Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Upgrade Weapons & Armor 

If you are to take on enemies that would otherwise demolish you, then you need to learn how to upgrade your weapons and armor!

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty has one of the most interesting upgrade systems compared to its similar Nioh games. The armor and weapon wielded by the players can only last so long if it hasn’t been upgraded, and while the upgrade system isn’t all that difficult to understand, players might need help figuring out how to Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Upgrade Weapons and gear and might need assistance with it. 

Key Takeaways
  • If players want to upgrade their gear, then they need to locate the blacksmith whose name is Zhu Xia, and she can be found in the Tianzhushan Village
  • Players need an ample amount of copper in order to generally upgrade their gear. 
  • To upgrade weapons, players need to get their hands on steel
  • If players are to upgrade armor, then they need to get leather
  • The rank of the leather or steel is determined by the level of the weapon or armor piece that the player wants to upgrade. 
  • All weapons start off by being at base rank and can be upgraded to +9 or rank 9 using rank 9 steel. 
  • All armor pieces start off by being at base rank and can be further upgraded to +9 or rank 9 by the usage of rank 9 leather. 
  • Players can also salvage their unused armor pieces in order to receive a certain amount of jewel fragments as well as receive the original steel or leather. 
  • Special Effects can be added to each armor or weapon piece in order to buff it up even more. 

How To Upgrade Gear

Whenever players head over to the blacksmith Zhu Xia, they are able to interact with her, and she gives players the option to Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Upgrade Weapons as well as their armor. 

The upgrade system is quite easy to understand. 

Copper (Image Credits Exputer)
  • In order to upgrade their armor, players need to spend a certain amount of copper, alongside also being able to spend a certain amount of leather, which is required in order to upgrade it and make it stronger. 
  • For weapons, players still need to use copper since it is the main driving currency with which players are able to upgrade anything in the game. Alongside that, players also need something known as steel, which is specifically made just as an upgrade material for your weapons. 
Upgrade Option
Upgrade Option (Image Credits Exputer)

Now, whenever players open the upgrade screen, they are able to take note of their weapons and gear on one side and then the material that is required in order to upgrade it all towards the far right. 

Armor Upgrades 

Upgrading Armor
Upgrading Armor (Image Credits Exputer)

Both the armor as well as the weapons start off at base 0 levels. Using the desired upgrade materials that the player chooses to spend on them, the armor is able to be upgraded, starting from level 0 and taking it all the way to level 9, or +9

Leather (Image Credits Exputer)
  • Now, the way that the armor can be upgraded is by using leather, as we mentioned before. Alongside that, players will also need to use the corresponding currency, which is copper. 
  • In order to know how to upgrade armor in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, players need to spend a total of 3 leather pieces per rank upgrade. This means that for each rank, players need to spend 3 leather and a certain amount of copper, with which they can then further make their armor stronger. Below listed is a summarised version of the number of materials required and the total copper required for each rank upgrade. 
Copper Required Materials NeededRank Upgrades
40003 Rank 1 Leather +1
70003 Rank 2 Leather +2
100003 Rank 3 Leather +3
150003 Rank 4 Leather +4
200003 Rank 5 Leather +5
250003 Rank 6 Leather +6
350003 Rank 7 Leather +7
450003 Rank 8 Leather +8
600003 Rank 9 Leather +9

Another thing to note is the rank of the leather. As players start to upgrade and rank up their armor, players also require a certain rank of leather, and lower-ranked leather cannot be used to upgrade a higher-rank armor. 

  • For example, in order to upgrade an armor piece from rank 8 to rank 9, players require a rank 9 leather, and therefore a rank 7 or rank 6 leather can’t be used. 

Weapon Upgrades 

Weapons (Image Credits Exputer)

Moving on, let’s discuss how players are able to Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Upgrade Weapons. In order to upgrade your weapons, as we mentioned before, players need to spend a certain amount of copper, which is the main currency of the game. 

Steel (Image Credits Exputer)
  • With that, players also need to spend a certain amount of steel, which is the main upgrade material that has been dedicated to weaponry in the game; therefore leather cant is used. 
  • All weapons start off by being at rank 0 or level 0, and players are able to take them all the way to rank 9 or +9, and each time that players decide to upgrade their materials, it gets more and more expensive to do so, costing more copper and a higher grade of steel. 
Steel Ranks
Steel Ranks (Image Credits Exputer)
  • Now, there are also ranks of steel that decide the level of the weapon. So, for example, if players were to upgrade their weapon from +7 to +8, they are to use rank steel and, therefore, can’t make use of rank 7 steel since it won’t work. Below listed is a summarised version of the total amount of copper and steel required to boost up the overall rank of your weapons. 
Copper Required Materials NeededRank Upgrades
40003 Rank 1 Steel +1
70003 Rank 2 Steel +2
100003 Rank 3 Steel +3
150003 Rank 4 Steel +4
200003 Rank 5 Steel +5
250003 Rank 6 Steel +6
350003 Rank 7 Steel +7
450003 Rank 8 Steel +8
600003 Rank 9 Steel+9

How Salvages Work 

Salvaging Armor
Salvaging Armor (Image Credits Exputer)

Now, when it comes to salvaging, the main reason that players might be intrigued by the system is simply because of how it may work and how it can help players further upgrade their gear and become even stronger in-game. 

  • The main way that the salvage system works is that whenever players access it, they can “disarm” their gear, whether it is the weapons that they are using in combat or the armor that they have been using. 
  • Essentially, this gear that players have been making use of can be broken down or disarmed into the materials that were used to upgrade it, and as we mentioned before, the upgrade materials are steel and copper. This means that the gear can be broken back down into steel or leather. 
  • Alongside these core items, they are also able to receive jewel fragments which are mainly used to make your gear have special effects. 
  • Whenever players salvage armor, for each armor that you salvage, you receive a total of 2 jewel fragments, and alongside that, players are also able to receive 3 jewel fragments for every special effect that has been used to upgrade the armor. Alongside that, they also received a specific rank of leather for the rank that their armor was at. 
  • When it comes to weapon salvaging, players will gain the specific rank of steel that the level was at, so rank 7 steel for a +7 weapon, and players will also gain a total of 5 jewel fragments for the base weapon and for each special effect that you had put on the weapon, you will receive 3 jewel fragments. 

How To Salvage Items 

Salvaging Weapons
Salvaging Weapons (Image Credits Exputer)

One thing that players should keep in mind is that you really shouldn’t salvage everything that you get your hands on, but the main reason that you want salvage is to gain back precious materials

  • Let’s say that players have gotten their hands on a gear that has been upgraded, but you end up finding one that is more broken, and it could benefit you more, only salvage the previous one while being sure that it won’t be used again. 
  • Whenever you open the salvage screen, you can choose the armor that you don’t want any longer, then click down on the armor that you want to salvage, and then click on salvage. 
  • Make sure to lock armor that you don’t want to salvage so that you don’t end up accidentally salvaging a precious gear piece. 

Selling Gear 

Selling Armor
Selling Armor (Image Credits Exputer)

Now, while we’re at it, players are also able to sell their gear. The selling option should be available as the fifth option

Selling Button
Selling Button (Image Credits Exputer)
  • Now, selling isn’t typically used to upgrade the actual armor itself, but it is rather reserved to get rid of gear that you no longer use, or feel doesn’t serve a purpose and is just taking space in your inventory. 
  • Most players will end up selling the one-star pieces that they first used whenever they were starting in the game and have found better or more broken alternatives. 
  • Selling either your weapon or your gear doesn’t return either steel or leather, but rather you can sell it for a certain amount of copper
  • The main reason that players want to sell unwanted gear is that upgrades are expensive as hell. When it comes to the actual upgrade options, to take each armor piece to rank 9, it can cost you back hundreds, and thousands of copper, which is why selling unwanted pieces is crucial. 

Embedments And Upgrading Gear 

Embedment Of Weapons
Embedment Of Weapons (Image Credits Exputer)

Now, to properly upgrade and build up your gear, if players want to get stronger in the game, then they are going to have to get used to the embedment system, which is probably one of the most interesting ones that the game has to offer. 

Jewel Fragment
Jewel Fragment (Image Credits Exputer)
  • When you open up the embedment option, it is used to embed jewels on your chosen gear piece. 
  • The main reason that players might want to use the embedments is simply because of the special effects that the game provides. The special effects are the main ways that players can physically make their gear stronger, and with which players can bump up their overall damage and performance while in combat. 
  • The special effects essentially act as skills or upgrades to your already upgraded gear. 

How To Embed Slots 

Choosing Embedding Slot
Choosing Embedding Slot (Image Credits Exputer)

Players need to click on the armor that they want to embed a jewel on, and after that, on the gear itself, it showcases an option whereby you can “choose embedding slot” and players want to make sure that they have embedding slots available, otherwise, the jewels are rendered useless and can’t be used if no slots are available. 

Special Effects
Special Effects (Image Credits Exputer)
  • Let’s take an example of a four-star gear piece. It will have a total of 4 embedding slots. Choose the empty slot that is present at the bottom of the gear info, and with that, a massive list of all special effects that you can choose from opens on your left. 
  • Players are not able to have two of the same special effects on a piece, and the main way that players are able to get new special effects is simply by encountering new armor pieces for weapons whenever they are playing the game. Anytime you encounter a weapon with a special effect that you didn’t already have before, you are able to slot it into any of your previously owned gear pieces. 

Embedding Rarities

Star Ranking
Star Ranking (Image Credits Exputer)

Depending on the rarity of the pieces that you own, you can Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Upgrade Weapons and make them stronger. 

  • For a common one-star piece, players are only able to have a total of one embedding slot, and it is represented by a one-star. 
  • A two-star piece will have two slots. 
  • For a three-star piece, it has 3 slots. 
  • For 4 four pieces, it has 4 slots. 
  • For a 5-star piece, it has 5 slots. 

How Does The Upgrade System Work? 

Upgrade Screen
Upgrade Screen (Image Credits Exputer)

Now, first things first, to make things easier on the players, the game has devised an upgrade system that works in a way whereby players don’t need to go roaming around from place to place in order to upgrade their weapons and armor. Rather, there is one blacksmith that has been assigned and given a place for dedicated armor and weapon upgrades for players. 

Blacksmith (Image Credits Exputer)
  • The blacksmith that is responsible for upgrading your weapons and Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Upgrade Armor is known as Zhu Xia. Her place is located permanently after you’ve encountered her one or two times before. 

Where Is Zhu Xia Located?

Zhu Xia has a rather interesting location, as players can also meet her one or two times before permanently unlocking her. 

  • In order to access her permanent location, players need to make it to an area known as the Tianzhushan Village, where her place is located, 
  • Players are able to locate her area whenever they open the travel option in their many and go to the “other” screen, and her area is located towards the bottom right. 
Flag (Image Credits Exputer)
  • Whenever you’re at the resting place, if players turn around, they should be able to look ahead in the distance and take note of a giant flag that is located towards the very edge. 
Vines Branch
Vines Branch (Image Credits Exputer)
  • From here, players want to turn right and start heading toward the edge of the ground, where they are met with a large vine that starts to lead down, and players want to follow the path of the vine to get to the bottom ground. 
  • When they do so, they are met with Zhu Xia herself, who can be recognized by her brutally bad-ass appearance and her exotic attire. 
6 Options
6 Options (Image Credits Exputer)
  • Interact with her, and she gives players a total of 6 options to choose from, ranging from the option to upgrade your gear, embedment, decorate, salvage, sell items as well as buy items in her blacksmith. 


And there we have it! All that players need to know about how to Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Upgrade Weapons, and with that, we will wrap up our guide! While you’re at it, why not read up on our Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Beginner’s Guide so that you can know all the tips and tricks you need to as you’re starting out while playing the game so you can become stronger faster and take on enemies easily! Alongside that, make sure to not miss out on our Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Best Spells guide, which covers spells that you should invest in for each virtue tree!

Alongside that, you can also read up on our Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Builds guide, which covers 6 basic builds that can help players in the early-game! Last but not least, our Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Game Length guide is a must-read for players that want to know how long it takes to beat the game fully!

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