Sniper Elite 5 Satchel Charges Not Unlocking [FIXED]

Our guide gives a brief overview of satchel charges & also gives a solution for a common bug of Sniper Elite 5 satchel charge not unlocking.

The satchel charge is one such gadget that seems to be a buzz topic on forums right now. That is why our guide will entail why Satchel charges are not unlocking and will address this bug.

Key Highlights
  • You can unlock Satchel Charges for loadout by completing the campaign mode. You’ll also find them throughout different missions in the campaign.
  • Some players face a bug where the Satchel Charges may remain locked after finishing the campaign on Medium or lower difficulty.
  • You can fix this issue by completing the campaign again on a higher difficulty.
  • Avoid skipping any cutscenes, objectives, or credits as well.

Satchel Charges in Sniper Elite 5

Satchel Cahrges
Satchel Charges

The Satchel Charge is a gadget that is scattered around the missions according to the use. They are used to break open the heavy doors and destroy any type of object.

They are also used for some special targets and missions. Some missions require you to use these satchel charges to destroy objects and structures. They are also used to find secret areas and workbenches.

Similarly, Sniper Elite 5 introduces an interactive map and workbenches, which help customize your weapons. These workbenches are scattered all over the game. So give Sniper Elite 5 Workbench a quick read to locate them in missions. 

How to Find Satchel Charge

Stchel Charges Atlantic Wall
Satchel Charges Atlantic Wall

Satchel charges can be found throughout the missions in the campaign mode. They are placed in different locations. One such place is in the first mission, Atlantic Wall.

We will use this to explain how to locate them. To find the satchel charges, you first have to travel to the northeast radar tower.

In Atlantic Wall, there is a mission that requires you to blow up the tower using the satchel charges. Just next to the radar tower, there are some trenches. You can use your focus on these trenches to find a modest amount of satchel charges lying around.

The satchel charges will have an orange glow to them when seen using the focus. Also, do remember that German soldiers will be roaming the area. For the location of the workbenches in the mission, read Sniper Elite 5 Mission 1 Workbench guide.

How To Unlock Satchel Charges For Your Loadout


Well, the answer to the question is very straightforward. All you have to do is to defeat the campaign mode of Sniper Elite 5 to unlock the satchel charges along with other items for your loadout. But for some players, unlocking the satchel charges for your loadout is bugged.

If you are a perfectionist, we suggest that you read Sniper Elite 5 Secret Weapons, as it will help to get 100% in mission 7.

Satchel Charge Not Unlocking Bug in Sniper Elite 5

Some gamers have reported that they finished the whole campaign but still could not unlock the Satchel charges. We suspect that it is a bug as satchel charges are not supposed to be hard to unlock, as mentioned before.

Some reports suggested that most players faced this bug while completing the game on medium or less difficulty. But all hope is not lost as there is still a method to unlock the satchel charges. However, it is not pleasant for some gamers.

Satchel Charge Bug Fix Solution

The solution has been tested by many players and has been fruitful. The method is straightforward but brutal. What you have to do is complete the whole campaign again, but this time on a hard or higher difficulty.

Also, try not to skip through the credits and complete all the missions in order without skipping any cut scenes and objectives.

For solutions to Sniper Elite 5 bugs, read Sniper Elite 5 Launch Errors guide and learn how to solve errors. We hope our error fix guide helped you fix this common issue of Sniper Elite 5 satchel charge not unlocking.

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