Sniper Elite 5 Festung Guernsey Workbenches Guide

The workbenches in Sniper Elite 5 are what make the game more realistic. As the workbench offers a variety of customization opportunities. These are especially vital for some of the best Sniper Rifles in Sniper Elite 5, as the game mainly revolves around them. In our Sniper Elite 5 Festung Guernsey workbenches guide, we will discuss the workbenches in the 5th mission called Festung Guernsey. To locate the workbenches in spy academy give our Sniper Elite 5 Spy Academy Workbench Locations guide a quick read.

Key Highlights
  • Mission 5: Fort Guernsey has 3 main objectives, 3 optional objectives, and a Kill List Target: Lanzo Baumann.
  • You can get to the Rifle Workbench by climbing the vines along the church at the map’s center. It also unlocks new suppressors.
  • The SMG Workbench is inside a small crawlspace within the house on the ramp near the Underground Hospital.
  • The Pistol Workbench is in a ditch near the bunker in the northwestern base.

Sniper Elite 5 Festung Guernsey Mission Overview

Festung Guernsey
Festung Guernsey

It is the 5th mission in Sniper Elite 5. The mission is set on an island named Guernsey. The island is majorly occupied by the Nazis. They are waiting for the general’s order to start Operation Kraken. In Festung Guernsey, we certainly have more than a few mission objectives including optional objectives and kill lists. For some of the kill challenges, you require the rat bomb. For more on rat bombs read Sniper Elite 5 Rat Bomb: How To Get & Use.

The main objectives of  this mission are :

  • Find the Stealth Plates
  • Neutralize Battery Mirus
  • Destroy the Kraken Prototype
  • Option A) Overload the Pressure Valve
  • Option B) Radio in the scuttle code
  • Option C) Start a chain reaction

The optional objectives of this mission are:

  • Neautralise Radio Communications
  • Option A) Sabotage the cables
  • Option B) Disable the Radio equipment
  • Stop the construction of the second Mirus Gun
  • Drop the suspended scuttle charge

In this mission, we have only one kill list target and that is Lanzo Baumann. Read Sniper Elite 5 Kill Challenge List and learn how to complete them all to get all Kill challenges.

What Do You Get By Finding Workbenches


Workbench is an item that also doubles as a collectible in Sniper Elite 5. Giving you opportunities to fiddle with your loadout within each map. They are often found in resistance safehouses marked with a white logo or in Nazi armories. 

That depends on the map or mission. Discovering Workbenches will unlock new equipment for you to use in missions. Another collectible is the Stolen Antique. To find the Stolen Antique in mission 2: Occupied Residence, read Sniper Elite 5 Antiques Location guide. 

All Festung Guernsey Workbenches in Sniper Elite 5 

Workbench Locations

In total there are 3 workbenches in the mission, Festung Gunersy. One of each type.The Pistol Workbench, Rifle Workbench, and the SMG Workbench. We suggest tackling each one in the following order listed below. Because the mission takes place in the same order. You have to complete the first mission to unlock all the other locations.

Rifle Workbench

Rifle Workbench

To reach the Rifle Workbench you have to go to the church which lies in the central section of the island. You will see some vines on the side of the church you can use them to climb up the church.

This Workbench is very important for stealth-loving players, as it unlocks better suppressor options for them. This is the first workbench that you will find with a British Flag hanging over it, rather than a German or  French flag.

SMG Workbench

SMG Workbench

The SMG workbench is near the Underground Hospital. This is also where you can eliminate the Kill List target, Lanzo Baumann. Go towards the house on the sloping ramp. Try to enter the house by picking the lock or using bolt cutters. Once you reach inside, go prone to go through the crawlspace. When you exit the crawlspace you will see a ladder. Go down the ladder to reach the SMG Workbench.

Pistol Workbench

Pistol Workbench
Pistol Workbench

After your complete Battery Mirus, you’ll learn about a base to the northwest. This base will have a tank and soldiers guarding a bunker’s entrance. To the side of the bunker, there will be some ditches. In one of the ditches lies the Pistol Workbench.

This brings us to the end of the guide. In this guide, we have discussed all of the locations of the workbenches in Mission 5 Fustung guernsey. Hope this guide helped you in your search for Sniper Elite 5 Festung Guernsey work benches.

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