Sniper Elite 5 Rat Bomb: How To Get & Use

Our Sniper Elite 5 rat bomb guide entails how to get this explosive device by playing a certain mission and getting a rat bomb as a reward.

What is Rat Bomb 

Rat bomb Sniper Elite 5
Rat bomb in Sniper Elite 5

This explosive is a tool like the satchel charges or the crowbar in Sniper elite 5. The rat bomb can only be used at specific action points to kill your target. The rat bomb is literally shaped as if it was a rat and not some explosive device. 

Key Highlights
  • The rat bomb is necessary to complete the Kill Challenge in Mission 4.
  • It can be found in a dresser near the Resistance HQ’s exit, with information on the target available from a member outside.
  • To use the rat bomb, sneak into the War Factory, plant it under the storage room shelves, and wait for Matthaus Ehrlich to shoot it.

Once the bomb is planted, all you have to do is get out of the sight of your target and wait. The bomb is very important for the completion of one of the campaign missions of Sniper Elite 5. The game gets very creative with the use of the rat bomb. It allows players to make sneak attacks on their targets. 

How To Get Rat Bomb 

Rat bomb location sniper elite 5
Rat bomb location

The rat bomb is available to the player in mission 4 of the campaign. This particular item can be picked up at the beginning of the mission. Do not miss the item as it is very important for the completion of the mission.

This explosive is placed on a dresser near the exit of resistance HQ. The resistance member near the dresser will also talk to you about the rat bomb. Another member outside the resistance HQ will give you intel about your target.

How To Use Rat Bomb 

Sniper Elite 5 requires the player to use the rat bomb for an assassination in mission 4.

Play Mission 4 

Mission 4 is an assassination mission. Matthaus Ehrlich is your target, and the rat bomb is the tool at your disposal. Matthaus is a German double agent who is infamous for being incompetent. Other Germans call dibs on his equipment as they expect him to die.

Ehrlich likes to shoot rodents as soon as he sees them. So the rat bomb is actually a clever way to get rid of him.

RAT bomb Sniper Elite 5
Placing the Rat bomb

Mission 4 might get puzzling for players. Using the rat bomb can get a little confusing. But completing this mission consists of very simple steps.

    • Pick up the rat bomb from the resistance HQ.
    • Talk to the resistance member outside HQ to get Ehrlich’s location.
    • Open your map to see the location of your target.
    • Make your way to the war factory using the zipline.
    • Sneak around the guards without alerting anyone.
    • Plant the rat bomb under the shelves inside the storage room.

Now all you have to do is get out of sight and wait. Your stealth is a key factor in your success here. If you end up alerting someone, then deal with them quickly. A single guard can alert the whole level and result in your failure. 

Alerting Ehrlich will make it difficult to assassinate him with a rat bomb. Wait for Ehrlich to finish his meeting. He will enter the storage room later in frustration.

Under this stress, he will spot your carefully placed rat bomb. Due to his rodent killing habit, he will shoot your rat bomb and cause his demise. 

Rat bomb detonation sniper elite 5
Ehrlich Detonating the Rat bomb

Alternative Method To Complete Mission 4

If this method feels too complicated, then you can try the alternate way. Attack Matthaus Ehrlich and knock him out without getting noticed. Then carry his body towards the rat bomb. Finally, shoot the rat bomb and cause it to detonate near Ehrlich’s unconscious body. It will still count towards a rat bomb kill, and you will get those sweet rewards in Sniper Elite 5.

Mission 4 Rewards 

Mission 4 reward sniper elite 5
Machine Pist.44 Sniper Elite 5

Machine Pist.44 is your reward for killing Ehrlich with a rat bomb. It is an SMG that is effective in both short and long ranges.

Something to note here is that if you kill Ehrlich without the rat bomb, you will not get this reward. The weapon is too good to miss out on and is a considerable upgrade from the machine pist.40.

Although Machine Pist.44 is an all-rounder weapon, there are some pros and cons to it. The pros, however, outnumber the cons, as is expected from a weapon like this.


  • Very low bullet drop.
  • Good for ranged battles.
  • Effective at short-range fights.


  • The weapon can become tedious to control.

The machine pist.44 comes loaded with some good unmodified parts.

  • The audible range of the weapon is 100m which is unmodified.
  • The magazine size on the machine pist.44 is a basic 30-capacity mag.
  • This SMG has a zoom of 1x.

Of course, the machine pist.44 can easily be upgraded at the workbenches scattered throughout the levels. The SMG can be made even better than it already is with a little customization. 

This was all about the rat bomb in Sniper Elite 5. Hopefully, the guide helped you get through the confusing campaign mission 4 of the game using the rat bomb.

Sniper Elite 5 is available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, PlayStation 5, and Microsoft Windows. Let us know what you think about the latest Sniper Elite game in the comment section below.

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