Wo Long Fallen Dynasty: In Search Of The Immortal Wizard

Complete the In Search of the Immortal Wizard quest and learn how to defeat the hideous bull-shaped boss, Aoye!

In Search of the Immortal Wizard is quite an important main quest in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty as it unlocks the ability to respec your stats and also introduces useful characters and a tough boss fight against Aoye. It is the fifth mission of the entire game and the first in part three of the main storyline.

As part of the quest, you’ll get the chance to explore a bamboo forest alongside Hong Jing as we try to locate her missing master. There will be many side objectives, collectibles, and a powerful boss along the way, which we’ll discuss in detail.

Before You Start: Make sure to visit Zhu Xia before starting the quest so that you can get +3 on all your armor.
Important: The recommended level for the In Search of the Immortal Wizard quest is Level 25, but you should aim to be slightly higher than that due to the difficulty of the boss at the end of the quest.
Key Takeaways
  • In Search of the Immortal Wizard is the fifth mission of Wo Long Fallen Dynasty and in part three of the main questline. 
  • You must make your way between five Battle Flags as you work alongside Hong Jing to find her master, Zuo Ci, who can later help you respec your stats.
    1. The first Battle Flag is right at the start of the quest after you initiate the quest by talking to Hong Jing and asking to “Head to Mt. Tianzshushan.”
    2. The second Battle Flag can be found after fighting a bunch of Shuigui along the riverbank and a giant Huoshu.
    3. The third Battle Flag can be found on top of a rock with a Changgui and around four Huoshu protecting it. You’ll also encounter a Zhuyan along the way.  
    4. The fourth Battle Flag can be found by going past the stream near the third Battle Flag and getting across a broken bridge with a bunch of Shuigui in the water.
    5. To get to the fifth Battle Flag, you’ll need to navigate through a corrupted cave and defeat the Zhupolong mini-boss.
  • At the end of the quest, you’ll face off against one of the hardest bosses in the game, Aoye.
    1. Aoye is a bull-like beast that has three hard-hitting Critical Blows that include a stabbing attack, a forward lunge, and a grab using its tentacles. 
    2. The boss can catch you off-guard with different tentacle attacks, such as 180-degree or semi-circular sweeps, and tentacle flurry attacks.
    3. After the second phase, you’ll need to be careful about ice attacks as well.
    4. Using spells, such as Fire Phase or Earth spells, can make the fight easier.
  • Defeating the boss becomes easier after you choose a 60-70% equipment weight, level up, and upgrade your gear by visiting Zhu Xia.

In Search Of The Immortal Wizard Battle Flags

While making your way through any of the quests in the game, the most important point for progression is reaching the battle flags. There are five battle flags in the quest, with one major boss at the end. The sections below will be divided into areas that can be discovered and reached before each next battle flag.

Battle Flag 1

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty in search of the immortal wizard
Huoshu and Shuigui during Battle Flag 1 [captured by eXputer]
You can initiate the quest by talking to Hong Jing in the village. She’ll be near a battle flag at the start of the village area. If you ask to “Head to Mt. Tianzhushan,” you’ll start the mission.

  • The first Battle Flag can be found directly in front of you as you spawn in.
  • To the immediate left of the battle flag, there will be a Morale Rank 10 Changgui behind a bunch of bamboos.
  • You can try fighting with it if you’re confident, but there’s a chance that you might not be properly equipped quite early on in the game.
  • That is why we recommend skipping the fight for now; you’ll get many more chances to face off against it.

In front of you, from the battle flag, you’ll notice a riverbank. There are two paths from here; you can either go right or left.

  • If you want to reach the next Battle Flag immediately, then you should follow the path to the left.
  • However, it is worth taking the path on the right as you’ll get the chance to acquire some useful loot after destroying the bamboo and killing the wolf in the area.
  • Then, go back the path and go downstream to face off against two Shuigui and a wolf.

After fighting them, turn around, and you should be able to notice a giant Huoshu. You can either parry it twice to defeat it or use any other combat tactics that you might be comfortable with. Just ahead of the Huoshu, you’ll find the next battle flag.

Battle Flag 2

wo long fallen dynasty in search of the immortal wizard battle flag 2
Zhuyan and Wooden Shack during Battle Flag 2 [image by eXputer]
There will be many intense fights while trying to get to the next battle flag, one of which will actually be with an enemy that has appeared as a mini-boss before.

  • From the second Battle Flag, look slightly to your left to find a wooden structure. You’ll find Dragon’s Cure Powder which is used to heal your health over time.
  • Go back to the second Battle Flag and look a bit more to your left again to see a bunch of stairs going up.
  • Follow the stairs, and you’ll end up in an open area with a large chest in the center. However, grabbing the chest won’t be so simple as there will be a Zhuyan on top.
  • Although you encountered it as a mini-boss before, it will act as a regular enemy this time around.

You can use Hong Jing to help you during the battle. Alternatively, you can summon an alley using the Battle Flag to not only increase your bond with them but also aid you against the Zhuyan and other enemies.

  • After you’ve defeated the enemies in the area, you can grab the chest and head down a bunch of steps just slightly behind the chest.
  • Over there, you’ll encounter two Huoshu. Defeating them will allow you to interact with the Marking Flag in the area.

From here, you have two options. You can either go back to face off against the Changgui that we mentioned earlier (left of the first Battle Flag). Doing so will allow you to interact with another Marking Flag in the same area as that Morale 10 Ranked Changgui. But beware that you’ll need to fight against another Changgui as well to reach the Marking Flag.

battle flag 3
Wo Long Fallen Dynasty in search of the immortal wizard Corrupted Battle Flag  [image by eXputer]
The other option is to head for the next Battle Flag, which will be corrupted and requires you to fight off three Huoshu and a Changgui.

  • In case you decide to continue toward the next checkpoint, then head to the area where you fought the Zhuyan and found the large chest.
  • You should be able to spot a bridge-like structure leading off toward an area with a Changgui perched on top of a large rock and a corrupted Battle Flag next to it.
  • Cross the bridge, and if you have arrows, you can likely draw out either the Huoshu or the Changgui towards you. Dealing with them individually would be a lot better than just trying to take them all at once.
  • However, if you’ve summoned an ally, then the encounter shouldn’t be troublesome. Alternatively, if you don’t have arrows, then slowly approach the area, and the Huoshu should be the first ones to get aggro.

Fight off the Huoshu, and when you’re done killing the Changgui, you’ll be able to interact with and raise the corrupted Battle Flag. A fair warning, there is a fourth Huoshu in the area, beyond the slope, but it doesn’t join the battle unless you stray too far off. If you’re smart about your movement, you can likely sneak up and land a Fatal Strike.

Battle Flag 3

Morale 10 Ranked Changgui
Changgui and Bridge during Battle Flag 3 [screenshot by eXputer]
After you’ve acquired the third corrupted Battle Flag, the path to the fourth one is quite simple, with a few marking flags in between.

  • If you look left from the third Battle Flag, you’ll find a slope going downhill with a Changgui in the way.
  • That is the same morale rank 10 Changgui that we mentioned right at the start of the quest. You should be able to defeat it now.

Near the Changgui, you’ll find another area blocked off by bamboo. There will be yet another Changgui that you can face off against. After you defeat it, you should be able to find a Marking Flag in the same area.  

  • Head back to the third Battle Flag and head in the opposite direction and down two sets of stairs. You should be able to spot a river stream down below.
  • But just before it, head to the path that takes you left and go through the bamboo. You’ll find two small and one big Huoshu here. Defeating them will let you get access to another Marking Flag.

After getting the flag, head to the river, and you’ll find a bunch of wolves and Changgui in the area.

  • You can loop around the Changgui to land a stealth attack to reduce its health significantly.
  • After dealing with them, head forward to find a large water area with a broken bridge in between.
  • There will be a bunch of Shuigui in the water.

You can take them on if you want the extra loot, but if you’re just trying to progress through the quest as quickly as possible, then you can dash across the bridge to find the Battle Flag on the opposite end of the bridge.

Battle Flag 4

in search of the immortal wizard battle flag 5 Wo Long Fallen Dynasty
Corrupted Battle Flag 5 [captured by eXputer]
From the fourth Battle Flag, the path is mostly narrow, and you’re quite close to the final Battle Flag and Boss of the quest.

  • Go up the hill and wrap around to find a bunch of bamboos.
  • Break through them to reach a cliff that overlooks the watery area with the Shuigui. You’ll also find a Marking Flag here.

Get back on the main path, and you’ll eventually enter the corrupted cave.

  • While following the linear path of the corrupted cave, you’ll find a branch on your left that you can actually get on top of.
  • Follow the path of the branches by jumping across them to access a mini section of the cave with a small chest as well.

If you keep following the branches, you’ll find yourself on top of the corrupted Battle Flag.

  • Jump down to a cliff just a bit above the Battle Flag and follow its path to end up on a different set of branches.
  • Jump across the branches to find another Marking Flag.

After you’ve got the Marking Flag, you can jump down toward the corrupted Battle Flag. That will initiate your fight against the mini-boss, Zhupolong.

  • It is a crocodile-like giant demon and will jump out from the ground.
  • Defeating it will let you raise the corrupted Battle Flag.
  • Follow the path out of the cave to find the boss of the quest, Aoye.

Aoye Boss Fight

aoye boss fight in search of the immortal wizard wo long fallen dynasty
Aoye Boss Cutscene in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty In Search of the Immortal Wizard [screenshot by eXputer]
At the end of the “In the Search Of The Immortal Wizard” quest in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, you’ll have to face off against Aoye, a bull-like boss who is considered one of the toughest and most annoying bosses in the game.

Move List

Understanding the various attacks that Aoye has in store for you can greatly help you deal with them. Although many of its moves are deflectable, the timing for each attack is quite odd and requires you to shift away from what might seem natural while deflecting.

Opening Attacks

leaping attack of aoye in wo long fallen dynasty in search of the immortal wizard
Leaping attack [image by eXputer]
There are usually two particular opening attacks that Aoye can perform. The more common of the two attacks is its Critical Blow attack.

  • During the attack, Aoye will lower its head and prepare to charge forward at you.
  • You’ll also get an indication of the attack through its tentacle position; they’ll appear as if they’re ready to lunge forward in your direction.
  • There will be a little pause just before Aoye is about to charge at you; that’s your indication to deflect.
  • The charge move is actually quite common, and Aoye will use it often throughout the main fight as well.
  • Learning to deflect it is vital as it will be one of your most important opportunities to build up Aoye’s Spirit Gauge.

Another opening attack that you need to be aware of is a leaping attack. Aoye will jump in the air and remain there for almost two seconds. Then it’ll come rushing down and cause a shockwave.

  • You can either avoid the attack by sprinting out of the way.
  • Alternatively, you can deflect the attack.
  • However, you need to adjust the deflecting timing slightly. If you deflect as soon as Aoye begins descending, you’ll likely deflect too early.
  • Time your deflect just before Aoye is about to hit the ground instead.
  • Aoye will perform the leaping attack throughout the battle as well, so learning how to deal with it is equally important.

Furthermore, after it lands on the ground, you’ll have enough time to land a few hits as it will be stunned for a bit. Even if you just learn to deal with these two attacks, you’ll likely be able to win the fight as long as you stay clear of all other attacks. However, they’re worth knowing as well.

Tentacle Sweeps

Stabbing sweep attack [captured by us]
Aoye will use its tentacles to perform many sweeping attacks throughout the fight. Some sweeps will be just singular attacks, while others might be chained combos.

  • One common sweeping attack is a 180-degree sweeping turn attack.
  • If you get behind and stay behind Aoye for too long, it’ll use the attack to turn toward you. You can usually deal with it by taking a step back or deflecting.
  • The boss will often use semi-circular sweeps as well when you’re directly in front of it to cause a good amount of damage.
  • And if you’re right up at its face, it tends to use the two red tentacles on its face to sweep and push you backward.
  • If you’re maintaining a fair distance, you likely won’t even get hit by the attack. But if you’re too close to Aoye, deflecting is your best way to deal with it.

Tentacle Flurry

aoye flurry attack wo long fallen dynasty
Tentacle Flurry attack [image by eXputer]
There are a bunch of tentacles on the back of Aoye. Although it won’t use them to attack you directly, it can use them to hit you if you stray too far left or right from the enemy. While being too close to any of its sides, Aoye will whip its tentacles on the ground in a flurry of attacks.

Additionally, Aoye can also perform the tentacle flurry after its leap attack as well. If you deflect and continue to attack it, it’ll eventually use the flurry to create distance between you and it. The move is easily dodgeable as it does not have a huge range. But, it can also be deflected by spamming the deflect button.

Rushing Attack

Aoye rushing attack [screenshot by us]
If you’ve been far away from Aoye for quite a while, then it’ll try to close the distance between you using a rushing attack. It will move towards you while slamming its tentacles on the ground. If you get in its way during the attack, you’ll likely get hit twice or thrice. But, if you choose to deflect the attack, it’ll cut the move short, and Aoye will dash to either your left or right.

Stabbing Attack

stabbing attack aoye in search of the immortal wizard wo long fallen dynasty
Stabbing Attack Preparation animation [image by us]
Aoye has a total of three Critical Blow attacks. We already discussed the lunging attack, which is part of those Critical Blows, but there is another one which is quite similar to the lunging attack. But, instead of Aoye lunging forward at you, it throws one of its tentacles in a stabbing motion toward you.

  • The lunging tentacle attack will usually be performed using the left tentacle.
  • It will pull its tentacle back to charge it up and then will launch it in your direction.
  • Despite being quite a fast attack, you can usually deflect it if you time your move near the end of the charging animation.

If you happen to deflect the attack, you’ll need to brace yourself for another stabbing attack, but with the other tentacle.

  • The animation and the deflect timing will be the same as the first one.
  • However, if you choose to dodge the attack instead, the entire move will be cut short, and Aoye won’t follow up with the second stabbing attack.
  • Deflecting the tentacle lunge might seem counterintuitive at the start, but there is a huge benefit to deflecting it rather than dodging it each time.
  • If you deflect the attack enough times, one of the tentacles will actually break off temporarily, causing a lot of spirit damage.

Grabbing Attack

in search of the immortal wizard wo long fallen dynasty
Grabbing attack build-up [captured by us]
There is another Critical attack that Aoye can perform, but it is rarer than the other few attacks. In fact, there’s a good chance that you might go through the entire fight without even seeing the move in action. Regardless, it is worth discussing it as if you do happen to go up against the move, if you’re not able to defend yourself, you’ll likely get killed instantly.

  • The move consists of Aoye stepping backward and revealing a mouth on its underside.
  • Tentacles will emerge through the mouth, and the boss will leap forward to try and grab you with them.
  • If you are expecting the lunge, dodging the attack is easy, or you can just keep running out of the way.
  • However, if you get caught, it’ll be hard to guarantee survival.

Ice Attacks

aoye ice attacks
Ice Attacks by Aoye [image by us]
After you’ve depleted the boss’ health to the halfway point, its move set will slightly change. The main addition is going to be a bunch of ice attacks. It will usually be performed after Aoye uses some sort of Critical Attack and as a way to create distance between you and it.

  • The attack is simple once you figure it out. Essentially, it will spray out a bunch of ice in front of it, which will cause AoE damage when it reaches the ground.
  • There are primarily two patterns of the attack. In the first one, Aoye will spray the ice out in a semi-circular manner, and about three to four ice spikes will generate on the ground.

The other pattern for the ice attacks is where the boss will spray ice directly in front of it, and the spikes will move toward you in succession.

  • The range of the attack is quite less, so if you’re at a good distance, you won’t have to worry about it.
  • Additionally, you can step left or right of the boss to avoid the attack in general.

In case you are caught in these attacks, you’ll be inflicted with ice damage, and you’ll slow down. Furthermore, Aoye likes to follow up the ice attacks by breaking the ice using its tentacles, which causes additional damage as the ice explodes.

Tips On Defeating Aoye

Knowing the move set for Aoye is definitely helpful, but there are some other strategies that you can apply to give yourself an upper hand. Some of the tips are basic, but because Aoye is quite early on in the game, players are usually still getting used to such hard bosses.

Level Up

If you’re struggling with the fight, there is a chance that you might be getting held back by your level. The recommended level for the fight is 25. However, many players have reported finding success after leveling up much higher than the recommended level. There’s a chance that you might even need to reach anywhere between levels 30-35 to be successful against the boss. You can read our guide on Qi farming for a better idea.

Visit Zhu Xia For Upgrades

One good thing about the quest is that it takes place after you’ve reached the Hidden Village. That means you can visit Zhu Xia, who can help you upgrade your melee weapon and also add +3 to all of your armor pieces. It is definitely worth giving her a visit and acquiring any upgrades possible before the fight.

Alter Your Gear

By now, you should be aware of how your gear can affect your gameplay, and Aoye is a great teacher of that. If you want an easy time against it, you need to be able to deflect as efficiently as possible, which means increasing your Agility by remaining light. However, you also need to be able to survive the heavy attacks that the boss has in store for you. That is why the ideal spot is to have your Equipment Weight around 60-70%.

Use Spells

Using different types of spells can turn the tide in almost any boss fights in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, and that is the same case while going against Aoye. You can use Fire Phase spells to target Aoye’s Spirit Gauge.

  • Besides just spells that deal damage, you should consider using those that can aid in your defense as well.
  • Enhanced Defense, an Earth spell, can be used to reduce the amount of damage received.
  • Additionally, the Cloud Stance or Rock Toughness can help decrease Spirit consumption.
  • Other spells such as Surging Blaze, Burning Flamewave, and Engulfing Inferno are also useful.


After you defeat Aoye, you’ll get a cut scene in which you’ll interact with Zuo Ci. After that, you can return to the village anytime to meet Zuo Ci and also get the chance to respec your stats. In general, In Search of the Immortal Wizard is quite a long quest in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty due to the presence of the boss, Aoye, in the end, which requires many attempts. But, if you keep at it, you’ll eventually learn the move pattern of the boss and defeat it with ease.

But of course, there is still much more to be done in the game, such as finding the missing husband. You can also find more guides related to other bosses, such as Zhang Liang and Zhang Rang. You can learn more about Divine Beasts and also learn to defeat Lu Bu.

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