WWE 2K23: How To Get Myrise Unlockables

With two original storylines, why not grab all 4 characters and 10 arenas in the Myrise game mode of WWE 2K23?

WWE 2K23 has brought back the ever-loved game with an all-new game mode. With the game mode also comes its unlockables, and with there being 4 characters and 10 arenas to unlock, players might need assistance with figuring out how players can obtain all the WWE 2K23 Myrise Unlockables

Important: In order to 100% the Myrise Game mode, players need to unlock and obtain all 4 characters and 10 arenas in the two game modes. 

Key Takeaways
  • There are a total of 4 characters as well as 10 arenas that players can unlock whenever they are playing the Myrise game mode. 
  • Jean Paul Levesque has an 87 rating, is a heavyweight, and can be obtained in The Lock game mode. 
  • Mighty Molly has a 78 rating, is a cruiserweight class, and can be obtained in The Legacy game mode. 
  • Molly Holly ’02 has an 81 rating, is a cruiserweight, and can be obtained in The Legacy game mode. 
  • Molly Holly has an 86 rating, is a cruiserweight, and can be obtained in The Legacy game mode
  • There are 10 arenas that players can unlock in the Myrise game mode. 
  • Arenas like WWE Live Event Arena,High School Gym- BCW, Raw 2002, Motion Capture Studio, Club U.K, Japan Hall, Japan Dome, Mexico Plaza, SummerSlam and Wargames are unlockable. 
  • The Legacy game mode is centred towards woman wrestlers and features a storyline where players need to make their WWE debut going in the steps of their aunt. 
  • The Lock is centred towards male wrestlers attempting to make their mark in WWE. 

Unlockable Characters 

There are a total of 4 characters that players are able to unlock in Myrise, each of which is Jean-Paul Levesque, Mighty Molly, Molly Holly, as well as the alternative version with Molly Holly ’02. Details are listed below.

Jean-Paul Levesque

Jean Paul
Jean Paul (Image Credits Exputer)

One of the first characters that players can unlock is Jean-Paul Levesque, who can be unlocked by playing through the Monarchy and beating Levesque in The Lock game mode. 

  • Clad in a rather fancier attire, Jean-Paul adorns a white-laced cover-up with beige detailing on the front, stomach exposed, and more lace towards his wrists, and with a stoic look, he can conquer anything. 
Jean-Paul Levesque Info
Gender Male 
Rating 87
Roster Legend 
Weight Class Heavyweight 

Mighty Molly 

Mighty Molly Entrance
Mighty Molly Entrance (Image Credits Exputer)

As far as WWE 2K23 Myrise Unlockables is concerned, players are only able to get their hands on Mighty Molly whenever they take part in the Myrise Mode known as The Legacy, which is essentially a game mode that features a storyline with a women wrestler starting to her freedom. 

Mighty Molly Cape
Mighty Molly Cape (Image Credits Exputer)
  • Mighty molly’s entrance is quite enticing as she walks in adorning a bodysuit that’s black overall, except for the pink pointed detail on the front that wrap all the way up to her shoulders. Her cape wraps and flows to her back, with her signature icon on the back. 
  • Her power pose as she walks into the arena can ascertain that she is to be respected and not taken lightly. 
Mighty Molly Info
Gender Female 
Rating 78
Roster Legend 
Weight Class Cruiserweight 

Molly Holly ‘02

Molly Holly '02
Molly Holly ’02 (Image Credits Exputer)

Moving on, the next character that players are able to unlock is Molly Holly ’02, who is not available for grabs if you end up playing The Lock game mode first. Players need to take part in The Legacy game mode in order to unlock her. 

  • Wearing her signature blue suit, it wraps up all around and ties perfectly towards the back of her neck and around her shoulders with straps with two crisscross strings on her suit too. 
  • Her entrance features her wearing her signature belt too, and her confident walk ensures her competitors that she is to be taken seriously. 
Molly Holly 02Info
Gender Female 
Rating 81
Roster Legend 
Weight Class Cruiserweight 

Molly Holly 

As for the alternative version of mighty molly, we also have Molly Holly that makes rounds in the game. Players can once again unlock her by playing through the Myrise The Legacy game mode since it is centric towards women wrestlers. 

  • Her promotional artwork features her wearing a blue and black suit that is sleeveless and band wraps all the way from her shoulders down to her the top of her waist. 
Molly Holly Info
Gender Female 
Rating 86
Roster Legend 
Weight Class Cruiserweight 


Arena (Image Credits Exputer)

Moving on, listed below are all the arenas that players are able to unlock. There are a total of 10 arenas to unlock, and all of them are included in WWE 2K23 Myrise Unlockables

Arenas How To Unlock 
WWE Live Event Arena Myrise
High School Gym- BCWMyrise
Raw 2002Myrise (The Legacy)
Motion Capture Studio Myrise
Club U.KMyrise
Japan Hall Myrise
Japan DomeMyrise
Mexico Plaza Myrise
Wargames Myrise

What Is The Myrise game mode?

Myrise (Image Credits Exputer)

If players aren’t already familiar, WWE 2K23 has been able to bless players with a new game mode that is known as the Myrise game mode. The game mode is mainly centered toward a more storyline-centric gameplay, allowing players to progress through the game. 

  • In Myrise, players can also get their own Create-A-Character, a customized character that allows them to fully customize it to their liking. The character then progresses through the story. 
  • Each of the two game modes offered in the Myrise main game mode has its own set of unlockable characters and arenas. 

The Legacy 

The Legacy
The Legacy (Image Credits Exputer)

One of the first game modes presented to players is The Legacy, which is essentially a game mode mainly catered towards a storyline whereby players need to make their WWE Debut. Still, they face several challenges due to their aunt being a hall of famer

  • Players need to prove themselves worthy of participating in WWE on their own and prove that they can make it on their own without needing external assistance. 
  • The Legacy game mode is catered to women wrestlers. 

The Lock 

The Lock
The Lock (Image Credits Exputer)

As far as The Lock is concerned, it is essentially a game mode that is made for men wrestlers. The game mode talks about expectations being high as the man makes his debut and goes on to become the “next big thing,” only to be hit by certain expectations as well as obstacles here and there. 

There we have it! All that players need to know about WWE 2K23 Myrise Unlockables, including the characters and arenas; with that, we will wrap up our guide! 

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