Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Divine Beasts [Explained]

Turn on the game's easy mode for a few seconds with the help of these Divine Beasts.

It is the latest Team Ninja game that is also painstakingly difficult. Divine Beast can offer the players some comfort as it can get players out of tricky situations by granting them strength to overcome a deadly battle. Thus, it is extremely important to know exactly how one is supposed to summon these Divine Beasts in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty and to have information about every Divine Beast in the game.

Key Takeaways
  • Wo Long Fallen Dynasty features 10 Divine Beasts.
  • Each Divine Beast falls into one of five categories: Earth Phase, Fire Phase, Metal Phase, Water Phase, and Wood Phase.
  • Examples include Qilin and Yinglong in the Earth Phase, Xiezhi and Zhuque in the Fire Phase, Baihu and Tengshe in the Metal Phase, Baize and Xuanwu in the Water Phase, and Bixie and Qinglong in the Wood Phase.
  • Each Divine Beast possesses two active abilities and a set of passive abilities linked to its virtue.
  • Players can only equip one Divine Beast at a time, accessible after interacting with Battle Flag checkpoints.

Important: The Divine Beast works in a similar manner as the Guardian Spirits from Nioh, and players can only equip one Divine Spirit at a time.

What Are The Divine Beast?

Divine Beasts in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty are holy/mythical beings based on creatures from Chinese mythology. They can give your character a huge boost in power and can quite instantaneously turn the tide of battle in your favour. Fans of Team Ninja’s previous title- Nioh, will be familiar with this mechanic as it is very similar to Guardian Spirits.

There are about ten Divine Beasts in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.

  • Qilin
  • Yinglong
  • Xiezhi
  • Zhuque
  • Baihu
  • Tengshe
  • Baize
  • Xuanwu
  • Bixie
  • Qinglong

These Divine Beasts are further divided into five categories.

  • Earth Phase Divine Beasts.
  • Fire Phase Divine Beasts
  • Metal Phase Divine Beasts
  • Water Phase Divine Beasts
  • Wood Phase Divine Beasts

Everything about Divine Beasts: 

Divine BeastLocationDivine Beast's FavorSummon Divine BeastDivine Beast Resonation
QilinTwo Chivalrous
Earth Phase Spells
Spirit Consumption
Qilin's EarthquakeQilin Resonation
YinglongThe Crouching
Dragon Roars
Damage dealt in
perfect condition
Divine AscensionYinglong Resonation
XiezhiTyrant's Final
Martial Arts DamageDeistic ExorcismXiezhi Resonation
ZhuqueFall of the Corrupted
Phase Spells Spirit
Zhuque's ScorchZhuque Resonation
BaihuThe Demon Fort of
the Yellow Heaven
Phase Spells Spirit
Baihu's CarnageBaihu Resonation
TengsheCenturies of Glory
Burned Away
Spirit Damage to
Tenghse MistwalkTengshe Resonation
BaizeIn Search of the
Immortal Wizard
Phase Spells Spirit
Phantom BlightfrostBaize Resonation
XuanwuDecisive Battle of
Ranged Attack
Xuanwu's CryosphereXuanwu Resonation
BixieThe Way of the
Weapon Damage
Radiant ThundercryBixie Resonation
QinglongThe Valley of the
Crying Wraiths
Wood Phase Spells
Spirit Consumption
Qinglong's ResurrectionQinglong Resonation

Earth Phase Divine Beast

divine beast in wo long fallen dynasty
Earth Phase Divine Beast- Qilin

Earth Phase Divine Beast – Qilin

In the Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, Earth represents one of the five virtues, focusing on increasing weight limits and spirit gain when deflecting attacks. Two Divine Beasts fall under the Earth category:


  • Qilin, a creature blending horse, deer, and ox features, is known as the king of all fur-clad creatures and boasts a 2000-year lifespan.
  • Acquisition: Obtain Qilin after defeating Zhu Yan in the “Two Chivalrous Heroes” mission.
  • Upgrades: Further upgrade through the “Unparalleled Spear” mission.
  • Abilities:
    1. Qilin Earthquake: Active ability summoning stone pillars. Pillar count increases with Morale Rank.
    2. Qilin Resonation: Infuses weapon with Stone damage, boosts defense, and enhances spirit recovery.
  • Divine Beast Favors:
    • Reduces Earth Phase Spell Spirit Consumption.
    • Lowers Guard Spirit Consumption.
    • Decreases damage taken at full health.
    • Restores HP upon deflecting critical blows.


  • Considered the true dragon form, Yinglong’s Divine Spirit can be obtained after completing the “Crouching Dragon Roar” mission.
  • Abilities:
    1. Divine Ascension: Auto-revives with full Divine Beast gauge, enhances damage at high Morale Ranks.
    2. Yinglong Resonation: Infuses weapon with Stone damage, boosts defense, and increases spirit gain.
  • Divine Beast’s Favors:
    • Increases damage dealt at full health.
    • Enhances spirit gain from deflecting attacks.
    • Raises equipment drop rate.
    • Applies Damage Reduction buff upon deflecting critical blows.

Fire Phase Divine Beast

divine beast in wo long fallen dynasty
Fire Phase Divine Beast- Xiezhi and Zhuque

the Fire Virtue enhances spirit gain from deflecting attacks and the equipment weight limit. The Divine Spirits falling under this category are:


  • Xiezhi possesses the power to judge righteousness and is associated with justice. Obtainable after completing the “Tyrant’s Final Banquet” mission and upgradeable through the “Lu Bu, Mightiest Among Men” mission.
  • Abilities:
    1. Diestic Exorcism: Summons Xiezhi to fight alongside, with duration extendable beyond Morale Rank 9.
    2. Xiezhi Resonation: Infuses weapon with fire damage, enhancing damage and spirit recovery.
  • Divine Beast’s Favor:
    • Increases martial arts damage.
    • Reduces martial arts spirit consumption.
    • Shortens negative effect duration.
    • Applies slow on enemies upon martial arts strikes.


  • Zhuque, one of the Four Gods, guardian of the south. Obtainable after completing the “Fall of the Corrupted Eunuch” mission and upgradeable via the “War’s Flames Blaze Fiercely” mission.
  • Abilities:
    1. Zhuque’s Scorch: Sets the area ablaze, dealing damage to enemies. Additional attack at Morale Rank 9+.
    2. Zhuque Resonation: Infuses weapon with fire damage, boosts damage, and hastens ailment infliction.
  • Divine Beast’s Favor:
    • Reduces Fire Phase Spell Spirit Consumption.
    • Increases spirit gain from normal attacks.
    • Enhances defense against spirit attacks.
    • Grants power gain upon successful martial arts strikes.

Metal Phase Divine Beast

Divine Beast in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty
Metal Phase Divine Beast- Baihu and Tengshe

The Metal Virtue is another stat in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty that affects the amount of spirit consumed by using Wizardry Spells and the time limit for how long you can summon a high-level spirit. The Divine Beasts from Wo Long Fallen Dynasty that belong in this category are the

  • Baihu
  • Tengshe


  • Guardian of the west, resembling a tiger, obtained after “The Demon Fort of the Yellow Heaven” quest, upgradeable post “Darkness Over the Hanshui River” quest.
  • Abilities: Baihu’s Carnage (active), Baihu Resonation (active), Divine Spirit Favor (passive).
  • Baihu’s Carnage: Summons Baihu to fight alongside, duration increases with Morale Rank > 9.
  • Baihu Resonation: Infuses weapon with toxin damage, boosts spirit gain, and reduces ailment infliction time.
  • Divine Spirit Favor: Reduces Metal Phase Spell spirit consumption, increases spirit damage, extends enemy ailment duration, amplifies damage upon fatal strikes.


  • Giant flying snake, precursor to a dragon, obtained after “Centuries of Glory Burned Away” mission, upgradable post “Request of Goddess Luo” quest.
  • Abilities: Tengshe Mistwalk (active), Tengshe Resonation (active), Divine Spirit Favor (passive).
  • Tengshe Mistwalk: Summons Tengshe to spread poison on the battlefield, range increases with Morale Rank > 9.
  • Tengshe Resonation: Applies toxin damage to weapon, boosts damage, and speeds ailment infliction.
  • Divine Spirit Favor: Increases spirit damage to enemies with negative effects, enhances status effect accumulation, boosts Wizardry Spell damage, applies Power Drop debuff upon Wizardry Spell hits.

While we are on the topic of builds, consider reading our guide on the BEST builds in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.

Water Phase Divine Beast

Water virtue beasts
Water Phase Divine Beast- Baize

The Water Virtue affects just long it takes for the enemy to detect you and the amount of spirit you consume by deflecting. The two Divine Beasts that belong in this category are the

  • Baize
  • Xuanwu


  • Considered a ward against evil, obtained after “In Search of the Immortal Wizard” quest, upgradable post “Preachers of the Dark Path” quest.
  • Abilities: Phantom Blightfrost (active), Baize Resonation (active), Divine Beast’s favor (passive).
  • Phantom Blightfrost: Summons Baize to detect enemy locations and fire icicles, range increases with Morale Rank > 9.
  • Baize Resonation: Infuses weapon with ice damage, enhances defense, and spirit recovery.
  • Divine Beast’s favor: Reduces Water Phase Spell spirit consumption, deflect spirit consumption, increases fatal strike damage, grants “Haste” upon successful deflect counterstrike.


  • One of the Four Gods, obtained by defeating Yuan Shao in “Decisive Battle of Guandu” mission, upgradable post “Pride of the Yuan Clan” quest.
  • Abilities: Xuanwu Cryosphere (active), Xuanwu Resonation (active), Divine Beast Favors (passive).
  • Xuanwu Cryosphere: Summons Xuanwu to unleash frost waves and projectiles, range increases with Morale Rank > 9.
  • Xuanwu Resonation: Infuses weapon with ice damage, boosts defense, and spirit recovery.
  • Divine Beast Favors: Increases ranged attack damage, replenishes ammo upon fatal strike, enhances enemy detection, applies Power Drop debuff upon ranged attack hits.

Wood Phase Divine Beast

wood phase beasts
Wood Phase Divine Bast- Qinglong

As for the last stat, the Wood Virtue affects the amount of spirit consumed by martial arts and the amount of spirit gained while attacking. The two Divine Beasts belonging to this category are the

  • Bixie
  • Qinglong


  • Winged lion, statues ward off evil spirits, obtained after “Way of the Warrior” mission, passive abilities upgradeable post “Fearless Blade” mission.
  • Abilities: Radiant Thundercry (active), Bixie Resonation (active), Divine Beast’s favors (passive).
  • Radiant Thundercry: Summons Bixie to unleash lightning attacks on enemies in range, increased range with Morale Rank > 9.
  • Bixie Resonation: Infuses weapon with lightning damage, boosts spirit gain from attacks, and decreases ailment infliction time.
  • Divine Beast’s favors: Increases element-imbued weapon damage, boosts Morale Rank points gain, enhances spirit defense for allies, extends positive effect duration.


  • Guardian of the east, dragon appearance, obtained after “Valley of the Crying Wraiths” quest, passive abilities upgradeable post “Behold the Glaive of Righteousness” quest.
  • Abilities: Qinglong’s Resurrection (active), Qinglong’s Resonation (active), Divine Beast’s favors (passive).
  • Qinglong’s Resurrection: Restores HP and strengthens allies in range, resurrects fallen allies with Morale Rank > 9.
  • Qinglong’s Resonation: Infuses weapon with lightning damage, increases spirit gain from successful hits, and boosts general defense.
  • Divine Beast’s favors: Reduces Wood Phase Spell spirit consumption, increases HP, accelerates HP restoration, enhances Genuine Qi obtention.

How To Equip The Divine Beast

The method of equipping a Divine Spirit is pretty straightforward. Players will have the option to switch or equip a Divine Spirit at the battle flag checkpoints. Players can only equip one Divine Beast at a time.

In case you were wondering about how to fill up the Divine Beast Gauge, well, that is filled automatically as you fight different enemies in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.

Wrap Up

And that neatly wraps up our guide on all the Divine Beasts in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty. Divine Beast are powerful mythological beings that can turn the tide of a losing battle in your favor if used correctly and at the proper timing. In case you are still new to the game and are still learning the ropes, or if this is your first Team Ninja game, then do read our Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Beginners Guide & Tips guide, as it is sure to help you out.


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