Tekken 7 Tier List: Ranking All Characters

New to Tekken 7 and don't know which character to pick from? Our Tier List will help you choose the best fighter for yourself.

Have you started playing Tekken 7 and don’t know which character to pick from? Don’t fret; our Tekken 7 Tier List will help you choose the best fighter for yourself. Tekken 7 is a fighting game published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. It is the seventh major entry and the ninth overall in the Tekken series.

Key Highlights
  • Tekken 7 offers 52 characters introduced across multiple updates.
  • Rankings based on performance in Power Crush, Wall Bounce, Auto Combo, Rage Arts, Rage Drives, and Screw technique.
  • Top-performing characters: Geese, Fahkumram, Julia, Akuma, known for decent recovery rates, exceptional counter-hitting, and leaping techniques.
  • Characters with subpar performance: Lucky Chloe, Anna, Lei, Kuma, Lars.
  • For Tekken 7 triumphs, players are advised to focus on the higher-ranked characters for an exciting gaming experience

Tier List Characters Ranking Table

GeeseSNightmare GeeseKobujutsu
Aiki-Jujutsu and chi techniques
HumanMartial Artist
JuliaSWandering Fighter and/ or JayceeChang Kenpo and Wrestling (Throws)HumanWrestler and Streamer
FahkumramSNoneMuay ThaiHumanUnknown
AkumaSMaster of the Fist and/ or Shin AkumaAnsatsukenHuman/DemonMartial Artist
PaulABlazing Brawler and/ or Hot-Blooded FighterModified martial arts based on JudoHumanJudo Martial Artist
JinADevil JinKarateHumanMartial Artist
ClaudioAClaudio SerafinoSirius-Style Exorcism SorceryHumanExorcist
SteveANT01 and/ or Stinging HookBoxingHumanProfessional Boxer
Devil JinAJin KazamaUnknownDemonThe Devil Gene within Jin Kazama
KazumiAKazumi Hachijō MishimaKarate of Hachijo Style mixed with Mishima Style Fighting KarateHuman/DemonHost of the Devil Gene, Hachijo Clan's Assassin, and Martial Artist
BryanAWicked ReplicantKickboxingCyborg/ZombieBrain data collector
LawAFlame of PassionMartial Arts (based on Jeet Kune Do)HumanInstructor
ZafinaANoneAncient Assassination ArtsDevilAstrologist and Imperial Tomb Defender
MardukABrutal Vale Tudo FighterVale TudoHumanProfessional Vale Tudo fighter
FengANone"God Fist" Style Chinese KenpoHumanChinese Martial Arts Master
AlisaANoneHigh Mobility Combat using thrustersAndroidProtector of Jin Kazama
LeroyAGrandmaster of DripWing ChunHumanMartial Artist
KunimitsuBTraitorous Female NinjaManji NinjutsuHumanThief
LeeBSilver-Haired Demon and/ or
Fighting Karate of Mishima Style combined with Martial ArtsHumanCEO of Violet Systems
ShaheenBShaheenMilitary Fighting StyleHumanMilitary Bodyguard
DragunovBThe White Angel of DeathCommando Sambo TacticsHumanSpetsnaz
JosieBNoneKickboxing based on Eskrima and combined with Muay ThaiHumanKickboxer and Model
BobBSlim Bob and/ or The Perfect BodyFreestyle KarateHumanBounty hunter
KazuyaBDevil Kazuya and/ or Ice-Cold HeirMishima Style Fighting KarateHuman/DemonHead of G Corporation
NeganBThe Cold-BloodedStreet Fighting, Untrained BrawlingHumanLeader of the Saviors
LiliBEmilie De Rochefort, Platinum Grace and/ or Fighting HeiressGymnastics and Street FightingHumanCommoner/ High School Student
MiguelBNoneUntrained BrawlingHumanMatador and Member of The Resistance
HeihachiBThe King of Iron FistMishima Style Fighting KarateHumanHead of Mishima Zaibatsu
LidiaBThe Right Honorable Lidia SobieskaTraditional KarateHumanPrime Minister of Poland
KingBBeast Priest and/ or Mysterious Masked WrestlerPro-WrestlingHumanPriest
XiaoyuCDancing PhoenixChinese Martial ArtsHumanCommoner
Master RavenCNoneNinjutsuHumanIntelligence Agent
AsukaCKansai PeacemakerTraditional Martial Arts of Kazama StyleHumanCommoner/ Student
GanryuCReckless Great MaidenhairSumoHumanOwner of Chanko Paradise
NinaCSilent Assassin, Cold Heart, and/ or
Cold Blooded Killer
Assassination Arts based on Koppojutsu and AikidoHumanAssassin
Armor KingCWicked Flower and/ or Evil FlowerWrestleHumanWrestler
LeoCNoneBaji QuanHumanSpeleologist
EddyCVengeful Demon of PrisonCapoeiraHumanMercenary and Instructor
GigasCNoneDestructive ImpulseGenetically enhanced humanBioweapon for G Corporation
HwoarangCBlood TalonTaekwondoHumanMilitary Taekwondo Specialist
Jack-7CChief Humanoid WeaponBrute force and
Sheer Force
AndroidWeapon of destruction
YoshimitsuDThe Inheritor of the Demon SwordAdvanced Manji NinjutsuHuman (with a cybernetic arm)Manji Clan Leader and Fighter
NoctisDLucian Prince and/ or KingWeapon SummoningHumanKing
PandaDNoneHeihachi-style Improved Kuma ShinkenPanda (Animal)Bodyguard
Lucky ChloeDNoneAcrobaticsHumanDancer
AnnaDScarlet LightningAssassination Arts based on Koppojutsu and AikidoHumanAssassin
LeiDSuper PoliceChinese Martial based boxingHumanPolice Fighter
KumaDRage Bear,
Raging Beast, and/ or
Master of the Salmon
Heihachi-style Improved Kuma ShinkenBearTekken Force Officer
LarsDTraitorous Fist, Alpha Leader, and/ or Lion of the RebellionKarate and
Tekken Forces Martial Arts
HumanOffense Fighter


tekken 7 tier list S-Tier

The S Tier is made up of the top Tekken characters who check the majority of the characteristics we discussed before. They have a distinct skill set, and their techniques can assist you in counter-hitting and leaping, as well as having a strong recovery rate. Other parts of the game where the makers have given them an advantage over others are also present. Let’s speak about the finest characters in Tekken 7.


tekken 7 tier list A-Tier

The characters in the A Tier are far from terrible; in fact, they can deconstruct the characters in the S Tier in certain ways. They are included here because of our expertise in the game, and they lack the qualities that we used to create this tier ranking. You are free to disagree, and we will not dismiss your viewpoint because separating these characters from the S Tier was a difficult choice.


tekken 7 tier list B-Tier

The Tekken 7 B-Tier List characters are mediocre but they still get the job done. They have some strong moves in the game that can even be utilized to defeat characters from the higher levels. But it takes a lot of work and patience to master. Patience in the sense that you must strive to learn these characters’ flaws.

Practice them until you can recognize how they are abused. It was a simple list, but if you’re looking for a challenge with your Tekken 7 characters, choosing these characters isn’t a terrible option.


The Tekken Characters of the C Tier are below average and shouldn’t be used if you want to win. Beginner players may find the higher-ranking characters in the Tier List to be a decent choice. These characters do not check most of the key boxes that form a decent character in the game.


The D-Tier Tekken characters are the worst out of them all and should be avoided. These characters fail to meet the majority of the criteria for being decent characters in the game. The Hall of Shame Tekken 7 D-tier list has been created to categorize these characters.

Tier List Criteria

We spent a lot of time playing the game and analyzing all of the main and little variables that went into ranking the top characters in Tekken 7.

Apart from the usual moves of all characters, we looked at the game’s overall gameplay, how the character acts, the most overpowering and underpowered actions, and the special moves. For us, the essential rating element was how one character differed from the others.

We strive to create tier rankings that are as unbiased as possible, based on the character’s battlefield capability. While tier lists are primarily subjective, our team puts a lot of time, effort, and experience into assessing a character’s potential and allocating them to ranks. Let us know who your favorite fighters are in the comments section below.

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