rifle Workbench is in the building you go to after meeting Blue Viper, where you also have to do the Focus ability tutorial.
  • The Pistol Workbench is near the gun battery, which you disable as an optional objective in the far north.
  • The SMG Workbench is in Marcell’s safe house attic in the southwestern town, where you’ll also find Kill List Target: Steffen Beckendorf.

Once you have a variety of weapons, including some of the best Sniper Rifles in Sniper Elite 5 and Rat Bomb, you have a stronger support system to complete other missions in the game. Players who want to complete the SMG Workbench Mission 1 in Sniper Elite need to plan their actions carefully. 

How To Reach Workbench in Mission 1 of Sniper Elite 5

There are two game modes, PVP mode and Co-op mode, through which you can complete this mission. To complete the SMG Workbench Mission 1, one has to complete the Rifle and Pistol Workbench. This guide will tell you how to complete this mission and gain specific weapons to be used in several combat scenarios. 

Rifle Workbench Mission 1

This is the first Workbench location in the Atlantic Wall, through which you can go to the SMG Workbench in Mission 1 location. You have to meet Blue Viper, and then you can head to the building with Rifle by climbing the stairs. 

Sniper Elite 5 Rifle Workbench
Workbench Rifle Sniper Elite 5 Mission 1
Main Spot Rifle Workbench
Sniper Elite 5 Rifle Workbench Spot

You will have to select the door that has Nazi Soldier inside, and that’s where you’ll get a tutorial on how to use Focus to identify the Nazi Soldier. By killing that Nazi Soldier, you can pick up the lock in his room and then spot the Rifle Workbench location in it. 

Pistol Workbench Mission 1

The Pistol Workbench location is present at the extreme north of the Sniper Elite 5 map. You can disable a gun battery; that is one of the mission’s optional objectives. To access the gun battery, a key is needed to open the small wooden box in which the gun battery is placed. 

Pistol Workbench Sniper Elite
Sniper Elite 5 Pistol Workbench Mission 1
Pistol Workbench main spot
Sniper Elite 5 Pistol Workbench main spot

Access to the satchel charge will also help you gain the gun battery. You’ll also come across an officer roaming in the area, so carefully plan your way towards the gun battery and gain access. 

SMG Workbench Mission 1

Sniper Elite 5 offers another SMG Workbench location in Mission 1. The player will be assigned a task to find an NPC, Marcell, located in the Southwestern town. If you have some idea about the game, you’ll know that it’s the same place Steffen Beckendorf is located as the Kill mission target. 

SMG Workbench main location
Sniper Elite 5 SMG Workbench main spot

Looking at the bottom corner of that town, there’s a safe house with Marcell. You will have to climb up the attic and find a few goodies, Marcell’s body, and SMG Workbench. To access the safe, one must interact with Marchell. 

After completing Sniper Elite 5 Workbench Mission 1 and getting Rifle, Pistol, and SMG locations, you can start your next mission in the game. You can even unlock a tidy band that has customized options for you. For more locations, read our Sniper Elite 5 Workbench and Antique locations guide. 

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