World of Stands Tier List: All Characters Ranked [2023]

Our World of Stands Tier List ranks all the characters in the game based on their moves that will help you get the flag of victory.

World of Stands Tier List ranks the characters in the game based on performance. It is an open-world adventure and PvP game that you want to play using the best characters. The choice of character determines the rate of your success. Pick your characters smartly based on the ranking in the below Tier List to have the best game experience.

Key Highlights
  • The World of Stands game revolves around only a 6-character playing roster, including Magician’s Red, Sticky Fingers, Anubis, The World, Killer Queen, and the Star Platinum. 
  • Characters are ranked based on their performance and how greater of a chance they make for the team to win. 
  • World of Stands characters that show extraordinary potential include the Killer Queen and the Star Platinum. 
  • Luckily there’s just one character out of six that you must ignore, as he seems pretty useless. Magician’s Red it is. He has got only closed-range power for you to take seriously. 
  • Choosing the best World of Stands character will ensure you experience open-world gaming better.

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Here is a breakdown of what each Tier Means in this World of Stands Tier List.

RankCharacter Names
SKiller Queen, Star Platinum
AThe World
BSticky Fingers, Anubis
CMagician’s Red


World of Stands Tier S
Tier S

S Tier includes the stands that perform extraordinarily well in the game. These are considered the best stands in the World of Stands.

Killer Queen

Killer Queen is an S Tier stand that possesses a great ability to explode, which disintegrates the opponents. It becomes a lot easier to defeat opponents as everything the Killer Queen touches turns into a bomb. It is an extremely powerful stand with the greatest move to make the enemy surrender. 

Star Platinum

Star Platinum is ranked under S Tier, as it has some great moves not comparable to any of the Stands in the lower Tiers. It is a legendary stand that possesses close-range moves paired with its technical moves. Star Platinum has considered an iconic stand in the game with power moves Ora Ora Ora, ORA, Judgement, and Ground Smash. However, it also has strong technical moves, including You are in my Range and Star Platinum! The World!

  • Ora Ora Ora is Star Platinum’s signature Barrage.
  • ORA is a heavy punch that causes moderate damage.
  • Judgment is a move that judges the opponent’s move and sends them flying in the air with a punch.
  • Ground Smash will slam the enemy smashing downwards to the ground.
  • You are in my range will let you travel to the aim.
  • Star Platinum! The World! enables Star Platinum to do its famous time stop.


Tier List
Tier A

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A Tier covers those stands that have an above-average performance in the game and performs less efficiently than the ones in S Tier.

The World

The World is ranked under A Tier because it has an above-average performance with some strong technical skills. It will not disappoint you but is not as great as stands in S Tier.

However, it is a powerful stand and possesses Speed, Precision, Power, and Stop Time. It is a loved stand in the franchise for the players that have a matching play style to The World.


World of Stands Tier B
Tier B

B Tier stands have an average performance rating in the game and perform better than the worst stands in the World of Stands.

Sticky Fingers

Sticky fingers is relatively a weaker stand in World of Stands. The Stand possesses a close-range power type similar to the ones in Star Platinum. The primary ability of this stand is to create zippers, and despite its low power, it can cause noticeable damage. 


Anubis is another stand ranked under B Tier for its average performance as compared to other stands. Remember that Anubis is that one stand made to kill with an array of abilities. It can possess anyone and enhance their fighting abilities.

While playing using Anubis, you should notice that it normally doe snot break the block, but you can break it if it is timed correctly. Another aspect to notice is that it does not break the block if the shadow form is active.


World of Stands Tier C
Tier C

The Stands ranked in C Tier have a below-average performance rating and have very low success rates.

Magician’s Red

Magician’s Red is also a powerful stand with closed-range power, but there is no doubt that its performance is below average when compared to other stands in the game. It is very limited in its versatility but has powerful arsenal capabilities.

Magician’s Red has arsenal capabilities specifically designed for combat. You can always opt for this stand if it matches your play style. The signature ability of this stand is to control fire. 

World of Stands Tier List Criteria

Our team has invested a considerable amount of time in testing each stand in World of stand by comparing their performance. We came up with the most definitive tier list for these stands by comparing the characters’ moves with each other.

We have put forth an unbiased tier list for the players to pick the best character for their gameplay or the ones that best suit them. 

Why Trust Us?

Our team at eXputer has been providing players with the most up-to-date tier lists for a long time. Our purpose has always been to provide beginners and other players with tier lists that help them in the best way possible. 

The given tier list has also been prepared by external research and the opinions of many professional players. While the tier lists are subjective and the choice of character varies a lot among players, we have made sure to provide you tried and tested hierarchy. This tier list will facilitate you through your important character choice decisions. 

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