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Be the best hunter with our Way Of The Hunter Walkthrough.

In Way of the Hunter, you take on the role of the proprietor of a hunting lodge amid abundant animal populations and stunning environments. Players may explore the expansive open world and hunt various creatures utilizing a top-notch assortment of guns. Our Way Of The Hunter Walkthrough has guides that will help you easily hunt animals and be the best hunter.

With the marked animal indications, blood spatter analysis, and shot evaluation with a retractable camera, the hunting dynamics seem incredible. This game has a lot to learn about thanks to its 24-hour day/night cycle, gripping narrative about the challenges faced by a family hunting company, sophisticated, realistic animal movement and reactions, and intricate trophy system.

Key Takeaways
  • Players must have the right gun for the job when hunting, as different weapons are used to kill different animals.
  • The game features multiple weapons such as rifles and shotguns, and animals are classified into tiers. It is recommended that the tier of the weapon and the prey being hunted should match.
  • Rifles are mostly used to kill animals such as deer and bears. Out of the 10 rifles in the game, 5 have been selected as the best hunting rifles in Way of the Hunter. These include: Steyr Scout, Steyr SM12, Steyr Monobloc, Steyr Carbon CL II, and Steyr Pro Hunter II.
  • Shotguns are only used for hunting small animals such as rabbits and ducks and are not recommended for investing too much in. The best shotgun in the game is the Steyr Pro Hunter II, which offers the best price-to-performance ratio.


way of the hunter review
Review (Image By: eXputer)

A game review is the most crucial type of informational resource for every new release. It covers every single element related to the game and provides all the information you want. You may decide whether or not you want to buy the game by reading a review. With the help of our Way Of The Hunter Wiki Page, you may learn all you need to know about the game.

Beginners Basics

Beginner’s Basics (Image By: eXputer)

Every game features a few unique mechanics. It could be difficult to understand and master the mechanics if you haven’t played a game using them previously. Our Tips & Tricks and Basic Guides on this Wiki Page should be enough when you start playing the game.


Best Guns and rifles for deers in Way of the Hunter
Weapons (Image By: eXputer)

Without the proper weapons, you’re likely to lose your prey and have a small chance against animals that have high HP. You’ll need the best weapons to hunt down stronger animals, and our Wiki Page lists them all! 

Location Guides

Pheasant in Way of the Hunter
Location Guides (Image By: eXputer)

Certain things can be really difficult to find if you don’t know the exact location. The guides in our Way Of The Hunter Walkthrough go into detail about each of the things players might find difficult to find. Moreover, they give you the exact location to easily find them.

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