Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Upgrade Weapons & Armor 

If you are to take on enemies that would otherwise demolish you, then you need to learn how to upgrade your weapons and armor!

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty has one of the most interesting upgrade systems compared to its similar Nioh games. The armor and weapon wielded by the players can only last so long if they haven’t been upgraded. While the upgrade system isn’t all that difficult to understand, players might need help figuring out how to Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Upgrade Weapons and gear and might need assistance with it. 

Key Takeaways
  • Upgrade gear through blacksmith Zhu Xia in Tianzhushan Village.
  • Use copper for general gear upgrades, steel for weapons, and leather for armor.
  • Leather or steel rank depends on the level of the item to be upgraded.
  • Weapons can go from base rank to +9 with rank 9 steel; armor sets also follow a similar pattern.
  • Salvage unused armor for jewel fragments, original steel, or leather.

Armor Upgrades 

Upgrading Armor
Upgrading Armor (Image Credits Exputer)

Both the armor as well as the weapons start off at base 0 levels. Using the desired upgrade materials that the player chooses to spend on them, the armor can be upgraded, starting from level 0 and taking it all the way to level 9 or +9

Leather (Image Credits Exputer)

Upgrade armor in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty using leather and copper. Each rank upgrade requires 3 leather pieces and a specific amount of copper.

Refer to the summary below for material and copper requirements per rank:

Copper Required  Materials Needed Rank Upgrades
4000 3 Rank 1 Leather  +1
7000 3 Rank 2 Leather  +2
10000 3 Rank 3 Leather  +3
15000 3 Rank 4 Leather  +4
20000 3 Rank 5 Leather  +5
25000 3 Rank 6 Leather  +6
35000 3 Rank 7 Leather  +7
45000 3 Rank 8 Leather  +8
60000 3 Rank 9 Leather  +9

Another thing to note is the rank of the leather. As players start to upgrade and rank up their armor, players also require a certain ranked leather that cannot be used to upgrade a higher-rank armor. 

  • For instance, in order to upgrade an armor piece from rank 8 to rank 9, players require a rank 9 leather, and therefore, a rank 7 or rank 6 leather can’t be used. 

Weapon Upgrades 

Weapons (Image Credits Exputer)

Moving on, let’s discuss how players are able to Upgrade Weapons. In order to upgrade your weapons, as we mentioned before, players need to spend a certain amount of copper, which is the main currency of the game. 

Steel (Image Credits Exputer)
  • Players use steel, the primary weapon upgrade material, and not leather.
  • Weapons begin at rank 0 and can be upgraded to rank 9, becoming more expensive with each upgrade.
  • Upgrading requires more copper and higher-grade steel each time.
Steel Ranks
Steel Ranks (Image Credits Exputer)

Steel ranks determine weapon levels. Upgrading from +7 to +8 requires using the corresponding rank of steel; for instance, rank 7 steel won’t suffice.

The summary below details the copper and steel needed to boost weapon ranks:

Copper Required  Materials Needed Rank Upgrades
4000 3 Rank 1 Steel  +1
7000 3 Rank 2 Steel  +2
10000 3 Rank 3 Steel  +3
15000 3 Rank 4 Steel  +4
20000 3 Rank 5 Steel  +5
25000 3 Rank 6 Steel  +6
35000 3 Rank 7 Steel  +7
45000 3 Rank 8 Steel  +8
60000 3 Rank 9 Steel +9

Selling Gear 

Selling Armor
Selling Armor (Image Credits Exputer)
  • Now, while we’re at it, players are also able to sell their gear.
  • The selling option should be available as the fifth option. 
Selling Button
Selling Button (Image Credits Exputer)
  • Sell gear primarily to clear inventory space or get rid of unused items.
  • Players often sell initial one-star equipment when they find better alternatives.
  • Selling yields copper, not steel or leather.
  • Players sell gear due to the high cost of upgrades—taking armor to rank 9 can cost hundreds or even thousands of copper.

Embedments And Upgrading Gear 

Embedment Of Weapons
Embedment Of Weapons (Image Credits Exputer)

Now, to properly upgrade and build up your gear, if players want to get stronger in the game, then they are going to have to get used to the embedment system, which is probably one of the most interesting ones that the game has to offer. 

Jewel Fragment
Jewel Fragment (Image Credits Exputer)
  • When you open up the embedment option, it is used to embed jewels on your chosen gear piece. 
  • The main reason that players might want to use the embedments is simply because of the special effects that the game provides.
  • The special effects are the main ways that players can physically make their gear stronger, and with which players can bump up their overall damage. 
  • The special effects essentially act as skills or upgrades to your already upgraded gear.

Embedding Rarities

Star Ranking
Star Ranking (Image Credits Exputer)

Depending on the rarity of the pieces that you own, you can make them stronger. 

  • For a common one-star piece, players are only able to have a total of one embedding slot, and it is represented by a one-star. 
  • A two-star piece will have two slots. 
  • For a three-star piece, it has 3 slots. 
  • For 4 four pieces, it has 4 slots. 
  • For a 5-star piece, it has 5 slots. 

And there we have it! All that players need to know about how to Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Upgrade Weapons, and with that, we will wrap up our guide!

While you’re at it, why not read up on our Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Beginner’s Guide so that you can know all the tips and tricks you need as you’re starting out while playing the game so you can become stronger faster and take on enemies easily?

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