One Piece Odyssey: All Trophies & How To Get Them

Take a look at all 51 trophies in One Piece Odyssey and how to unlock all of them by completing different objectives.

The new JRPG from Bandai Namco, One Piece Odyssey, allows players to collect many trophies and achievements through different missions and activities. The players will be going through some of the most memorable arcs of the anime while battling different enemies and collecting treasures to unlock several trophies and achievements in the game. In One Piece Odyssey, 51 trophies can be obtained by the players by completing missions or fulfilling certain conditions. The best part about the trophies is that the players won’t have to change their difficulty level to get some of them. 

Key Highlights
  • There are a total of 51 trophies in One Piece Odyssey for the players to obtain. 
  •  There are 39 Bronze Trophies, 9 Silver Trophies, And Two Gold Trophies. 
  •  There is only one Platinum Trophy in the game that can be obtained by collecting all the trophies. 
  •  The chapter’s clear trophies will require the players to complete all the chapters in the game. 
  • Other trophies will require the players to complete certain missions or find collectibles. 

Trophies In One Piece Odyssey 

As we mentioned, the players will have 51 different trophies to unlock in the game. Furthermore, there are no trophies for multiplayer or online modes. Therefore, reaching the completionist title for One Piece Odyssey is not a daunting task, and the players won’t have to put in much effort to collect all the trophies. 

Chapter Trophies 

Any chapter-related achievement or Trophy will unlock depending on the progress of the game so far. These are unlocked automatically through the main campaign, and you won’t have to go out of your way to collect them. All of the chapter-related achievements in One Piece Odyssey are as follows. 

Trophy How To Unlock   Type  
Chapter 1 Clear Have cleared chapter 1 successfully.  Bronze 
Chapter 2 Clear Have cleared chapter 2 successfully. Bronze 


Chapter 3 Clear Have cleared chapter 3 successfully. Bronze 


Chapter 4 Clear Have cleared chapter 4 successfully. Bronze 


Chapter 5 Clear Have cleared chapter 5 successfully. Bronze 


Chapter 6 Clear Have cleared chapter 6 successfully. Bronze 


Chapter 7 Clear Have cleared chapter 7 successfully. Bronze 


Chapter 8 Clear Have cleared chapter 8 successfully Bronze 


Final Chapter Clear Have cleared the last chapter successfully. Bronze 


Additional Achievement Trophies 

Below is a detailed list of all the achievements that require the players to perform different activities and fulfill certain conditions to unlock them.

All One Piece Odyssey Trophies
Treasure Hunter Trophy (Image Credits: eXputer)

Some of them, like the Bronze ones, are pretty easy to unlock. However, the Silver, Gold, And Platinum trophies might give the players a tough time, and obtaining them can take multiple tries in the game. Below you will take a look at all the additional trophies for One Piece Odyssey. 

Rare Trophies

Below is a list of the rarest trophies in One Piece Odyssey that will require a lot of hard work in order to be unlocked. These include Gold, Silver, And Platinum trophies in the game. 

Trophy Type  How To Unlock   
 High Leveler Gold The high-leveler Trophy can only be obtained by getting all the characters available in the game past level 70. This is one of the hardest achievements to obtain since it will require a sufficient amount of character progression in the game. 
Pit Stop Pro Silver  The Trophy can be obtained by clearing all the Side Stories and missions that are not part of the main campaign in the game. 
Challenge Enemy Conqueror  Gold  In order to obtain that Trophy, the players will have to fight all the powerful Challenge Enemies twice or more and defeat them in the game. So the players will have to fight the enemies more than once to unlock the achievement. 
Certified Fray Fixer  Silver  The silver Trophy can be unlocked when the player clears all the Memory Links in One Piece Odyssey. 
Bounty Hunter  Silver  Bounty hunter achievement is unlocked when the player turns in all the Bounties available in the game.  
Treasure Hunter  Silver  By opening all the locked Treasure Chests throughout the adventure, the players will be able to unlock the treasure hunter trophy. 
Top Cook  Silver  It will be unlocked when the players have made all the meals by using every single recipe available.  
Trick Ball Whiz  Silver  The achievement will be unlocked automatically when the players have made all trick balls In One Piece Odyssey. 
Battle Master  Silver  Winning 300 battles in the game will automatically unlock the battle master achievement. 
Challenge Enemy Beginner  Silver  The silver Trophy called the Challenge enemy beginner will unlock when the players defeat one powerful challenge enemy during the main campaign. 
Odyssey Master  Platinum   The platinum trophy represents the mark of a true adventurer. The Trophy can be unlocked when players collect all the Trophies in the game. 

Bronze/Normal Trophies  

Below you will see the list of all easy-to-obtain trophies in the game and how to unlock them.

Collecting Yaya Cubes for Bronze Trophy
Collecting Yaya Cubes for Bronze Trophy (Image Credits: eXputer)
Trophy Type How To Unlock  
Journeyman Cook Bronze The Trophy can be unlocked by making ten meals in the game by using different recipes in the game.  
Trick Ball Beginner  Bronze Making 10 Trick Balls in the game will unlock the Trophy.  
Chasing Champion  Bronze By fusing 30 accessories, you will be able to unlock the Trophy.  
Jewellery Master Bronze  The players will be able to unlock The Trophy by creating an accessory using four effects in the game. 
Craft Enthusiast Bronze By fusing together five accessories, the players would be able to unlock the bronze craft enthusiast Trophy. 
Party Animal  Bronze By having a total of 30 parties in One Piece, the players will be able to unlock the party animal trophy. 
Fixed A Fray Bronze The Trophy can be unlocked by clearing any five Memory Links. 
Journeyman Hunter  Bronze Turning in Bounties will allow the bronze trophy journeyman hunter. 
I Smell An Adventure  Bronze Clearing any ten Side Stories or missions will unlock this Trophy. 
Escape Is Victory  Bronze By running away from any three battles that you are currently in, you will be able to unlock the bronze trophy. 
Victor  Bronze By winning 50 battles, you will be able to unlock the victory trophy. 
Franky Skywalk  Bronze The character-related Trophy can be unlocked by building a bridge ten times with Franky skywalk.  
Treasure Sensor  Bronze Collecting 25 items with a treasure sensor will unlock the Trophy. Since it is character-related, Trophy will be able to unlock it by playing as Nami. 
Cooks Nose  Bronze The Trophy will be unlocked when you collect 25 items while playing as Sanji and using Cook’s nose. 
Archaeologist Appraisal Bronze Any 20 items collected with Archaeologist Appraisal while players are using Robin as their main character will unlock the Trophy.  
Usopp’s Slingshot  Bronze Using the Usopp’s Slingshot 100 times in the game or battle will allow the Trophy. 
Iron Door Slicer  Bronze By cutting down 20 doors during your adventure using Zoro’s Door Slice, you will be able to unlock the Trophy. 
Gum Gum Rocket  Bronze Traveling 100 times using the Gum Gum Rocket will unlock the bronze trophy. 
Singular Strike  Bronze Dealing around 10,000 or more damage to an enemy during a battle with just a single attack will unlock the Singular strike trophy.  
Bond Battler  Bronze It will be unlocked by achieving 20 Bond Arts available in the game. 
Saving Savant  Bronze The Trophy will be allowed by obtaining a total of 20,000,000 Berries in the game. 
Cube Collector Brooke  Bronze By obtaining a total of 6 cube fragments of Brooke, the Trophy can be unlocked.  
Cue Collector Franky Bronze There are twenty different cube fragments of Franky that can be collected. Doing so will unlock the Trophy.  
Cube Collector Robin  Bronze Collecting all 30 Robins cube fragments will unlock the bronze trophy for it.  
Cube Collector Sanji  Bronze  Collecting 40 different Cube fragments belonging to Sanji, unlock the Trophy.  
Cube Collector Chopper Bronze  Collecting 30 cube fragments of Chopper will unlock the Trophy. 
 Cube Collector Usopp Bronze By collecting 40 cube fragments of Usopp, the Trophy can be unlocked 
 Cube Collector Nami Bronze  Collecting 30 of Nami’s cube fragments will allow the players to unlock the Trophy. 
 Cube Collector Zoro Bronze  By collecting 50 cube fragments of Zoro, the Trophy can be unlocked. 
Cube Collector Luffy Bronze  Collecting 50 cube fragments of Luffy will unlock the bronze trophy. 
 Collector Bronze  Collecting 99 Yaya cubes will allow you to unlock the bronze trophy collector. 

How To Get The Platinum Trophy 

If you are one of the players who would like to obtain the Completionist title, then you will want to unlock the platinum trophy called Odyssey Master. Being the only platinum trophy, it is no doubt that it is certainly the hardest one to achieve.

The Trophy can be unlocked by collecting all the trophies in the game. By collecting the Trophy, it will represent that you have completed and achieved everything that the game has to offer so far. Like other completionist titles getting the Odyssey master trophy is not easy. The Bronze trophies are 39 in total and won’t require a lot of effort in order to be unlocked.

One Piece Odyssey Trophies
Grinding for the Challenge Enemy Conqueror Trophy (Image Credits: eXputer)

The Silver trophies are the hardest to obtain and are tied to the most difficult missions in the game. The Gold trophies, on the other hand, are equally tough to achieve, but since they are unlocked near the end of the game, they might be fairly easier for the players to collect. 

The chapter’s clear trophies won’t require much effort as they will be unlocked easily upon progression. Most of the trophies that require obtaining a certain amount of collectibles will give the players a hard time achieving.

Important Trophies 

Before we take a look at the detailed list of all trophies in One Piece Odyssey, it is important to know some of the rare trophies that you will be required to unlock in order to complete the game. Keep in mind that most of the trophies in One Piece Odyssey are pretty easy to collect and won’t require much effort. All the trophies except the hidden ones will not require the players to go out of their way to achieve them.

One Piece Odyssey Trophies
Progress through the main story for a clear chapter trophy (Image Credits: eXputer)

Most of these trophies can be collected by completing the main campaign only. If the players utilize multiple characters throughout their gameplay and explore all the aspects of these characters, like using their World Abilities, then the players will be able to unlock most of the character-related trophies in the game. A good strategy is to pay attention to anything that your character says or requires you to do. The majority of the trophies will be unlocked this way, so it is important to listen to the hints they drop.

One of the most challenging trophies in the game is definitely the treasure sensor trophy. You will have to play as Nami and collect treasures in the game. The requirements for certain trophies can be challenging for some, but without these trophies, you won’t be able to complete One Piece Odyssey.

Another trophy called the Bond Battler requires the players to not use bond arts except for the major boss battles in the game. So you will have to avoid using them from time to time. Another hard-to-obtain trophy is to find the Yaya Cubes and other different cubes for the pirate crew. The only problem with these cubes is that they are scattered throughout the world, and finding them is not an easy task. 

Wrapping It Up 

With this, we conclude our detailed guide on all trophies in One Piece Odyssey and how to obtain them. While you are at it, don’t forget to check out our guide on the best equipment and how to get them. Before leaving our page, we recommend that you check out how to cook all meals, as you will need them to unlock a trophy in the game.

If you are curious about what happens in the end, then do check out our guide on One Piece Odyssey ending. Check out our guide on memory arcs and how to collect them as well in order to unlock their relevant achievement.


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