Tekken 7 Tier List: Ranking All Characters [2023]

New to Tekken 7 and don't know which character to pick from? Our Tekken 7 Tier List will help you choose the best fighter for yourself.

Have you started playing Tekken 7 and don’t know which character to pick from? Don’t fret; our Tekken 7 Tier List will help you choose the best fighter for yourself. Tekken 7 is a fighting game published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. It is the seventh major entry and the ninth overall in the Tekken series.

Key Highlights
  • The Game Tekken 7 features 52 characters spread across multiple updates in content seen over the years.
  • Characters are ranked based on performance across multiple detrimental specialties that go as Power Crush move, Wall Bounce ability, Auto Combo mechanism, Rage Arts and Rage Drives attack, and the Screw technique. 
  • Tekken 7 characters that excel in the majority of the above factors include Geese, Fahkumram, Julia, and Akuma. They all have a decent recovery rate and truly exceptional counter-hitting and leaping techniques.
  • Characters that don’t produce an acceptable enough performance include Lucky Chloe, Anna, Lei, Kuma, and Lars. 
  • Players must depend on only the characters ranked higher if Tekken 7 triumphs, plus an exciting gaming experience is what really matters.

In March 2015, Tekken 7 got a limited arcade release. An enhanced arcade version, Tekken 7: Fated Retribution, was published in July 2016. This version included more content like new stages, costumes, accessories, and characters. Fated Retribution was the basis for the home versions published in June 2017 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows.

Before we get started, we want to make it obvious that our tier ranking is very subjective, and just because your view on the game differs from ours doesn’t mean you can unfairly condemn it. We welcome constructive criticism, and you are welcome to share your thoughts in the comments section.

We’ll go through 52 characters from Tekken 7 and divide them into tiers. In this Tier list, the S Tier is the strongest, while the D Tier is the weakest. The article will go over the remaining tiers in greater detail. Let’s start with the variables that influenced the decision to create the tier ranking.

Tekken 7 Tier List Characters Ranking Table 
S-TierGeese, Julia, Fahkumram, and Akuma
A-TierPaul, Jin, Claudio, Steve, Devil Jin, Kazumi, Bryan, Law, Zafina, Marduk, Feng, Alisa, and Leroy
B-TierKunimitsu, Lee, Shaheen, Dragunov, Eliza, Josie, Bob, Kazuya, Negan, Katarina, Lili, Miguel, Heihachi, Lidia, and King
C-TierXiaoyu, Master Raven, Asuka, Ganryu, Nina, Armor King, Leo, Eddy, Gigas, Hwoarang, and Jack-7
D-TierYoshimitsu, Noctis, Panda, Lucky Chloe, Anna, Lei, Kuma, and Lars

Tekken 7 Tier List Facts

First and foremost, we’ll discuss the factors that led to these characters being placed in their different tiers in our Tekken 7 Tier list. Secondly, These are the features that we noticed during our lengthy study and time spent playing the game, and they will be the driving forces behind our tier ranking. 


Screw techniques are the new standard for many juggle-based combinations since the juggle version of screw property causes the player’s juggled opponent to spin and fall in an extremely susceptible slump-like position where more combos and damage are assured; may also be referred to as kirigami or tailspin.

Screw attacks, unlike bound attacks, do not operate against walls and cannot be used to break the floor. The bound system is still there in Tekken 7, although there are considerably fewer moves that result in bound situations. Because low parries still bind the opponent, the player can utilize screw strikes after low parrying an opponent to extend low parry combinations farther than before.

Power Crush

The addition of a new type of move called Power Crush is one of the new features. These moves absorb damage from a mid or high strike and continue to work even after they are damaged.

Power Crush moves are usually punishable with extended start-up and recovery frames if they are hit by a low strike during their execution. If a player clutches their opponent during a Power Crush, the throw becomes unavoidable.

Wall Bounce

Wall Bounce is an ability that was first exclusively available to DLC guest fighter Geese Howard. The move was eventually made available to all characters in Season 2. At least one or two of each character’s moves cause a Wall Bounce. It can only be used on opponents who aren’t in the air. It can also be used as a juggling starter if you’re near enough to a wall.

The adversary is flung against the wall and bounces back. This allows for a quick juggling and a high-wall splat setup. When approaching, but not directly at, the wall, the Wall Bounce mechanism causes some movements that would not typically launch to become launchers.

Auto Combo

Season 2 sees the return of a simpler Auto Combo mechanism, which was previously exclusively available in Story Mode on specific main story chapters. It can only be used by pressing the LP or RP three times.
Auto Combo can be turned on or off during gameplay. Three of the character’s special moves can also be kept as a combination of three stages of their combo moves.

Rage Arts

When a character is in Rage Mode, which occurs when they have less than 25% health remaining, and their health meter flashes red. They can use a Rage Art as a last resort attack. It’s worth noting that when a Rage Art is used, the character’s rage is immediately dispelled.

These arts can also be performed as part of a combination. Rage Art damage rises by up to 50% when the character’s health is low in the Fated Retribution update.

Rage Drives

A new Rage Mode feature named “Rage Drives” was included in the Fated Retribution Update. Rage Drives are similar to Rage Arts in that they generate a cinematic string of attacks but may be comboed out of once landed. They usually have additional effects not seen in regular moves. Some give an extra Screw, and some Bound the opponent for a guaranteed grounded attack. Some send the opponent flying straight to the wall or extremely high into the air, etc.).

Other Changes

Certain mobility mechanics, such as back walking, are altered in Tekken 7. (which now works as it does in Tekken Revolution with the characters taking longer strides when walking backward as opposed to shuffling). Back rolls from a grounded position have been replaced with a new wakeup animation in which the opponent moves back while getting off the floor. After completing an ankle kick, a new back roll motion appears, which generates separation.


tekken 7 tier list S-Tier

The S Tier is made up of the top Tekken characters who check the majority of the characteristics we discussed before. They have a distinct skill set, and their techniques can assist you in counter-hitting and leaping, as well as having a strong recovery rate. Other parts of the game where the makers have given them an advantage over others are also present. Let’s speak about the finest characters in Tekken 7.


A ferocious warrior possessed by a desire for power. Akuma is a fierce warrior who will go to any length to improve his strength. Akuma enters Tekken to pay back his debt to Kazumi Mishima, even crossing the boundary of his franchise.

Being overpowered is nothing new to Akuma. He was the first character in the history of fighting games to be banned from competitions. It should come as no surprise that he carried his overpowering nature with him when he entered the world of Tekken in the seventh version.


Fahkrumram is a well-rounded and powerful Tekken 7 character that deserves a higher spot in the tier list. He has a strong neutral game, with several powerful pokes that he can employ from a reasonable distance, and he can easily put aggressive characters at bay with a variety of keep-out attacks.

His subpar sidestep and nerfed backlash, on the other hand, have made it more difficult for him to focus only on spacing and pokes, forcing Fahkumram to focus on his skills as a character with outstanding pressure and mix-ups.

Fahkumram possesses various charge moves that catch his opponents off guard and may lead to devastating wall combos. As a result, Fahkrumram’s game plan frequently consists of pressing opponents towards the wall and restricting their movement. This forces them to cope with his pokes and command grabs that can result in wall splats and guard breaks.


Julia has a fighting technique that is remarkably identical in appearance and execution to Michelle’s. Her kicks and quick strikes come in a variety of forms. Many of which may be coupled to other attacks, allowing for several permutations of the same technique.

Julia’s unpredictability, along with her speed, may make her an interesting character in the hands of a skilled player. Her strikes also span a wide variety of heights, and because many of her attacks are rapid and can be linked to other attacks, juggles and combos may be used to deliver substantial damage.

Julia’s diverse moveset may be effective in cracking the defenses of more defensive opponents. Her wide variety of attacks makes her an excellent character for inducing errors from opponents.


Despite his origins in a 2D series, Geese is a straightforward character that fits in well with Tekken’s system. Unlike Akuma, Geese don’t rely on the meter as much as Akuma does. Geese can effectively pressure opponents with a variety of powerful pokes.

While deterring them from interrupting with multiple counter-hit launchers, if Geese loses his turn or is forced against the wall, he possesses a risky but effective parry that switches sides and allows Geese to begin his attack. When Geese has meter, multiple EX attacks allow for additional combo paths and incredibly high damage. Thus, giving him virtually unparalleled comeback potential.

Overall, Geese is a strong and adaptable Tekken 7 character with a large arsenal. His moveset allows him to be at ease in any scenario. In comparison, players who are uncomfortable or inexperienced with 2D inputs may find them more difficult. Those who devote time to understanding his unique possibilities may find him immensely gratifying.


tekken 7 tier list A-Tier

The characters in the A Tier are far from terrible; in fact, they can deconstruct the characters in the S Tier in certain ways. They are included here because of our expertise in the game, and they lack the qualities that we used to create this tier ranking. You are free to disagree, and we will not dismiss your viewpoint because separating these characters from the S Tier was a difficult choice.

Devil Jin

Devil Jin is a character with a wide range of abilities, allowing him to adapt to any circumstance and allowing players to play to their strengths. His mix-ups are less scary than his father’s, and his mid collection lacks intimidating alternatives, but his kit more than compensates.

His excellent speed, Mishima-style wavedash, and powerful ranged techniques allow him to dominate the space and keep opponents where he wants them. Good Devil Jin players may compensate for his susceptibility to sidesteps by realigning with wavedashes and then executing their selected follow-up while approaching with wavedash.

Devil Jin possesses great poking and keep-out tools to make opponents respect him, yet wavedashing might lose to keep out. Overall, Devil Jin is a great pick for gamers looking for a well-rounded character. Getting the most out of him will take a lot of attention and good execution.


Steve, being one of the best Tekken 7 characters in this Tier List, has a robust and diverse toolset that he can use in any circumstance. His distinct abilities and flaws, on the other hand, set him different from other well-rounded characters. Steve can easily go in on his opponents and stick to them with a succession of punches.

He can continuously push them until they open up, thanks to his diversity of mobility choices, stances, and pokes. Steve is still a formidable opponent on defense, with many strong keep-out strikes and evasive skills that make pinning him down a genuine chore.

Steve’s major strength is a slew of very dangerous counter-hit skills that help him on both defense and attack. When at risk of being launched by a rapid counter-hit punch that leads to tremendous combinations, anyone would be afraid to venture in or press buttons.


Claudio, with only 57 moves, has the fewest moves of any Tekken 7 character. Despite his lack of variation, his fundamental toolkit is quite potent, with a strong approach and keep-out choices. He also has a special power-up system that allows him to perform very powerful and safe moves. Claudio is most effective when he pushes opponents against a wall. Claudio may more easily pressure them with his strongest pokes and force them into getting counter-hit.

Thus allowing Claudio to score a wall combination because they have nowhere to flee. For younger players, such a straightforward game with minimal surprises might be challenging. Defending against Claudio is not as difficult as defending against other characters.


Jin possesses a unique parry that lets him “circumnavigate” some of the game’s regulations. It is highly advantageous, but putting it into practice is challenging. To make Jin’s party work, he must physically push his opponent away from the strike.

Enabling them to recover to the point where they are unable to block and allowing Jin to counter-attack while they are still recuperating from the move. Gives the impression that he isn’t parrying at all. This is the only way to penalize some moves that are safe on a block or just mildly punished in other circumstances.


Paul is a terrific character with relatively slight flaws and exceptional abilities. Paul’s varied toolbox allows him to be effective no matter what circumstance he finds himself in.

Paul possesses some of the most dangerous keep-out moves on defense, making approaching him a huge risk. Even a single errant hit can result in a devastating combination. He has tools in his repertoire to chip away at opponents and punish whiffs, even though his poking is mostly ordinary.

Paul is still a frightening character on the attack, with a variety of mixups, evasive techniques, and very frightening counter-hit launchers that make any effort to fight back daunting. Furthermore, if Paul is successful in bringing his opponent to the wall, their destiny is sealed. Paul can easily shut down his opponents with two strong homing attacks.


Craig uses Vale Tudo to fight. Vale Tudo is a combat sport with minimal rules that includes a wide range of fighting disciplines, including wrestling, Judo, Sambo, and Muay Thai.

Marduk, like Miguel, does not appear to have a special combat technique and is more familiar with Brawling, which fits his moniker Vale Tudo, which means “everything goes.” However, he may be seen employing maneuvers like leg locks, throws, and takedowns that are borrowed from wrestling.

As the name implies, Marduk’s signature mount attack entails his tackling his opponent to the ground and viciously pummeling them into submission, akin to mixed martial arts methods. In Vale Tudo, the manner he may tackle the adversary by the legs is also a typical method (as it is not forbidden like in most other fighting sports).


Zafina is a great character with a lot of depth. Zafina’s quick mobility and pokes allow her to effectively dominate her opponents’ space and position. As a result, players who have a good grip of the fundamentals may find her to be quite rewarding.

On the offensive side, Zafina has evasive launchers, a solid tracking kick to shut off sidesteps, and devastating counter-hit attacks. Zafina doesn’t necessarily rely on her postures, even though she has a lot of them. Players that practice stance transition and play creatively, on the other hand, might benefit much from her stance mixups.


Law’s fighting method is simply referred to as “Martial Arts.” His combat method was originally called “Marshall” Arts, but the pun was lost in translation to English.

However, because his real moveset is highly influenced by Bruce Lee’s, it’s reasonable to believe that Law’s genuine fighting style is based on Jeet Kune Do (a hybrid martial art system and philosophy of life founded by the martial artist Bruce Lee).


Bryan’s strong suit is spreading out his opponents and looking for counters that lead to deadly combinations. While he is missing some of the standard Tekken tools, his armament more than compensates. His longer-range attacks, such as Orbital Heel and 3+4 sidekick, are extremely effective at keeping opponents at bay.

Bryan’s counter-hit skills do an excellent job of preventing opponents from trying to disrupt his offensive, even though he doesn’t have many rapid moves for close-range combat. Bryan initially struggled to mix up his opponents, making it difficult to open them up and score counterstrikes.

He now has a dependable tool to chip away at defensive players and compel them to try to fight back, thanks to enhancements to his low kick. Bryan’s taunt is one of his most distinguishing characteristics. Bryan players have access to an unblockable setup with excellent timing, making Bryan’s okizeme exceptionally terrifying at the wall. Even the finest Bryan mains in the world fail to use this gadget properly, as showy as it is.


Kazumi defeats her opponents using a mix of Heihachi and Kazuya attacks, including devastating punches and fist chops. Her one-of-a-kind skill is summoning her pet tiger, which she may use alone or as part of a combination. In the same scenario, it can also be seen when Kazumi delivers an uppercut with her tiger.

She, too, has an unstoppable motion, but hers isn’t nearly as strong as her husband’s. While the combat is going on, she also utilizes a taunt in which she peacefully pets her tiger. Kazumi is a rock-solid character that can easily intimidate, frustrate, and demoralize opponents.

She does, however, have some significant defects. To begin with, her combo damage is poor. Her quickest launching move also has a considerably shorter range, making it ineffectual against attacks that create a lot of pushback. Kazumi, on the other hand, has average lows, with her greatest lows leaving her standing and open to counterattacks.


Many of these rapid attacks and flurry of punches are included in Leroy’s moveset, giving him a wide range of counter options. Leroy also has a powerful parry game, which makes him a deadly opponent. These advantages, along with his more uncomplicated moveset, make him a more beginner-friendly character.

Leroy’s main fighting method is Wing Chun (a Chinese kind of self-defense martial art), with the occasional use of a cane and the assistance of his beloved dog Sugar. Leroy has the unique ability to use his cane as a weapon to knock down his opponents and launch his special strikes.

This attack works in a similar way to a raging drive, except it doesn’t require rage to use. Instead, the player is limited to only one attack every match.


Alisa is a fast-moving, nimble character. She is a great poke character with high mobility and range which rewards careful placement and cautious play.

Her ability to transition into a position where both of her arms transform into chainsaws is one of her distinguishing features. She obtains access to a range of powerful techniques in this posture, which are a little sluggish but have a lot of frame data and damage.


Feng is the epitome of the hit-and-run character. While his combo damage isn’t great, and he doesn’t have a lot of solid launch attacks, Feng’s versatile toolkit more than makes up for it. Feng uses a Kenpo backstep stance when playing neutral, which helps him to lure opponents into whiffing and change up his approach and poking game, forcing opponents to be on their toes if they want to survive his offensive.

He, like Xiaoyu and Zafina, possesses some of the most elusive techniques in the game, with his Snake Dash approach occasionally passing beneath opponents’ stay-out moves.

When combined with excellent pokes, Feng is immensely terrifying when near his opponents, especially when they are backed up against a wall.


tekken 7 tier list B-Tier

The Tekken 7 B-Tier List characters are mediocre but they still get the job done. They have some strong moves in the game that can even be utilized to defeat characters from the higher levels. But it takes a lot of work and patience to master. Patience in the sense that you must strive to learn these characters’ flaws.

Practice them until you can recognize how they are abused. It was a simple list, but if you’re looking for a challenge with your Tekken 7 characters, choosing these characters isn’t a terrible option.


Eliza is a fun combination of conventional Tekken and openly 2D characters. While she does not excel in each of those areas, she does benefit from both. As a result, she has a somewhat versatile playstyle and unique idiosyncrasies, such as extremely difficult yet effective block punishment.

Eliza’s main strength is her ability to shake things up. Special cancellations, stance mix-ups, and wall pressure are all included. Eliza leans toward a more aggressive, rush-down style of play. However, putting these assets to good use isn’t easy.

Eliza doesn’t have many good pokes in neutral, and her greatest get-in options are risky. As a result, Eliza frequently represents two conflicting playstyles in a single game.

Swinging between patiently waiting for a chance in neutral and smothering opponents with constant pressure once they get near.


Dragunov is a character that is quite aggressive. His attacks have good range, allowing him to poke opponents from a safe distance and successfully whiff punish them. Dragunov shines at close range. Dragunov would usually try to close in on his opponent or approach with a plus on block running move.

Allowing him to continue persistently pushing his opponents with different throws, pokes, and destructive counter-hit attacks.

Dragunov’s overall kit is complemented by his ability to do high damage. As well as carrying his opponents to the wall, resulting in huge damage in many of his combinations. If the opponent manages to survive, Dragunov has several effective okizeme alternatives to finish them off.


Shaheen, the jack of all trades, is a flexible and uncomplicated character with no obvious flaws. While his toolkit isn’t extensive, it contains everything a Tekken character might want. Nice mobility, good pokes, strong mixups, and all the core techniques are all present.

None of those qualities are very noteworthy on their own but taken together, they make Shaheen a viable and competitive character. Shaheen’s straightforward nature may be considered his one genuine flaw since there are few methods for him to profit from knowledge checks or obscure assaults.


Lee competed in previous Tekken games utilizing Mishima Style Fighting Karate mixed with his own “Martial Arts” style. It’s fair to conclude that Lee’s true fighting style is based on Jeet Kune Do, as it’s a version of Marshall Law’s moveset (which is greatly inspired by Bruce Lee’s movements).

His Left Splits Kick (f,f+3), which was eliminated in Tekken 5, and the two initial kicks of his Infinite Kick Chain, which resemble the Mishima Tsunami Kick (ws+4,4) but with the other leg, are his sole Mishima Karate techniques.


Kunimitsu is a superb rushdown character who can use her qcf1 and qcf1+2 to control the area if her opponent attempts to sidestep. Due to its unlimited range and speed, qcf1 is one of the finest projectiles and whiff punishers in Tekken history. With several methods to enter FC, she has a lot of mixup potential.

Due to her capacity to re-wall splat, she also has a good fury drive. Kunimitsu is a battling force to be reckoned with because of his easy-to-use character, excellent mix-up game, and superb space control.


Katarina is well-known for being one of the easiest characters to work with throughout the series. She is one of the less skilled female fighters in the series, and her style makes her particularly vulnerable to being rushed by other fighters. She has a good range for most of her attacks, which inflict a lot of damage, and she has a decent array of pokes, which she can use quickly and effectively.


Negan is a straightforward brawler who thrives when surrounded by his foes. He can effectively oppress his opponents with a set of powerful pokes that may even put him at frame advantage on block, strong stance techniques, and safe regular hit launchers.

His persistent onslaught frequently continues until opponents try to fight back and make a mistake, either falling for a counter strike or attacking into one of his terrifying power smashes. He gets access to a devastating okizeme after landing a knockdown since he may beat on opponents while they’re down or conduct an unblockable setup.


Kazuya is a noteworthy character in the series, despite being a basic character. Despite having a move set that relies on strong single strikes, he is capable of doing a lot of raw damage with them. He depends largely on punishing opponents with blocks rather than surprises to get the most out of his attacks.

His most valuable attribute is that he possesses one of, if not the best, punishers in any game in which he appears. He’s best employed as a defensive character in general, and learning his timing is crucial if he’s going to be played for a long time.


Bob’s poking game is extremely strong, allowing him to dictate the match’s pace and space out opponents. His Mishima-style wavedash causes a variety of mixups. His wavedash may be used as an approach tool in conjunction with several of his ranged techniques, which have built-in mobility and a fantastic job.

He becomes much more dangerous after he gets his opponent to the wall. He can do a lot of damage with wall combos and open opponents up with an array of strong lows and mids. With strong frames and damage, he also has one of the finest power crushes in the game.


Josie is a highly nimble and fast character with high overall damage output. She is a very simple character to pick up and play with, especially for first-time beginners. Back Dash Cancel is suggested if one desires to get some breathing room while being pressed by their opponent throughout the battle.


King is more of a defensive Tekken 7 character than an overtly offensive one ranking him at B-Tier on our tier list. Speed, agility, excellent mobility, and a keen sense of punishment are all important aspects of his fighting style. King’s chain grabs can cause damage equivalent to half-life if properly utilized.


Lidia’s poking isn’t very lucrative at the range; therefore, she’s significantly weaker while playing neutral or keeping defensive. Her matches are turbulent as a result of her reliance on generating and sustaining attacking momentum.

As a result, Lidia is forced to switch up her strategy or train her opponents to respect her buttons. She may accomplish this with a variety of deadly parry choices.


With the help of his powerful and over-the-top techniques, Heihachi is one of the finest alternatives for aggressive players. Most of his finest moves come with little to no risk, and he has a lot of damage potential. For example, the Demon Uppercut is a deadly launcher that is easy to use and virtually tough to punish if it is blocked.


Miguel’s kit makes him incredibly terrifying in close range, with powerful pokes and mixups that deplete opponents’ health. Most of his techniques don’t have enough range to keep opponents out, and his approach tools are risky. Miguel suffers at mid and long ranges to compensate for his remarkable close-range skill.


Lili’s fighting style is very different from that of most martial artists – and her father would probably never allow her to even practice any sort of formal martial arts training. This is probably why some of Lili’s moves often reflect her background and personality, as she tends to strike a lot of elegant, graceful poses as she attacks.

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The Tekken Characters of the C Tier are below-average and shouldn’t be used if you want to win. Beginner players may find the higher-ranking characters in Tekken 7 Tier List to be a decent choice. These characters do not check most of the key boxes that form a decent character in the game.


Nina is an extremely aggressive Tekken 7 character with a kit that favors offensive moves bagging her the C-tier. She specializes in rushing down opponents and persistently pushing them by canceling her pokes. Experienced Nina players will chip away at their opponent’s health while baiting an opportunity for a counter-hit launcher.


Despite his limited mobility, Ganryu is a high-pressure character that never lets go of his opponents. Ganryu finds it tough to get out of pressure or play-around movement, but once he can, he’s a formidable opponent. He may quickly gather momentum and snowball whole battles with his powerful pokes and combinations.


Asuka has one of the finest reversals in the game, as well as several evasive moves that she may use to score a counter hit and start destructive combos. Her offense is lackluster outside of scoring counter hits since she doesn’t have many solid methods to open people up.

Master Raven

Master Raven is a well-rounded and solid Tekken 7 character, although she does have a few oddities. Her extensive arsenal allows her to play in a variety of ways. She has some of the finest wall carry and wall damage; however, she is vulnerable to low hits.


Xiaoyu, along with Yoshimitsu and Lei Wulong, is the most difficult character to figure out. She possesses the scariest okizeme in Tekken 7. Xiaoyu relies on chipping away at her opponents or taking chances to score a launch.


Jack robots are enormous and powerful combatants. Their true distinguishing feature is the insane range of their techniques on the battlefield. They do, however, require good timing from their players because they are sluggish, and their restricted moveset may become predictable at close range. An advanced Jack will be a terror at medium distances with good mobility and attack mix-ups.


Hwoarang is one of the most complicated characters in the series, with many stance changes and a long list of moves. He is best suited to delivering consistent pressure to the opponent due to his weak defensive ability. The character compensates for his slow speed with a set of high-damage kicks that are susceptible to counters.


While his mobility isn’t the best, you shouldn’t dismiss him as a low-tier fighter. Gigas’ range and very forceful but hazardous punishment are two of his distinguishing characteristics.


Eddy is an outlandish figure with a one-of-a-kind moveset. Few opponents can successfully launch or punish Eddy’s negative posture. He possesses a variety of effective pokes and mix-ups that allow him to chip away at his opponent consistently.


Leo is the first Tekken character to train in Baji Quan solely. The Chinese martial art is known for its powerful, short-range blows and high-energy attacks. It combines various martial arts and Pro-Wrestling techniques in their purest form.

Armor King

Armor King is a character that places a lot of emphasis on the essentials. He can’t establish momentum on offense or simple mixups. Armor King rewards more experienced players who have a firm knowledge of the Tekken foundations, as well as character experts who are willing to devote the effort to learn his more esoteric offensive choices.


The D-Tier Tekken characters are the worst out of them all and should be avoided. These characters fail to meet the majority of the criteria for being decent characters in the game. The hall of shame Tekken 7 D-tier list has been created to categorize these characters.


The Chaos Judgement posture is one of her most distinctive techniques. Anna has a fantastic arsenal for conditioning her opponent and having them respect her buttons. Her choices of strong mid assaults are limited, and many of her strings would be heavily punished by a skilled opponent.

Lucky Chloe

Lucky Chloe has quick strikes and a decent mix-up game. Her range is limited, and she lacks counters and punishers. Thus she prefers to play more aggressively. If the user perfectly timed their button pushes in rhythm with the strikes falling on her opponent, Lucky Chloe’s Rage Art can cause additional damage.


Panda and Kuma share the same moveset and frame data, with their Rage Art animations being the sole difference. Bears tend to stay in the middle of the field and chip away at their opponents. They can be more aggressive when using a variety of evasive positions.


Noctis is a straightforward defensive Tekken 7 character with a vast range of tools at his disposal ranking him at D-Tier in this tier list. His f+2, which is a warp strike, is one of the strongest penalties in the game. Noctis suffers more from a lack of effective pokes, strings, and command throws in close combat.


Yoshimitsu’s flash is a one-of-a-kind tool that parries any oncoming strike and provides Yoshimitsu a launch punishment. Such a unique defensive alternative offers up a whole new realm of possibilities, from exploiting readings and quick responses to penalizing normally safe movements.


Lars’ fighting style is not based on any authentic martial art and is purely made up. His combat style in Tekken 7 is “Tekken Forces Martial Arts.”


Bears can be more aggressive when using a variety of evasive positions, but this technique tends to come apart against more experienced opponents. Their mobility is below average making them the below-average Tekken 7 fighter on this tier list.


Lei is one of the most challenging characters to control so he is the worst-performing Tekken 7 character in this tier list. He must make excellent use of his postures to fool and confound his opponents. Players must have a thorough understanding of their opponent to be lethal.

Tekken 7 Tier List Criteria

We spent a lot of time playing the game and analyzing all of the main and little variables that went into ranking the top characters in Tekken 7.

Apart from the usual moves of all characters, we looked at the game’s overall gameplay, how the character acts, the most overpowering and underpowered actions, and the special moves. For us, the essential rating element was how one character differed from the others.

We strive to create tier rankings that are as unbiased as possible, based on the character’s battlefield capability. While tier lists are primarily subjective, our team puts a lot of time, effort, and experience into assessing a character’s potential and allocating them to ranks. Let us know who your favorite fighters are in the comments section below.

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