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Unleash Your Inner warrior by conquering the Trophies In Wo Long Fallen Dynasty for the Platinum!

Welcome to the ultimate guide for obtaining all the trophies in the action-packed video game Wo Long Fallen Dynasty. In this guide, we will walk you through each trophy in the game and provide you with detailed tips and strategies to help you unlock them all. To get the most out of the game and to earn all the available trophies, it is recommended that players take a more strategic approach to their gameplay.

Key Takeaways
  • The Wo Long Fallen Dynasty trophy list comprises 51 trophies that players can earn, ranging from Bronze to the rarest one, the Platinum trophy.
  • In order to achieve a streamlined 100 percent completion experience, players should carefully mark down and strategize which trophies to hunt down first.
  • Players will need to complete all other trophies in the game, including the Gold and Silver trophies, to earn the Platinum trophy.
  • The 38 Bronze trophies are generally easier to obtain and can be earned by completing various in-game challenges, such as defeating enemies or completing missions.
  • Some notable Bronze trophies include Ambition of the Tiger, Will of the Loyal, Mightiest of Men, and Vow of the Stalwart, which is all pretty simplistic.
  • The 10 Silver trophies require players to complete and accomplish specific key objectives. A few examples of Silver trophies in the game are Pots and Potions, Fly It High, Annihilator of Evil, and Wizardry Master.
  • The 2 Gold trophies are difficult and require players to complete challenging tasks and achieve daunting objectives such as “Hunting the Great Deer.”
  • The ultimate achievement in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is the Platinum trophy, which can only be earned by completing all other previous trophies in the game.

List Of Trophies

List of trophies
List of trophies (image credit: PSNProfiles)

The game comprises a total of 51 trophies that players can earn, ranging from Bronze to Platinum. To earn the coveted Platinum trophy, players will need to complete all other trophies in the game, including the Gold and Silver trophies.

  • The Platinum trophy represents the ultimate achievement and requires players to demonstrate mastery of the game’s mechanics and complete all other trophies.
  • With this comprehensive guide, players will be equipped with the knowledge and strategies they need to conquer the game and earn all 51 trophies.

Bronze Trophies

Below is the Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Bronze trophy list and the requirements to achieve them:

Trophy nameHow to Achieve (* = Swear an oath with the character)
At Fifteen, I Joined the ArmyReach Level 15
Only at Eighty Did I Finally ReturnReach Level 80
Journey’s BeginningAwaken from the sleep of death at the sound of the Blindfolded Boy’s voice. This trophy is earned at the beginning of the game when the player awakens from a deep sleep.
Vow of the StalwartZhao Yun*
Will of the LoyalGuan Yu and Zhang Fei*
Ambition of the TigerSun Jian*
Guardian of PeaceZuo Ci*
Awakening of the Unscrupulous HeroCao Cao*
Mightiest of MenRepel Lu Bu’s forces. Lu Bu is a powerful enemy in the game, and players must defeat him and his army to earn this trophy.
Guidance of the ConstellationsLady Zhen*
SuccessionSun Ce and Sun Quan*
Familial TiesHong Jing*
The Steadfast DuoXiahou Dun and Xiahou Yuan*
Fearless WarriorZhang Liao*
Entrusted LegacyLu Bu*
Aspiration and AmityLiu Bei*
Dreams of UnityYuan Shao*
CraftsmanshipUpgrade your first piece of equipment.
All That GlittersEmbed your first jewel at the Forge
Decor Maketh the ManDecorate your first item at the Forge
Wizardry BeginnerLearn your first Wizardry Spell
First PhaseInteract with the Five Phases for the first time
UnstoppableRaise Morale Rank to 20 for the first time.
Merit Beyond MeasureReceive a sworn brothers’ boon for the first time. Sworn brothers are special characters that can be recruited to aid the player in battles.
Great GatheringsJoin forces with all available warriors (0/17). Players must recruit and assemble a team of 17 warriors to earn this trophy.
Fantastic FormEquip a full 4-star set consisting of a melee weapon, ranged weapon, accessory, and four armor pieces.
Best Flag ForwardRaise your first Battle Flag
How Cute!Feed your first Shitieshou.

Silver Trophies

Below is the Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Silver trophy list and how to achieve each trophy:

Trophy nameHow to AchieveAdditional Details
Annihilator of EvilDefeat Yu JiYu Ji is an enemy in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty. Players must defeat him to earn this trophy.
Battled-hardenedDominate 15 sub battlefieldsThe sub-battlefields are smaller battle areas within a larger battlefield that contain a specific objective to complete. Successfully completing 15 of these sub-battlefields will earn you the trophy.
Keen-edgedUpgrade a weapon to its fullest capacity (0/9)To upgrade a weapon to its fullest capacity, you need to obtain a Weapon Soul Stone, which can be found by defeating certain enemies or completing certain missions. You also need a certain amount of currency and other materials to complete the upgrade process.
AdamantineUpgrade a piece of armor to its fullest capacity (0/9)To upgrade a piece of armor to its fullest capacity, you need to obtain an Armor Soul Stone, which can be found by defeating certain enemies or completing certain missions. You also need a certain amount of currency and other materials to complete the upgrade process.
Wizardry MasterLearn all Wizardry Spells (0/70)There are a total of 70 Wizardry Spells to learn in the game, and they can be obtained by finding and reading tablets scattered throughout the game world. Some of these tablets can be obtained by completing certain missions or defeating specific enemies.
Pots and PotionsUpgrade the Dragon’s Cure Pot to its greatest capacity and effectiveness (0/22)The Dragon’s Cure Pot is a special item that can be used to heal your character and cure various ailments. To upgrade it to its greatest capacity and effectiveness, you need to obtain various materials and currency, which can be obtained by completing certain missions or defeating certain enemies.
Well-readCollect all tablets (0/31)There are a total of 31 tablets scattered throughout the game world, and they contain various information, such as the locations of hidden items, techniques for defeating enemies, and clues to solving puzzles. Finding and reading all of these tablets will earn you the trophy.
Fly It HighRaise all Battle Flags (0/145)There are a total of 145 Battle Flags to raise in the game, which can be found by completing various missions and defeating specific enemies. Raising all of these flags will earn you the trophy.
How Precious!Feed all of the Shitieshou (0/23)Shitieshou is a small creature that can be found throughout the game world, and feeding them various items can earn you rewards and upgrades. To feed all of them, you need to find and interact with all 23 Shitieshou scattered throughout the game world.
AscensionGive a certain someone the amount of Golden Cicada Shells (0/20)Golden Cicada Shells are a rare currency that can be used to purchase special items and upgrades. To earn this trophy, you need to give a certain character in the game a total of 20 Golden Cicada Shells, which can be obtained by completing various missions and defeating certain enemies.

Gold Trophies

Below is the Gold trophy list and how to achieve each one:

Trophy NameHow to AchieveAdditional Details
Open EyesHeard the Blindfolded Boy’s decisionThe Blindfolded Boy appears at the beginning of the game, and players need to follow him to start their journey. After progressing through the game, players will come across the Blindfolded Boy again, and upon hearing his decision, they will unlock the “Open Eyes” trophy.
Hunting the Great DeerDominated all main and sub battlefields (0/46)There are a total of 46 main and sub-battlefields, and players need to complete them all to earn the “Hunting the Great Deer” trophy. These battlefields are filled with enemy soldiers and commanders that players need to defeat to take control of the battlefield. The main battlefields are more challenging than the sub-battlefields and require players to defeat powerful enemy commanders to emerge victorious.

Platinum Trophy

Trophy NameHow to achieveAdditional details
Wo LongUnlock all trophiesTo achieve the “Wo Long” trophy in the game “Fallen Dynasty,” players must unlock all other trophies in the game. This requires players to complete various objectives throughout the game, including defeating bosses, mastering weapons, collecting items, and more.

Players can track their progress toward unlocking all trophies by accessing the trophy list from the game menu. Once all other trophies have been unlocked, the “Wo Long” trophy will be automatically awarded to the player.

While this trophy does not have any specific requirements or objectives beyond unlocking all other trophies, it is often seen as a symbol of a player’s dedication and mastery of the game. Achieving the “Wo Long” trophy can be a significant accomplishment for players and can serve as a testament to their skills and perseverance.

Hidden Trophies

Following is the list of Hidden Trophies from among all the ones that are found in the game:

  • Ambion of the Tiger
  • Annihilator of Evil
  • Ascension
  • Aspiration and Amity
  • Dogged Justice
  • Dreams of Unity
  • Entrusted Legacy
  • Familial Ties
  • Fearless Warrior
  • Guardian of Peace
  • Heroes Will Rise
  • How Cute!
  • How Precious!
  • Hunting the Great Deer
  • Journey’s Beginning
  • Mightest of Men
  • Open Eyes
  • Staunching Heresy
  • Strung Bow
  • Succession
  • The Steadfast Dui
  • Vow of the Stalwart
  • Will of the Loyal

How To Unlock Important Trophies 

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty
Wo Long Fallen Dynasty (image credit: eXputer)

In this section, we will take a closer look at the different types of trophies in the game and what you need to do to earn them.

Swearing Oaths

  • Unlike other games where you earn trophies by defeating monsters, Wo Long Fallen Dynasty has a unique way of earning trophies.
  • You get a trophy for swearing oaths with other characters. There are 17 warriors to join forces with, and if you swear an oath with all of them, you will unlock the Great Gatherings bronze trophy.

Raising Battle Flags

Another significant aspect of the game is raising battle flags and dominating battlefields.

  • There are 46 main and sub-battlegrounds in the game, and you need to plant your battle flag in 145 spots to earn their associated trophies.
  • The more battle flags you have in an area, the higher your morale, which leads to better performance against enemies.
  • If you reach Moral Rank 20, you will unlock the Unstoppable bronze trophy.
  • However, be careful because some battle flag areas are guarded by powerful enemies that might be challenging to defeat if you’re not ready.

Crafting Weapons and Armor

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty also has a few trophies related to crafting weapons and armor. To earn the Fantastic Form bronze trophy, you need to have a full set of 4-star equipment in every available slot.

  • Upgrading your weapons and armor to level 9 is what you need to unlock the Keen-edged and Adamantine Silver trophies.
  • We recommend focusing on a specific weapon and armor combination and investing in their development to maximize your chances of earning these trophies.

Wizardry Master

The Wizardry Master trophy is related to leveling up, which unlocks new spells.

  • To earn this trophy, you need to max out your character and unlock all 70 spells. The more you invest in a specific category, the more spells you unlock.

Specific Souls-Like Trophies

  • In addition to the unique trophies mentioned above, Wo Long Fallen Dynasty also has two specific Souls-like trophies.
  • The Pots and Potions Silver trophy requires you to unlock all 22 upgrades.
  • While the Eye for an Eye Bronze trophy requires you to fend off ten invaders, the latter is the only online trophy in the game.

Story-Specific Challenge Trophies

  • There are four story-specific challenge trophies in the game that you need to watch out for: Heroes Will Rise, Staunching Heresy, Dogged Justice, and Strung Bow.
  • These trophies are earned by completing specific challenges related to the game’s storyline.

Other Noteworthy Trophies

Two additional trophies worth mentioning are the Well-read Silver trophy for collecting all 31 tablets and the How Precious Silver trophy, which requires you to feed 23 Shitieshou.


Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is an exciting game that offers a unique way of earning trophies. Whether you are into crafting weapons and armor, raising battle flags, or completing story-specific challenges, there is a trophy for everyone. With 51 trophies to collect, including a platinum trophy, there is plenty of content to keep you engaged for hours.

Stay tuned to eXputer for more exclusive coverage on Wo Long Fallen Dynasty and other exciting titles and news. With its stunning visuals, engaging gameplay, and immersive storyline, Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is a game that you won’t want to miss. You should definitely check out our guide on how to coop in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty. Also you should know about the best Virtue in the game.

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