Nightdive Studios Founder Teasing More Classic 90s FPS Remasters

Quake II and GoldenEye 007 are rumored to be a part of the upcoming remasters.

Video games have been around for a long time and hence have millions of old games for players to discover. The list of classic titles is endless, and discovering and playing these games is another fun hobby. However, a lot of older games are not available in any shape or form for modern players.

Many studios leave their classic titles to rot and do not update them at all for modern systems. Such abandonware titles are hidden from a whole new generation of gamers which is a shame. However, there is one studio updating and remastering these games for modern systems, Nightdive Studios. 

Partners, Stephen Kick and Alix Kick founded the company in 2012 after Stephen Kick was unable to purchase an old game. Nightdive Studios has since been obtaining rights for abandonware games and releasing them on current platforms, like DOOM. The studio is now teasing players about more remasters of old FPS video games.

Stephen Kick, the founder and CEO of Nightdive Studios, said that a few more 90s FPS remasters are launching in the future. He said this in a retweet to a tweet discussing a list of classic FPS games from the 90s. Stephen Kick said that the company has remastered four of these games already and a few more are coming.

Players were really happy to hear about this as everyone wants to experience older action games on current generation. However, no one has any idea which one of these game are getting the remaster treatment from Nightdive Studios. An accredited industry insider, however, has a few guesses about what these games might be.

An accredited industry insider, @MauroNL3, listed some games they think are the new remasters. Quake II is one of these games getting a remaster from Nightdive Studios. With the QuakeCon event also taking place next month, it does seem plausible that an announcement may be made.

One other game getting remastered is GoldenEye 007, which is a classic James Bond game. Nightdive Studios has already made it, but it is in licensing limbo right now, according to the industry insider. So, we might be seeing the remaster of the game after the situation is resolved.

The industry insider also took a guess with two other games that Nightdive Studios might remaster. Rise of Triad and Heretic are the other 90s FPS games which might launch on new platforms. However, all of this is speculation right now, and we know nothing for sure.

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