Halo Infinite Poor Matchmaking Shows How Misleading Player Counts Are

The FPS game got almost 20 million players at launch but now, it's hard to find any.

Living up to the hype is one of the most difficult things in the gaming industry, especially if you have a popular series. Many games nail this aspect and deliver a title way beyond expectations. But, sometimes things don’t pan out well for highly awaited games and Halo Infinite is an example.  

Halo Infinite has been at the center of several controversies since its launch in 2021. It had a pretty good start initially after release, as it got nearly 20 million players. Although, since then, the title has had a massive fall off in terms of players.

It got so bad at one point that the older Halo: The Master Chief Collection surpassed the game in Twitch viewers. Halo Infinite has found it really hard to sustain a player base due to a myriad of reasons, that has lead to the pretty bad shape the game is in at present.

Many players are complaining that it is very difficult to find players for a social game in Halo Infinite nowadays. Considering the huge start of 20 million players the title had, it is shocking to see it in this state. All of this really makes one wonder how misleading these player numbers actually are.

Several threads are present on many of the game’s forums about the matchmaking problems players are facing. One thread states that it takes up to 4 minutes to find players in a social game. For a main entry into the Halo franchise, such numbers are surprising to see and are a total shame.

Halo Infinite is already a dead game in EU during mornings weekday. For a Halo game especially F2P, this is honestly pathetic to watch from halo

Hence, a few questions arise about how a game that had 20 million players at the start can just die like this. We have discussed the lack of content Halo Infinite has and it is already a very common thing. But, such a huge number shouldn’t vanish just like that and it tells us how player counts can be untrue. 

The performance of the game has been so bad that even Battlefield 2042 has overtaken it now. If you are aware of the criticism and toxic past that Battlefield 2042 has, you will know how bad this is. Halo Infinite having only a 5,847 concurrent player peak on Steam is another hint at how total player counts can be wrong.

Halo Infinite
Halo Infinite is lower than Battlefield 2042 in player count on Steam

At the end of the day, Halo Infinite has been nothing short of a huge disappointment for Microsoft. For a title that was going to launch a new era of gaming, it has fallen horribly short of its target. No quick fix is in sight either but we hope the game can become something good in the near future.

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