Wo Long Fallen Dynasty: Deflect Difficulty [Explained]

Bring out your inner Sekiro by mastering deflection.

Deflection is one of the core mechanics of Wo Long Fallen Dynasty since there is absolutely no way to defeat most bosses without deflecting unless you are the master of resilience and repetitiveness. Wo Long Fallen Dynasty comes closer to being a Sekiro-like title rather than being a souls-like title due to the amount of importance deflecting holds in the game; thus, knowing how the deflect difficulty stat works is extremely important in case you wish to survive in the game.

Important: Deflection consumes spirit and that is why you should not spam the deflect button as it will mess up your timing and drain the Spirit gauge.
Key Takeaways

  • The Deflect Difficulty stat determines just how much of your spirit will be consumed when you deflect the enemy’s attack, 
  • The amount of spirit consumed will vary depending on the weapon.
  • There are three types of deflects in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty- DeflectGuard Deflect, and Counter Deflect.
  • The standard deflect does not offer anything special except the deflection of the enemy’s attack.
  • The Guard Deflect gives the players some margin for error, thanks to your character already being in a guarding position to negate damage if you missed the deflect timing.
  • The Counter Deflect turns your deflect into a counterattack, thus allowing you to turn the odds in your favor.

What Is the Deflect Difficulty Stat

deflect difficulty wo long fallen dynasty
The Deflect Difficulty Stat [Image Captured by eXputer]
The Deflect Difficulty stat determines just how of your spirit will be consumed when the player pulls off a perfect deflection. And the amount of spirit consumed per deflection would be dependent on each weapon individually. Some weapons would consume more spirit than others.

In case you are still unsure about how does the “spirit” mechanic in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, then in easy words, the Spirit bar is like your standard stamina bar.

  • It is depleted whenever you attack, deflect, dodge, or use martial arts or wizardry spells.
  • If the spirit bar is fully depleted, then the player’s character will be stunned for a few seconds, and if the enemy takes advantage of you during that period, then you can kiss most of your health goodbye.

While we are on the topic, do consider reading our guide on all weapons in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty; from here, you can check which weapon has the ideal amount of deflect difficulty for your character and set an objective on which weapon you should obtain next.

Types Of Deflects And Which Is The Most Preferable

deflect difficulty in wo long fallen dynasty
Deflection in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty [Image Taken by eXputer]
In case you didn’t already know, there are three different types of deflects in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.

  • Deflect
  • Guard Deflect
  • Counter Deflect.

The concept of the standard deflect is very easy to grasp; players just need to press the deflect button at the right time to deflect the incoming attack and negate all damage simply. It also gets you an opening to put in a few hits on the enemy.

The Guard Deflect works in a very similar manner as the standard deflect, except it is very much safer. In order to pull this off, players need to already be guarding before they try to pull off a deflect. Since they are already guarding, in case they mistime theirs deflect, most, if not all of the damage will be negated, thanks to the guard. Thus, making it much safer for people who are still not used to the deflect timings.

And finally, the Counter Deflect allows you to turn your deflect into a counterattack and start damaging the enemies as soon as they have successfully pulled off a deflect. It can be useful, but it is dangerous to pull off.

  • Out of all these techniques, you may be asking yourself which one of these is the most preferable.
  • Unless you are extremely confident in your deflecting skills, the safest and preferable option is the guard deflects because not only is it easier to pull off, but you will also get minimal damage in case you mess up the timing.
  • And once you have mastered the timings, then you may consider performing counter deflects on tougher bosses.
  • But in case you do mess up the timing, then having the right armor might just save you from instant death, do consider reading our five BEST armor sets guide while you are at it.

Wrap Up

That concludes our guide on what the deflect difficulty stat is in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty. We also added some deflection tips that may help the new players out in their playthrough. We hope our guide helped you out. In case you decide to focus on upgrading the deflect difficulty stat or any other stat, then it is important to know what is the soft cap of every virtue in the game so you don’t end up wasting your Qi. Consider reading our Wo Long Fallen Dynasty: Soft Caps for all stats guide, in case you are interested.

While we are on the topic of virtues, why not read our BEST Virtue guide as well? But that’s all from us. Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is available now on the PS5, Xbox Series S/X, and PC. Do let us know what you think about the game in the comment section below.


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