Goldeneye Trademark Granted Another Extension

With no news regarding the remaster in a long time, we see hope in the form of the Goldeneye trademark being granted a second extension.

First released on the Nintendo 64 by famed developer Rare back in 1997, Goldeneye 007 managed to overcome the usual fate of movie tie-in games and was highly regarded as one of the most popular titles on Nintendo’s first 3D console, and to this day, is considered one of the greatest video games ever made. Goldeneye 007 introduced several concepts that are still part of the FPS genre 25 years later.

The game was then remade for the Wii back in 2010, with Pierce Brosnan substituted with Daniel Craig, and with added motion controls. However, this didn’t scratch the itch of any type of remaster/remake of the original Goldeneye 007. Later, it was found out that a project was indeed under development but was canceled due to legal issues with Nintendo. In 2021, footage of an alpha build of the project was leaked.

Later on, Jeff Grub stated in his podcast, “I believe this game is probably coming quite soon, I’m guessing next few of weeks.” But, that’s not all; he further predicted, “I believe Microsoft is going to be the one to unveil it first. Recently, a fan impatiently waiting for the announcement took to Twitter to question Grub about when would anything would be announced, but Grubb went on to point out that even he is not aware of the delay, and went on to speculate that it is due to the Goldeneye’s “Soviet/Russian-military-heavy plot and characters.”

Thanks to keen-eyed Redditor Teeg_Dougland, we have now gotten an update. The user pointed out in a recent post that Danjanq, LLC, Goldeneye’s trademark holder, has just granted a second 6 month extension for Goldeneye trademark. Moreover, the trademark states the term Goldeneye to be usable for “downloadable electronic game software”, and similar terms, which could suggest that the cancelled digital remake/remaster could possibly resurface but as a finished product this time.

                      Goldeneye trademark granted a second extension, and mention of electronic software

This adds further credence to the speculation that Goldeneye has been delayed, but the reasons yet remain unknown. Although this would be a treat for fans, as the James Bond film series had its 60th Anniversary this year, we can not say when (or if) fans would be getting this gift with certainty. What we do know is that this is not the only James Bond project in the works. There is also Project 007 currently under development by IO Interactive, the makers of the Hitman series.

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