Sniper Elite 5: How To Sabotage The Kraken Fuel System

Our Sniper Elite 5 sabotage the kraken fuel system guide entails all the steps you need to take to blow the Kraken Fuel supply in the game.

Sniper Elite 5 has several different game types available to players, including survival modes. Additionally, there are certain challenging yet uncommon milestones in the game that players can complete and add to their collections. One such is sabotaging the Kraken fuel system in Sniper Elite 5 and unlocking the Hold Your Breath Trophy or achievement. 

Key Highlights
  • You’ll need to sabotage the Kraken Fuel System to unlock the Hold Your Breath Trophy/Achievement.
  • At the docks, turn off the pressure valves of both submarines, enter the room in the northwest corner, turn off the two fuel pumps, and then use the lever behind the three fuel tanks.
  • Now, you need to leave the U-Boat Pen towards the northeast exit icon, where you’ll have to kill a few enemies to escape.
  • Now, cross the bridge, climb up the ladder and wait at the window for the enemies to open the fuel tank shutters.
  • Hit the target on the middle fuel tank/pump without using the empty lung ability to complete the objective and unlock the achievement.
  • You can also get the I-400 V2 Hangar Hidden Item by entering the Kontrollraum 78 inside Funkraum 84 on your way to the second-story catwalk.

How To Sabotage Fuel System Sniper Elite 5

Sniper Elite 5 sabotage kraken fuel system
rubble and ruin mission starting point – Sabotage Kraken fuel system Sniper Elite 5

This goal is easy to understand and straightforward. At the submarine or dock, this is your initial goal. In Mission 8: Rubble & Ruin, this region is found at the far north of the map. At the heart of the docks, the first phase of this objective is completed. Two Submarines are berthed here, parallel to one another and connected by a central bridge.

The campaign’s final objective where you can earn collectibles is this one. Stone eagles, personal letters, workbenches, and secret documents are all present. 

But you’ll have to move across the map quite a bit. Not quite a free mobility type like north to south or east to west, Rubble & Ruin is. As the name implies, there are numerous ruins and rubble along the route. This explains why the task could appear to be a maze of corridors. Also, did you know about Sniper Elite 5 VIP Flags in the game? Read our guide and learn about the cut content.

Turning Off The Pressure Valves

Pressure valves
Two submarine at docks – Sabotage Kraken fuel system Sniper Elite 5

The pressure valves on each submarine can be found near the back. These valve pumps or control panels can be seen on the left side of the submarine’s control rooms if you decide to go and interact with the docks area from the western side.

first valve off
Disable fuel lines – Sabotage Kraken fuel system Sniper Elite 5

These valves must be interacted with in order for your character to turn them. It’s time to go to the following phase once you have closed the pressure valves on both submarines.

2nd valve off Kraken fuel system
both fuel lines disabled – Sabotage Kraken fuel system Sniper Elite 5

Cutting off the primary fuel storage from the gasoline lines is the next stage in achieving this goal. A door leading to the fueling depot chamber can be found in the northwest corner of the docks.

Control room Sniper Elite 5 sabotage kraken fuel system
Moving to control room – Sabotage Kraken fuel system Sniper Elite 5

Three fuel tanks are connected to two pumps, one lever, and this room’s two pumps.

disabling panels
interacting 2 control panels – Sabotage Kraken fuel system Sniper Elite 5

The two pumps must first be interacted with. The game will give you the option to interact with and activate the pumps if you are close enough to them. Your character will operate the levers as a result of the interaction.

Overloading system
overloading system – Sabotage Kraken fuel system Sniper Elite 5

The next step is to interact with the lever that is situated immediately behind the two pumps that you have just turned on. This lever’s intended effect is to overload the system and destroy the submarine. Also, consider reading our Sniper Elite 5 Festung Guernsey Workbenches guide.

Exiting Submarine Dock

reaching vantage point
reaching vantage point – Sabotage Kraken fuel system Sniper Elite 5

If you have managed to exit the Submarine Dock, then you must know that you have pulled the task or this stage of sabotaging the Kraken Fuel System in Sniper Elite 5. Even if you have finished the first two phases, however, this goal is not yet complete.

The U-Boat Pen must then be abandoned because it is about to explode. The egress is far behind the docks, on the north-eastern side. An icon in the game will direct you to the exit.

In this area of the goal, caution is suggested. Everyone in the area is aware that something is amiss because the docks are on fire, and they will be searching for you.

There will be three or four enemies blocking the exit, and your only option is to kill them. You have to cross a bridge immediately after the exit, which leads to a building at the other end.

Use the ladder supplied to ascend that building and wait by the window, which will act as a lookout post. Once you have reached this part of Rubble and Ruin mission, the enemies will be able to cut the fuel line, leaving the Kraken Fuel System disconnected and vulnerable to a sniper shot in Sniper Elite 5.

This is your cue to come in; take a high ground that is not only away from the enemy’s eyes but is also easy for you to target the exposed fuel system and blow everything to smithereens.

You can see the docks’ shutter opening if you look out the window. You are now left with no choice except to blast the fuel system because the enemies would have cut off the gasoline line at this point.

As the shutter opens, you’ll be able to see the three gasoline storage tanks. At this point, you must up your game and land the best shot possible in Sniper Elite 5. You must target the middle pump and land the bullet precisely at the target to destroy the docks via the exposed Kraken fuel system. 

Sniper Elite 5 sabotage kraken fuel system
Sabotage Kraken fuel system Sniper Elite 5

Here is an image for your reference to know where you are supposed to land your shot during this phase of the mission. Also, the game will use an icon to show you where to shoot.

Your mission would be accomplished once you shot the fuel storage tank, leaving you with a fireworks display to enjoy. While you’re at it, why not go through our Sniper Elite 5 Kill Challenge List guide.

Sabotage The Fuel System & Unlock Trophy

This thorough walkthrough will help you complete Mission 8: Rubble and Ruin and get the Hold Your Breath Trophy. The goal of this level is to destroy the Kraken Fuel system and hit St. Nazaire’s Final Shot without utilizing Empty Lung. Once you manage to do that, you will unlock the Hold Your Breath Trophy or achievement in the game.

If you approach our above-mentioned goal in a particular way, you also have the chance to unlock the Don’t Hold Your Breath trophy. So, what you need to do is Sabotage the Kraken Fuel System’s last stage without using the empty lung ability in order to get this trophy or achievement. In essence, you have to blast the fuel storage tank without holding your breath at the end.

If you think you are a good shot in Sniper Elite 5, we suggest you take the risk and aim for the perfect kill shot without using this ability. After all, if you fail, you can try again instead of repeating the entire routine just for the sake of unlocking a trophy or achievement. 

On the subject of trophy or achievement unlock, did you know how to unlock the Locomotion Commotion trophy or achievement in the game? Well, read our Sniper Elite 5 Locomotion Commotion guide and learn how to get this missable trophy.

Collecting Hidden Item 3: I-400 V2 Hangar

There is a hidden item that you collect during this mission’s phase. It is not directly connected with sabotaging the Kraken fuel system in Sniper Elite 5, but since you are there already, why not go a little extra mile and collect the hidden item.

On your way to the second-story catwalk, you will have to destroy U-boats and enter a secret U-boat prison. To enter chamber Funkraum 84, which is at the end of the pen, turn left and proceed inside. There is, however, a smaller space known as Kontrollraum 78. You will discover the hidden object once you have moved all four desks to the room’s center.

This Rubble and Ruin Workbench collectible in Sniper Elite 5 will be your final collectible during this quest. However, you still need to eliminate Moller as your final step. Furthermore, even if you have the Kill Hunter season pass or DLC, there is still a lot to learn.

That is pretty much everything you need to know about how to sabotage the Kraken fuel system in Sniper Elite 5. Did you happen to achieve this task plus unlock the trophy or achievement as well? Let us know more of your thoughts in the comments section below.

Other Tips

The five best rifles in Sniper Elite 5 are mostly used by players to maintain stealth throughout the tasks or even play the survival mode. New elements have been introduced to the game, such as survival mode, where you must defend the command post. Why not go through our Sniper Elite 5 Liberation Collectibles Locations guide as well?

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