Warhammer 40K Darktide Mystery Acquisitions

Learn what mystery acquisitions, contracts, and limited time acquisitions are being offered by Sire Melk!

Warhammer 40K Darktide offers players a vast range of weapons to choose from, with most of them being melee as well as ranged, and that is what Sire Melk offers for players! Sire Melk opens up the opportunity to gamble and use currency, and payers might need help with figuring out just how Warhammer 40K Darktide Mystery Acquisitions operate! 

Key Highlights:

  • Mystery Acquisitions are a lootbox-type of gamble that is offered to players that allows them to attain random weapons. 
  • The best way to get your hands on the mystery acquisitions is by heading over to Sire Melk’s Requisitorium
  • The main benefit of using the mystery acquisitions is that you might end up gaining a rare weapon. 
  • Sire Melk’s Requisitorium also offers contracts, as well as Limited Time Acquisitions for players!
  • It is recommended to not gamble away too much of your currency on the Mystery Acquisitions as the chances of a rare weapon dropping are extremely low

Sire Melk’s Requisitorium

Sire Melk's Requisitorium
Sire Melk’s Requisitorium (Image Credits Exputer)

First things first, let’s discuss who Sire Melk is! There is an NPC by the name of Sire Melk in Warhammer who will essentially be located in a wide hallway.

When you start heading towards the hallway and head a little deeper in, you will be able to see an L-shaped table that will be closed off and attached to a wall. Behind the counter, there will be a green color that will be illuminating the wall, and you will be able to take note of the area since there will be two markers that will be lit up towards the L-shaped table which will indicate that you are at the right place. 

When you head closer to the table, you will be able to take note of various candles that will be placed on the table and the entire atmosphere will be extremely gloomy. Upon heading even closer, you wll be able to take note of a popup that will display “Sire Melk’s Requisitiorium” and it will give you the option to view it. 

Players can unlock the requisitorium whenever they reach level 11 as they are upgrading their player level. Nonetheless, when you open the requisitiorium, it will showcase a total of 3 options that you can go for, and a small line that will appear underneath the name of the area that will display “Well? What is it you want?” and the options will be as follows: 

  • View Contracts 
  • Limited Time Acquisitions
  • Mystery Acquisitions 

Mystery Acquisitions 

Mystery Acquisitions
Mystery Acquisitions (Image Credits Exputer)

First and foremost, let’s figure out what Mystery Acquisitions are! Whenever you head over to the requisitorium and end up selecting the third option, it will open up a new screen infront of you. 

Now, mystery acquisitions can be considered a sort of loot box. Players will essentially have to use the currency that they earn by doing contracts and then basically gamble it away for the chance to earn a possible weapon that will help make them godly. 

The reality is, that since it is all based on luck and rng, if the player does not have luck by their side, then they are pretty much screwed since players do not have any way of figuring out beforehand what the weapon is that they are going to receive. 

Players can get their hands on three main things in the requisitorium with a different amount of currency for each. Keep in mind that players will be able to get only a selection of the weapons mentioned below. 

Melee Weapons

First and foremost, players can access an “Unknown Melee Weapon” from the Warhammer 40K Darktide Mystery Acquisitions and the game simply tells you to trust Sire Melk’s judgment on it. Now, when it comes to melee weapons, players will be able to get the ones from the following selection. 

  • Amongst the axes, players can access the Achlys Axe.
  • The next one will be Atrox Axe which will come in the MK II version and is known to be derived from ancient hunting weapon designs, and that they are incredibly simple to produce but can be deadly whenever they are given to the right warrior. Its attributes will include that Damage, First Target, Penetration, Finesse Stamins as well as Mobility. The weapon will also come in an MK IV variation. 
  • As for the antax axe, it will only come in one variation which will be the MK V variation, and it is known to be issued to planetary defenders these light axes will not only come in handy for clearing out pathways, but they are also excellent at shooing out invaders. Its attributes will include damage, first target, penetration, cleave targets as well as mobility. 
  • As for the rashad Combat Axe, it is known to be a humble combat axe that does not make the player look fashionable at all, but it can still be an effective weapon in the right person’s hand. As for its attributes, the MK II variation will have damage, first target, penetration, finesse, stains as well as mobility attributes. 
  • The Orestes Chainaxe will be described to be inspired by the large chain weapons that were employed by the Legio Tempestus titans. As for the attributes, the MK IV variation will have the following mobility, shredder, damage, defense, penetration, and stamina attributes. 

Amongst the hammer options, there is only one: 

  • The Crucis Hammer is described to be a powerful weapon that has an ancient design on them, and they are known to be a thunderous hammer that can be destructive to enemies. As for the attributes the MK II will have damage, first target, crowd control, penetration, defenses as well as stamina. 

When it comes to the knives options, there is only one too: 

  • The Catachan Blade will be described by Major Neena Kolfex as that it can take down a Cudbear with only one of the knives in hand. The MK III will have first target, penetration, finesse as well as mobility and damage in its attributes. 

As for the sword options, there will be a few options to go with: 

  • The Catachan Devil’s Claw Sword will be described as knives by the catachans but as a sword by regular people. The MK I variation will have damage, cleave targets, cleave damage, finesse, stamina as well as mobility as its attributes. As for the MK IV variation and MK VII sword, they will also have the same attributes. 
  • The Turtolsky Heavy Sword will be described as being the redesign of the traditional shashka swords that were from the Vostroyan Astra Militarum regiments. The MK IX variation will have damage, cleave targets, cleave damage, first target, defense, and stamina as its attributes, while the MK VI variation will have the same attributes. 
  • The Maccabian Dueling Sword is another option that you can potentially get. 
  • The power Sword will be the fourth of the sword options that players will be able to get through the acquisition!

When it comes to the chain swords option, these will be the options that you can get: 

  • Starting with the Cadia Chainsword, will be described as being one that has honed, sharp teeth and is considered to be extremely prized at the Astra Militarum and they are given out and presented as a sign of authority. As for the attributes, the MK IV will include shredder, penetration, finesse, stamina, mobility as well as damage attributes. 
  • The Tigrus Eviscerator will be known as an oversized chainsword and it will be able to cause destruction. When it comes to the attributes, it will have penetration, cleave targets, stamina, shredder, damage as well as mobility. 

Players will be able to buy a random melee weapon by using a total of 200 currency that they will have earned, and they will have zero control over any of the melee weapons that they end up getting. 

Ranged Weapons 

Now, when it comes to the ranged weapons, there will be an even wider collection of ranged weapons that players might be able to get their hands on from the Warhammer 40K Darktide Mystery Acquisitions. The currency that players will have to spend will be 200, and once again, you will have no control over what you will get. Kicking things off with the Lasguns, the choices are as follows: 

  • The Kantreal Infantry Lasgun will be described as being a “short-lived experiment” of sorts. When it comes to the attributes, the MG IV will have damage, stopping power, stability, ammo as well as mobility while the MG XII Variation will also have the same kinds of attributes. 
  • The Accatan Recon Lasgun will be another RNG-based ranged weapon that players will be able to get alongside the Lucius Helbore Lasgun. 

Now, as for the Laspistols, the below option will be one that players can get: 

  • The Accatran Heavy Laspistol will be designed to be used by officers that are situated at the Astra Militarum and the heavy pistol itself can pack quite a punch. When it comes to the attributes, players can expect there to be stopping power, ammo, stability, mobility as well as damage as its attributes. 

There won’t be a lot of choices when it comes to the auto pistols, as listed below: 

  • Players can get the Lus Shredder Auto pistol, which is described to be quite popular with hive gangers as compared to being popular with the Moebian military, and when it comes to the attributes, it will have ammo, stopping power, collateral, mobility as well as damage. 

Now, for the Flamers, it will be reserved for the zealot class, and will only have one option really: 

  • The Artemia Purgation Flamer will be one that players can get and it will be known to come from the same forging as that of the Hellbound flame tank, and as for the attributes, the MK III variation will have mobility, burn, ammo, damage and cloud radius as it’s attributed. 

Now, when it comes to the Revolver, there will also be one option that players will be able to get: 

  • The Zarona Revolver will be described to be one of the oldest designs for pistols that there can be, and these revolvers will be able to endure anything no matter what. There will be five main attributes for the revolver and they will be reloaded speed, critical bonus, penetration, mobility, and damage. 

Moving onto the Shotguns, the options for them will be listed as follows and two of these will be reserved for the Ogryn class. 

  • The Lawbringer Combat Shotgun is described as being based on one of the weapons that were carried by the Adeptus Arbites and will be excellent for short-range combat. As for the attributes, players can expect it to have ammo, stopping power, stability, mobility as well as damage. 
  • The other shotgun that players can get will be known as the Foe-rend Ripper Gun.
  • Another option will be the Lorenz Kickback. 

when mentioning the Plasma Guns, it will be reserved for the veteran class, and the option will be as follows: 

  • The veteran players will be able to get the M35 Magnacore Plasma Gun. 

As for the Autoguns, there will be a few options that are open to players: 

  • The Graia Autogunis going to be described as being a well-appreciated weapon since it has a high rate of fire, and they are known to be in short supply due to several calamities that came upon Graia. As for the attributes, it will hone mobility, stopping power, ammo, stability as well as damage. 
  • The Vraks Autogun will be known to be a pattern that is heavily protected and prized and was retrieved from the manufactorums of the Vraks. The MK III variation will have stopping power, ammo, stability, mobility, and damage as its attributes and so will the MK VII variation. 
  • The Agripinaa Autogun is described as being useful against heavier enemies and can be pretty strengthy, and for the attributes, it will have mobility, damage, stability, ammo as well as stopping power in its arsenal. 
  • Lastly, the Columnus Autogun will be described as being a rarity in the Moebian Domain and it will have collateral, stability, ammo, mobility, and damage as it attributes for the MK II variation while the MK V variation will have damage, stopping power, stability, ammo, and mobility as it’s attributed. 

Last but not least, the Bolters weapon will have one option which will be the Locke Boltgun


Now, players will also be able to buy curios, which aren’t considered to be any kind of weapons, but rather accessories of sorts, and they will come to in four different rarities that players will be able to get their hands on. 

Players will have to spend a total of 250 currency, which makes them even more expensive and even that much of a gamble than actual weapons. The four rarities that are available to players will be redeemed, anointed, exalted, and transcendent. 


Weekly Contracts
Weekly Contracts (Image Credits Exputer)

Moving on, now that we are done with the actual mystery acquisitions, let’s take a look at how players can earn the currency that will most likely end up gambling all away to get a chance at having a rare weapon. 

One of the ways that players will be able to earn these currencies will be known as contracts, and they can be found at the Sire Melk’s requisitorium as we mentioned before. 

Once players have managed to each level 11 in their player level, all they need to do is head over to Sire Melk, and he will have a brand new requisitorium for you. Once you click on it, go ahead and select the “View Contracts” option infront of you. 

Sire Melk will assign “contracts” or tasks to you that you will have to complete in order to gain the currency that will be then used to either get the melee, ranged, or curious as we mentioned before. 

The tasks will then reset and will consist of different types, one of them is to kill off 10 monstrosities which basically means to murder 10 enemies the contracts will then reward you with 210 currency, and it keeps track of your overall progress. 

Another type of contract that you might end up encountering will be that you need to complete 3 missions with no player deaths, which basically means that you need to successfully get through a total of 3 missions without dying even once, and if you end up breaking the streak then you’re screwed. The contract will then reward you with 120 currency. 

Another mission that you might encounter will be to complete 25 missions, and since this is a longer mission, it will also reward players will more currency which will give the player 435 currency whenever you end up completing it. 

One of the other missions that you might encounter will be to kill 1000 scav with ranged and once again, considering how long it might take to actually complete the mission, it will reward players with 530 currency

Limited Time Acquisition 

Limited Time Acquisitions
Limited Time Acquisitions (Image Credits Exputer)

Last but not least, players will be able to access the Limited Time Acquisition, which will be a shop where you will be able to buy rare weapons and it will reset every day. One of the weapons that you will be able to get from the acquisition will be the Locke MK IIb Spearhead Boltgun, which will provide players with high damage and piercing shots and will be able to grant 8% extra toughness whenever an elite kill is done. 

Some other weapons that you might be able to get will be the Turtolsky Mk VI Heavy Sword and a few more that might rotate every 24 hours. 


And there we have it! A rundown on how mystery acquisitions work, and how the other branches work as well! In all honesty, mystery acquisitions are not recommended at all, since it is a massive gamble and players might end up getting nothing of value unless they are extremely lucky. 

And with that, we will wrap up our Warhammer 40K Darktide Mystery Acquisitions guide! For players that are extremely new to Warhammer, our Warhammer 40K Darktide Walkthrough guide will showcase and link all important builds, tips, class guides and more to guide you further to progress better!

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