Mizkif Promises To Return To Live Streaming If One Condition Is Met

Mizkif announces his return to Twitch to host a "Twitch plays Pokemon" series.

Mizkif, an American YouTuber and Twitch streamer reveals his plans to return to live streaming, exciting his fans all over the world. The streamer will hold a live-streaming series named Twitch plays Pokemon, where chat controls the game using commands.

He recalls hosting a similar event in 2014 and expresses that it was his favorite time on Twitch. He explains that he will return to being a full-time live streamer if the viewers are able to complete the game.

Major Takeaways

  • Mizkif returns to live streaming to host a Pokemon event.
  • He recalls hosting a similar event in 2014, stating that it was his favorite time on Twitch.
  • Mizkif will return to full-time streaming if chat beats the game.

Matthew Rinaudo (born February 16th, 1995), famously known as Mizkif, is an American Twitch streamer and YouTuber. He is a founding member and co-owner of the gaming organization One True King.

The streamer had not been streaming on Twitch for a while, and fans were curiously awaiting Matthew’s return. To their luck, he posted this clip on his YouTube channel.  

YouTube video

The video reveals his return to Twitch, stating that he will live stream at 12 PM CST on December 2nd. He explains that he will hold a Twitch plays Pokemon event where the chat controls the game. According to the streamer, a lot of lore, stories, and involvement goes into this, making it an amazing community experience.

Mizkif hosted a similar event in 2014 and stated that it was his favorite time on Twitch. He did it the 2nd time in 2020, which was also a blast.

He added,

It first happened in 2014, and it was by far my favorite time that I ever had on Twitch. It was amazing lore that was made and stories that’ll be told to centuries of Twitch users.”

The streamer adds that he will return to full-time streaming if the chat can complete the game. So it is up to them if they want him back or not. He explained,

Here’s the plan. If you guys are able to beat Twitch Plays Pokemon, I’m going to come back to full-time streaming. So, if you’re one of my loyal viewers, I will see you there. If you’re one of my loyal hater-watchers, I’ll probably see you there more. And I’m sure there’s a lot of those to go around.”

The streamer thinks that it might not be the best thing for his channel, but he doesn’t care as long as the community has something to do. He recalls how his Reddit was flooded with lore and stories, which was an amazing experience for everyone.

They played the previous events on Pokemon Diamond. However, the upcoming stream will be on Pokemon Emerald. He further explains that they have modded the gym leaders, trainers, and the Elite Four. There will be several hidden secrets in the game, making the whole experience fresh and unique for the viewers.

He explains that he will recap the whole stream and lore for the viewers who cannot make it. He concludes by thanking his fanbase for their continuous support over the span of three decades.

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