Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Beginners Guide & Tips

Become one with your inner Qi with this beginners guide.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty has an in-depth combat system and is extremely difficult. Keeping these things in mind, players should follow a Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty combat guide for beginners to truly grasp the game’s fundamentals.

Important: The best advice for new players is to exercise patience and deflect all attacks. Lastly, never ever panic or get greedy with your attacks.
Key Takeaways
  • Combat revolves around the posture system and deflecting, similar to Sekiro.
  • We recommend players play defensively. Holding guard and deflecting enemy attacks on reaction is key.
  • Players should continuously explore the mission area to find flag poles to boost their Morale Rank.
  • Keep in mind that all stats lead to their own respective Spells branches.
  • While players should prioritize the stats that suit their main weapons, they should also invest Genuine Qi into other stats to obtain their respective Wizard Spells.
  • Sometimes, players should try picking enemies off with a bow or by sneaking up behind them.
  • Divine Beasts can tip the scales in your favor, so use them while you are at a big disadvantage. 
  • Your AI Companions can be a great meatshield to draw aggro towards, so use them well.
  • Lastly, do not let defeat demotivate you. Review your mistakes and keep trying, and you will defeat all enemies in your way.


In Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, combat revolves around the “posture system” and deflecting, which is done by pressing Direction + Dodge. Successfully deflecting an enemy attack will fill up their “posture meter.” Once this meter is full, their stance will be broken, leaving them vulnerable to a critical attack, executed by making a “Heavy Attack”.

Combat Guide Wo Long Fallen Dynasty
Initiating Stages Of Combat | Image By eXputer

Keep in mind, however, that you also have a posture meter. This will fill up by

  • Using Heavy Attacks
  • Martial Arts
  • Missing A Deflect
  • Blocking
  • Getting Hit

So be mindful of these things. Also, make good use of your Martial Arts attacks, as they deal a lot of posture damage. However, they also cost quite a bit of your own posture too.

Effective Way Of Playing

Defensive play is extremely viable in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty as there is no animation cancel like Sekiro. We recommend that you hold guard and deflect on reaction to all enemy attacks. Also, after a successful chain of deflects, hit the enemy with 2 attacks only to keep yourself safe.

In addition, make sure you always deflect the special enemy attacks, indicated by a red hue. These cannot be blocked and on a successful deflect, lead to a good opening to start your offense on. Also, do use 

Players should also always prioritize deflecting over dodging, as dodging has very poor invulnerable frames and grant little reward compared to deflecting. Also, deflecting a normal enemy will instantly break their posture, so they are easily dealt with. 

If you follow all the above steps in the Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty combat guide, the game can become a lot easier for you.

Morale Rank 

Morale Rank is a level indicating the “threat” of either the player or the enemy. The higher the morale rank, the more dangerous the enemy is. The technical working of this rank is that it increases both the player’s and the enemy’s damage and defense.

It is increased by finding different flag poles located throughout the game’s missions, so make sure to explore every nook and cranny to find them. Additionally, it can also be increased by offering a healing flask at a grave of a dead player, though this is exclusive to online only.

Morale Wo Long
The Morale Flag | Screenshot By eXputer

In addition, killing strong enemies will increase your morale rank. However, keep in mind that if you die, your morale rank will drop and the enemy who killed you will also become stronger.

Genuine Qi

Genuine Qi is your experience points in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. It is used to upgrade your stats called Virtues, similar to Nioh and Souls games. Your stats are

  • Wood: Affects HP and increases Sword effectiveness.
  • Fire: Makes your attacks deal more posture damage and increases Straight Sabre effectiveness.
  • Earth: Increases your total equipment load and boosts Glaive effectiveness.
  • Water: Boosts stealth and reduces the posture cost of deflecting. In addition, it augments Dual Swords and Ranged Weapons.
  • Metal: Makes it difficult for your posture to drop down and increases Curved Sword effectiveness.
Stats Wo Long
The Stats In Wo Long | Image Credit: eXputer

All of these Virtues lead to their own spell branches. For example,

  • Leveling up Fire will unlock Fire Spells.
  • Wood unlocks Lightning Spells.
  • Metal unlocks Toxic Spells.
  • Water unlocks Frost Spells.
  • Earth unlocks Rock Spells.

All of these spells are very powerful in their own right. That is why we suggest that you level up other stats too, but do not forget to prioritize the stats for your main weapon. This is one of the most important steps in our Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty combat guide for beginners.


While the stealth in Wo Long is pretty barebones compared to Sekiro, it is certainly effective. You can land a critical strike on unaware enemies to kill them in 1 hit. This can be done by holding the guard button and then walking. Since this is the most reliable way to walk slowly in Wo Long, enemies will not hear you coming.

In addition, using your bow to hit enemies in the head from far away is also a great option.

Divine Beasts

Divine Beasts are similar in concept to Nioh’s Guardian Spirits. These entities, based on Chinese Mythology, will aid you in battle once your Divine Beast Gauge is full. They can be summoned by pressing Dodge + Heavy Attack to do a mighty attack that will dish a lot of damage.

We recommend that you only use this attack if you are against a big crowd, powerful mini-bosses, or fighting a boss. Divine Beasts do a lot of posture damage and normal damage, so use it to tip the scales in your favor.

Use Your Allies

In Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, you will have AI NPCs to aid you throughout the missions. You should use them smartly. For example, if you are up against a big mob, use your companion as a meatshield that draws aggro, while you dish out loads of damage.


While you are making your way through the area and you see a giant field in front of you, it is a boss fight. Now, there is always either a shortcut or a checkpoint nearby, so make sure you always unlock these to save some time.


Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is the latest endeavor by the creators of Nioh, Team Ninja. It takes heavy inspiration from Sekiro in its combat, with the addition of a posture system. In addition, it takes the QoL additions from Nioh and boasts an incredibly detailed character creator. All in all, it is a worthy addition to the Soulslike genre and a must-play for all hardcore fans of Team Ninja and Souls alike.

And there you have it; with our Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty beginners guide, you will easily overcome all obstacles the game throws at you.

Take a look at the game length of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty if you are playing it. 

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